Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HuRTS Progressive Tempo

Still not feeling right so took it easy today. Hung around at the back but it was a bit slow so joined MC's group with RMR, Kanser, Jamie and a few others. We turned at just over 5.6km on 23.5mins (i.e. about 4:10 pace) feeling very comfortable then Kanser picked the pace up a bit. He pulled up at the Opera House gates leaving Jamie and I to finish off. Jamie was pretty strong pushing the pace around Farm Cove and we ran together back to the gates in 44:19 (i.e. about 3:42's for the return). Felt comfortable enough not to trigger off any nasty reaction from the virus. A massage this evening has stirred up all the free radicals but will drink a load of water and see how I feel tomorrow before deciding whether to do North Head on Saturday or offer to marshall.

Kanser's getting confident about staying within 20s of young Timmy whilst our Stoke City reject is playing all manner of mind games on the big Irishman.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Easy Monday

Very easy 15km with the usual crowd but joined by Kanser who I haven't seen for a while. Felt fine running but got a headache again now. Beginning to get pissed off by this...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Easy recovery

Another very easy run - 26 mins around Manly. Feeling much better than yesterday and a beautiful day. Made me wonder why I don't just do this everyday.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Diagnosed with sinusitis on Wednesday so am on a course of antibiotics. Felt crap until this morning so ventured out this afternoon for an easy run. Lasted 15 minutes before a headache came on so cut short for 25 mins all up. Had planned to try a long run tomorrow but won't bother now. Just want to knock this illness on the head as I've had it for nearly 3 weeks now.

Jamie - I use Endura Optimiser (the powder form) although Carl is recommending I try the one with protein or whey in. Works a treat helping recovery from long or tough sessions. So you probably don't need it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

The usual session off 60s rest. Crowd upfront included JB, Fast Charlie, the Judge, JF and Andy with MC, King James, RMR etc behind. Laura James showed up again. She's going to improve massively if she keeps on doing sessions like this.

Felt heavy legged from the first rep today and had to break it down in sections to get through the session. Ran the first 2 reps with JB and Fast Charlie but then they were just too strong, finishing each rep about 30m ahead (i.e. about 7 or 8 secs per rep). I started to get closer to them after rep 8 then ran the last 3 reps with them. Distance and average pace were as follows (discrepancies due to stopping the watch at 3:00, 3:01 or 3:02):

912m (3:19)
916m (3:19)
917m (3:18)
915m (3:18)
916m (3:18)
908m (3:20)
921m (3:17)
918m (3:18)
912m (3:18)
919m (3:18)
933m (3:14)
925m (3:15)
953m (3:09)
947m (3:12)

Pleased to have kept them consistent on tired legs. Need to get some more Endura. I'm addicted to the stuff. It's probably got EPO or steroids mixed in it or something.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy Monday

Very easy Monday route with a large crowd including MC, Brendan, Rob, King James, Ray and others. Felt very tired to start with but the pace was very easy. Turned at 7.5km (last bit of Barangaroo shut off) on 34:20 and back for the 15km in 1:06:40 so it picked up a bit on the way back. Felt better as the run went on.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long local Sunday

Just did 10km loops today. Thought I was going to struggle after yesterday but felt great just coasting along. The 10km loops were run in 42:00, 41:38 then 40:38. Started to feel it a bit from 20km and the final 5km was a struggle but I haven't done a long run for a month so not unexpected. Seem to be in a bit of a purple patch at the moment.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday tempo

Ran the same route as last week (14.1km) as a tempo, which I think I'll be doing more regularly. Struggled to find a rhythm in the first 2km but then settled into a decent clip and just ground it out. Felt pretty comfortable from then onwards. Finished in 49:49 (3:33 pace) so really pleased with that. Splits were 15:43 at Queenscliff SLSC, 24:37 at the turn at Shelley and 33:37 back at Queenscliff.

Bit of wind but perfect temperature this afternoon. Still got a tight chest from the cold which is why I rested yesterday.

