Sunday, September 30, 2007

Medium Long Slow Sunday

23km in 1:42:12. Loop around Balgowlah golf club until I got caught short so came home. Then did North Head route via Campbell Parade including Fairfax Walking Track. Beautiful day today - crystal clear, coolish, no wind and a pleasure to run taking it very easy.

Still recovering from cold that has kept me sidelined for the last two days.

[Pretty good guess on the distance - just G-Mapped it at 23.2km here...]

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Aerobic conditioning

14 x 3 min off 1 min rest around Farm Cove.

Averaged about 3:25 - 3:30 per km pace per rep. First 5 feel great, chatting away. Then you start to think they are going to go on forever and you haven't even reached halfway. By 10 (when Ray put in a quick one) I was starting to struggle but picked it up again over the last 2 knowing I was home. Pretty hot today - grabbed a rushed drink from the bubbler after no.10. Managed to run gate to gate plus some on the final rep - about 930m.

Good crowd led by Charlie, Serg, Anthony, Ray, Enda, Mike C, Toby and Derek from BT, Luke and Tim C joining after 5. Lots dropped out after 8 and more after 10 (including, inexplicably, Charlie), Ray, Serg and Anthony stopped after 12 leaving just Tim C and I to run the last 2.

Felt shafted at the end. Barely able to manage a jog. Now sitting at my desk with a sore stomach contemplating how to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon.

1km warm up plus 3km warmdown for about 17km all up.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long endurance

20km from work to old unit in Mosman via Cremorne Point and back again. 86:30.

Couldn't do the usual session running to work as I hadn't left a suit so was planning to run home but weather was beautiful and work quiet so headed out at lunch. Still a little tired from the weekend and in anticipation of tomorrow's tough session I dropped the marathon pace sections and just ran it easily. Lovely run as a result.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


No Charlie session today due to recovery from the Half so ran Pain. Calves are very sore today - I've been walking around like John Wayne all morning. Ran 3.5km warm up then Pain with Serg, Anthony, Ray, Dave Clark, Dylan, Luke, Phil, Enda and Toby. Highlight was a new PB on the 709m stretch around Farm Cove - 1:53. Tucked in behind Dave at the start and let him drag me around (Serg flying by half way around as usual).

3.5km warmdown with Serg afterwards for 13km all up.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Recovery run

Very easy 14km around Balls Head with Ray. 67:53. Nice run chatting about yesterday's race in the sunshine. Bumped into a chap Ray knew on the way back who introduced us to the 2 Kenyan's who finished 4th and 7th in yesterday's marathon. Turns out they only arrived in Sydney after a 20 hour flight from Nairobi on Saturday afternoon for the race early on Sunday, which probably explains their positive splits (after I was rude enough to ask them how come they ran so slowly in the second half).

Jamie - there were about 3500 runners in the Half - results here....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sydney Half Marathon

8th in 72:21.

Woo-hoo! Finally beaten one of Dad's PBs!

Felt great heading into this race but had a bit of a panicked morning preparation. The organisers have finally plotted a great course but they really need to sort out some of the basics. The queue for the toilets was huge, as a result I only managed to drop off my bag (another organisational fiasco) with 5 minutes to spare. So no warm up at all. Set off with the lead pack of about 8 and ran together until the far side of the Harbour Bridge when Tom de Canto put a sudden surge. A group of 5 went with him, including Anthony just hanging off the back. Struggled a bit through Pyrmont but checked my time at 6km which was 20:04. Realised things were going well then. Fortunately I was caught just coming onto the City Westlink by a chap and we ran together for the next 9km. Went through 8km in 27:00 and 10km in 33:51. Coming back towards the Anzac Bridge I was dropped and on the turn I could see Ray wasn't too far behind.

From then I just tried not to let the gap with Anthony grow while really being more concerned with Ray catching behind. I was still doing 3:23 and 3:24 kms between 16-18km so knew that Ray would have to be charging if he was going to catch. Relieved to get to Hickson Road as I know the route like the back of my hand from there.

Loved the course. Lots of long straights just to put your head down and get into a rythmn. The out and back route means you get loads of shouts of "go Striders" which really picks you up.

