Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Lull in Blog updates over the past week or so having travelled back to the UK and being busy. Caught a cold on the flight back (not surprising given the temperature in the UK and the busy itinerary). Did 3 runs in Hexham, each on the same route around Warden (about 9km). All run quicky - on or just over 4mins per km. The final one was with Jamie on a very frosty morning of Dad's wedding. He made me keep the pace very honest all the way before we caught site of Laurence just before Hallstile Bank (thank God).

Today was the first run in a week and running off the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day drinking. Quickish again for 8km (my 7.5km Manly route but extended through to Campbell Pde finishing at the Mola's where we were for Christmas Day). Plan to run more frequently in Tassie and then pick it up again in the New Year. May even make a HuRT session in January. Hip and achilles are pain free. Only become aware of my hip when I slow down and "sit back" into my stride, hence the quicker running. I've been slack on the exercises recently though which make a huge difference.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Good start

Carl blew me out this morning (after just paying for my new set of 10) so rode to work angry. Albeit not very fast. Just haven't been putting the time in on the bike recently. Went out over lunch for 7km, first 5km quick (19:14) and the last 2km slow (10 mins). Felt very bouncy again, this glute work is doing wonders. Achilles good. Hip good.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday fun

South Steyne and back from home. 30:14 (about 15:07 at South Steyne). Very warm but felt great and bouncy. No probs with the hip although achilles has stiffened up a bit since Thursday. Spent the morning watching Bec in the Nippers Carnival at Queenscliff where she just missed the final of the beach sprint after looking across in the final 10m. No wade due to the heavy surf which was a shame as it's her strongest event.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Sore after first run so will try again tomorrow.

A few recent photos....

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tentative return

Very easy 5km today testing out the hip (the MRI for which showed a bony spur on my femur head and torn cartilage). No pain although I "became aware" of it in the final 500m. We'll see how it is tomorrow. Been doing a stack of exercises on my glutes which has made a big difference in the past week.

Very unfit though. Felt great for the first 2 minutes then the heavy breathing started.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Adductor Tendinopathy

Is what I have - saw a physio on Wednesday. 2-3 weeks off running, but allowed (and encouraged) to ride the bike. Groin is very tender at the moment, even to touch. Won't be fit for JPMorgan or State 3000m now but will be happy to sort this problem out properly and start running pain free again. Will take it much easier this time with no fixed goals other than to start building a good base.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Session was 14 x 3mins off 60s but I pulled out after 6. Not sure what the matter was - completely bereft of energy and was puffing and wheezing just to hang on to the back of the group running 3:45s. Plus the groin/adductor was very sore (which it has been all week but have been trying to ignore it). Have booked an appointment at the physio tomorrow and will sort it out properly this time. Won't be fit for November but just want to run pain free again. Only good news is that the achilles feels stronger every day and actually seems to be better the more running I do.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strange things are afoot...

Yesterday I showed up at Centennial Park at 6.45am to find our usual meeting place roped off by police due to the murder of a 37yr old. Today I try and run around North Head only to find the road closed by police due to a human skeleton being found by a fossicker. Also on my run today, I set off with all things being usual from near Campbell Parade and return retracing my original steps to find a massive tree blocking the path. Good job I wasn't anywhere near it when it came down as I don't think I would have had the acceleration to avoid it.

Dropped Billy off at Woody's for a party and left the car there to do a 2 hour run. Ran to Shelley, up to North Head (but stopped by the cops at the roundabout), so went back the same way but when I got to Queenscliff carried on up the coast beyond Dee Why before turning around and heading home. Just like 2 weeks ago I felt fine until 90 minutes then really struggled. Didn't fall apart quite as badly as last time but it wasn't as hot. I think the correlation is doing the long run after Sean's session the day before, done it twice and both times I've struggled. All up it was 2:00:11. Works out at about 26.5km (route) so about 4:32 per km.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Lambton Worm

Caught up with Sean's squad for 8km hard followed by 10 hills. Lots of wind today which, given we run a figure of 8 circuit, helped in parts but was tough in others. Laps went as follows:
28:46 all up. Felt pretty depressed during the 2nd and 3rd laps seeing the Tiger and Hollie pulling further ahead (albeit only doing 6km) and then saw Wayne Bulloch closing in on me so put some effort into the final lap. Felt better on that lap, lacking in confidence at the moment to push it earlier. Wayne was about 15 seconds behind. Given he ran 35:00 at North Head that shows about where I'm at. Pushed all the hills this time so pretty tired by the end. 15kms all up.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bobby Shaftoe

Just an easy 6km today but ran it quite quick going through 5km in 20:09 before easing down to jog up the hill.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cushy Butterfield

She's a big lass!
And a bonny lass!
And she loves her beer!
And they call her Cushy Butterfield,
and I wish she was here!

Another run home tonight. 31:07 at the Toyota Garage and 58:45 all up. Felt quite bouncy towards the end with the last 2km in 7:45.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A bet has been laid

Adductor was feeling better and had a massage with the Tiger so tested a run by running home. Where the adductor previously was sore was fine, but felt uncomfortable in the groin in an external, inside of the leg position. Was sore when the foot landed as opposed to when I dragged it forward as before. Achilles was also a bit sensitive with not having run in a while. Can't understand why I'm getting all these aches and pains in the hip flexor/groin area. Even the left leg was slightly sore. Otherwise run felt great, hardly breathing but was helped by a decent south westerly pushing me all the way home.

Got to ignore injuries from now though. Gary and I have $50 on who beats the other in the State 3000m. There's a $50 bonus if either beats my PB. I certainly won't achieve the latter, but it's full stream ahead on training regardless as to the aches and pains in order to beat the Tiger.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bugger it

Very easy 6km run around the Botanical Gardens. Feeling strong again but the adductor/groin problem was bad. I number of other muscles in the leg get sore trying to protect it. Will take the next 5 days off to hopefully knock it on the head...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HuRTS Hills

First hill session in almost a year. Wasn't worried about the achilles but more about the adductor. Was fine during the session though. The program was for 30 x 100m hill with a quick jog back down after each one. We did them in the Botanical Gardens where the PiTD hill is. The intention isn't to all out sprint them, just to concentrate on form in lifting the knees and pushing through by firing up your glutes. We had a good crowd (suprisingly, given the Sydney Running Festival this weekend) with Charlie out front, Timmy L going well just behind him and a few others being burglars on the occasional rep. I ran in the middle of the pack alongside Binfield but found myself further forward for the last 5 or 6 when people started to tire. We had a quick drinks break after each set of 10. It was hot out there today - 30C but we had no shade from the sun.

Pleased with how it went. I could probably push them a bit harder next time but was being cagey. Still, legs are now very shaky, particularly after training with Carl this morning where we started to do squats etc.

4km warm up and 3km warm down for 13km all up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting to get excited...

Rotten cold yesterday. I was the world's grumpiest man. Better today but still coughing up a load of bad stuff (which almost hurts my still sore chest). Wasn't going to miss today's run though. Set off by myself on the Surry Hill's route to Centennial, did two laps then 3 loops of Mackay Oval then back the same way. Very sorry for myself to start with, coughing, feeling my sore adductor etc. Then at about half way everything seemed to come right, started to push the pace just because I felt I could and felt fantastic for the first time in ages. Spirits really lifted. It shows in the km splits:

4:43; 5:01; 4:23; 4:35; 4:31; 4:25; 4:17; 4:23; 4:11; 4:02; 4:07; 4:20; 4:17; 4:12; 4:03; 3:43; 4:05

All up 16.82km in 1:12:41 (4:19's). Had a good stretch at 12km and the adductor felt much better afterwards. Should remember that.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sore all over

Yesterday's run buggered my legs up. Felt like someone took a hammer to them overnight. Not helped by general stiffness due to the streaming cold I've caught.

Today was an easy 10km in 44:20 with Serg and Clyde, catching up with Gerry half way around. Felt quite good while out there, but as soon as I stopped as I was hobbling around like an old man. One day soon I'll go for a run and everything will feel great.

Big congrats to my big bro Jamie who smashed his 10km PB yesterday in running 36:57. Looks like the sub3 marathon in November should be easily achievable. I'll be giving him 10 seconds max in the Highnam Handicap in December.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


If I'm being honest, I haven't enjoyed the long Sunday run for about a year. Injury worries seem to be exacerbated when running slowly, so it's always a slog. So I wasn't looking forward to today. Adductor was still sore, chest has been very sore and I'm always very aware of the achilles. Plus I had a sore throat and slight headache with a cold coming on, and the only time I could get out was 1pm on a beautiful sunny day with the temperature up at 28C. However, there was no way I was going to miss it after last weekend's effort.

Despite that, I felt great from the word go. I ditched the crap shoes yesterday and bought a pair of Brooks Infiniti and they felt brilliant. The adductor was still sore for the first 10km but gradually eased over that time so that I could barely feel it. I was running just under 4:30's but felt bouncy and was enjoying it. That was, until I hit 20km. I was then desperately thirsty but the nearest bubbler was 3kms away. I slogged my way there with the kms blowing out to 4:50's and then ran from bubbler to bubbler hovering around the 5:00 per/km mark. Eventually got back covering 28.69km in 2:13:06 (4:38's). Could barely stand up, shivering and alternating between feeling hot and cold. Tried to drink but immediately felt sick. I think I've just made the virus a lot worse than it would otherwise have been, but wouldn't have done it any differently. At least I didn't pull out.

Slowly feeling more normal


Joined up with Sean's squad for what I thought was 6km hard. Turned out it was 8km hard followed by 10 100m hills. Watched everyone immediately shoot off into the distance while I ran with Craig Dunn and another chap with Dmitry just behind. Stayed with them for the first two laps where the other chap finished (he was only running 4km). Craig then seemed to ease off the pace a bit so I pushed ahead and ran by myself. Kept the pace fairly controlled the whole way and I think I judged the pace OK - it was hard but not as knackering as a race. Pleased to be able to stay ahead of Craig and Dmitry but they are also recovering from injury/illness. Splits were as follows:

3:28, 3:33, 3:41, 3:36, 3:40, 3:41, 3:41, 3:30.

Must be a bit short of 8km as my time was 28:36. Then did only 3 hills. Achilles was fine but I needed to get home and was also a bit concerned about the adductor.

About 14km all up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In pain

Easy 10km with Clyde and Sam (44:20). Had intended to run 14km but adductor was starting to get a bit sore. Stretched it out thoroughly and feels good again now. Pain in my chest following last Sunday's secatur accident won't abate though.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday HuRTS

Blogger seems to know it's my birthday - there was a cake with a candle on it integrated into the Blogger symbol when I logged in. Big Brother is watching...