Not running Pub 2 Pub tomorrow, got to take Bec to Band Camp and received an email from Thamal's wife saying he was running so any remote possibility of a win was out of the window.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

HuRTS What's the bloody point

Coughing my guts up all morning. Otherwise felt fine so rocked up to the session after a 3km jog. Ran quite hard with Darren and the Judge until my shoelace came undone near the Art Gallery. By this time my cold was beginning to affect me - would have made the Stone Gates if it wasn't for stopping to do the shoelace though. Then on the way back the floats became jogs and the sprints were ending early. Just got back to the Opera House Gates on 19:55. Bloody waste of time. Need to shake this cold so may take it easy tomorrow.

Jogged back around the course with Conor and the Judge to make it 12km all up. 24C today - a relative scorcher. Hope Winter is going.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday MLR

Missed lunch so ran home but added my Manly route on at the end - basically a reverse of the Wednesday morning run I used to do 2 years ago with marathon pace stretches. 19km in 1:23:47. Felt pretty tired with my legs suffering from yesterday's session and strength training with Carl this morning. Got into it in the second half though.

Massively hungry when I got home. Had to steal a packet of Love Hearts from the kids after my dried apricots ran out.

Congratulations to Kanser and Olivia on the birth of Conor Lachlan Kane. Dave said he looks like a sub 2:40 man already. Young Timmy quipped that it was a shame to question his parentage so early.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

The big news of the day is that Tucks is back. Patently he's been deceiving us all on tales of only running 40-50km per week.

Had a shocker this morning in forgetting my orthotics so tried to improvise by cutting up an old pair of insoles to little effect. Just gave myself blisters. I was feeling pretty good after a good rest since C2S but was worried about the cold I've got so planned just to take it easy. That went out the window after 50m with JB running off the front so thought, bugger it, lets just have a go. JB, Tucks, the Judge and I ran together until the Opera House when the Judge dropped off. I kept on expecting Tucks to drop but the tenacious bugger just stayed there, barely breathing as usual and coming out with well formed sentences such as "nobody's talking much today"! We reached the Park Hyatt (start of the 2km reps) in 16:30 so I knew we were on for a very quick one. Eventually turned just before the final speed bumps at the very end of the Hickson Road reps. I only had my stopwatch on and Tucks said something along the lines of "don't ask what average pace we're doing". So I didn't.

JB started to drop off under the Harbour Bridge and until then I'd been feeling great but it suddenly started to hurt a bit. I'd be checking the watch with 30 seconds to go on the fast stretches rather than 10. Finally we got to the Opera House and Tucks mentioned that we'd just gone through 10km in 33:54 and that he was taking it easy back. By myself the incentive to push on was tough and I took 10:24 to get back from the Opera House Gates. Got back 34 seconds over the 45mins. We turned at 6.6km (3:24 pace) and I was about 150m short coming back so I'm guessing 13.05km all up.

Some good running out there today. Timmy was strong getting back under 45mins and JF held me off going up the hills at the end. We even had 2 girls join the group today. MC didn't seem much interested in chatting to us afterwards. He was making sure the new recruits felt welcome.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting back

Stomach bug morphed into a cold but felt just about well enough to run home this evening. Effectively a week resting meant I felt great all the way and it ended up being pretty quick as a result - 56:07 with 29:50 at Toyota Garage. Beautiful evening for running. Winter seems to be on the way out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fitting it in

Had a stomach bug over the past few days with fever symptoms - seems like the whole office suffered the same thing. Looking after the kids all weekend with Kirst away so had arranged a babysitter to come in to go for a run. Still wasn't massively keen on running but couldn't cancel the sitter so went anyway. Discovered a very flat new 14km route which I did in 59:07 - 30:30 on the way out and 28:37 on the return. Continued on my sprint home straight to the dunny.

