Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to Manly Flat

Kids Tryathlon this morning with Bec (who made her folks gush with pride after coming out of the pool first in her wave) so headed out at 4.30pm for some flat 10km loops around Manly. Felt great today, notwithstanding a lingering hangover from Enda's engagement drinks and sticky conditions in the 30's. Didn't want to wear the Garmin but was moving very comfortably so timed the second 10km loop which was done in 43:04. Was starting to tire at the end of this loop so jogged the final 5km for 25km all up.

Achilles much better, JLP went to work on the calves on Friday and reminded me about the heel raises which I've been working on.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

HuRTS Mona Fartlek

Better crowd today with the return of Tucks, a rare appearance by the Judge and MC's crowd of UBS employees. They must all respond to the fact that an executive director sends out the session details.

Felt pretty good beforehand so set off with good intentions only to see Tucks, the Judge and Ray immediately disappear off into the distance. I ran the whole first half by myself, hitting all the hills at the wrong time (ie. just as the clock ticked over for another fast section). Reached the end of the lay-by next to the Art Gallery at the turn and headed back. Felt much better on the way back, attacking the 30s quite hard as I caught MC, Cradock and Andy. Managed to stave off Ray and Tucks overtaking me which was a small consolation. Not as beat-up at the end as I am when running this fit. I think I'm scared of distance and the idea of falling apart at the moment.

GMap is here.. Total of 5.45km is an average pace of 3:40s. Tucks hit the Stone Gates with 15s to spare so plainly is in great form. I think we've only done that twice - 19 June '08 and 8 November '07. Not sure he got back as far but that was countered by the fact it was the height of summer today and he was running by himself. Ray was a good 100m ahead of me at the turn too.

3+km warm down for 10km all up. Heel much better this afternoon. It seems to respond well to fast sessions but badly to running slowly.

64km running for the week, it will be 85km on the bike and 0km (eek!) swimming.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MLR Wednesday

First MLR Wednesday in a while. Tried to catch up with MC and others but missed the start so ran with a chap called Rob from UBS who was also late. Basically just ran the C2S course but turned left at Hopetoun Ave. Turned around after 43 minutes. Got back in 84:25. Very easy pace - it was exactly 17kms. Heel felt tight during the run - below the insertion of the achilles where it was painful with the previous injury. I think it may be the bursar getting excited so will ice it for now. No pain with the eccentric loading so I don't think it's the achilles.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

2km warm up then 7.5km Manly route run quickly. Trouble was I did it at 4.45pm when it was 31C. Big crowds in Manly and along Fairlight path too. Felt crap all the way. Messed up my watch again but 29:25 would be a pretty accurate guess extrapolating average pace (3:55).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dee Why Dash STaR

Fronted up for the 6.20am group with 6 others (including Flakey, Dennis, Paul, Sean Aitchison and the heavy breathing Martin) for the hilly Dee Why route. Plan was the cut it short and run the 26.4km option, not wanting to increase the mileage too much too soon. Started very easy but soon got into the hills which are very steep. I ran at my own pace up these and starting puffing a bit. From Belrose it's basically a very long and enjoyable sweep downhill. Turned back on the short route with Dennis. Felt much stronger than last week, probably due to the much easier pace to start with. Achilles good after lots of leg stretching today. Lost the clock towards the end but 26.4km in about 2:06 so it was about 4:50 pace on average.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hot Summer Runnin'

Missed the lunchtime run so swapped my ride home for a run home. Trouble was it had hit 34C by the time I headed for home. Not even sunny, just really muggy. So I took the run very easy. Felt very average heading up the steps to the Harbour Bridge and had to stop to buy a Powerade in Neutral Bay (I'd finish it before I got home). Despite this I got into a good rhythmn along Military Rd. 31:04 at the Toyota Garage but surprised with 58:34 all up with 7:56 for the final 2km.

Received R4YL in the post today - I'd thought Kirst had just bought me a copy for my Xmas stocking but turns out she had bought an annual subscription. How good is that? Very interesting article by Nic Bideau on training for the 5000m. I think I may need to make some changes....

55kms for the week, 90km on the bike and 3.2km swimming.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's all about speed

Unfortunately I have none. Any Joe Schmoe can clock up the kms.

Today was 8 gate to gates (909m) but I only did 6 as I was getting pretty tired and am still erring on the side of caution. A good crowd but none of the fast boys were there (well, Fast Charlie was there but is even further behind on the comeback trail than me). I ran at the front for most with Ray darting in and out. MC and Pete W were just behind (the former having clocked up 22kms yesterday). Reps went as follows:


Ray pushed along on the final 2 and I just tucked in behind. The thing is, 3:06 (which is 3:24 pace) felt uncomfortably fast. I can't believe it gets that much easier with more kms. Perhaps I'm just getting old.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

This used to be one of my favourite sessions and today didn't disappoint. Another beautiful day if slightly too warm out of the shade. John and Andy headed off out front leaving a pack of me, MC, Pete Walker and another behind. I set the pace for this group and the km splits went as follows:

3:48, 3:56, 3:55, 3:47, 3:43, 3:59, 3:58, 3:59, 3:45, 3:53, 3:59, 3:56.

