Friday, December 28, 2012

Funny old day

Spent most of the day driving to Peats Ridge Festival with my boy Charlie, getting in through security tighter than the London Olympics, setting up the tent then driving home. Will head there for 3 days with the whole family tomorrow. It's Bec's (eldest daughter) and Katie's (sister) birthday today so we had dinner booked at Ribs and Rumps. Managed to squeeze in a half hour run so did the short Manly route (in reverse) hard in 27:30 which hurt, especially running head first into a Southerly buster along Manly beach (4:03) when I felt like I was standing still.

Had buffalo wings starter, 200g rump steak plus half lamb ribs and half pork ribs followed by chocolate cake. I can still hardly move. Just writing about it is making me want to vom. Should ensure I won't need to use the public toilets at the festival.

103km for the week. First ton in a while.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Up Lady Carrington

Not as rude as it sounds. Had my fill of rude last night watching series 1 of Game of Thrones.

Met Laura, the Tiger and Hamish Mc for 20km on a lovely bush track. Very easy but time passed quickly. 1:35 (4:48's).

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Out with Billy on his new bike (a message for his avid followers - he'll be running again soon). His new bike is a Radius Neo - pretty lightweight with 21 gears. It means he now waits for me even when I'm running at pace. Did the 14km route. Have gotten really bored just doing this steady running so asked Billy to pace me for the 2.5km from Shelley Beach to the Queenscliff bridge which took 8:48 (3:30's). Felt much better for stretching the legs.

Had a quick chat with Thamal at Shelley who has struggled with injury and saw Tony Wong at North Steyne. Otherwise pretty quiet out there.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In Dulci Jubilo

First ever run for me on Christmas Day. Same for Dad, and he's 70, so we're breaking new ground here. Just an easy 10km first thing in 42:55.

Spent the evening watching highlights from the Olympics on my Olympic Highlights Box Set DVDs. Got a bit emotional.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

10km early doors with Bec on her bike before picking up the huge leg of ham and turkey. 43:20 (4:20's).

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silly Sunday Solo

Out at yet another party last night. I was sensible and walked home at 11.45pm. Kirst stayed out longer and eventually came in around 3.30am. This put paid to me getting out with Dicky at 6am as arranged or even the fallback of 7am. Eventually dragged myself out of bed at 8.30am by which time the temperature had risen and the sun was beating down.

If it hadn't been so hot, I hadn't got a hangover and I hadn't nailed myself on yesterday's run, I reckon I'd have felt pretty good today. As it was, I toiled to 27.8km in 2:08 (4:40's). Saw Eamo and Angus Mc out there.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wobbly legged Saturday

Hilly and Bushy Saturday route giving it all I've got in 52:25. (4:05 pace). Through 10km in 40:09. Sounds slow but it's a fucking hard course. Legs cactus after.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pussy 400's and needles in the ass

Bit of a cock up today. Kanser wanted to go to Rushcutters. I tried to change the session for the squad but don't think the email went through. Showed up alone with even Kanser pulling out. It was 32C, windy and there were some kids playing on the oval. Briefly thought about just jogging back to the office but guilt got the better of me. Marked out what I thought was roughly 400m (avoiding the kids - they scare me) and proceeded to run 10 but just with a 30m walk in between each one (30 seconds). I think it was about 410m but the times were abysmal. 76/77 for each. At the end of 10 I decided to do 2 more because I felt guilty. Wasn't even that puffed after 12 but slunked off back to the office with my tail between my legs.

Only good thing about the session was that I felt a lot better afterwards than beforehand, especially after a good stretch. Glutes felt magic. Tiger stuck some needles in my ass yesterday - I've been a bit of a sceptic on dry needling after he tried it in my hammies previously - but yesterday my glutes started spasming and felt completely released afterwards. So much so I was walking around like John Cleese all afternoon.

Couple of beers with Macca and maybe LF Charlie and Clive this evening. Not long before I can take a break from the booze.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday mixed bag

Knackered when the alarm woke me at 5.30am but dragged my ass to Carl's for the strength session. Quite a bit of upper body work, lots of core and a sustained spell on the hammies.

Then slogged over the bridges to work, bumping into the Gibson twins on the Harbour Bridge and telling them about HuRTS.

Now sat in Dolce eating a 3 egg omelette with extra sausage, orange juice and a flat white. Just what the doctor (at least the exercise physiologist) ordered after 2 hours of exercise. Beautiful morning.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HuRTS 4 x 10mins

Fair crowd today given the time of year. Felt knackered early on in the heat and humidity and ran with Dicky H and Kanser for the first rep letting Barts scuttle off ahead. Reached a little beyond the Art Gallery. 9:38 on return. Better on 3rd leg getting closer to Barts (with Smolly killing it) reaching level with the bubbler and then better still in 4th back in 9:20.

