Thursday, May 28, 2015

HuRTS 1km reps

A call to arms and a good crowd at Rushcutters with Timmy back in the country, Barts, Tucks, Jono, Andy and (pause for breath) even Hoey making an appearance for a speed session.  The girls were well represented with #1 LJ, Erikakaka, Renee and a new chick also in attendance.

Timmy laid out the cones and we did 6 reps of 1km off a rolling 5mins.  Started each conservatively to even split the laps but felt good before the last so took it out aggressively. Ran:

3:05, 3:06, 3:05, 3:02, 3:00, 2:53

Took my shoes off half way through.

Felt good today but got a cold coming on.  Barts took it easy feeling more fluey. Contrary to popular opinion, Hoey has plenty of speed.

Long warmdown with Barts and Heydo boring them with my work stresses for 13km all up and 104km for the week (with 2 rest days).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday MLR

17km early this morning around North Head with Macca, Erika and the Cap'n.  Not sure I even looked at the watch but it was slow and my legs barely got beyond shuffle mode.  Was supposed to do 4 x hills after but I had to rush to work so that got canned.  Did some glute work in the shower instead.

Passed Lewis running the other way down Manly Beach.  That bloke needs to learn how to run slower.  I'm guessing he was running 3:45's.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fartlek, Tempo

15mins warmup, 22mins fartlek (1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1) with a 1min float recovery, 5min jog then 22mins tempo, then 15mins warm down.

Set the alarm to meet Erika down on the beachfront to run it but was too tired at 5.15am so set off an hour later.  The floats were a bit too much like jogs for the first few reps of the fartlek (running 3:29 and 3:28) but picked it up to average 3:26's by the end (6.41km).  

Tempo felt much better picking the pace up the whole way to do 6.50km (3:23's). All around Nolan's and Passmore.  Almost 20km all up.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long 'un

Out at 5.45am to meet Macca, the Cap'n, Andy, Johnny B, Jamie and Erika. 36km on the cards and I felt every step of it.  Was tired after yesterday afternoon's session (and the week in general) and just dragged my ass around.  No food as usual and I was feeling very depleted at the end.  Hoovered down the b&e roll after and Cap'n's half eaten almond croissant.

2:46:10 (4:36's).

Saturday, May 23, 2015

15, 10, 5

Good night at the Striders Dinner last night and too busy with kids sport to do Parkrun this morning.  So headed out at 2pm and Macca was keen to join in too.  Session was 15mins tempo, 5 mins jog, 10mins tempo, 3mins jog then 5mins tempo.  Coach said keep them controlled.

Did them around Nolans and Passmore.  Averaged 3:23's for the 15mins, 3:20's for the 10mins and 3:15's for the 5mins.  All up 10.41km in 38mins (3:39's).  Good session.  Macca went well, on the 10mins he cut a corner and gave me something to chase and when he's in front he holds on really well.

4km warm up and warm down for 18.5km all up.

Watched Billy's team ping the ball around for a 7-0 win this morning.  Billy is at far left.  The slightly rotund kid next to him is our secret weapon.  Every team makes an assumption and sees him as the weak link.  But he's called Enrico and he's from Brazil and when he shows them his skills, they soon learn...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Ted Rogers set

On the plan for today was 3, 2, 1's.  Being, 3 mins, 2 mins and 1 min off a 1 minute jog, but 5 sets of them with a 2 min rest between each set.

Good to get out to Rushcutters to do them on the grass and even better that Barts and Colin were there to share the load.  I would lead the 3 min reps, Barts the 2 min reps and Colin the 1 min.  Gave you a bit of a mental break so that you only really had to gird yourself up for the rep you were leading.

No accurate pace for me as I wasn't wearing a watch but sounded like we were averaging 81/82s per lap (440m) so probably between 3:00 and 3:10 pace.  Felt pretty good throughout recovering well from Tuesday after a monster night's sleep and some magnesium. 

J-Fen was going well running behind us.  15km all up.

Maggie had her district X-Country today and finished 39th.  She was a bit disappointed but still has 2 more years in the age group.  Here's a photo of her with her mate Chase in the proud colours of the mighty Manly West: 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Easy peasy

Very easy 7km run at lunchtime around and about.  Left calf still very stiff but gave it a good stretch after.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Long Tuesday

So coach had 30km down so did 30km. Can't say the calves were too happy about it, especially for the first 5km, but the sunrise was beautiful and conversation from Macca and the Cap'n was free-flowing.  Up around Norrh Head and then more laps of the golf course than I care to remember.

