Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday's are the best

Especially now we're properly in Spring. Lovely weather, would have had a dip in the ocean but for a breakfast date with Macca, Ben and the Cap'n at 8.15am at the Grumporio.  But now they know my name they shall henceforth be known as the Happyorio. 

2 hours this am (and 3mins) covering 27km.  Did the usual route in reverse but finishing at the house before grabbing the bike to breakfast.  Erika and I had a bit of an OCD moment when Toby and Lewis suggested reversing the normal route.  Took about 5km to adjust.  I was tired after yesterday's session (I always struggle backing up 12 hours later) but the company was great.

These are lifesavers:

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday 5km tempo

Couldn't get out to Parkrun due to the busiest kid schedule ever.  One drop off for Duke of Edinburgh weekend away, 2 drop offs and pick-ups for sport (Avalon and Wahroongah - just to make life easy) plus 3 separate parties.  I've covered 200km in the car today.  Eventually got out at 5pm so did 4km warm up then 5km hard (2 loops of golf course again) with the same cool down.

Started and finished at the corner of Quirk and Balgowlah Rd thinking there was a 2 loop Strava segment that covered that section but it wasn't picked up.  Went out hard which was tough as the first 400m is an incline to the clubhouse. So your legs are cooked from then.  3:08, 3:16 then the hills clocking 8:03 for the first lap before a 3:22, 3:17 and 3:13 (8:15 second lap for 16:18 all up).

My PB is 16:17 set back in March when in peak form before London.  But back then I ran 8:08 and 8:09 so much more even split.  In short, I'm in good but not great form.

Friday solo

Missed the group (again) so did the usual variation of the wharves adding some botanical garden hills at the end.  13.5km in 4:36's.  

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wednesday sort of MLR

Does 17km count as an MLR?  I think it has to be 18km to be an MLR.  Just like a long run has to be 26km.  I don't think Timmy's done an official long run in 3 years.

Was late for the group (work too busy again) but bumped into Jimmy early doors around the Opera House so did the rest with him which made it much more enjoyable.  Finished with the usual 4 hills up the Domain.  Felt sore and tired to start after the previous night's session but better at the end.  17km all up in 4:40's.

Another early morning shopping trip (6.20am) this am to get the kids packed lunch food and dinner.  No-one in the shops at that time which makes it dead quick.  But got home to discover Billy had scoffed all the Arnotts Premium Choc Chip cookies last night which sent Claudia into tears, so had to improvise with some jam sponge.  Wish I had packed lunches like this when I was a kid.

Decided to run Berlin Marathon next year so sent a HuRTS email out looking for support..

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday ES Marks

Usual jog there with the achilles and bruised foot feeling much better (achilles as good as it's been in weeks).

Just Benny this evening and when he said 5 x broken miles off a rolling 6:30 I thought he was describing his own set, not mine.  Different broken miles this time being 400m hard, 200m float, 400m hard, 200m float, 400m hard.  Everyone was doing slightly different variations with Hamish running 4 at even pace and Neil doing 4 broken versions with me.

Hamish was running well and ahead on each rep, pulling ahead on my floats.  Did the first rep in 5:03 chasing him and I was cooked from then.  Wanted to pull the pin after rep two and was conjuring up all manner of excuses to explain to Benny.  But then after rep 3 you've broken the back and, even though I was getting lactic, managed to finish them all going 5:08, 5:12, 5:12, 5:13.  Not bad in retrospect but at the time it was sheer hell - mentally one of the toughest sessions I've had to endure.  8km of running all up at 3:10-3:15 pace with few rests.  But the body is feeling in good shape.

15km all up including cool down.

15 days to go.

Have got kids pack lunch prep down to 30 mins.  They now think my packed lunches are the best ever.  I find that buying bouncy white bread, Jatz and Arnotts Premium Choc Chip cookies works a treat.



Late to start so met the squad at the Opera House.  Good crowd running with Kanser, Hoey, Worswick, Brothers Branigan & Co.  Saw some girl looking as though she was shooting a porn film around the wharves.  I kid you not.  Caught on her the way back but she was wearing a bikini by this stage.

Ended with some hills at the Domain.  15km in 4:41's.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sore Sunday

Great night at the Steyne and Ashiana's last night with about 18 of us at the Steyne and a dozen for the curry.  Nice to see Emma and Nathan out.  All was going great until I tripped down the stairs exiting Ashiana's and turned my ankle, complaining like a sook.

Took some Voltaren this morning and managed to get out late arvo for various loops of Manly from the house which involved stops at home at pre-determined intervals in order to cook the roast dinner.  Just about worked although ran out of time for gravy.  Managed exactly 27km in the 2 hours (4:27's).  Have to say, it's a struggle without Kirst.  Haven't had a moment's rest today.


Check out the edges on the lawn:

Some amazing times at Burnie 10 this morning, looks like Australia's fastest ever 10km.  Also looks like various people (Harry Summers, Hugh Williams in particular) blew up trying to stick with the pace:

Saturday, October 22, 2016

JP Morgan session

Kids sport this morning so got out at lunch for Tiger's favourite JPMorgan session.  Basically 6 x 1min hills then straight into 15mins hard.  It's designed to replicate running up that bloody hill in Centennial at the start of JPMorgan before trying to get into a fast pace.