Watched the London Diamond League this afternoon. Highlight was Dibaba in the 5000m - she's had a quiet season but still showed everyone her devastating speed (58s last lap) to win in 14:36. Will be interesting to see how Gregson goes in the Mile tonight.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday MLR

Been a lazy arse over the last 2 days so dragged myself out for the usual Wednesday run with MC, JB, Laura, RMR and Christian today after core strength with Carl this morning. Had a pit stop at Rose Bay so didn't get to the top of Kincoppal making it only 18km in 1:28:06. Very easy.

Then had a Tiger massage where two new bets were laid (after paying him $50 for my Timmy bet at North Head):

1. $50 on Tiger not beating Jonathan Bleasel at North Head in September (if anyone knows who Jonathan is, please tell him to keep up the training - we think he's the young red-headed chap who has looked pretty handy at Striders races this year).

2. $50 head to head me versus the Tiger at the Blackmores Half Marathon but comparative to our Half PBs (1:15:54 for him and 1:12:21 for me). Whoever beats theirs by the most wins the cash (or who gets closest if neither does).

This is basically how the hour of my massage is spent - coming up with increasingly elaborate but close-run bets...

Results of City to Surf here. Pleased to finish in front of Nick Bennett (reversing our positions at Short Course X-Country) but slightly disappointed to get close to CT without getting a win.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

City to Surf - go Benny!

First of all, huge congratulations to Benny St for the win. Watched it on TV this evening and it was inspirational stuff - outsprinting Shelley in the home straight. Exactly to plan.

Rushed to the start throwing my bag in at the last minute and bumping into Dicky H in the process. Went and did a warm up with him bumping into Tucks, CT and Fats. Was late to the start line and we all got squeezed back needlessly behind some token white line. Loads of people I recognised around including Matty P, Richard P, Phil W etc. Suddenly we were off and the mad sprint down William St occurred. Found plenty of space on the left and all was good. Saw JB up ahead which was as close as I got to him all race. Was breathless by the tunnel as usual but started picking up places going up to Edgecliff then again through Double Bay. I was running with Keith and Lara Tamsett (lead female) at this stage with the motorbike filming Lara getting in the way a bit. Got my first split at 5km of 16:25 - 20s down on 2 years ago but I was still feeling fine so wasn't too fussed. However, Keith and Lara and a group of 3 others started to gap me going around Rose Bay - I just didn't seem to have the speed on the flat.

Started climbing Heartbreak Hill and suddenly they were all coming back to me - everyone seemed to be running it really slowly. Keith suddenly stepped off the road just as I caught him but just concentrated on catching Lara which I did at Kincoppal (as the hoardes of girls cheered her on). But again on the flat at the top of Heartbreak she started to gap me. From here on I was pretty much on my own. I was staring down the back on one chap who finished one place in front of me to avoid losing too much time but I think my "splits" reflected the fact that I had no-one to run with here. I reached 10km in 34:05 (so my 5km to 10km split was quicker than 2 years ago) but ended up with 47:10.

I had 4 aims before the race, top 50, sub 47, beat JB and Keith. I reckon I was 43rd (will find out Tuesday) so 2 out of 4 ain't bad. Bit disappointed with the time though.

It's a bloody tough race. It encompasses everything - really quick start and first 5km, big long hills and short sharp ones, big fast sweeping downhills and a fast finish. Need to get some more races in me and some more tempo runs. But Pub 2 Pub in 2 weeks, North Head 2 weeks later and Sydney Half 2 weeks after that should see me well by the end of September. Good to catch up with everyone in the tent afterwards. Tucks ran well (48:40) off 40km a week, Timmy will probably be disappointed with 51:00 and Kanser held up with a 53.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Pre-race Nerves

Just a very easy 5km jog today down to North Steyne, South Steyne then back. Left orthotics at work and achilles could feel it so stopped early.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Very easy run to work

Bloody cold this morning (about 11C), so rugged up for a very easy jog to work - Skins, hoodie and backpack. Just jogged in dead easy - 28:30 at Spit Junction and 60:20 all up. If the weather is like this on Sunday it will be perfect.

