Thursday, February 23, 2017

Further update

Still sore to walk.  Getting better each day though.  Hope to jog on grass by the weekend.

Maggie training this morning.  1.3km warm up and down.  2 x Passmore Oval reps in 2:32 and 2:38.  She was upset not to get the second under 2:36 (4min kms), but going well.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Wednesday was 12km around Centennial with Brendan, Ray, Andy and Mark B.  Achilles sore the whole way.

Thursday did Maggie's session in the morning: 3 x 500m on the Nolans path (so it's accurate). She ran much quicker than I expected doing 1:52, 1:53 and 1:56.  At the same age Billy and Bec would run low 2:00's.  That was it for the day for me.

Friday was 9km to Redleaf with Barts enjoying a dip with the wealthy Eastern suburbs socialites.

Saturday did Parkrun with Mags but ran around in about 4min kms with Elle.  Nice to see Robbie turn up for the win.  Achilles was really sore after though and only did 6km without even pushing.  Going to have to rest it for a while and stray from scratch.  Pretty depressing.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Still sore Tuesday

Started to run home after work. Achilles sore (down the sides of heel, not the bursar which is no longer swollen due to the Voltaren) and wasn't getting any less painful so pulled the pin in Cremorne and caught the 179 to Balgowlah Fish Cafe for dinner with Mrs H.

This may take a while.

Did 5km mind. Not very quickly.

Sore Sunday

Leg numb from the V but promised Maggie a run so did two loops of Nolans/Passmore with her in the heat of the arvo.  She's starting to look very comfortable jogging 5km.



Easy jog to the start with Darren, Erika and Dicky.  Felt tentative the whole way worrying about my achilles which had been sore since Tuesday night and which I was hiding with Voltaren.  Decided to race in my Wave Rider 20's as I was too worried about putting more pressure on it wearing flats.

Good field in the end with a couple of top triathletes, Vlad (looking very fit), Ben Liddy, Sean Bowes, Barts, Scotty, Rowan Walker, James Tunbridge, Alex R and others all toeing the line.  Took it steadyish up the monster hill off the start line with Barts, Scotty, Toby and Alex just in front then opened up back down the hill.  3:27 first km including the monster climb but by now my achilles was already hurting.  Then Rowan Walker went to the front of the second group and started pushing the pace (3:12 next km) and I was falling off the back and not running freely.  Sean Bowes came past, the achilles got worse so I pulled the pin at 3km.

There was a big gap until Gary Mullins, Dicky and Darren came past while I was walking.  Then Erika came by with 3 girls (Bec Lowe and 2 I didn't recognise) and I shouted out to her that she was in the lead before she disappeared off. Hell, Erika's winning the SunRun!  I'm still tossing up whether to just walk home but decide it's un-Australian, plus Dad will be waiting at Queenscliff, so start running. See the girls 100m ahead so decide to try and catch Erika to help her up the killer hill by the Harbord Hilton.  If she's going to win this, she'll do it using her strength on the hills. 

Well, outside my old house on Charles St in Freshie (about 6.5km) there was about 30m separating the first 4 girls.  By 8km Erika has a 150m lead.

Buggered my achilles further in finishing off the run (38:42 for the record).  Hobble home to discover Dad is in hospital with a dislocated shoulder after taking a tumble while coming to watch me and Scotty is in the bed opposite him having collapsed at the Novotel.

What a day.

Bought some more Voltaren.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

HuRTS Thursday

Mona Fartlek. Barts promised he'd be there. Apparently got confused and turned up at Rushcutters. WTF? Worst excuse ever. Plainly he's lost it and Scotty's got to him.

Ran with Quentin; JFen and Moyle.  Did 5.84km averaging 3:26's.  Felt buggered and left achilles was very sore.

12km all up. Worried about the achilles for Saturday's race. Worst race possible for a sore achilles.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Day 40

Out at lunchtime with Barts, JFen and Brendan for 15.6km.  After 15mins of discussing where to go, we headed to Centennial via Oxford Street and did 2 laps. Plenty of chat along the way with Barts starting to obsess about how Scotty is going to beat him (for the first time apparently) at the Sun Run.

Was very sore this am but better for the run.