Woke up with breakfast in bed (bacon and egg roll followed by cake and interspersed with fizzy cola bottles and cherry gums) looking out on a beautiful Spring day. Wasn't going to miss a run today so popped two Voltaren which did wonders to my adductor strain (and bruised rib). Felt like a young man again, ironic given I'd just clocked over another year.

Session was 7 gate to gates (910m) off a rolling 5 mins. I'd intended just to jog around the back but was feeling good so put some effort in. Ran them all with Tim Cradock and new Triathlon Tim, with Tucks a good 10-15 seconds in front. Reps went 3:01; 2:58; 2:56; 2:58; 2:55; 3:00; 2:53. Plenty of stretching afterwards. 11km all up.

Nice session, beautiful day, Ribs and Rumps tonight, life's good.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Injured (again)

Cut short my long run after 5km yesterday with a very sore adductor longis. It's been plaguing me all week but I'd started to run with a limp yesterday compensating for it and realised that 28kms of doing that would not be good for me.

Will give it a rest for 2 days and see how things are then.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sean's Squad

Headed over to Centennial Park for 4 x 2km off a rolling 9 minutes. Plenty of guys there I knew including CT, Big Mikey H, Dimitry, Ben, Jim Dawes, Tom Crasti etc. Quite a long warm up then banged out the reps as follows:
So pretty consistent but it didn't feel that way as most others were running the reps progressively 10s faster each time. Quite a few only did 3 (including CT, Dimitry and Hollie Emery, who smashed me on reps 2 and 3). Still, it's another quality session in the bank. Jim Dawes is going well, as is Big Mikey H who was ahead of Crasti for 3 of them. Harry and Ben were way out front.

3km warm down for about 15km all up. Beautiful day and enjoyable out there.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Easing up

Scheduled run was 6km easy with the 90% strides so turned up for Mona Fartlek with the HuRT Squad and hung around the back until the final five 30s efforts where I sprinted for 15s then eased up. All worked out pretty well. Right thigh still sore but saw Carl this morning and he identified the relevant muscle and gave me a stretch for it.

Looking forward to my first rest in 8 days tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Novelty

Haven't even been aware of the achilles over the past two days so plucked up the confidence to run the hilly route home today. The decision was helped by the fact that I didn't fancy heading out at lunch as I was still suffering from a hangover from Muz's farewell drinks and dinner last night. Felt great this evening but for a corked thigh. It's very sore from the adductor all the way down to the knee. Other than that it was an easy run in lovely cool conditions. 31:30 at the Toyota Garage and 59:15 all up for the 13kms.

HuRTS Time Trial

Today (Tuesday) was 6.5km hard on a route starting at the stone gates opposite St Mary's, down to the Opera House, around and back. We had a rough staggered start which we can finesse next time based on today's times. I'd been looking forward to this run as a good gauge of my current fitness. Outcome is that I've still got plenty to do. Set off quickly with Enda running the first km in 3:11. He then pulled ahead in the second km which I ran in 3:23. I was then on my own, suffered in the third km running 3:36 and going through the Stone Gates in 9:46. Was blowing hard around the Opera House covering the next km in 3:36 again but recovered slightly coming back around Farm Cove (3:34). It was then a question of just holding on and pushing hard up the hills for home. Tucks and Andy came past at this stage. Was pretty pleased about the way I finished, closing slightly on Enda towards the end. Clocked 22:45 to finish (exactly what I predicted - central governor was in control). It's just short of 6.5km so works out at 3:31 per/km on average.

Final times were as follows:

Tucks: 21:19
Andy: 22:08
Enda: 22:30
Me: 22:45
Travis: 22:58
Binfield: 23:50
Gerry: 23:54
Smolly: 23:55
Todd Neal: 24:10
Greg: 28:04

Monday, August 31, 2009

Easy recovery

Very easy 5km around the Bot Gardens and Opera House. Bumped into Gerry along the way then Andy and ran with them. Achilles was sore to start with but eased up by the end. Was running in the new orthotics from Dr Windybank which were strange. He suggested a stretch for my ITB and didn't have much affect on that but had immediate affect on my achilles.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

...and sore

Had to squeeze in the run at 4pm today after coming back from Billy's all day soccer Gala tournament. Wasn't really in the mood and just wanted to get it over and done with. The result was I took it very easy, barely breathing but worried about every ache and pain in my legs. Might as well just have run it quick- don't seem to worry about all the aches when you run fast. Right ITB is sore, right foot is sore particularly when I twist over it on the inside. Left achilles was a bit sore. Beginning to dislike my new trainers. The result of going cheap is that they have no support on the forefoot and'I felt it today.

26.25km all up in 1:59:02 (4:32's).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting tired

Just an easy 33:52 today on my old 7.5km Manly route (run in reverse). Feeling very tired. Keeping up the quiet running but it means there are no comfortable runs. Ran in the Skins that the Striders team won for topping the ANSW Premiership last year. They just seem to make my legs sweaty.

Maggie's back to her old self and no lasting damage that we can see.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mike Threadgill

Usual Friday route with Ray, Nick Fairfax, Sam and Mat K. One of those rare occassions where I was the youngest person running. Pretty gentle averaging 4:29's (32:38 at the turn). Forgot to restart my watch after stopping for water but it was the same pace on the way back. Finished up with 5 x 80m at 90% effort. Felt heavy legged and tired today, struggling to get into a rythmn and feel comfortable. Achilles feels better by the day though. Woke up this morning able to walk on it without pain for the first time in almost a year. Tough night's sleep though having to rush Maggie to Westmead Kids Hospital after she fell with a stick in her mouth and punctured a hole about the size of a 5 cent piece in the back of her gums.

15kms in total.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adrian Bell

Plan on the Sean program was 75mins easy (16km). Given I was running the HuRT Squad and we were doing Hickson Road reps, this was not going to be easy. So ran 7km beforehand then ran the reps at a good pace but without killing myself like you normally do on Hickson Road. That's not to say it was at all comfortable. I ran them at about 3:22 per/km pace. Tucks was miles ahead, Serg joined him up front for a couple, Ray, new boy Tim and a couple others were ahead of me with LF Charlie, Pete W and a few others behind. Made me realise how far I've got to go though. Trying to get under 3:40 for each 1.2km rep would have killed me.

By the end of the reps I'd covered 13km at an average of 4:00 per/km, so just jogged back to the office. Couldn't face the 80m sprints. All up 16.03km in 1:06:42 (average of 4:10's). Not quite what Sean had planned I'm sure but not a bad session in any case. It's all good at this stage.

Very bad news for Kanser having picked up a stress fracture in his pelvis. Know how he must be feeling at the moment. Stick with it mate.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vince McKie

Out with the HuRTS boys. Session was Sean's suggestion for this week, 15mins hard (4min rest), 15mins hard (4mins rest), 10mins hard.

Was still feeling a bit sore after yesterday and trialling my new shoes (Nike Span 6). I've decided to go back to basics with shoes, getting a neutral pair and concentrating on a low heel tab. Good thing about this approach is that they're much cheaper.

Crowd today was fairly quiet again - Serg, Tucks and Ray upfront, Andy joining in and taking it easy with Clement, Pete W, LF Charlie, RMR and a few others behind. I felt pretty average on the first rep, running out yesterday's run from my legs and worrying about how I'd cope with the second long rep. Managed 4.14km in the 15mins (3:37 pace). Felt really good on the second rep. Serg came by very early on having run a 3:16 first km and I tried to stick with him for a while. Then Ray and Tucks came by, Ray dropped off up the hills while Tucks pulled ahead. I then caught Tucks coming up to the gates. Finished the rep in 15:01 so just failed to get back in the same time. Having said that, the Garmin got it at 4.18km (3:36) pace so perhaps I started further back from where I finished the first rep. Tried to do gate to gate in 10mins for the final rep but hit the wind around Farm Cove and only managed 10:10. Still, another building block and pleased with how I felt on the second rep, particularly after yesterday.

Serg should race on Sunday. He's plainly in great shape.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vince Wilson

In an age group above me, Vince went on to some success. An interesting article on him here.

Plan for today was to fit in my long Sunday run which I missed yesterday. Knew the boys would be meeting up at 12.20pm so slotted in an hour beforehand. Took it very easily averaging about 4:43's. I was a bit worried about my first 2 hour run in 5 months as well as the fact that when I hooked up with the rest of the lads later it would be a bit quicker. As it turned out, only Serg showed up today and Serg is incapable of running slowly. Having said that, it didn't feel as though we were travelling that quick as we were just bantering on about the World Champs etc. However, I noticed the splits were much quicker and we seemed to increase the pace all the way. Finished up covering 27.17kms in 2:00:26. Felt great for the second half and particularly towards the end where I thought I would struggle. A real confidence booster. Here are the splits. It's easy to spot where Serg joined in....

4:45, 4:36, 4:44, 4:46, 4:39, 4:44, 4:49, 4:41, 4:47, 4:42, 4:33, 4:49, 4:58, 4:23, 4:14, 4:16, 4:22, 4:16, 4:14, 4:09, 4:03, 4:07, 4:05, 4:01, 4:01, 4:13, 3:47.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stephen Outterside

Been away for the weekend at Lake Macquarie. Couldn't fit in a run while away but managed 20mins followed by 5 x 80m sprints at 90% effort this evening. Was worried about the achilles over the weekend as it felt tight and was wondering whether it was due to the sprints on Friday. But everything suddenly felt a lot easier after today's run, even including the sprints. I think I'm susceptible to tight calves and hammies which put strain on the achilles and today's run just eased everything up.

Will have to fit the long run in tomorrow instead.

Goot to see Tucks bounce back to form with a 3rd place in the Willy to Billy and Tim Ashby showing some form in 5th holding off Cradock who has been running well... Results

Friday, August 21, 2009

Paul Morgan

Lee's elder brother. He tried to get me into a pub when we went down to the 1989 English Schools X-Country Champs in Hertfordshire but being a pre-pubescent 15 year old (I was a late developer) it was always going to be tricky. I think we drank Cokes on a park bench and talked about attractive female runners instead. Wasn't a long conversation.

Missed the start of today's run but caught up with Serg, Clyde, Gerry and Sam around Farm Cover for the usual route. Serg dropped off early with an injury. Clyde kept up the banter the whole way. These runs are starting to feel easier - felt bouncy the whole way. About 55mins today due to the shortened start. Finished with 5 x 80m sprints at 90% effort. Shoe almost fell off. Need a new pair.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Danny Wilson

Couldn't join the HuRT Squad today as I had a conference call and was also keen to follow Sean's program rather than 7 gate to gates. Jogged over to Rushcutters (quietly) in 15 mins. There was a school sports day on the Oval so did the session running on the perimeter path of the next door field. Scheduled session was 1min fast, 30s float, 2mins fast, 45s float, 3 mins fast, 60s float x2. So just 16:30 all up. It'll be x3 in 2 weeks time. Started to struggle a bit on the first 3mins fast. My stamina may be OK but my VO2Max has been shot by the 5 month lay off. I would have strolled through this session previously. Started to feel OK again in the second set when I was forcing myself to relax. Didn't worry about my running style when doing the session - seemed to be running on my toes in any case.