Tried to pull ahead of MC and Pete coming back around the Opera House and managed to create a gap which they closed slightly as I tired coming back up the hills. Finished back at the gates with 15s to spare. Felt great on the fast stretches for the first half though. All up 11.53km in 44:45 so averaging 3:54's.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Longer

Bit of a mess up this morning. Had picked up Ryan and was supposed to be doing a shortened version of the Striders STaR but got the starting place wrong (I went to the Rotunda) so missed the 6.30am group. Ryan and I did a route up to Centennial and then 2 laps of Centennial instead. I left him after the 2nd lap (16kms at which point we had been averaging 4:27s) then jogged back to the car. Slowed down a lot over the final 6kms to finish 21.35km in 1:35 - 4:32s. Tired and sore now. Need to stretch a lot. Bumped into Ben and Sean in Centennial, telling the latter (probably optimistically) that I'd be back soon.

Got a call from Duncan mid-morning asking if I wanted to swim from Shelley to Manly in prep for the Cole Classic. It was a perfect day weather wise so I did. Ended up swimming from Shelley all the way to Queenscliff. Knackered now.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Plans for the year

Today was a gentle 10.3km with Ray and Sam in 46:45 (4:32's). First run I've done this time back feeling comfortable, which has given me a load of confidence. Achilles fine and hip better than ever. Most surprising thing of the run though was bumping into Kanser along Hickson Rd. Still tentative early stages for him but great to see him out there.

55kms for the week and 105kms on the bike. 0km swimming which is a bit of a concern for the upcoming Cole Classic. Must get down to the Manly Boy Charlton tomorrow.

Priorities for 2010 at this stage are as follows (in order):

1. Remain injury and pain free.
2. City to Surf
3. JPMorgan CC
4. State 3000m track
5. Road marathon - possibly Sydney in September
6. One decent Half to try and crack PB - maybe Gold Coast
7. One fast 10km
8. Long Course X-Country in Nowra
9. Beat Tucks at anything. May have to race him over 400m.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old stamping ground

Headed over to Hickson Road for the usual session. I was aiming to run them quick enough to feel uncomfortable but not hell for leather like this session should be run. Reps went as follows:


So around 3:23-3:25 pace. Fats was out front ahead of Andy with Mike and Clyde just in front of me and a very fit looking Mike Race. Not quite the huge crowds running between 3:30 and 3:40 of days gone by, but still a decent turnout. Pleased to get through it with no discernible impact on the hip or achilles. Jog there and back made it about 10km.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back with the HuRT Squad

Yesterday was a Conway/Dalziell variation on the Balls Head route. Very easy pace (made me realise how quickly I've been running by myself) on a warm day and with lots of bush and twists and turns made for 13.39km in 67:47 (5:04 pace). Just happy for the time on feet though. Was a bit concerned with my hip towards the end of the day (after riding home) but woke up this morning feeling good.

Today was a 4 x 10mins session with the HuRT Squad but I only wanted to run 2 of them. Farm Cove was blocked off so we ran the old Art Gallery Rd route (see post on 14 June 2007 for what we used to run these in). I ran with MC on the first with Binfield out in front - we averaged 3:49's covering 2.62km. I tried to find some water after that and miised the start so ran behind everyone on the second rep. Covered exactly 2.62km again so at least they were consistent. Felt comfortable to start with but rapidly deteriorated in the heat (31C out there but with little shade to hide under). 2km jog to end with. Long way to go...

Tucks - not sure why I updated the Head to Heads, particularly given Durante has effectively retired, Kanser has gone AWOL and Serg is in aestivation. If the injuries stay at bay, I'll probably run the Striders 10kms and Six Foot, but looking at City to Surf as something to finally be competitive for. Tiger has laid a bet....

Monday, January 11, 2010


2009 was a bit of a write-off. Effectively injured all year, but only accepting it from the end of March onwards. Racing back too quickly and picking up a new, equally serious injury. Hope to learn from my mistakes. I still managed 2 PB's, albeit soft ones, with 15:39 on a hot windy day for 5000m and 3:53 for the Six Foot Track.

2010 is starting well. I'm back running pain free but still just gently. I'm still "aware" of both injuries and am worried that if I pick up the training too much either could recur. However, I've felt that way about my left knee for the past 20 years and managed to live with it.

Tasmania was fantastic. Flakey - we missed the Hobart Marathon by a few hours as we flew out yesterday morning at 10am. Would be keen to head back and race in Tassie in the future though as it's a beautiful spot and seems to support running - we caught the tail end of a 5km race in Hobart on our first day there on 28th December. I managed 7 runs in the 2 weeks, gradually increasing the time on feet to 56 mins a couple of days ago. It's bloody hilly though. I seemed to encounter a huge hill on every run I did. Best place for running was Land of the Giants near New Norfolk (Russel Falls) where I ran for 5 minutes straight up a road and then found some gently undulating forest trails for the next 45 minutes. Also enjoyed sand-boarding on the Henty Sand Dunes in Strahan - I'd run up the dunes after each ride which was great for the glutes.

Will post some photos soon.