We were all cooked at this stage so did what HuRTS does best in summer with about 15 of us jumping in the harbour. 'Twas bliss. Then headed back to the office for Partners Xmas lunch of turkey, ham, prawns, all the trimmings, 2 trifles and a glass of Pinot. More bliss.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday meander

16km Monday route with a group that started with about 8, swelled to about 15 and then diminished such that just JW and I finished. Felt good today. The foam roller does wonders. About 4:20 pace average.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday solo

No-one to run with this morning so headed out early for 2 hours solo. As ever running solo I obsessed with the watch too much and ended up running too quick and feeling pretty tired by the end. Having said that, I would have coped with this pace over this distance easy pre-Gold Coast so makes you realise how much fitness you gain while marathon training. Pretty warm this morning mind and appreciated the jump in the pool after, even with the kids clambering all over me.

Just extended loops around Manly keeping it flat. Saw Pete W as usual and Bart looking as though he was moving. All up 27.24km in 1:55:14 (4:14's).

Elder brother Alec was over this weekend with his family and we managed a rare group shot.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 in Review

Sunday was 25km on the beautiful trails of Glenworth Valley at Peat's Ridge Festival. Bumped into Russell at the Festival and tentatively arranged to meet him but he was a no-show. 2 hours so very slow but it was hot and all trails and I'd been partying it up.

Monday was 11.4km on similar trails in 52mins.

Today was the usual 14km Manly route in 62:01 - 31:00 on the way out and 31:01 on the way back. Boringly consistent.

Not sure what to make of 2012. Only one PB - being that in the marathon at Gold Coast but a few other "close-to" PB's. The biggest disappointment was not running a good 10km time - the distance I judge form on most. I was in good form in May but got sick just before the State 10km when I reckon I may have PB'ed. Top 3 races were:

1. Novice Cross Country. 3rd in a tough, close race. Ran a PB and beat some good names.

2. JPMorgan CC. Came back from hammie problems and ran my second fastest time to finish 4th. Tucks was too strong but had a great run himself.

3. SMH Half marathon. Fell apart towards the end but close to the PB on a tough course. And I reckon my PB was set on a short course in any case.

Didn't put GC Marathon in the top 3 as I missed my aim (albeit only by 1 second) but it was fairly conservative in any case. I've yet to attack a marathon, still being too scared of the distance. Having said that, I was probably fittest at that point in the year, having done some great long runs with Macca in the lead up. We'll be replicating that this year but I also want to gradually increase the base mileage. Out with him tomorrow morning for 20km with some fas bits.

Sat hilly

Planned to get out with Dicky and the gang at 6am but Kirst rolling in drunk at 3am and proceeding to play loud music with her girlfriends until 4am put paid to that.

Got out at 7am for the Seaforth/Spit to Manly hilly 13km route. Pushed the hills and got the heart rate going. 57:30. Will be doing this route more regularly.

Friday, December 14, 2012

HuRT Squad Awards

Just an easy 12km with Kanser today running off the hangover. The first 2km were brutal but then started to feel like a normal person again.

Last night was a bit of a blur for me. Had my department Xmas lunch down at Wharf 2 so was drinking from 12.30pm. It's fair to say I didn't cover myself in glory. See Timmy's blog for details.

Anyway, full results were as follows:

Triathlon award:

Nominees included Sonya, John Binfield, Brendan Krone, Timmy and Clyde.

3rd place: Enda
2nd place: Fast Charlie
Winner: Pete Walker

Ultra runner of the Year

Nominees included Andy and Terrence.

3rd place: Fats
2nd place: Jonathan Worswick
Winner: Tucks

The HuRTS Spirit Award

Nominees included Timmy, Richie H, Mike Race, Bill Batt, Macca, Anna, J-Fen, Andy, Kanser and Enda.

3rd place: Ray
2nd pace: Me
Winner: MC

The Serg Award (Underachiever of the Year)

Nominees included Clyde, Kanser and Richie H.

3rd place: Mike
2nd place: Timmy
Winner: Fast Charlie

Most Improved

Nominees included Michael Ho, Macca, Angus, Emma, J-Fen, Anna, Andy and Fats.

3rd place: Rob C
2nd place: Mike Race
Winner: Indrajeet Aich

Female Performance of the Year

3rd place: Emma
2nd place: Anna
Winner: Laura

Male Performance of the Year

Nominees included Mike Race, me, Terrence and MC(!)