Plenty of stretching after then a slower jog back to work. About 11km all up. Achilles no problem but calves still sore. Amazing the change after JLP's work last Friday and the quiet running. I need a new pair of shoes though as my "adapted" shoes just slip off when going quickly.

More great races from the World Champs. 1500m last night was fascinating - just goes to show how tactical that race can be (Peter Rono, Noah Ngeny anyone?). Disappointed with Sally in the 100m Hurdles but the 800m made up for it with a great run from Jenny Meadows. I have a feeling that in 3 weeks she'll be kicking herself even more that she didn't dip for the line to get what may potentially be the gold medal.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adam Carney

Adam was a bit of a lightweight runner who would crumble in the presence of his oldest mate, Tom Highnam. Only when Tom became permanently injured could Adam emerge from that long shadow and prove himself as a bit of a talent. It looks as though he now has a running blog, which will be added to the list as an honorary HuRT Squad member. You got to convert those mile splits to km's though Adam.

Today was a first outing with the HuRT Squad since March. Session was the progressive tempo, stepping up 10 seconds per km after every 10 minutes and running for 45 mins in total. We turned at 23:30 so tried to get back to the start (up the hills) in 21:30. HuRT Squad was down from when I last ran, and none of the slower runners that I was hoping to cruise around with. Serg, Charlie, Ray, Andy and Timmy C set off in the lead with me leading Gerry, Binfield Motors, Dicky H, Clement and a couple of others in the next group. No idea what the pace was as I had my Adidas watch on instead of the Garmin. Basically reached the far side of the road just before the bridge on Hickson Rd at 23.5mins with the first group about 150m ahead. Dicky H turned slightly early so we were chasing him on the way back. Caught Richard at Circular Quay and ran with him until Serg and Andy came past after the Eastern gates on Farm Cove. Dicky went with them up the hill where I struggled. Tried to keep the pace honest though and was catching Dicky while struggling towards the Stone Gates where we started. Reached them in 45:02, just failing to get back in the allotted time.

Forgotten what it's like running more intense sessions, but pleased to finish relatively strongly. Long way to go until I'm running with the front bunch again though. Tried running quietly (calfs are still agony but no probs with the achilles) until about half way when all I could concentrate on was the pace. I think I naturally run more on my toes when running quicker anyway. Having said that Dicky said he could hear me coming for about 2kms...

Hats off to Tadesse in the 10,000m last night. He's got incredible strength to run from the front and drop quality runners, but Bekele is just unbeatable. Looking forward to the women's 400m tonight to see whether Ohurooooggooooo can time her peak form to perfection once again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ben Worthington

Saw Dr Windybank the podiatrist on Thursday and was very impressed. He told me I had Haglund's Syndrome which is what I'd suspected all along. He analysed my running gait and told me I slapped my feet (particularly my left) which put a lot of strain on the achilles. He asked whether anyone commented on how noisy I was when I ran - I said yes. Basically, I've got to try and "run quiet". He said it will be tough to start with and I'll get tired - particularly as I'll naturally run quicker when shortening the stride to do so. Tried it yesterday and he was right.. Ran to South Steyne and back - 4:05; 3:55; 4:00; 3:57; 3:46; 3:46 then pressed the wrong button on my watch. Total of 7.16km. Outside of calves were sore with trying to run quiet but I kept it up.

Today was the long run. Two extended loops of the Manly course (adding a loop around Campbell Pde and turning right on Kenneth Rd). Felt pretty good despite the "quiet running" until about 18km when the legs started to get tired. Felt pretty stuffed at the end after trying to finish quickly - stomach ache etc. In total, 24.3km in 1:46:17 (4:22's). Heel feels great though.

For Mr Durante, Ben Worthington was the top track runner in the North East at the time I was running well. When I went to English Schools to run 1500m for the North East Counties when I was 14, he was actually 7 seconds quicker (he'd run 4:14 to my 4:21), but he got injured so I was picked. I beat my PB in the finals to run 4:19 but still way off his standard. I noticed 2 years later he'd turned his hand to 400m hurdles and got a silver medal in the finals (55.8 - not bad for a 16yr old). So he was obviously pretty adaptable.

Pretty patchy coverage of the World Champs on SBS which is disappointing. Watched highlights of the Womens 10,000 which looked like a fantastic race. Defar's legs just seemed to crumble under her (and I know how she must have felt) when in the lead with 50m to go. Then Melkamu throws up her arms thinking she's won only to suddenly see Masai pip her by one-tenth of a second. It can only happen on the track - that sort of thing doesn't happen in road races.

Go Jessica!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mark Coupland

Good session with Carl this morning, then rode in easy and out at lunch with Serg, Tucks and Clyde for the Centennial route (cutting back short as usual). Was struggling today and relieved to peel off on my own. I think Serg was keen for me to peel off too so he could up the pace. 55:51 all up. Heel a lot better than Monday after taking care of it yesterday. Also saw Dr Orchard at Sydney Uni yesterday who was encouraging about the injury. Sounds like I'm currently doing the right thing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Steve Scott

Usual 14.8km Monday route with Serg, Timmy C, LF Charlie, Clyde, Andy and Springer. 32:08 at the turn and 62:43 all up. Achilles started to get a bit sore towards the end so I eased up on the hills. Bit too much stress on it after yesterday's run in the flats.

Plenty of talk about yesterday's race. Will be interesting to see the results tomorrow.

Rode in this morning feeling surprisingly strong so gave Parriwi Road a crack on the big chain ring. New PB in 3:28.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Chris Hilton

Got up and watched the City to Surf for the first time in 6 years, very disappointed not to be running it. But a fantastic run by Ben to finish second in 41:14 (beating my predicted time by 7 seconds). I thought he was going to catch Shelley along Campbell Parade but the gap was too big. A few mixed results - great run by Keith to finish bang on 47 mins and Andy and John looked to have had good runs going low 48. Tucks struggled with a stitch though, Timmy L didn't have it today and Kanser ran a low 49.

I headed out at lunchtime for two laps of the 10km route. Beautiful day and felt great for the first lap but the legs started to get tired at the end of the second loop (my tactic of trying to speed up when I started to feel tired surprisingly didn't work). It's my longest run in 5 months though. Stuck my legs in the pool afterwards to ease the muscles. Chose the wrong shoes (flats with no heel wedges) and my calves took a bit of a pounding. Splits were as follows:

4:51, 4:18, 4:15, 4:17, 4:23, 4:14, 4:13, 4:12, 4:14, 4:20, 4:20, 4:19, 4:13, 4:18, 4:25, 4:04, 3:59, 4:32, 4:29, 4:41.

Total of 20.7km in 1:29:58 (4:20's).

Friday, August 07, 2009

Tim Crossland

I remember turning up to the Gateshead International Cross Country in 1989 (where they had junior races as well as the selection race for the IAAF World Cross Senior team). Given it was just another North East local race, I assumed it would be a straightforward win. But there was this bloke on my shoulder the whole race who I couldn't seem to drop. Eventually it came to a desperate sprint finish which I won on the line. Turns out he was called Tim Crossland and he'd travelled up from somewhere like Manchester for the race. I was looking at English Schools T&F Finals results and noticed he came second in the 1500m in 1990. The winner was Toby Champion, who won the junior race 2 years before when I ran it. Steve Scott, another North Easterner who I raced regularly, was 5th. There's a load of familiar names in the 3000m final that year too, although it looks as though Lee Morgan had a shocker. Interesting to see who came 7th in the Intermediate Boys 1500m Steeplechase Final. I didn't realise Charlie came from Cornwall. No wonder he can't settle down and get married - all this choice in Sydney outside his immediate family...

English Schools 1990

Today was a run through Centennial to see JLP in Bondi Junction (34:32), an hour of agony and then a very easy jog back (23:42).

Won't post before City to Surf so good luck to all the squad running. These are my predicted times. Hope people can make me feel guilty by smashing them:

Ben: 41:23
Tucks: 45:52
Kanser: 47:53
Andy: 48:37
Cradock: 49:10
Enda: 49:11
Binfield Motors: 49:20
Big Timmy L: 49:59 (you better had mate, I want my $50)
Ray: 50:48
Fairfax: 54:59
Charlie D: 57:02
Conway: 62+

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mark Steinle

Mark was perhaps the only top junior of that era who went on to some success. He ran the marathon in the Sydney Olympics and was Britain's best marathon runner in the early part of this decade with a PB of 2:09:17.

Missed getting out at lunchtime due to a business lunch, but head out later this afternoon for the Monday route. Couldn't get the legs going today though. I wasn't gunning it, but was certainly looking at my watch and keeping the pace honest but was surprised at how hard the slow pace felt. 31:33 at the turn and 31:39 on the way back for 63:12. Timed the km around Farm Cove in 4:03 (compared to 3:57 feeling easy on Monday). I guess it will be a long journey back...

Monday, August 03, 2009

William Styan

Yep Jamie, decided to rehash and old practice of listing the names of runners for each title. Current list is those I used to run against as a kid. Ceri Rees dominated North Eastern road races and cross country as a junior. He was a year older than me so we were never really on a par. He was rumoured to have run the Great North Run in 1:16 as a 13 year old. William Styan was from Yorkshire so I only used to run against him in whole of North England races or national races. He was second when I won the Northern Boys X-C Champs, but he won the Inter-County X-C Champs the year before.

Today was the usual Monday run with LF Charlie, TB and Nick Fairfax, picking up Aus along the way. Turned in 32:36 then Nick picked up the pace on the way back. I ran with him and we got back in 63:33. Felt great today and pleased as it's my first attempt at consecutive days running since the end of March. Achilles better than ever - adding a bit of concentric exercises at the end of the eccentric loading and it's helping a lot. Picked up nasty blisters today though due to forgetting my socks.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lee Morgan

Fantastic run today. Dropped Billy at a party at Narrabeen Sports High (it was for Thamal's son - Thamal being a good runner who finished 7th in yesterday's 10km at Lane Cove in about 33:40) then set off around Narrabeen Lake. Had to double back on myself a few times around Narrabeen track (Sydney Institute of Sport) but eventually found my way through Cromer Golf Course and on to some fantastic trails on the south side of the Lake. Headed over to the beach afterwards and ran half the length in the cold water. It wasn't quick today but just wanted to get some time on feet and managed about 80 minutes.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ceri Rees

Pulled out of the ride in to work this morning at the slightest sign of rain which I was disappointed with as it turned into a beautiful day.