2:18 (4:36's).

Monday, May 18, 2015

SMH Half Marathon - 4th in 71:13

Yep, 4th.  Top end a bit thin this year!  But it doesn't stop the top 3 sorting themselves out and sharing $10,000 between them, and what does 4th get?  You guessed it!

Was very nervous in the lead up to this race and once again I had the musty throat, aching shoulders feeling in the couple of days prior which makes me think I'm coming down with a cold.  Particularly as Kirst has had the same all week.  But then race day arrives and I'm fine.

Got the car in with Q, Dicky and the Cap'n and met Burkey, Charlie and Jeet for a quick change and ablutions in the office.  Then to the start line for a quick warm up and we're off at the unseemly hour of 6.45am.

They changed the course slightly this year to add a hill at Circular Quay - up Young Street and down Loftus.  But we would miss the final out and back along College St near the end.  I figured I needed to hold back at the start a bit and not burn myself on this hill.  Motto was fast but always relaxed.  Liam Adams, Jeff Hunt and Matthew Cox raced off at the start leaving a battle for 4th place.  Sure enough up Young St Neil, Barts and some other chap gapped me and Alex and Mark W came past.  Then had to work a bit to get back to Barts which I managed by the bridges on Hickson Rd, with Neil still 15m ahead.  We caught him at the Darling Harbour bridge and I took the pace on a bit.  Did the loop around Fairfax, Barts keeps the pace honest and see Andy and Fats when coming back out.  Then the hills of Pyrmont and a quick look at who's behind on the u-turn where Lewis looks to be going well but Alex R is having an off day.  Then the best bit coming back out of Pyrmont to hear all the shouts of encouragement from everyone heading in.  I'm pushing the downhills but Barts, Neil and Kiei bloke catch on the flats.

10km in 33:20 (10s ahead of last year) but I'm still feeling good and keen to push on.  So I do and seem to get a gap in the uphill back to the flyover.  I try to push the advantage before the Slip Inn knowing there'll be a big crowd and more encouragement.  Along Hickson Rd and Coach Tiger is in exactly the right spot on a quiet stretch to say I've got a 50m lead on Barts and to push.  Travis is a bit further along shouting out then Pete Walker saying I've got 20s.  Then Tiger's there again on the hill before the Lord Nelson saying to keep the turnover quick and even running alongside (is that allowed?!).  Tell myself to keep pushing until the hairpin on the corkscrew as then you can look at the whites of their eyes to see who has something left.

It's OK.  Lead is solid, but I know how strongly Barts can finish.  Now the worst bit up Macquarie St where you feel as though you're running through treacle.  But the crowds are good and the finish is shorter this year and it's only a loop of MMC to go which we all know like the back of our hands.  But it hurts and I'm slowing but have a quick peek at the bottom and can't see anyone behind.  I think I subconsciously ease up here which probably costs me a sub71.  But finish with hands aloft in joy for one of my best races ever.

Lewis had a cracker and finished super strong for a sub72, smashing run mate.  Hoey ran a big PB for 73:01 but could go a minute quicker if he was more aggressive earlier.  Andy ran well for a high 74 and Macca always goes well on this tough mans course with a low 75.  Big PB by fellow RunCrew member Jamie in 76 and LJ surprised with a really good 82 just behind Darren in high 81.  

Won't mention Timmy but he captained home the English to retain the Cup.  Pictures go follow. 

Lovely breakie in Manly (Belgrave Cartel - great Mafia Eggs, Hoey) with Charlie, Burkey and Cap'n before crashing.

Squashed car, just before the hill with Barts and Kiwi behind.

Arms about to become aloft.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Very easy 7km with Justin and, wait for it, Ben!  First run back for Ben after a horror bike accident about 8 weeks ago.  Good to see him back.


Easy 10km solo around City.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

HuRTS 400s

Jog over to Rushcutters to meet a small but die hard bunch of blokes (where are our ladies?) for 7 x 400m.  

Ran with Barts, Burkey and Crossy variously throughout doing 66/67's.

1 lap tempo at 4min kms after with Timmy et al then a long warmdown with Barts for 12km all up.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HuRTS 10mins

Just did 2 hard and 2 easy.  Not sure about times as neither Barts nor I were wearing watches but Quentin did the uphill 2nd rep in 9:44 and we were well ahead so must have been the quickest I've ever covered it.