Did a 4km warm up to Suwarrow Street then straight in.  6 hills is just enough to soften the legs.  I was keen not to recover too much after the hills as you lose the benefit of the session so jogged straight back down and across the road and straight into 2 laps of the Golf Course loop.

Decided anything under 17mins would be ok so aimed for 8:20 for the first lap (3:20 pace). Started well with a 3:13 but then it started to hurt running up the rise in Kenneth Rd into a slight wind.  Bit of respite after passing the clubhouse and was chuffed to see 8:14 for the first lap.  It's then just a case of digging in and holding on.  Passed the Cap'n outside Jamie's  house as it was really starting to hurt but finished well for 16:39.9 for the 5km.

Very happy with that, albeit buggered. Will do me the world of good.  4km cool down for 16km all up.

18 days to go.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday How do I do it

Ok, sounds like a bit of an Enda headline but struggling a bit at the mo with Kirst heading off to the UK (with Bec) with me to look after Billy, Charlie, Mags and Claudie for 2 weeks.  Spent 1.5hours on lunch boxes this am. How the hell was I to know Claudia only ate salami and not ham and Mags preferred apples to blueberries. A friggin nightmare.

Got out at lunch during a manic day (did I mention I was busy) to join the back of HuRTS mid-set so ran with Timmy for a bit before jogging around before rejoining Stoke's finest for a jog back.  11km all up  in 4:41's.  

20 days to go.

Wednesday team

Big crowd for a Wednesday run which we did up to Centennial rather than the usual wharves.  Love getting out there as you feel as though you're out of the City. Great crowd in Timmy, Jac, Hoey, Brendon, Renee, Paulie H, Wongie, Strom, the Brothers Branagan and a load of others taking part.  Big discussion on the relative quality of the running blogs on the market.  Of course I kept quiet as holder of the most long established and respected blog, listening to Timmy (News of The World editor's cutting room floor) and Hoey (snooze-fest central) bloggers fighting it out.

12.5km in an hour.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Flushing out the DOMS

Popped down to HuRTS, not intending to run hard, but just for a social run.  Turned out there was no session on the calendar so after many fraught emails I set a 35min fartlek at 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1mins off 1min jog.  Turns out to be more of a 35min tempo than anything else, particularly after you hit 20mins having only had 2mins jog.  But keeps the pace up the whole way with increasing breaks after shorter efforts.

Great turnout on a beautiful day with Scotty, Barts, Crossy, J-Fen, Brendon, Jerome & co all upfront with Enda, Birchy, Timmy and Taffy all showing up from the HuRT Squad Social Set.

Ran with Timmy most of the way averaging 3:51 by the end of my 35mins.  Legs not too bad at all.  I think given all the bludging I was doing on Sunday into the wind meant I didn't kill myself too much.  Cold has started to clear up too.

3 weeks and 1 day to JPMorgan...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Melbourne Half - 15th in 1:14:00

Well, some races you just have to get through and tell yourself you're stronger for having competed.

Bit of a shambolic build up as I've never done Melbourne before so had no idea where to go etc.  Got funnelled into the MCG and from there it seemed to make sense.  Found the preferred start area, quick chat to Erika and then Eloise (just running for the win - no time in mind) and then we were lining up.  Took off with the likes of Brett Robinson, Ben Moreau & co feeling great for 200m until a rise up to Flinders St emerged and my legs suddenly felt like jelly.  Didn't really recover from there.

Loads came past until I eventually got into a rythmn and started to re-catch people.  Massive shout from the family at 3km which was nice.  By the end of St Kilda Rd (5km - 16:39) I was in a pack of 6 with Eloise about 50m back.  Then we hit the wind around Albert Park.  Holy crap.  It was a joke.  One by one we all tucked into behind each other, tripping over each other's heels in the process.  Eventually at the top end we turned away from the wind and I pushed on - with the group fizzling down to 3 but catching the chap in front.  Again hit the wind in the pit lane around Albert Park (10km - 34:30 - almost 18mins for that 5km!) before turning back to St Kilda Rd.  

St Kilda Rd was another joke.  Huge headwind the whole way had us sharing the lead in our group of now 4.  From here my sole aim was to: 
1. Avoid getting chicked.
2. Beat these jokers in my group.

At 17km we turn off SKR and here's the extended family again screaming their heads off so I give them a fist pump as I'm feeling pretty good having run 3:40's for the past few km while bludging into the wind.  Up the pace a bit here.  Eloise is getting too close.  Back on SKR towards Flinders St station - another huge shout from the fam and we're now on the tow-path.  Decide to attack the pedestrian street hill to drop the group and it works.  Into the G and enjoy running loop to the finish.

Feel pretty crap now having stoked the virus.  I wouldn't have run but for the fact I'd have got a reputation for pulling out post-London.  But glad I did.  

Erika had a great run to finish in just over 84.  Hoey showed his incredible endurance to hold on for a 2:32 whilst the Cap'n ran a very solid 2:46.  They were my runs of the day.