Massage with JLP at noon so ran straight up Oxford St to get there (21:23) then back to work via Centennial (35:08). Averaged 4:20's on the way there but struggled after the massage doing 4:40's. He tortured my tibialis posterior.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Centennial Cycling and Musings

Got news today that the JPMorgan race is definitely on this year after some rumours to the contrary. 11th November is the date to aim for. I'd like to be vaguely fit for this as it's the one event I've raced every year. Thinking of that, I tracked down my times from each year and it shows a pretty steady progression. Big jumps in 2003/4 when I started training more regularly (albeit my "long run" was still only about 14km - just over an hour and every other run was about 35 mins) and then again in 2006 when Timmy C, Ray, Chris G and I established the HuRT Squad with Hickson Road reps, specifically with JPMorgan in mind.

2000: 19:55
2001: 19:57
2002: 19:45
2003: 19:07
2004: 18:47
2005: 18:55
2006: Cancelled (but 18:03 in New York)
2007: 17:54
2008: 17:23 (and 17:53 in New York)

Headed out at lunchtime with Ray on the bikes to Centennial where we did 4 laps then rode back. One quick lap which I did in 6:35 and Ray in 6:57.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting excited

Big progression on the achilles in the last 2 days, partly due to JLP's new exercise.

Strength training with Carl this morning where he started to work on the legs.

Then rode in. Out at lunch with TB, Serg, Timmy C (getting strong), Loobs, Binfield Motors, Clyde and another for the Centennial route. Cut back with Loobs from Fox Studios Gates as per 2 weeks ago. 55:40, having slowed down over the final 4km. Tiger appointment this afternoon and ride home this evening. Sometimes wonder when I manage to fit any work in.

A couple of bets have been laid for the City to Surf. I need Timmy L to get under 50 mins and I need Charlie not to get under 45 mins. The weather conditions could help me on one but will cancel out the other.

Flakey - I won't be running C2S despite my current optimism. Those hills would kill my achilles and I'd be struggling to even get a preferred start for next year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally some rest that the tour is over.

Picked up a virus last Tuesday evening which laid me out all day Wednesday and still feeling sorry for myself up until the weekend. Ventured out on Saturday feeling better and ran to Shelly Beach and back via Queenscliff (about 8.9km averaging 4:18's). Then started to feel shivery again so I don't think I'd totally kicked the virus at that stage.

Headed out at lunch today on a cold, crisp day with Serg, Timmy C, Mat K, Clyde - picking up Kanser and Andy on the way. Quite a brisk 31:17 on the way out (4:17's) and a brisker 29:57 on the way back (4:03's). Felt pretty good getting into a rythmn on the way back but struggled as usual on the hills.

Nice runs by Serg (35:42) and Timmy L (37:46) at the Sutho to Surf. Will be interesting to see what Timmy can do over the next two weekends at Lane Cove and in the C2S. He's timed his run in to form perfectly.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Best of days

Glorious weather today; cool (although warm out of any breeze), sunny and fresh. Quite a big crowd for the usual Monday run of Serg, Timmy C, LF Charlie, Andy (who took a stack), Luboff, TB and others. Tended to run at the front with Serg and Timmy trying to reign them back from running 3:30's. I thought we were going very easy but we ended up at 32mins on the way out (4:19's) and 31.5 mins on the way back (4:15's) for 63:33 all up. Felt good and heel was fine although I started to feel a bit tired coming up the last hill before the Art Gallery.

Rode in this morning in 35:07 on the new thin wheels, 3:40 up Parriwi Rd where I was pushing quite hard. Will ride home early then head up to Narrabeen track for the kids session.

Friday, July 17, 2009

More running

Heel was a bit sore after Wednesday's run I think due to the hills. Plenty of ice on it yesterday and today and it's back to feeling good again.

Went out with TB, Springer, Hamish and Bill today for the Monday route. Nice and easy to start with but Springer was playing George Hincapie today and gradually wound the pace up. Kms went as follows: 4:30, 4:26, 4:31, 4:22, 4:16, 4:09, 4:07, 4:12, 3:50, 3:56. All up about 10.7km.

Saw JLP for some torture on my calf this afternoon and picked up my bike having been serviced and with some expensive new thin Schwalbe tyres on so I'll be flying home this evening.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy day

Saw Carl at 6am for an hour, then rode in (36:50), then headed out at lunch with MC, Serg, Clyde, Kanser, Andy and John B for the Wednesday Centennial route but cutting back from Fox Studios gates. 12.13km in 54:52 (4:31 pace). Felt fine, don't think there's too much wrong with my cardio. Kanser was wheezing like a Grandad though. He reckoned that Timmy had puffed him out in the morning. I think he's been slacking.

Saw the Tiger this afternoon. Planned to ride home but heading out to watch State of Origin instead. Heel feeling a bit stiff after all today's efforts but not too bad - just need to get some ice on it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tour de Highnam

Been watching it all. Tend to fall asleep on the sofa at about 9.30pm then wake up to see the final 60km. 3 great days in the Pyrenees so will be twiddling my thumbs on the rest day tonight.

Fitness going OK. Ran 7.5km on Saturday averaging 4:16s. Rode in this morning and was surprised to beat my PB which it hought I wouldn't get close to again - 12:46 at Mosman (versus 12:56 last time), 26:42 at Harbour Bridge (26:58) and 33:20 all up (33:38). Planning on getting some thinner tyres so I can go even quicker.

Heel coming along nicely. Still taking it day by day and it still protrudes but pain is way down.

Lunchtime was a 10km run with the boys - first time in months. Group consisted of Serg, Kanser, Tucks, Springer, LF Charlie and Kaley. Gentle on the way out but a bit quicker (closer to 4:00 pace) being led by Springer on the way back.

Friday, July 10, 2009

More easy stuff

6km yesteday, 5km point reached in 20:42. Plenty of cycling in the rain. Result is I now feel a man cold coming on.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The comeback....

Probably not, but might as well get myself in the right frame of mind. 6km, 5km point reached in 21:22.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Single Dad

Acting the single Dad at the moment with Kirst in the UK. Managed to get out last night as I took the kids to Narrabeen track. Ran 8 x 400m with Gus and Luke (the strongest of the young Striders) striding the first 200m and making them kick past me with a Coe double kick at 200 and 100 to go. All averaged about 88's with 30 seconds rest so wasn't panting. Lots of sprints and stuff which did my heel no good this morning but have tretched and iced and it's calmed down.

Core session with Carl over lunch which was good. Anything to get the heart rate up (other than driving my new car at 80km/h around tight bends) is good this week.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Almost a runner

Easy 6km with Kanser at lunch today, same route as Monday. I say easy, but Kanser was piling on the pace just to try and make me suffer. Small victories, I thought.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Rode in pretty quick (just under 36), then went out to Centennial with Ray at lunchtime and rode 4 laps then back. Fastest in 6:43 where I was trying hard but not killing myself (Ray did 7:41 but he has a slower bike). Then a ride home after a long day at work. Fine until Battle Boulevard where I was just hit by fatigue and felt knackered. Famished now.

Heel still great, swelling has come down even more.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More running

Another 6km with Wildman and Timmy Cradock. Nice to be able to get out for a run with the boys again. Beautiful day and heel still feels good - lots of flexibility in stretching it.

Rode in and out - fast on the way home to get the kids up to Narrabeen track for a Tony Wong special. 4 x 500m, 1 x 300m and 3 x 150m. Billy cried at one point and Bec only kept going when I told her she wouldn't get pudding unless she beat me. I'm going to suggest I take the young ones next time and just do some fun sprints and relays as that's all they turn up for.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy again

Voltaren kicked in beautifully from Thursday. Swelling has come right down. Really pushing the stretching exercises and getting much more flexibility. Saw JLP yesterday and he hammered my Solus which was agony but eased things up a lot. Today I cut a line down the back of my old Brooks ST Racers (the ones with the heel wedges in) like Tim Cradock had suggested last time I saw him. Ran the Manly beach 6.15km in between showers in 25:17 (4:07's) feeling great. Felt a bit like running in thongs on my left foot but first time I've finished a run in months with no pain or stiffness.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haglund's Syndrome

I'm convinced this is what I've got. Sounds better than "insertional achilles tendinopathy" as well. Have done so much on the achilles but the swelling never comes down unless I take anti-inflammatories. All the stuff I read on the net suggests that's more of an indication of bursitis. I've plainly had achilles tendinopathy as well as that is what the ultrasound showed. Haglund's Syndrome is where you get retrocalcaneal bursitis (what I was originally diagnosed with) and insertional achilles tendinopathy (what I was subsequently diagnosed with) at the same time.

Achilles seems to be getting under control (from what Gary said yesterday) so I'm going to attack the bursitis with NSAIDS.

Getting lazy on the exercise front. Nothing all of last week while hobbling around following the blood injection. Rode in and out on Monday but too wet Tues, Wed and today.

Have gone long on Timmy L at Gold Coast and short on the Tiger. Need Kanser to make sure he gets Timmy out for a couple of hard sessions this weekend. I reckon it could be pretty close in the run in but no-one's got more guts than Timmy L....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pain, Pain and more Pain

Last Friday was a gentle 6km with Springer.

Monday took the kids to training at Narrabeen track with Tony Wong and the young Striders. Ran 5 x 800m which was fine as it was nice and easy. But then we all did some handicapped sprints and I got carried away trying to catch the 9yr olds. Woke up the next morning in a bit of pain. This was exacerbated by seeing Dr Kuah at lunchtime and having my first autologous blood injection into my achilles. It was very painful. It was almost as painful as massages with JLP. Lesser men would have cried. Struggled to walk yesterday and marginally better today. Will give it 5 days complete rest then start the eccentric loading from scratch building up over 10 days. Determined to beat this injury.

Realised I've been drinking too much without the threat of a run the next day to curb my enthusiasm so have decided to go dry during the week. I'm up to 68.2kgs. Could kill a beer.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Heel not so good this week which is very frustrating. Just as things seemed to be taking a step forward I take 2 steps back. Did a very easy jog yesterday after a Tiger massage, other than that it was a ride home on Monday (new PB I think in 38:43), ride in and out on Tuesday and rides in and out today. Threw all my effort in Parriwi Rd today managing a 3:32 - legs were numb even at the first turn and were jelly with 100m to go. Pretty pleased especially as I had no momentum at the bottom of the hill due to a traffic jam.

Watched Rebecca run her area X-Country yesterday. She came 40th out of 60 and made me incredibly proud. She's only in Yr 2 yet was running against girls in Yr 4 - she looked tiny compared to most of them. She obviously gave it everything and was knackered at the end. She complained this morning about her legs being "sore". I'd like to wake up in the morning just once when my legs aren't sore. Manly West kicked ass. Those kids from the posh surburbs like Balgowlah Heights and Seaforth may teach maths better but the kids aren't half as fit.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Step aside Mr Lindop, Mr High is in the house....