Legs felt funny - a bit dead (I wouldn't have wanted to go much further) but able to cope with the speed.  

Jog after with Q and Barts for 13km all up.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Best time of year

Coach had a rest day scheduled but I was quiet over lunch, the weather was perfect and keen to get out of the office so just strolled through 10km very easily. Bumped into Andy where he regaled me of his 240km weeks.  WTF?!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


20km in the late afternoon after another day in the garden, this time lifting a ton of bricks after jackhammering them out.  Needless to say I was knackered for the first few km but then bizarrely felt really good.  Went around North Head and added a Nolan's Loop to make up the kms.  Ended averaging 4:15's.

Really good night at Chris Yates's 40th last night.  No idea how I managed to ride home.  He was chatting at one point about seeing wallabies and echidnas while running around Manly Dam and, what do you know, I see an echidna the very next day running up at North Head.  I can tell that I will find this more interesting that anyone else.

What the hell is this all about?:

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Let's Marvin Gaye and Get it On

1.  Since when has Marvin Gaye been a verb?
2.  What does it even mean?  Let's all kill our Dads?

Anyway, this song was going through my mind running an easy 9km today in 40mins.  Legs cactus and yesterday and the day before.  My own fault and coach was mad.  Feel better for this evening's run.

Off to Hamburglar's 40th now.  Nice day in the garden and it's starting to look good.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Outrun Cancer Treadmill

Really just wanted to jog my 30mins, but Kaley was putting the pressure on saying we needed to average 9.36km to beat 400km in 24 hours.  Managed 9.39km feeling much better than yesterday and accelerating all the way through.  Found out the treadmill capped out at 20 km/h though.

126km for the week.  Big one.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

HuRTS 800's

Arrived at Rushcutters a bit late after another Birchy conversation moment and missed the first 2 reps.  Enda warned me the grass was long and hard going but I ignored him on the basis of usual Enda excuses.

But he was right.  Just felt as though you needed to lift your legs more than normal today.

Some new bloke called Colin (Hunt?) was leading when I arrived but tucked in behind me after I joined.  Coach said pick up the pace in the later reps.  I went:

2:25, 2:26, 2:26, 2:25, 2:26, 2:20, 2:24, 2:22.

Took my shoes off and ran barefoot after rep 4 but no discernible difference this time.  I think the difference comes when previously wearing orthotics.

Rest was about 1:40.  Only 2km there and 3km back for 11km all up.

Had promised to join in the Outrun Cancer charity treadmill challenge at 5pm so did my 30mins feeling pretty tired after 
lunchtime.  Managed 9.36km after slowing the pace after 15mins feeling it was too much.  Something dodgy about the pace guide on that treadmill though.  Makes us all look like superstars.  Couple of beers at MPB with LJ, Birchy, Charlie, Erika and Darren afterwards made it all worthwhile though.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


14.3km around the Tan, temporary loss of concentration trying to find a loo, eventual success while levels of desperation rose, tried to get to Albert Park but couldn't access it, around Fawkner Park, around the Tan again and back to be greeted by a full English breakfast courtesy of room service.  

I could get used to this.

Very easy (4:46's) which was necessary as I was very tired to start with.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Fartlek/Tempo Double

Similar session to 2 weeks ago in Melbourne - but 79 mins continuous this time.  15 mins easy, 22 mins fartlek, 5 mins easy, 22 mins tempo, 15 mins easy.

Just me and Jamie this morning meeting at Nolans, but with Erika floating about in the opposite direction having started earlier.

The fartlek was 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1mins with 1 min float between.  Managed 6.32km for that (3:29's).  Then 6.36km on the tempo (3:27's) with very even splits.

Pretty tired this morning after the weekend's efforts but got through fairly consistently.  Right hip flexor a bit sore though.

20km all up.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Run home

It's 14.7km, think that's the shortest route I've found.  Ran without orthotics and felt great albeit very easy pace (4:38's).  Did 4 x 100m strides at end.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Long Sunday

So no let up from the coach and straight into a 33km run this morning.  The success of the NOBS is drawing more people to the runs - 9 of us this morning with Barts, Macca, Craig, Quentin, Andy, Johnny Binfield, Erika and Darren all showing up.  

Route was Narrabeen and back via the Western lake path, with a loop around Queensie to make up the 33km.  Nice gentle pace all the way for 2:29 (4:31's).  First time over 30km in a long while but felt fine until the final km when the lure of coffee and a b&e roll made my legs a bit weak.