Fantastic run by Ray to finish in 72:37 - a PB after 13 years. Anthony probably just ducked under 72. Good to catch up with 26miles, Tim Lindop, Keith and Sparkie afterwards.

[Added some photos taken this afternoon of the kids]

Saturday, September 22, 2007

More easy stuff

Very easy 7.5km route around Manly early in the morning before the rain came. 33:42.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Recovery run

Very easy 14km around home - down to Queenscliff, around to Shelly, around North Head and straight back home. 64:15. Sore to start with but felt good by the end.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hickson Road

Swapped my entry in the Bridge Run on Sunday to the Half Marathon, principally following Kanser's email asking whether I'd be happier with a 9km PB or a Half PB. So didn't push this session as hard as I would normally do. Having said that, it would have been hard to as nobody else did, consistently at least. Times went:

3:45; 3:32; 3:37; 3:30; 3:53

First and last I was running by myself into a strong headwind. Last also involved a detour due to traffic. Third was most satisfying tucking behind the main group to shelter from the wind and then pushing on in the last 200m. Strong wind assisting on the return runs made them very quick. Anthony ran 3:17 for the 4th, a new Hickson Road record.

Another big crowd, including Ray, Serg, Anthony, Charlie, Fats, Phil, Richard's H and M (making a return), Durante, Dylan and Toby.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday slog

Bloody hell. Tough one today. 19km run into work with the usual 4 marathon pace stretches. Legs felt very tired after yesterday's session - I was dreading each fast section. Military Road ended up being the most painful. I think the fast sections must have been slower than usual but the overall time was OK at 82:37. Beautiful day - warm, sunny and no wind.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Overt training

8 x 5 min off 90 seconds recovery.

Charlie sent an email this morning suggesting this session and my initial thought was one of horror and looking forward to PiTD as usual. Then Anthony responded saying he was keen. Thought about a little more and realised that the two people doing the session were the two people who have finished immediately in front of me in my last two races and are precisely those I should be pushing myself against.

The session wasn't half as bad as it looks and was interesting to see the way Charlie normally trains. Tim C and Enda also showed up and for each rep someone took on the pace. The pace was pretty easy - certainly comfortable for the first 5 reps and rather than having any lactic build up over the last 3, it was more just creeping fatigue. Very different to my normal rep sessions where I tend to blast each one. Tim dropped out after 5 and Enda after 6 so the last two were just Anthony, Charlie and I pushing on a little. Still felt as though I could have done 2 more at the end but feel pretty fatigued now I'm back in the office.

1km before and after for about 15km all up.

Monday, September 17, 2007

More easy stuff

Had to be another easy run today as I could only get out when work finished at 7.15pm and I've been up since 3:25am. Very easy 14km run home. Really enjoyed it not having to do any fast stretches. 58:54.


Thursday - rest, too busy heading up to Port Douglas.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 11km around Port Douglas at quite a decent pace. 46mins first day, then 45:20 then 44:50 over the same route out to the crocodile park at the end of Port Douglas Road, back into Port Douglas the back way via the mangrove swamp (took this bit quickly worrying about crocs) then along Macrossan to the beach and back to the villa.
Can't get out at lunch today but hoping to fit in a run this evening.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday Tough slog

19km run to work with the usual 4 marathon pace sections. 82:08 - a little faster than the last few weeks probably due to not so much wind today.

This has become my toughest session of the week. I hope it's doing me some good. Pushed the bottom of Parriwi a little harder than usual which meant I was struggling by the top and found the Military Road section tougher as a result.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


3km warm up plus 6km Pain plus 3km warmdown for 12km.