Running wise, pretty uneventful. Drank far too much on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, meaning I'm wrecked. Running tends to curb my excesses so I need to get back into it. Friday was a great night with the Striders Dinner and listening to Deek speak. We retired to the seediest pub in town to play pool, where Timmy L was on fire as usual but was matched (and, later on surpassed) by Dicky H. I think it was more a question of Timmy not being able to hold his beer as well.

Disappointing to hear Muz and Wildman will shortly be leaving us. Both will be much missed from the HuRT Squad, not only as great runners but great socialisers too.

Managed to drag myself out for a run on Sunday. Just an easy jog again - this time from the Pittwater Rd car park at Queenscliff lagoon to Shelly Beach and back in 26:46. Heel still OK but not as good as early last week. Realised that I took 2 Nurofen last Sunday night when I had Man Flu which most likely removed all pain from the achilles at the same time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More running

Felt man fluey yesterday, so just a ride home. Couldn't believe how sore my thighs were following Tuesday's jog. Feck, it was only 5km but felt like someone had taken to them with a hammer.

Saw Carl this morning, core is getting much stronger, adductors way too tight though. Then rode in - hammered it all the way. 3:50 from bottom to top of Parriwi, 12:56 at Mosman, 26:58 at the Harbour Bridge and 33:38 all up. Not sure I'll get much quicker than that as I was lucky with the lights all the way.

Another easy 5km at lunch today in 21:17. Thighs still very sore, but heel is feeling better than ever so feeling very confident about progress. Bursar still protrudes, but no pain - even on my first steps out of bed this morning.

Probably no ride this evening as it's started to rain. Good luck to Man Utd over night - have to support the English teams against those Spaniards.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A tentative return

JLP had urged me to try a run this week, so decided to go today. No pain with the heel over the weekend so put on my Brooks ST racers with the heel wedge in and jogged the flat 5km route in 21:56. Felt great just to be out there again. Saw Clyde, Charlie, Warwick and Travis while out. No pain at all from the heel but it is how it reacts that is more important. Kirst must have put my shorts and vest in a hot wash as they felt unnaturally tight.

Also rode in in 35:43. Felt tired doing so but I think that was more to do with a big weekend.

Bad news was the Toon's demise. Championship football next season for the first time since 1992. All they needed was 1 goal to stay up, but from all accounts that didn't ever look like eventuating.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good nudes..

Haven't felt any pain in my heel for 3 days straight - longest period without painkillers since last September. JLP's massages appear to be working a treat. Will try a jog in Thursday if I can continue without pain until then.

Swimming times continue to drop. I could be a triathlete yet.

Congrats to the SMH Halfer's yesterday. Good runs by Steve, Tucks, Muz and LF Charlie. Steve proved that, along with the winner, 3km steeplechasers can run pretty decent Halfs. Disappointing to see Kanser struck down my injury. Also great runs by Uncle Dave (who has really hit some form) to run a low 69 just behind the Horne and Vlad who ran a low 70.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another update

Went to see JLP on Friday who spent an hour solely on the left calf. Was agony and I had to limp for 48 hours but it really loosened it up and made the heel feel much better. Heel has started to feel stiffer as the week has passed but seeing him again tomorrow. No doubt that the ridiculously stiff calves are a major source of the problem. Had to shave my legs last night as half the pain from the massage was pulling on hairs. I'm looking more and more like a cyclist by the day. Are you supposed to shave all your leg or just from the knee down? Took me so bloody long I just did the latter but it now looks like I'm wearing a pair of hairy knee length shorts...

Either cycling in and home each day or swimming the 1km. Weight has levelled out at 66.5kgs. Cycling has come on leaps and bounds. PB is now 34:41 and took it easy today after getting caught in traffic but still clocked 37:24. Freestyle is much quicker now too but still get knackered after 200m.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Miserable update

No running for another 3 weeks at least. Just more of the same exercises. They're working, but slowly. We'll do autogous blood injections if it hasn't improved sufficiently by the end of this month. So Sydney may be out at this rate. May consider Melbourne in October instead. I think Tucks is running that one.

Good news is Rebecca got picked to run for Manly West in the area cross country. Top 6 got selected for U9's so she did really well as she's only 7. Apparently the PE teacher's advice in the trial was to start slowly and keep on going. My advice the night before was to sprint off like everyone else and to hang on as long as possible. She said she listened to me because I was a proper runner.

New PB riding in yesterday in 36:54. Got caught by the lights badly at the end too.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Another update

More riding in and out each day. Getting strong on the hills on the bike. Had it serviced today and it was running very smoothly on the way home. Given up on swimming though. Just too boring. Up to 66.2kgs. Been increasing the weight on my back doing the eccentric loading and can now put quite a bit of weight on my left achilles without pain. Also icing immediately after which I'm sure helps. Am still constantly aware of it though. Back to see the Doc on Wednesday and really hoping he'll allow me to start jogging again. Feel as though there is nothing to be lost by doing so.

Some great results at the weekend - Durante running 32:08 and Muz 32:28 being standouts - both beating Tucks for the first time. He didn't run badly either with a 32:36. Good solid run by Kanser in 33:29 plus some sub-35's from Phil Woods, John Binfield and TB (first time).

Emailed Sean Williams this evening to discuss a training plan for the marathon. Kanser's looking too strong so I need some expert advice.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Been a while

Was on holiday last week at Seal Rocks - great time and will add some video footage of me waterskiing and being dragged by the speedboat on a doughnut in the next few days. Very little exercise when on holiday. Have been riding to and from work every day though. Getting much stronger on the bike - PB on the way in is in 36:57 and 39:27 for the ride home. No swimming though as it's such an arse.

Best news is the improvement with the insertional tendinopathy. Still feels stiff but pain has subsided a lot such that I'm not doing eccentric loading on it off the edge of a stair so getting real extension. Always feels much better after the exercises too so similar to last year with the other achilles. Seeing Dr Kuah next Wednesday so hoping to resume light running again then.

Good luck to all the HuRTS boys at the State 10km on Sat. I've got a cheeky couple of bets on so will be looking for TB and Tucks to have good ones....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday was just a 1km swim in the Cook + Phillip in 23:02 feeling pretty good. Planned to ride home but got stuck late at work so gave it a miss. Today was another km in 23:07 then a ride home in 39:28. Flying home tonight, although I was lucky with the lights. Still love the bike and Parriwi Rd.

Heel similar. Pain definitely on left hand side only though. Have adjusted eccentric loading to try and pin point the exercises.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Nothing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Put on a load of weight (about 4kgs - up to 68kgs now) on a diet of beer and chocolate. Wouldn't be too bad if the achilles was showing huge signs of improvement but it isn't. Much less pain on the right hand side at the insertion but still the same on the left. I'm wondering whether it's because of the way I do the eccentric loading and where it is loading the achilles the most.

Just 1km in the Boy Charlton pool in Manly this afternoon. 24:29. Had to stop a few times though with slow swimmers (yes, there are some even slower than me) and Bec and Billy asking incessant questions from the Fun and Splash lane next door. Bec asked if she could swim in my lane at one point and I said no, it's only for serious swimmers. She then matched me stroke for stroke in the fun and splash lane adjacent to mine for 1 length which pissed me off.

Friday, April 10, 2009

More of the same

Ride in in a good time but my garmin stopped tracking after it got too full of info. Swim at lunchtime in 24:33 - first 10 lengths crawl then alternating. Surprised it was a minute slower than yesterday but must have slowed when I tired on the later crawl lengths.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Saw Carl this morning (session 8) and did a load of stretches and core work. No doubt my stomach will be screaming in 2 days time like last time.

Rode to work in 39:45 and home in 42:39. Swim was 23:33 (I think my PB last year was 22:33 but determined to get under 20). Felt tired in the first half of the ride in but felt strong on the swim and ride home.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Same again

39:53 on the way in, 24:01 for the swim and 43:08 on the way home. Getting quicker for each. Feeling quite tired though which is good. If I can get under 20 mins for the swim I might even consider doing a triathlon.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Non-running Update

Saturday was 1km in Warringah Aquatic Centre. Sunday was a rest, recovering from a hangover after TB's 30th. Today I cycled in (40:50), did 1km in the Cook + Phillip (25:34, which wasn't too bad considering I got massive cramp in my right hamstring towards the end of length 15 which almost drowned me) then a ride home I'm guessing in 44 something but I forgot to start the watch. Rode with Richard which was easy on the flat bits but pushing the hills.

Heel is slowly improving. Swelling has come down a lot and little pain throughout the day. Very aware that if I did the slightest run it would flare back up again though. Continuing with the eccentric loading, nitro patches and Strassburg sock. The sock is a pain in the ass. Seems to cut of blood circulation half way through the night and wake me up.

Only 1 month to go before I see the Doc again...

Friday, April 03, 2009


In in 41:22 and home in 46:22. Only marginally quicker than my running PB. Would have been a lot quicker coming in but got lost in the Rocks following my running route which is inaccessible for bikes. Definitely harder riding home due to the hills in Mosman. Great to overtake the mountain bike riders up the hills though.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Thanks Tim and Dave for the offers of bikes, but couldn't turn down the opportunity of heading out to buy a new toy. Bought an Orbea Aneto, felt pretty light and looked pretty cool so that did it for me. Rode home tonight. Took about the same time it takes me to run home with all the stopping at lights. Got down Parriwi Rd at bit quicker though. Photo of when I reached home is above. Also added a few photos from Kangaroo Valley.

Gents, you're spot on about the head to heads. I wasn't sleeping at night.
Good luck to all those racing at Lane Cove on Saturday - expect to see Durante sub 33 and MC sub 35. Also good luck to Jamie on his sub 3 marathon attempt in Paris. Wish I could tell you what you have to do...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HuRTS - 45mins Fartlek but out for a while

Tough session but a fair crowd and towards the start Durante, Clyde and I broke clear with Serg for a while before Serg eased back to Muz, Kanser and Richard High with MC leading a large bus further back. We kept the pace pretty honest throughout, turning about 100m short of the furthest we've previously reached. Ran back all the way with them until the hills at Mrs Macquarie's Chair where Durante pushed ahead and Clyde tried to stay with him. I floundered like a lost soul. Eventually got reached 2 lamp posts short of the Stone Gates. Clyde was 1 lamp post short - he's plainly been fooling everyone as to his level of fitness. Durante reached the Stone Gates with a few seconds to spare. I reckon he'll go 32:XX at Lane Cove on Saturday if he doesn't kill himself on Thursday. Given Hickson Rd is scheduled, that is not a given.

