Saturday, September 30, 2006

5km Time Trial

Showed up at 7am for my first CR 5km time trial around the Bay. Head out with Easy Tiger, Kanser and Sparkie on 16:30, with only Uncle Dave behind us at 16:00. Kanser pushed for the first 2km and I just tried to stick alongside him which meant us setting a good pace. Felt comfortable but knew we were travelling quite quickly. Tried to push to open a gap approaching the turn onto the main road at around 3km. Managed a small gap and was helped by starting to overtake some of the earlier runners. Then heard Sparkie catch up approaching 4km (couldnt tell whether it was him or Uncle Dave and was determined not to turn around to have a look!). Started to tire over the last km - not helped by not knowing where the finish line was. Put in a final burst when I saw where people were stopping. Finished up with 16:18. Sparkie finished on 16:22, Kanser on 16:28 and Easy Tiger on 16:47. Uncle Dave seemed disappointed with his 16:05.

Great event and good to put faces to some names. 2km jog before and 3km afterwards for 10km all up.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Easing down


Easy 10km out to Darling Point and back via Lady Macquarie's Chair and back the short cut through the Botanical Gardens. 15:15 to Darling Point. 40:07 all up. Two fast patches at 10km race pace - along Garden Island and along the water section to Lady Macquarie's Chair. Easy Tiger massge late afternoon. Hoping for sub 16:30 tomorrow morning but concerned with interruptions in training since North Head due to the injury and last week's illness.


Rest. Too much work and then home sharp for dinner at the Bather's Pavilion (fantastic).

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Knackered Wednesday

14km run to work. Felt very tired all the way and tried just to maintain form. Fortunately no niggles or injuries to worry about. Reached Spit Junction in 27:22 and work in 58:02. Weather cool with little wind.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tired Tuesday

Long day today getting up before 6am to head out to Terrey Hills for a strenuous game of golf with Mac Bank before heading into the office. Ran home this evening despite not feeling in the mood. Felt tired all the way. 32:05 at Spit Junction finishing up with a 58:18 (have decided to stop the watch when caught at traffic lights from now on so the times might look a little quicker).
Not looking forward to running back in tomorrow morning. That will be 60kms in 4 days which is unprecedented for me. I think I'll miss intervals on Thursday (have back to back work meetings in any case) and ease down on Thursday and Friday to try and post a faster time at the CR 5km time trial on Saturday morning. Figure it's more important to get a confidence boost for NY the following Saturday by posting a faster time rather than pushing too hard this week and suffering on Saturday morning.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Long Monday

Ran out to Darling Point and back with Robbo and then headed around Lady Macquarie Chair and the Opera House and then back again by myself. About 15km all up in 1:05:26. Robbo did his usual fast patch along the Garden Island stretch which raised the heart beat. Nice and warm with a bit of a breeze around Farm Cove.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday and Saturday

Felt miserable with a very bad cold. I had a sore throat during the interval session on Thursday but was hoping it was just a temporary thing. I think that session must have triggered the full on cold as I felt very under (and bad tempered) on Friday and equally so on Saturday. May have rested in any case on Friday but disappointed to miss a speed session on Saturday.


Woke up feeling much better. Still had a streaming nose but decided to head out for 16km regardless. Ran the usual North Head circuit but started from the lagoon car park and ran the first 3km to Shelly Beach with Alec. Probably a little shorter than runnng from home but was at Shelly Beach in 14:30 after an easy first 3km so reached that point in about the same time as I would normally running from home. Felt pretty easy around North Head (45:20 back at the stone arch) and then slowed down considerably over the final 5km feeling lethargic due to the effects of the cold. Finished in 1:05:55. Weather was very warm (apparently it reached 33C in the afternoon) but not too humid so not unpleasant. Spent lunchtime on Curly beach (great bodysurfing - water was just the right temperature) and afternoon in the garden to round out a nice day.