Felt a bit sore and weary to start with after yesterday's long run but got into it by half way around and felt pretty strong for the latter half. 1:58 for the long rep. Another good crowd including Tucks, Ray, Serg (who isn't as injured as had been made out), Richard (who looks to be getting some form back), Tim C, Durante, Phil etc despite Charlie Low leading Mike, Anthony and a couple of others on a breakaway session of 12 x 1km off a 1 minute rest. That just sounded like a bit too much to me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Treated myself to a 25km run due to missing the long run over the weekend (and for the last couple of weekends). 4km around Botanical Gardens and then 14km around Balls Head with Ray and Durante then to Darling Point and back with Ray. Easy pace the whole way. Had a few stomach cramps from Luna Park onwards - probably a small dose of what Bella and Duncan caught in Bilpin over the weekend.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

APEC Weekend

Spent the long weekend up in Bilpin and just ran a steady 10km each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday speed

Tried out a speed session today. s x 5 x 520m (approx) around the outside of the football pitch on top of the Domain carpark. Worked very well as it was quiet (due to APEC I think) and they had just mown the grass which laid out a perfect grass track for us to follow.

Decent crowd again including Ray, Anthony, Tim C, Durante, Chris E, Phil, Charlie Low and two of his workmates. Reps went:

92, 95, 95, 95, 95, 95, 94, 95, 96, 97.

1 minute between each and one slow rep jog between the sets of 5. I led the first set (with Ray for the first 2) and then Anthony and Charlie pushed on in the second set (with Durante blazing for glory on the last).

Very different to running something like Hickson Road. Not mentally as tough but each one hurts physically. Quite of a bit of wind down the back straight probably slowed them down a bit.

1km warm up and 4km warm down for 11km all up.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday wander

19km run to work with the loop around Manly including the usual 4 marathon pace sections. As usual for a Wednesday, it was blowing a southerly so 3 of the 4 fast bits were tough. Again felt better along Military but I had bad luck with the traffic lights this morning so it was very disjointed.

83:21 all up (can't say I'm not consistent).

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No Pain so tempo

Lunch with Deutsche Bank today so headed out at 6pm for a tempo run as I didn't have long available. Ran the old 8km (probably more like 7.5km) to Darling Point and back from the City then added a 1km warmdown. Felt great when running - even towards the end despite keeping a good pace up the whole way. 2 days rest/easy running explains that. Time was 27:49 - a 1:30 PB on what I thought (2 years ago) was my toughest PB. Shows what a bit of training does.

Easy Tiger (or is it a Kipketer?) massage at lunchtime which sorted out a few pains around the achilles.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Recovery Monday

Rested yesterday recovering from a monster hangover after Duncan's 40th on Saturday night.

Very easy 14km trundle around Balls Head at lunch with Ray. 66:23.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Striders North Head 10km

6th in 33:08.

Woke up with a cough but otherwise feeling OK so decided to run - pleased I did too. Jogged to North Head very slowly then caught up with the usual faces. Great turnout today - particularly from our Thursday lunchtime group including Serg, Tucks, Anthony, Ray, Mike, Richard H, Tim C and Gerry.

Set off at a sensible pace going through the first km in 3:16. Serg, Jeremey Horne and Tom Crasti were in the front group with Tucks, Anthony, Ray and I in a group just behind. Felt pretty good around 3km so pushed the pace on a bit (basically to try and drop Ray - I had the $100 bet with Kanser to consider after all) but heading back up the hill between 4 and 5km Tucks and Anthony eased ahead again. Went through 5km in 16:28 so the pace was still sensible. I was just trying to hang on to them at this stage. Was still there at the Start/Finish turnaround but I was dropped on that fatal stretch between 6 and 8km where I always tell myself I should push but never have the energy to in practice. Struggled badly on the hill between 8 and 9km but finished OK. Pleased with the time - sub 33 will come one day.

Tucks' marathon training paid off in running a fantastic 32:35 (a 16:09 second 5km) and Anthony's incredible rise continued unabated in dipping under 33 to run 32:55. How good is that from someone who only started training 5 months ago and who only goes out 4 days a week? Ray also ran a season best 10km (maybe even his road PB) in 33:35. Good to see Richard H getting back to form to run 34:47 not far behind TJA who is still struggling to find form after his flu. In other battles Mike held off Gerry by 5 seconds in the 35:30's.

Perfect conditions today - cool with no wind. A beautiful day up on North Head. Appreciated the shouts by Silverfox at the North Head loop - I really did give it my all mate!