Then went to see the doc and got the news I was expecting. Continue the eccentric loading, apply Nitrogen patches (I've already got them from the chemists) and use the Strassburg sock which I've also bought. But no running until May 6th (5 weeks) when I see him next. I'll start riding to work and back and will go swimming.

Realistically I'll need 3 months ramp up time again so I won't do Gold Coast (at least not the marathon) but will see whether Sydney is a possibility instead. If all thinks sort themselves out properly, first competitive race will likely be City to Surf where I'll try to retain that Seeded Start.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday run home

Attacked the hills again. Problem with doing that is that you never really slow down in between. 29:05 at Toyota Garage and 55:52 all up. Heel still not right, Sunday runs always bugger it up. I haven't eased up on the training though - probably knowing that the Doc will tell me to rest or ease up tomorrow so squeezing the last few proper training runs it. Kirsten made a good analogy of when she tells herself on Friday that she's going on a diet on Monday and makes full enjoyment of the weekend in between.

Kangaroo Valley


Run home from work at lunchtime with the first section via Cremorne point with Kanser, MC, Durante, Benny St, Dicky H and Clyde. When I left them I worked the hills again, finishing about 16km in 72:20 (after 45:20 at Toyota Garage).


Rested Saturday so headed out early on Sunday (only time to fit it in albeit knowing it would aggravate my heel). Ran through Kangaroo Valley village then straight up Berry Mountain. Turned around at 14km on the Garmin then ran back. 14km came at the very top of Berry Mountain - 5kms after the start of the climb. Felt really good though, no doubt due to the rest the day before. It was a fantastic morning on top of the mountain - beautiful sunshine but looking down on the fog resting over the valley. Obviously pretty quick on the way back with 5kms of straight downhill. 2:01:47 for the 28km. Averaged 4:39's on the way out and 4:02's on the way back for 4:21 average all up. Splits went:

5:01, 4:30, 4:24, 4:12, 4:21, 4:05, 4:19, 4:05, 4:16, 5:04, 5:03, 5:22, 5:21, 5:04, 4:05, 3:53, 4:02, 4:17, 3:42, 4:08, 4:04, 3:52, 3:52, 4:02, 4:18, 4:11, 3:58, 4:03.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HuRTS Pyramid session

A number of the regulars missing today, so that the front group was just Tucks, Muz, new chap Jasper and me. Second group was led by LF Charlie with Ray, Vlad (taking it easy before Ironman), Dom and a few others.

Really good session today. I led them all (other than the final 450m) with Tucks sitting on my shoulder the whole way. Muz is still feeling the after effects of Six Foot while new chap Jasper seems to have a bit of raw talent. The session was good in that it was sufficiently uncomfortable from the beginning and yet the times were very consistent, particularly the 3 lap efforts which can blow out. Times went:

83, 2:48; 4:11; 5:38; 4:11; 2:42; 72.

Brings up an overall average of 3:03 per km for the total 7230m. Still a far cry off Dec 11th (87; 2:50; 4:11; 5:27; 4:00; 2:37; 71). It was hot today though - 31C. Heel feels fine but calves are very stiff from the eccentric loading. Sod the Ultrasound guy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

700th post

But little to write about. Saw Carl this morning. He killed me on core strength work. Jogged there and back (2km each way). Had a client lunch and evening drinks so no other run. Had ultrasound where the bloke told me it was acute insertional tendinopathy and that I shouldn't be running. Then had massage with Gary. Gary called this evening having spoken to Caleb and indicated things weren't as bad as the ultrasound bloke made out. Slightly encouraged by that but I'll wait to hear what Dr Kuah says. Certainly feels as though the eccentric loading is working. Gold Coast may not be on but I just want to be able to run injury free again and enjoy my training. There are always races to run.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

Tough session today. Very warm and still struggling with the after effects of Six Foot. Didn't feel comfortable at all even from the first rep, just a little dead in the legs. Was also worried about how I'd hold up for all 14. So tended to run easy for the first half of each rep then pick it up in the second half. Ran with the front group of Durante, Tucks, Serg (rapidly improving), the Judge and the Chairman. Serg dropped out after 10, the Judge, the Chair and Tucks after 12 leaving me to chase Durante over the final 2 when I started to struggle. Still kept up the same distance (between 900-910m for each rep - just short of gate to gate each time) but Durante stretched away on the final 2. I was outsprinted by MC, Andy and LF Charlie on the final rep.

Pleased to have completed the session. First proper HuRTS session in 2 or 3 weeks.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Run home

Missed lunch with an ISDA talk so ran home instead. Been feeling as if runs have been getting into a bit of a rut recently so happy to have done so. Felt pretty bouncy so attacked the hills - something I'll be doing more of in the next few months. Was a bit uncomfortable to start with raising the pulse more than usual but then settled into a pattern and felt pretty bouncy. Happy the effort.

Fantastic run by Timmy Rowe on Sunday - 1:34 for the Smithfield 30km. Way quicker than I was expecting. Everyone is eagerly anticipating his Canberra effort. Good to see DrJH running strongly at Lindfield - he'll be hard to beat this season.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Striders STaR - North Head

Rocked up this morning to a very depleted crowd - one person in the 6:10 group and about 8 starting the 6:20 group including Gareth Banks, John Binfield, Dennis, Mark Fiore, couple of girls and a chap called Simon. Picked up Ray heading up to North Head. Very easy pace to start with chatting all the way. Discovered that there is form behind the recent rise of John Binfield - he was pretty good as a kid coming 16th in the Inter Counties Cross Country (equivalent of Nationals) and ran a 1:59 800m.

Continued this way until coming down into Seaforth in the final 5km when the chap called Simon (who had been running ahead of us, getting lost then rejoining us) pushed ahead and I ran with him. Was probably running under 4:00 per/km at that stage but I didn't have the Garmin on. All up about 2:27 for the 30km.

Could feel the heel all the way and it's sore. Had been responding well to the eccentric loading (but not on a step) before that so I'll continue it. Will be a long process.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Easy Friday

Out today with a good crowd of Serg, Kanser, Shandyboy, Durante, Benny Saint, Clyde, Tucks and bumping into Tim C along the way. The usual Monday route in about 63 minutes. Felt pretty tired towards the end so I think I've still got a bit of Six Foot in me (that sounds rude).

Went to Northside Runners this morning to get a pair of shoes with a shallower heel following the Doc's advice and settled on a pair of Nike Structure Triax after testing out a load of different types. Haven't worn Nikes since I was 14 years old so will be interesting to see how they go. Also tried a pair of "Newton's" which are specifically designed for people like me with a prominent heel strike (look at my photo approaching the finish line of Six Foot below). They felt weird but will have a word with the Doc to see if he thinks they are worth a try.

Edit: Just updated the race calendar. May and early June looks busy. Great prep for the marathon though.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

HuRTS Mona Fartlek

Yesterday, saw Carl in the morning with my quads still screaming but my heel absolutely fine. Then saw Dr Kuah in the evening. He seems to think it's more likely to be "insertional tendinopathy" as opposed to retrocalcaneal bursitis but I'm having an ultrasound next week to determine which. The tendinopathy will be easier to treat (prevent coming back) so I'm hoping it's that. He seemed to think my shoes were the main problem, as well as calf tension. He said not to stop running but just to take it easy.

So popped down to HuRTS for Mona Fartlek and ambled around the back with Ray and Chris G. Useful to take the floats easy and stretch the legs on the faster bits. Easy jog around Farm Cove at the end for about 9km all up. Durante was flying, making the Stone Gates (which no-one has done in a while). He's the man in form at the moment and my Head to Heads could take a bit of a battering. Still had a slight headache from last night at Hurricanes and the Beach Road. The usual trash talking (particularly from Timmy and Kanser). Wildman has gone soft. He's so fit now he can't hold his beer so I'll have to rename him Pussyboy. Durante had to drag him home early after he started waxing lyrical about the 20 year old girls in his squad....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Six Foot Track - 16th in 3:53:38

This is an event like no other. I say event as it's not really a race. Even on the start line I wasn't nervous - just standing around listening to all the lighthearted humour and soaking up the spectacle. It can't be a race when you're averaging over 5 mins per km and at any time feel as though you could run faster, but know that if you do you may blow up in 5kms time. It's a strength endurance test, and probably the toughest one around.

Most of the HuRT Squad lined up together 2 or 3 rows back. The gun went before I was ready and just after my Garmin had switched off from satellite mode so I spent the first 20 seconds jogging trying to locate satellites. It finally locked them in so I concentrated on the task in hand and found myself picking my way down the steep stony section before the Nellies Glen steps next to Tucks. This is where I realised my first (and biggest) mistake of the day - choice of footwear. I chose my old racing flats with the heel wedges, partly due to the wedges making things easier on both achilles and partly due to the benefit of the light weight up the hills. They had both of those benefits but I could feel every single stone through the forefoot. My feet are still bruised now. They slowed me down on the downhills - particularly after Mini-Mini saddle and at the very end.

Finally got to the bottom of Nellies Glen and stretched out a bit. Found myself running 3:43 and 3:40 splits feeling as though I was running 4:10's. Caught Andy on this section then Dicky H and Chris G. Then Tucks caught up again soon after and we ran together all the way to Cox's River. He pulled ahead slightly on the final 2km of the technical section as I still wanted to feel fresh at Cox's. Waded through Cox's, took on a gel and Hi-5 drink, had a wee then set-off up the hills to Mini-Mini. I got to Cox's in 1:10:02, bang on schedule. Tucks was nowhere in sight, and remained that way for the rest of the race. He ran incredibly strongly from Cox's onwards which shows what strength in reserve he has. I reckon the hills up to Mini-Mini are the hardest. You still run them as you haven't given in to walking yet but despite this they are some of the steepest. I ran most of the way to Mini-Mini overtaking quite a few runners as I did. Hobbled down after Mini-Mini (bloody shoes), waded through another 2 rivers (where did they come from?) then started on the hills up to Pluvi. Overtook Tim Ashby here who muttered something about "this being ridiculous" (he wasn't wrong) and generally went the whole way up with Adam Jordan and Trevor Jacobs. They ran (in a sort of Cliff Young shuffle) the whole way, whereas I would walk with a long stride the steep sections then run quite quickly the flatter sections. This way, I would catch them up on the flatter sections as well as stretch my legs a bit. I think it pissed them off though. Overtook Brendan Davies near the top of Pluvi and then Cameron Arnold right on the summit. Took on more gels and bananas, hi-5 and water (the aid stations always seemed to appear just as you needed them) then set off along Black Range. Pluvi was reached in about 2:17 - again, bang on schedule.