3rd place: Tucks
2nd place: Ray
Winner: Fats

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday strength

Jogged to Carl's did a strength session with him then ran 11km at 4:40 pace to pick the car up from its service.

Will be seeing Carl weekly in a ploy to remain injury free.

Big Awards night tomorrow. Timmy has the odds but don't believe a jot of it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HuRTS tempo

45mins. Felt refreshed, I think from running am yesterday instead of the usual pm. So set off quicker than recently with Barts and a fit looking triathlete who turned out to be Andy Cross, a chap I've had many close battles with (but, for once, usually come out on the winning side). He ran 17:57 recently at JPMorgan.

Felt comfy in the way out, Andy pushed the pace on the way back before stopping half way around Farm Cove. This left me and Barts to finish it off up the hills and I pushed myself too hard getting back in 44:50 for 12.9km (3:29's). Have felt average since. Silly as I promised myself recently not to do this.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Different Monday

Had to run to Oxford Falls early doors to pick up the car that Kirst had left at yesterday's BBQ after drinking too much wine, great lush that she is. Went up the beaches to Dee Why then through Cromer and up the brutal Beacon Hill.

Had a following wind most of the way so felt good. 13.7km in 61mins (4:29's). Was quicker until the hills started.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday Morning

25km with Macca around and about in 1:52ish (4:30's). Canny warm like.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Holding it together

Yesterday was 15km easy with MC, Irish JB, Paul B and bumping into Hamburglar at the end.

Office Christmas Party in the evening. Very good night. Even danced (to Living on a Prayer). Got home at 3am then alarm went off at 5.30am and dragged my wretched body to Passmore Reserve where I watched and pitifully part participated in Bart and Frik's sub40 10km time trial. Fantastic result by them both running 39:40'ish. If Bart did more HuRTS he'd be up for Improver of the Year in Thursday's awards night - a bloke who claimed he couldn't run a km in under 5minutes 18 months ago is now smashing out sub4's and looking cruisy while doing so.

95kms last week. 91kms the week before.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

HuRTS Pyramid

Small crowd on a beautiful day. MC, James E, Ben O'B, Enda, Kanser, the returning young Timmy, Rob C, Luke and girls Laura and Caroline was about it.

Ran from the front but to be honest felt pretty average with the legs just dead. MC and Enda ran very well and were just behind on each rep. But it was a beautiful day and a pleasure just to be out there.

Did 4.5km with Billy (Charlie and Mags on their bikes) this morning and at this stage of the season I'll count those extra kms so 16km all up.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Run home

Busy again at lunch so just a run home. Planned to take it very easy but felt pretty bouncy and ran a respectable 56:38.

Been checking out Billy's blog and have come to the realisation that Wordpress is much better than Blogger. Bit late now.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Hard run to work

Have a lunch on today so needed to replicate the session. Only option was to run hard into work. Which I hate, because it's so bloody hilly and hard. Satisfying afterwards mind.

Sunday I nearly stood on a snake. Today I nearly stood on an Eastern Water Dragon. Was just about to come over Spit Bridge when this big boy jumps out of the bushes almost under my feet. For the next 5m I ran, splay legged, trying to avoid him as he ran in front of me. In fact, it probably looked as though I was mimicking his running style.

Anyway, the run hurt like hell. But ended up with 50:21 so a pretty good time. Would have been nice to get under 50.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sore Sunday

Pulled out of the Manly Dam 10km as I was being a pussy and was worried about turning an ankle trying to run that course fast. Ended up heading over to Willoughby after persuading Barts to run his local Striders long run. Well, it was 30km of bush and hills and my legs were shot by the end. In fact, got home and, not having eaten enough, completely zonked out on the sofa. 1:24 or so. Started with Flake, John Bowe, Mark F, Snaitch and Barts but by the end it was just Bart's and I with John a few minutes behind.

highlight of the run was running along a road in Castlecragwhen Bart's casually says "snake" while pointing to the ground. I'm wondering quizzically what he's on about before I notice I'm about to step on one, dodging it at the last moment.

Chores for rest of the day and now I'm the worlds tiredest man. But did manage to watch "City of God" tonight which I reckon rates 5 popcorns on the Timmy chart.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

King of the Trails

Just an easy 14km in 100% humidity and 30C+ this morning. 62 mins. Much more pleasant along Manly beach though.

Massive congrats to Fats who came 2nd in the Kepler Challenge this morning and broke 5 hours for the first time. Tucks also did well on his first outing over there finishing 5th in 5:15. Had a text from Tucks this morning saying little more than "Fats is a beast!". I should challenge them both to a 1500m prior to HuRT Squad Awards night - hopefully they'll be a little buggered for a while.