Plan for this week is same as last (but without the illness) - 2 speed sessions interspersed by 15km runs - and with the Coolrunning 5km time trial on Saturday morning.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Intervals (with people!)

Met up with Ray and Chris and ran 5 x 1200m (approx - probably closer to 1100m) along Hickson Road from the roundabout to the far side of the road you come down on the SMH route. On the right hand side of the road each time so shorter on the return leg due to the bend. Strict 2 minute rest between each. Intervals went 3:45 (stopped in our tracks by a lorry), 3:41; 3:43; 3:39 and 3:44. Pretty pleased with the way it went as I felt comfortable during each rep - didn't have to push as hard as I would the 900m reps around Farm Cove but started to tire towards the end of the last rep.

Easy jog there and back. About 10km all up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


14km run to work. Warm and a little humid. Wore backpack but only a light one without work shoes. 27:10 (again) at Spit Junction but had to wait for 1 minute for lights so set off again on 28:10. 59:39 in total but again had to wait for about 1 minute at lights in the City so the run wasn't as slow as the time suggested. Still, quite easy and no problems with the knee.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ran Pain in the Domain followed by a 1km jog cooling down. Hot and humid for this time of year and really felt the session towards the end. Pushed each of the early reps very hard and was pleased to still manage 1:58 on the long rep after tucking behind Ray for the last 100m. Maybe the Easy Tiger massage last night had an immediate effect. Struggled on the reps following that one though.
All up 7km.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Quick update

Went camping over the weekend at Wiseman's Ferry so limited training. Here's the quick update:

Rest. Spent day picking up camping gear and roof box and driving to Wiseman's. Fantastic weather. Spotted our first live wombat before the kids started shouting at it and frightened the living daylights out of it.

Easy 10km. Ran quite quickly for 20 minutes along the road hugging the Hawkesbury then turned around and tried to get back in under that time. Kicked hard and managed it quite easily for a 38:45.

Rest, but feeling guilty about lack of training with New York approaching. Had a great day though settling into a few beers at the beautiful pub in St Albans and then Kirsten driving us all home.

14km run into work. Beautiful weather - perfect conditions (clear skies but still slightly cool). Ran with the backpack on carrying my work shoes so wasn't light. I think this put strain on the knee as it started to feel sore around Kirribilli. Stopped and stretched and this immediately eased the pain so worth bearing in mind.
Despite the backpack it turned out to be a quick run - probably due to the easy past 3 days. 27:10 at Spit Junction and 57:25 to work. Felt very strong running over the bridge. Hope to put in a solid week this week to put things back on track for NY in 19 days time.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Intervals (alone)

Blown out by Ray who's saving himself for Sunday's marathon and silence from Tim so 5x900m around Farm Cove by myself (and thousands of tourists) with the usual strict 2 minute recovery. Managed 2:50, 2:50, 2:50, 2:50 and 2:48. Can't say I'm not consistent. Times look slow as I had the detour on the grass where they are mending the sea wall which costs about 2 seconds per rep so not a bad session but didn't feel that way whilst doing them. Wasn't in the right frame of mind so each one felt like a struggle. Still, taking into account the detour (and being stopped in my tracks by a tourist on the first rep) it was quite a decent session.

Knee same as usual.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Filler day

Just an easy 6km around the Domain, Botanical Gardens and Opera House with three fast spells at about 3:10km pace - around Domain pitch, on back straight to Lady Macquarie's chair and reverse of the long stretch on PITD course. Did the final one in 2:10 into a strong headwind so not bad. No knee pain. Saw Tara earlier in day and she said it was still inflamed so still need to be careful.