I was hoping to get into a good stride here and count down the kms - first to 30km and then in 5km sections. However, 26km to 30km seemed to take ages. There's more hills than I remember and I was plodding. If I got a split under 5:00min p/km, I would celebrate. I passed Paul Arthur at this stage and then saw Ray up ahead. Seemed to take ages to drag him in and I hardly flew past him. We had a brief chat and I slowly eased ahead like two ships drifting in the sea. From here on in I was largely alone save for the cheering bystanders who temporarily lightened the mood. I passed one bloke struggling badly just before Caves Road, then was passed by another at about 40km who flew past me telling me to hang on in for a sub4. I fell down some slippery steps just after Caves Road but just landed on my arse. More painful was the sudden cramp in my thigh trying to stand up again. Finally got to the top of the hill above Jenloan Caves signalling 2kms to go. However, the joy at being so close to home is tempered by the fact that you have to navigate the most painful part of the course - a steep rugged downhill. My feet were killing me. I couldn't just let go and run as I would have fallen off the edge (about a 400ft almost vertical drop) so had to run putting the brakes on which was agony on the thighs. Was just about holding off the cramps but it was close. Then the final run in which makes it all worthwhile. The MC calls out your name and you get a huge round of applause. Crossed the line with hands aloft in 3:53 - a 19 minute PB, but who's counting.

Great runs by Tucks who powered ahead for a 3:42 and Terence who I didn't see for the whole race but finished 4 minutes ahead in 3:49. The HuRT Squad backed up well with Ray holding on for a 3:57, Richard Green getting under 4hours for the first time for a 3:58 and Chris Graham as consistent as ever in 4:02. Muz had a good first run for a 4:06 just behind Andy. Tim A and Dicky H struggled in the second half for 4:25's or thereabouts. Charlie just missed his target with a 5:02. Both Dicky H and Ray continued the HuRT Squad tradition of requiring Oxygen and a drip from the St John's Ambulance tent.

Great few beers in Caves House with Charlie, Tucks, Muz, Andy, Dicky H, Ray (who looked drunk despite being a teetotaller) and Terence, then home where I crashed out. Bit disappointed to miss out on the team prize but Gramps Army are just too strong.

Thighs are killing me still now. Weird thing is that my heel bursar is fine. Still seeing the specialist on Wednesday though as I need to sort it out before continiung marathon training. This race has taught me that it's all about the kms.

Will be back again for this one.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bet

Training this morning with Carl and massage with Gary this afternoon (for which I got paid $23 after cleaning up on two $50 bets recently). So another bet had to be laid and Serg was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Caught up with Benny and Clyde, Serg, MC and Durante for the usual Centennial route but I cut short at the Fox Studios gates for a gentle 12km. Just before peeling off, the conversation turned to Benny's great 5km run where we were working out splits per lap. Turns out it's about 65 seconds per lap, to which Serg says he could stay on board for about 1500m on the basis his PB for 1500m was 4:05. However, he went on to say that that mark was "pretty crap" and that it should be well under 4:00. With my PB being a good 19 seconds slower, I challenged him that he'd never get under 4:00 for the rest of his life. Serg immediately grasped my hand like he was settling the takeover of Rio Tinto and said "how much?". I said $200. He said $500. I said you're on. He quite gracefully offered up a time limit of 3 years. Clyde said we should index to CPI. I agree. So watch out 11th March 2012. I think Serg will be somewhere in his 40's by then so should be interesting. If he and Gary find a race to pace each other I may have to go and speak to Westpac.

Of course I have huge respect for Serg as a runner, but a 3:59 1500m is very different to a 68minute Half....

Further banter yesterday between Serg and Muz has led me to introduce a head to head table on the blog for 2009. I've added CT just because I know a runner of my inferior ability comparing himself to him will piss him off. DNF's count as win's in my book. Let me know if you want to be added to the list...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HuRTS - 6 x 5mins

Training is following a familiar pattern at the moment. Haul myself out of my office chair at 12.10pm. Limp with sports bag to the lift. Get changed in changing rooms feeling sore in both achilles and the legs. Start jogging to the rendezvous point at about 8 mins p/km wondering how I'm ever going to do the session. Meet the lads. Quick chat. Everyone looks fitter and more keen than me. Set off. Feel terrible. Barely able to move legs and struggling at 3:40 per/km pace. Feels hot and humid - is it hot and humid? Second rep - not much better. How come everyone has suddenly gotten so quick? Where has Durante's weight gone? When did John Binfield become so fit? Ah, at least Serg looks as though he's struggling. 3rd, same. 4th rep, starting to feel OK. Have we slowed down? Check watch. No, we're actually running quicker. 5th rep, feels good. I'm at the front! Pace is quicker again yet feels easier. Oh, here's a hill and there go Durante and John. I can't run hills. How am I going to be able to cope with Six Foot? At least my singlet looks good. 6th rep. All feels great now. Only doing 6 today so let's speed it up and see how I feel. Feels great - 3:17 pace. Stop for water. Have a short rest. Legs seize up. Start trying to jog. More painful than running quickly. When will I ever feel good again?

Monday, March 09, 2009

And then there were two....

Big crowd started for the usual Monday run today - new Dad Kanser, Serg, Muz, Dicky H, Mat K, Wildman, Springer and Dave Casey. Various drop outs along the way resulted in only Wildman and me finishing. 63:59. Felt very average for the first half struggling in the humidity but gradually felt better during the second half. Good stretch afterwards eased the heel - the nerve stretch for my hamstring (leg straight out in front of me but pulling the toes towards me) seems to work really well.

Getting excited about Six Foot now. Plenty of talk about it today. Muz is looking very sharp.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Medium Sunday

Just two laps of the 10km route today before Six Foot next week. I think my bioryhtmns are one day out as I felt great today, very bouncy and barely breathing. First loop in 42:06 and second loop in 39:57. The heavens opened on the second loop which made running down Manly Beach a dream (the tourists were in the pub) but the shoes got very heavy. Good practice for next week.

21km all up.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Striders 10km North Head - 5th in 33:22

Was secretly hoping for a sub-33 after some big weeks recently and a decent taper. But it wasn't to be. A good crowd showed up this morning and in the first 1km there was a breakaway group of 6 of us - Jeremey, CT, Trent Wood, Jan-Willem Schaar and Darren Moyle. We stayed together until 3km going through 1km in 3:10, 2km in 3:24 and 3km in 9:32. I was feeling good at this stage, but at the turn at the stone arch (much closer to the stone arch than the old turn was) I suddenly started to struggle. There's a long drag of a hill here and my legs suddenly went dead. Darren Moyle dropped off the back soon after and I quickly passed him but was in no-man's land from then on.

Went through 4km in 13:02 (a 3:30 which showed how much I had dropped off) but 5km in 16:20 so was still hopeful of a sub-33. However, 6km in 19:48 (a 3:28 which incorporated the hill opposite the fort museum) put paid to that. 7km was 23:07, 8km in 26:38 (again, that bloody drag of a hill) and 9km in 30:05.

Lesson learned was not to go out too quick. Some really slow kms in the second half. Wasn't helped by being by myself though. I thought the course was not as quick as the old course. Seemed to be hills all the time and in the wrong places. Most people had pretty average positive splits other than Tucks who ran even splits despite taking it easy in the first half. Weather was good - no wind but maybe a bit humid.

Some good runs out there. Timmy L is getting right back into it running a 35:50, only just ahead of Eoin who ran a 1 minute PB to finish in 35:55. Tim Cochrane was catching me towards the end and must have got under 34. Good to chat to Rich P and Dimitry afterwards.

Need to race more (as Dad said) - very hard to run fast times just off interval training.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

HuRTS 10 x 400m

Woke up this morning feeling good for the first time in about 3 weeks. Heel was very sore after trying to do eccentric loading on it (will have to have a word to the Tiger about that) but actually felt as though I had some energy for once. May have something to do with ditching Kirst's plan for dinner and eating a load of carbs - I think I haven't been eating enough after upping the mileage. Probably has more to do with the easing up in training finally taking effect.

Headed out today to Rushcutters for 400s with Durante, MC, LF Charlie, Tucks, Dom, RMR, Stephen and a couple of others. Muz showed up late then went off to run hills. The Oval was closed for a match so we made an ad hoc route around the grass field adjacent (measured on the Garmin). I just did strides in around 76 secs per rep putting in 2 or 3 quicker ones. Durante was flying running 65/66's and MC was also going well just behind Tucks. Nice view at around the 100m mark which made a pleasant change from looking at Durante's ass.

Beautiful day today (clear as a bell and not too hot) but I hear the weather in Melbourne is not so good which is a shame for tonight's race. Good luck to Steve, Ben and Tim. I was wrong on the pacing job, Steve's racing so all the best mate.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More easy stuff

Easy 14km around Centennial once and cutting down the steps on the way back with MC, Serg, Wildman (who cut short), Clyde and Andy. About 4:35 pace. Saw Carl this morning and Gary just after so the legs have been stretched and pummelled. Back of left knee slightly sore on hills. Left heel slightly sore.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Missed HuRTS lecturing at UNSW so ran home instead. Fairly easy although faster than normal. Would guess at 56 mins but I buggered up pressing the start button on my watch.

Post Script: Huge congrats to Kanser and Olivia on the birth of Cara Lily. Expect to see many duels between Cara Kane, Nia Tuckey and Maggie Highnam in the future.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Easy Monday

Usual Monday route with MC, Muz, Serg, Wildman, English Andy and Gerry. Felt very easy today after yesterday's rest. Wildman and I found ourselves alone out front after about 2kms as the group fractured. Ran all the way with him. 1:03:26 for the 14.36km (4:25's). Will be interesting to see if he gets the pacing gig for Thursday evening at the Melbourne Track meet. Should be a great race. Birmingham should win it (of the Aussies) but will be interesting to see if Gregson takes him on.

Edit: Just heard that he got it so will have to set the recorder for Channel 10 when it's broadcast.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saturday long tempo

Missed Friday due to forgetting to take my running kit to work so Saturday's planned short tempo was replaced with a long tempo. Jogged down to the Roundhouse and planned on running 7 laps of the 2.5km circuit keeping all the kms under 4:00 per km. Worked out fine. Km times were as follows:

3:57; 3:55; 3:56; 3:55; 3:56; 3:54; 3:57; 3:55; 3:53; 3:52; 3:51; 3:52; 3:51; 3:51; 3:49; 3:43; 3:44; 3:37 (pace for 0.5km).

Overall average of 3:52 (17.53km in 1:07:47). So all nice and consistent and felt pretty comfortable until about 14km when the pace picked up slightly knowing I was approaching the final lap. Felt pretty worn out afterwards mind. 117km for the week (again).