Picture is Harbour Bridge webcam as of now - check out the flags.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

HuRTS Hickson Road

Seems like ages since I ran the Hickson Road session properly, but I wasn't about to start today only 3 days out from the big race of the year. It's the original but still probably the hardest session we do when you do it properly.

Just cruised through each rep in 3:30 pace (i.e. 4:04 - 4:08) with a 30 second burst mid-way through ran fast. JF was out front on each rep (Mad Man Moyle with him for the first 3) and asked to be paced through the last one so ran that one in 3:38 (3:05 pace) - Ray joining in half way through as he likes to. They all felt really comfortable.

Massage with Bianca last night (that sounds dodgy, it isn't!) and I'm feeling great at the moment but am a bit worried because I don't normally feel like this before I run well. Normally before a good race I feel lethargic and fearing the worst.

A few random predictions from me for what it's worth:

Benny St: 40:39
Thamal: 45:28
JB: 46:12
Truscott: 46:13
Bateman: 46:28
Andy: 48:30
Tucks: 48:59
Dicky H: 49:10
Young Timmy: 50:01
Flakey: 54:30

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Easyish run to work

Core strength training with Carl this morning then a jog to work (busy at lunch talking). It started out as a jog, and felt pretty tired to begin with, but then started to feel better and better running on another beautiful Sydney Winter's day.

26:45 at Spit Junction and 55:54 all up.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

HuRTS 5min reps

Bit of a concern about our "Chalet" for post City to Surf based on this photo after last night's storms...

Plan for this week is to taper by reducing the volume but no so much the intensity. So showed up today planning to run 4 at normal pace and 4 easily (the session is 8 x 5min reps off 90s rest). Set off with Charlie and JF just behind feeling great although it was pretty blustery out there. Finished the first rep beyond where I have done recently averaging about 3:18 per km. Was feeling great and breathing easily. This continued for the next 3 reps then ran the last 4 with the two Mikes (including the last 2 with young Timmy) at about 3:42 pace.

Big confidence booster as it felt easy today. Bit of a worry about Kanser who disappeared off complaining about his hip.

Interesting email from the City to Surf organisers this evening telling the Seeded Runners who all the other seeded runners are. Guess it allows you to size up your opposition. If I can just beat one other person on the list (other than Andrew Lloyd) I'll be happy.

Bateman Keith, Warren Mark, Criniti David, Whitmore Luke, Lynch Barry, Farrugia Anthony, Highnam Tom, Elliott Jackson, Lloyd Andrew, Tuckey Andrew, Antonelli Jason, Meagher John, Kelly Steve, McFarlane Andrew, Shatrov Vlad, Nankervis Shane, Saunders Philo, Cox Matthew, St Lawrence Ben, Hunt Jeffrey, Williams Hugh, Johnson Michael, Dent Martin, Grattan Luke, Neill Robbie, O'brien Earl, Crasti Thomas, Ireland David, Symons Kale, Haber Anthony, Robertson Kevin, White Brad, Cochrane Tim, Low Charlie, Gultekin Riza, Cavanagh Stephen, Whiteley Robin, Didyk Adam, Craigie Alan, Keem Barry, Moseley Saxon, Clark Daniel, Moneghetti Steve, Taylor Luke, Morrison Tim, Welsh Richard, Page Grant, Hurt Simon, Mwangi Josphat, Serem Isaac, Hobbs Aidan, Cooray Thamal, Verwey Dane, Abercromby Mark, Webster Matt, Shelley Michael, Kay Richard, Summers Harry.

Good to see Rob Dog entered.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Very easy Monday

Just me, Dougall and chap whose name I forget from Freshwater today for a shortened Monday route. About 12.5km just short of an hour. Another beautiful day but a tad breezy.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Feeling better

Shortened Sunday run today - Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation, Shelley Beach, North Head, Queenscliff and home. 21km in 1:29:49. Felt great and a beautiful day. Sort of day when running is fun.