The Toon are tumbling down the table and have to be favourites to join Burnley and QPR now.  I can only dream about mid table mediocrity.  Go Pacquiao!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Sydney 10 - 26th in 32:07

So, I picked up Captain Grumpy and Ireland's Undisputed No.1 at 6am for the drive over.  A few nerves in the car.  Macca was musing over how to take Jamie down and get under 34mins.  Justin was musing over how to broach the issue of turning the radio off.

Arrived to find the longest queue of all time to pick up our numbers.  WTF?  Why an issue this year? Never has been previously.  Eventually picked it up and did the warm up with Macca.  More nerves here with everyone seemingly in their own headspace to warm up.  But the HuRT Squad were there in force.  Enda, Timmy, CT, Barts, Quentin, Erika, Darren, Birchy, TKS, Jeet, Angus, Bruce, Craig Mc, Hoey, LJ (pacing) to name just a few.  Being an ANSW event all the other big names were there too and there was no risk of being stranded.  Just puts even more pressure on - no excuse to ease off.

We stood on the line for an eternity being introduced to an endless list of "favourites".  I was about 3 rows back and standing beside Milly Clark who, surprisingly, was not mentioned among the favourites, despite being 2nd in the C2S for the past 2 years.  I mentioned this to her and she laughed it off.  She wasn't laughing 20 seconds later when, in the sprint from the line, I accidentally stood on her heel and nearly pulled her shoe off.  Hope it didn't affect her.  I felt dead guilty.  But she still ran a sub35.  I'll apologise when we run past her around Narrabeen Lake tomorrow.

Felt magic in the first 2km.  2:58 for the first km and 9:20 at 3km.  We had formed a good little group of me, Barts, Alex R and others with 2 guys ahead (Matt Cole and Kieran Roche) to chase.  At 3km I started to feel a bit tired and struggled up the drag past 4km but towards the top the pace seemed to drop so I pushed on again.  5km in 15:47 and I'm trying just to relax.  At 6km we start to catch Matt Cole starts to push on so I just try to hang on to him.  Stays this way until 8km with the group just me, Barts, Matt and Kieran.  Then on the drag towards 9km I'm really digging deep and hear a shout from behind saying "3:30 and you'll get the record and bonus!", which can only mean the first chick is right behind me!  Holy Crap!  Now I really dig deep up the hill but Barts has 15m on me.  Into the Stadium and I manage what I can of a sprint to hold off Gwen Jorgensen.  Down the home straight and I see 31:5# on the clock - is it possible?!  No.  Clock was 5s quick and it had ticked over in any case.  32:07 behind Barts' 32:03.  Match my PB so I'm generally chuffed but tinged with a bit of disappointment not to get under 32.  I lost it from 8km really.  Just shows that to run a PB you really can't let up at any point.

Turn around to see people coming in - first Alex and Kevin Robertson in mid 32's and then Lewis, Hoey, Quentin and Eloise in the high 32's - big PB for Lewis which couldn't happen to a more deserving chap.  Was always on the cards.  Then Craig Mc with a PB in high 33's, Jamie running a minute PB to finish just over 34 but just in front of Macca.  Great runs by all three.  Enda will be disappointed with his mid 34 (basically with Macca and Jamie ahead of him) but good to see Bruce and Angus getting close to 35.  The NOBS smashed the SOBS today.  Darren ran a huge PB in 36:50 and Erika posted a great comeback run time in 38:40ish.  But where's Timmy?  Well, to be honest I expected to lose $20 today with Timmy having to run 36:47 or quicker but he only managed a 37:29. He was understandably a bit disappointed but there's no issue with his speed, he just needs to start putting the long runs in regularly and easing off the Saturday night booze.  Has worked for Darren.

Then who should appear all sheepish carry a 40min pacing flag?  LJ bounced up telling us how much fun she had pacing until we asked her what time she ran.  40:20!!!  Let's just say I count 11 people calling for her head including an Olympic finalist - and that's after she sprinted around the track finishing like Mo Farah in order to make up time!

Easy cool down with Barts and Jamie to cap off a good morning.  Then had to go to work so no ritual coffee and B&E roll unfortunately.  But, despite the registration blunder, this is a great event and a must do.

Erika, me, Jamie and Darren.
NOBS all.

Love this photo too.  Probably the two guys I've fought most closely with (usually unsuccessfully) over the past 18 months.