Have sore throat tonight so will see how I feel tomorrow. Sent email to Tim and Ray seeing whether they are up for an interval session.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Return Speed Session

Easy jog around Domain and Botanical Gardens followed by 3x900m gate to gate around Farm Cove with strict 2 minutes in between. 2:48, 2:50 and 2:45. Wind assisted the first and third. Detour onto the grass half the way around added about 2 seconds to the times so pleased with those (particularly the last). Would have done 5 but had to rush back for Banking partners departmental meeting. About 7km in total. No knee pain.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Easy Monday

Just an easy 8km today out to Darling Point and back. Reached Darling Point in 14:55 and finished up in 32:12 after taking it very easy on the way back. No real problems with the knee. Bumped into Iain on way out and on return. He was doing his usual Kenyan style quick pace followed by a crawl.
Well, Manly may have stuffed up but at least the Swannies reached the prelimary finals. All I need now is for Shevchenko and Danny Webber to start scoring in my spurious football team....

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday run

16km around North Head. 63:36. 44:20 at corner above Manly Hospital. Felt great all the way around. Started to feel knee on hill climbing up to Bower Street and was gradually more aware of it until the end of the Fairfax walking track at North Head. Went very quickly (with tailwind) from North Head back to Manly Hospital but was still surprised at the time. Took it easy from there home. Knee eased up when I was striding out which was very pleasing. No doubt quick time was due to an easy week. Need to start the interval sessions again.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Approximately 10km around the Domain and Botanical gardens. 40 mins exact (turned around after exactly 20 mins - made a slight detour on the way back due to some Japanese film crew getting over- excited around Farm Cove).
Went pretty quik to start with and finished pretty quick too. Coudn't feel knee until 25 mins in and then it gradually became more noticeable. Plenty of stretches at end which eased it a lot.
Too many beers in evening watching Manly throw away the finals to Newcastle. Bloody useless. Wonder whether I'll be up to a run tomorrow.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wednesday and Thursday


Approx 9km - one loop of the Domain and then run up to Spit Junction. 38 minutes. Went quite quick again - feeling very fresh with the absence of any interval sessions or long runs this week. Miserable weather - wet and windy. Didn't run at lunch as had another visit to Tara Lal. Aware of knee on run but no pain and no after effects.

Wednesday and Thursday


Intention was to do another easy 8km route via Darling Point. Headed out and felt great reaching Darling Point in 14:30. Took it easier on the return for 31:15. Plenty of stretching of the hamstrings afterwards. Was aware of knee injury on second half of run but without pain. Knee felt fine in the evening running for Jet Cat - better than Tuesday evening - so feeling a lot more positive.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tentative return

Well, rested Sunday and Monday and visited Tara Lal the physiotherapist on Monday afternoon. Plan is to ice the tendon behind the knee and bring down the inflammation and stretch my hamstrings and calfs. Both are far too tight. Did a very easy 8km with Beaky over lunch and felt no pain from the knee, but running down to the Jet Cat tonight I could feel it again. Still plan to run very easily and keep on stretching and bringing down the inflammation. The stretching is definitely making the whole area feel better.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Great news and bad

Had a fantastic race at North Head. Felt great from the very start, trying to push in the first 2kms. Richard High went past just before 2 kms and built up a 15 metre gap (almost identical to City 2 Surf). Ran with Brightshoes until 5km and he was giving km splits which suggested we were ahead of 34min pace. Tried just to concentrate on not allowing Richard to extend the gap. With 2.5kms to go I was still feeling strong so decided to up the pace and maintain consistency without trying to bridge the gap too quickly. Gradually reeled in Tim Ashby and Richard and kicked hard in the last km to record 33:50 or thereabouts. Apparently we went through 3km in 9:50 and 5km in 16:36. Given I had a very fast last km it suggests pretty average 5-8km (3:30s or thereabouts where I was supposed to apply the pressure) which is something to bear in mind.

Over the moon about the time and who I beat (Richard was about 33:55, Tim Cradock 34:08, Kanser 34:40, Ray (after missing the start) about 34:30) but knee has been very painful since. Will avoid running now until I see a physio as soon as possible next week.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Easy does it

Very easy 23 minutes around the Botanical Gardens at lunchtime with two faster stretches just to stretch the legs. No real issues with the right knee during the run but a little sore this evening going down stairs. Still intending to give tomorrow morning a blast.