Then onto post-run drinks which lived up to expectations despite my short attendance:

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday in Melbourne

Woke up having taken Voltaren and the body felt fine but feeling sorry for myself with a miserable cold.  Sure I've put on weight in the past 5 weeks too.  Altogether not in the right mind space for tomorrow but what the hell.  Will give it a go just to be part of the crowd.

Did 4km with a few strides this morning with Kirst (who did 6km).  Probably the first time ever she's run further than me.

Friday shocker

Drove from Goulburn to Melbourne in 7.5hours only being stopped by the police once and clocked by a speed camera once.

Arrived having developed a cold and feeling stiff and sore.  Did 4km on some fields to loosen up.


Busy day at work especially with Kirst picking me up at 7.30pm with the kids to start our road trip to Melbourne. Overnight stop was fixed at Goulburn.  Finally got out for 5km hard followed by 4 x 30s sprints at 6.50pm and arrived back at the office to find Kirst waiting.  Oops. Quick change then we were off.


7km with Elle and Jac running Corporate Cup.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel

AM:  30mins to South Steyne and back.  Saw Darren and told him to take it easy.  That fella is always in a hurry.  Only ran this morning because I missed yesterday due to work.

PM:  Jog to ES Marks.  Benny had 10 x 400m off 2:15 on the cards for those doing Melbourne (me, Neil and Alex - the latter two doing the full).  First in 68s then all the rest in 66s/67s.  Pretty happy as I felt strong enough to push the home straight each time.  Jog back to CQ as Jared is sick for 15km all up and 21km for the day.  Bit too much.  Will take it very easy tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Short Sunday

Was chatting to Charlie over the back fence in the afternoon after arriving back from Seal Rocks so arranged a short run with him.  Just to Shelley Beach and back.  Charlie was doing his running impressions on the return.  He nailed Darren but I wasn't happy with his impression of me.  Basically looked like Eric Liddell from Chariots of Fire.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Seal Rocks - MLR

Shortened long run starting the taper for Melbourne next week.  Took Voltaren last night (first in 2 weeks) as my Achilles was sore after running the session yesterday in the Kinvaras.  I'm ditching them for the Fastwiches.

Felt magic today.  One of those days when everything is flowing and you feel breathless running 4min kms.

16.5km in the 70mins (4:18's).

I always go on about the wildlife up here. Dodged a snake on the run today (looked like some sort of broad headed snake).  This morning we caught a snake eating a frog outside our cabin:

Seal Rocks - 75 continuous

Drove to Seal Rocks late on Thursday night arriving close to midnight.  Up on Friday morning dossing around on the beach.  Then in the heat of the day had my glance to get out for the 75 continuous.  15min warm up, 20min Fartlek (7 x 2min on, 1min off), 5min easy, 20min hard, 15min cool down.  On the undulating trail to Yagon and back.

Tough going in the heat and dry gravel (with my feet slipping in the Kinvaras).  Fartlek was pants but pleased with the tempo averaging 3:33's in tough conditions.  3:59 average for the 19km.


Same as Wednesday.  Sore again.


10km in the evening around the City.  Feeling sore.


4 x broken miles down at ES Marks.  Very blowy which made life tough down the home straight.  Ran them with Alex, me pushing ahead on the km rep (about 3:05 in the wind), him catching on the 300m float then him pushing ahead on the final 300m hard.  All run between 5:12 and 5:19 (first 2 slower before Benny told us to speed up the floats).  All off a rolling 7mins (shorter than previously).

Tough old session.  15km all up.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Home Alone

So Kirst and the kids headed off to Seal Rocks at lunchtime leaving me home alone (other than Ken).  So I lay on the sofa all afternoon watching multiple episodes of Narcos before heading out (after tying Ken up) on my favourite loop with some added Mackellar hills at the end.

Felt really lacking in energy to start with (wanted to sleep all day) but got into it and enjoyed the run at the end with the legs feeling quite loose.  Got back to find Ken gone.  How he unclipped himself will remain one of life's mysteries.  But shouted his name a few times and he came bounding towards me from nowhere.

15km in 4:28's.


Sunday, October 02, 2016

Slow and long

Usual route with in-form Scotty, out-of-form Lewis, the Streck (who I went 1-0 up on spotto), Toby, the Vonk and the Cap'n.  Slow this morning but thankfully so for me after 65km in under 48 hours.

Good news is achilles feels much better after a combo of double strength magnesium (amazing muscle tightness recovery powers) and new shoes.  OP a bit sore.  

Followed up with a bush walk with the whole family and the Cogleys up at Red Hill.  Came across this amazing user-built off-road freestyle bike track and some blokes doing amazing things on it:

Now enjoying a late arvo coffee sans kids at Ruby Lane.  I'm shagged so this is bliss:

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Baxter Basix

Loop of the dam via Allambie Hill.  Officially my favourite run and what I return to when needing to find my mojo.  Bumped into Hamish Bell (didn't realise he was a Beaches man?) outside Manly Vale PS but otherwise just me and my thoughts in the late arvo.

14km in 4:23's.