No run today. Was at Ken and Emma's 40th party last night and hit the lemon and lime daquiris pretty hard only getting in at 3am. So today is a write off. Happy to ease down this week in any case.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

HuRTS Hickson Road

Powerco sale settled yesterday after months of negotiations so went out and celebrated with the banks, not getting back home until 2am. As a result, I wasn't in the best shape for this session although it was useful for sweating out some more booze. Relatively small crowd today with MC, Tucks, Kanser, Durante, Enda, Phil W, English Andy and even Serg but not many more. Felt bloody awful on the first rep running with Andy and Enda but then gradually felt better each rep I ran. Suddenly on the 4th it all felt easy again so gave that one a blast tussling with Durante all the way until he put on a burst at the end. Pleased with the time for that one considering I cruised the first 200m. Times went:

3:50; 3:35; 3:43; 3:22; 3:43

Kanser was flying before pulling up on rep 3 with a calf injury. Hope it's alright mate. Durante was looking easy and Tucks' inexorable rise continues...

PM: Easy run home. 30:50 at Toyota Garage, 58:24 all up. Felt great (much better than lunchtime) but heel is sore so have taken Voltaren.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday MLR

Session with Carl first thing doing a lot of stretches and work on the legs.

Good turnout today of the Chairman, the Saint, Wildman, Durante, Kanser, MC, Clyde, LF Charlie and Kaley. A few cut short along the way leaving only Clyde, MC, the Saint and myself to finish in 1:20:29 (4:24's). Nice run. Knee no problem but bursar was a pain the whole way - mainly due to the calves being so tight following Carl's work this morning.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

I reckon this is my best session. Was feeling good after yesterday's run so decided to push it today. The weather didn't help though - bloody hot and no wind or cloud cover. I set off with Tucks on the first rep and we looked over our shoulders at 45 seconds to see that no-one had come with us. The Chairman (fresh from his Hussky Tri victory) caught up heading past the ABC Pool and we ran with him until halfway along Hickson Road. Reached the turnaround point much shorter than usual (just before the speed trap) having averaged 3:31's. Tucks told me to push on when under the Harbour Bridge on the way back so from then on I was by myself and couldn't see anyone in front to chase. Reached the 10km point in 35:20 (3:32's) then struggled around Farm Cove with the fast sections getting noticeably slower. Saw Terence and Kanser in front from Mrs Macquarie's chair but I didn't have enough energy to try to catch them. Finished the 45mins at 12.54km (3:35 average pace). Felt good on the fast stretches but it was the heat that got me on the way back. No-one got back to the gates in the allotted time today.

Knee is a lot better. Heel same as ever. Pleased to have a bit of energy back. Will double up on Thursday after the dreaded Hickson Rd. Just want to get through this second 120km week now and ease back next week.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Easy Monday

Usual Monday route with Kanser, Wildman and Serg - MC, Ray and Springer were behind although Springer ran back with us. Easy pace and the first run that I've enjoyed since last Tuesday. Knee felt better after rubbing Voltaren gel in beforehand (although could still feel it on any hill) and heel wasn't too bad. Hot though. 64:21 for the 14.77km (4:21s).

Great performances over the weekend. The Chairman won the Huskisson Long Course Triathlon with a time that would probably have placed him 3rd in the professionals. We know how good he is at running but his swim and bike times are even better. Ray won the Equaliser.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Different Sunday

Late night at Ken and Emma's last night only getting to bed at 1.30am and I was kicked out of bed at 7.30am and told to go and pick up the car. So did 2 flat 10km loops plus 7km up to Balgowlah Heights. Felt bloody awful for the first 7km, sore knee, sore heel, tired plus huge hangover. Sot into some sort of rythmn from 7km to 20km where the average pace was brought down to 4:24's before struggling from then on particularly up the hills in Balgowlah Heights. 27km in 2:02 for 4:31's average. One of those runs where you're just pleased to have done it, although I'm saying that frequently about my running at the moment.

Nice afternoon in Vaucluse at Kanser and Olivia's pre-baby get together. We was robbed at Volleyball.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Manly 15km

Plan was for a steady run, starting easy then increasing the pace to try to get down to 4mins per km. Just about went to plan. Started very slowly but felt terrible and incapable of going any quicker. Tendon under left knee was sore, heel wasn't great, cold is lingering on my chest and I felt knackered. Then after about 3km I got into a rythmn and the run got better from then on. Km splits went as follows:

4:38; 4:25; 4:07; 4:08; 4:10; 4:08; 3:57; 3:49; 3:46; 4:13; 3:54; 3:42; 3:36; 3:41; 4:13.

You can spot the hills at 10km and at the end.

All up 14.70km in 59:11 (4:02's). 117km for the week. Struggling to get over 120km (was too busy yesterday but grateful for the rest). I guess it's my body imposing the 10% rule on me.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

HuRTS Pyramid session

Small crowd today of Tucks, Durante, MC, Pete W, Ray, Chris G, Dom and a few others. The lower insider of my knee was sore - something that came on towards the end of yesterday's run. And I'm just generally very tired - increased mileage is definitely paying its price. Struggled to a 82, 2:49, 4:11; 5:48; 4:19; 2:52 and 82. The legs were just dead. Durante was drifting off in front and Tucks was struggling like me just behind. Pretty hot too. Probably about the same pace as January 15th but then I was deliberately taking it easy and had more than enough energy for two quick reps at the end. That was very far from the case today.

Heel still fine but inside of knee giving me jip when I lift it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Usual Wednesday route but with a bigger crowd than usual of Wildman, the Chairman, Clyde, the Saint and Serg. Started very easy (top of Ocean St in 22:30 - 4:35's) but we started running sub-4's all around Centennial to bring it home in 1:18:05 (4:17's). I was pretty stuffed towards the end but it's not surprising having run about 47kms in 24 hours. Sun came out which made it pretty humid with all the rain we've had.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

Huge crowd today, as big as I've known it. Everyone there other than MC and Serg. Had a really good session. Front group was myself, Tucks and Kanser with Fast Charlie and the Chairman just behind (other than for the final reps) taking it easy before the Huskisson Tri on the weekend.

We banged out the first 10km at a very consistent pace - none slower than 3:20 p/k and none quicker than 3:18. All felt comfortable until the legs started to feel a bit dead from rep 10 onwards. The final 4 reps were run in 3:15; 3:14; 3:14 and 3:09 per km each. Tried to stretch the left leg between all the reps - took 4 Voltaren yesterday to get the inflammation down as it had started to become permanently painful.

Tucks is looking strong again maintaining the pace the whole way. Kanser also looked strong although the poor lad was almost vomitting with the effort of trying to keep up at the end. Good to see Mike Race back out there again.

PM: Easy run home. Felt great. I love Voltaren. 30:48 at Toyota Garage and 58:17 all up.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday recovery run

Big crowd today for some rare sunshine. Wildman, Durante, MC, Kanser, Serg, Springer, Ray and Clyde all fronted up. Ran with Wildman and Clyde for the first half then circled back and ran with MC, Ray, Springer and Durante on the way back. 4:13's on the way out and 4:23's on the way back. Felt very easy although I seem to be developing a high cadence, stunted stride length running style. Perhaps all marathon runners end up running like Jeremey Horne. Albeit not quite so quick.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Same Sunday again

Very frustrated about missing out last night. Conditions looked perfect and the times were great. DrJH running 31:43, Earl (who I beat in the 5km) running 32:03 and Ray having a great run to clock 33:18. Woke up this morning feeling a lot better and after a lazy morning headed out at 2pm for the same route as the past 2 weeks. Intended to take it very easy being careful about the cold but was chugging along nicely with no effort - probably due to the 4 day taper and cool (but wet) conditions. It bucketed down about 3 times during the run but the only problem with this was making my trainers very heavy which put some more pressure on the achilles, both of which were sore.

Reached the Stone Arch in 70:00 still feeling fresh so I knew I was on for a quick one. Bumped into Mat Kaley on the Fairlight path so he turned around and we ran the final 7km together (Mat pulling me along for the final 2km). Finished in 1:59:20, a 2 minute PB. Just planning a heavy block of training for the next 3 weeks with no distractions.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Got Man Flu. Won't be running tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HuRTS Gate to Gates

Wednesday - early morning strength training with Carl but no run as too busy for the rest of the day. Considered running home but I'm feeling pretty tired and flat so thought it best to rest up before Saturday.

Thursday - jog down to Farm Cove for Gate to Gates (8 x 909m off a 2 minute rest). Good crowd with Kanser showing some speed up front with Tucks, just ahead of the Chairman and the Judge. I milled around at the back running through them in 3:20-3:30's. But to be honest, didn't feel capable of running much quicker. Still feeling very flat and worried about Saturday. Also have a niggly cough that's started. Blah blah blah.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HuRTS 4 x 3km

Look at June 24th 2008 and July 22nd 2008. How on earth did we manage to run those times for this session? OK, it was a lot cooler and we had a big group upfront, but that's a mammoth difference. Today, 10 minutes was reached about 15 seconds short, then 9:47 from the Stone Gates back to the Opera House Gates, then reached 5 seconds short, then 9:36 for the final rep. It was me, Charlie and Tucks up front with Dicky H just behind and a number of others missing. Bit worried about the weekend given the huge gap in training times. However, console myself with the fact that on July 24th 2008 I ran a hard tempo run home which was a pb at the time and which was almost 2 minutes slower than I ran last month. Perhaps I don't push the HuRTS reps as hard these days - I certainly don't feel as though I want to spew with stomach cramps which was quite frequent last year. Perhaps I'm just tired from the weekend. Did feel pretty heavy legged today and lacking all bounce. The first rep in particular was a real struggle. I'll take it easy for the rest of the week.

Tucks is getting right back. He was with Charlie and I all the way on the first two reps and only fell off slightly on reps 3 and 4. Charlie was flying on the final rep. John Binfield is also getting very strong.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Recovery Monday

Southerly change brought much cooler weather today (down to a chilly 22C) and much nicer running conditions. Out for the usual Monday route with Kanser, Springer and Ray. Very easy 1:06:26 (4:30's). Need some sleep.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Long Sunday run

Too tired and hungover again to go out early so headed out in the heat over lunchtime. Same course as last week (Seaforth, North Head, Tania Park). Temperature was 32C but there was already a decent sea breeze so it never felt oppressive. Felt great today (although still wilted in the heat and hills towards the end) and the time showed - 2:02:26 (4:30 per/km) which is almost a pb for this course.

Some great results over the weekend - good to see Benny StL (hopefully) pick up a place for the World XC finishing 5th. I think the first 4 do so and Dent (who won) has ruled himself out. Also good to see KMK winning the B Race last night in the 1500m at the Allcomers finishing in 4:02 ahead of Chamkaur in 4:03 and DrJH in 4:07. Hoping to stay ahead of the latter 2 in the 10km next week but I'd never get close to their times over 1500m.

Photo above is taken from the Manly West swimming carnival this week. Check out the professional dive from a 7 yr old. I won't mention where Bec finished. Suffice to say the Manly West Carnival under 7's race would rival the English National under 7's race.