Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Run to work

14km in 57:47. Spit Junction in 28:40 so must have picked up in the second half. Felt as though I was trying quite hard coming over the bridge. Pretty tired (certainly in the first half) with only 11 hours rest after last night's run. Ideal weather, clear but cooler than recently.

Need to go and see Tara about the achilles and knee. The achilles is always sore for the first 5km, and the back of the knee always gets stiff when pushing uphill. I'm sure they're related.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Around Centennial

Missed Pain due to another manic day at work (typing at my desk now and likely to be here for another few hours yet). Set off at 7pm for a steady medium length run and headed out towards Rushcutters, up through Paddo, got lost as usual trying to get to Centennial Park (ended up skirting Sydney Showgrounds for what seemed like hours) then finally found it and did one lap of Grand Drive and back home along Anzac Parade and through Surry Hills. Good steady pace, picking up quite quickly around Centennial. Felt pretty lousy to begin with but improved throughout so that I was quite enjoying it by the end. There's nothing like a run on a cool evening to wash away the woes of the day. Bumped into Chis Truscott in Centennial and saw Sean Williams training the stars of tomorrow.

About 15km in 63:28.

IHS/TJA - more details of the Highnam Handicap will be posted when Dad starts to sort it out. He's a notoriously poor handicapper so random results normally ensue. I've been known to start after the first person has already finished. It's likely to start at the car park on the clifftop in front of the Harbord Diggers and involve a route to the end of Curl Curl beach and back.

Flake - SMH Half couldn't have been my best race. TJA beat me in that one.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Balls Head again

14km around Balls Head with Ray, Kanser, Springer, Dave Dreverman and MC. Bit quicker today for some reason (61:13) and didn't feel wholly comfortable. Felt as though I either wanted to speed up or slow down (although probably more the latter). Feels as though 17km the day before is starting to take it out of me. Missing the long Sunday run at the moment.
Weather was cooler than yesterday which was a relief but still quite humid.

Given I'm done with racing for the year (apart from the fiercely competitive Highnam Handicap which has been pencilled in for 31st December - allcomers welcome) my brief summary for the year follows:

Best 3 races:

1. State 3km (mainly for the time, slightly disappointed I didn't win the "C" Race)
2. Sydney Half Marathon (again for the time)
3. Lane Cove 10km November (mainly for managing to beat Tucks and the time for a hilly course)

Just missing out on the top 3 spots are the Long Course Cross Country in late June, the Gold Coast 10km in early July, Novice 10km and Homebush 10km in October. I think I hit form in late June/early July and then again in mid-later October to early November.

Most disappointing 3 races is easy:

1. City to Surf - still don't know what went wrong. I'll try not to get so obsessed about it next year. Racing regularly helps, as will more aerobic conditioning for one of the toughest races around.
2. Short Course X-Country Relays - I'll blame the sore back.
3. Homebush 10km in March - a shocking time in tough conditions.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Medium Sunday

17km around Queenscliff and North Head. Felt pretty good after yesterday's rest - 71:30 all up. Timed the final 2km of the Striders North Head route at 4:13 and 4:00 which was typical of the pace on the flat bits at least. Pretty hot so quite drained at the end.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Shortened Balls Head

To Waverton Bowling Club and back with Kanser and a huge hangover. One of the toughest runs of the year as a result. Running up hills was bad. About 10km in about 45 minutes.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hickson Road

5 x 1.2km with 2 minute rests.

Fair crowd today with Charlie, Anthony, Richard H, MC, Toby, Bill, Hamish, Adam and even the Hamburglar making a first time appearance. Intention was to take them all easy around the 3:45 pace, but with no-one taking up the running (everyone seems to be in take-it-easy mode) I pushed on. Reps went:

3:48; 3:35; 3:40; 3:35; 3:38

I was running by myself at the front for the first 4. Charlie and Anthony charged ahead on the last one. Felt very comfortable on the first two and still not flat out for the final 3.

Looking forward to the beers at James Squires with this crowd this evening.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Run home

13km run home from work. 30:30 at Toyota Garage and 57:25 all up. Gentle pace but didn't feel very comfortable today, perhaps because of my "executive health check" over lunchtime. Came out pretty well - height 182cm, weight 64.2kg (possibly underweight, but the Doc told me not to worry) producing a BMI of 18.8, good cholesterol at 1.7 and bad at 2.8 (above and below normal respectively), blood pressure at 118/80 and resting pulse of 46. The fitness evaluation was a bit of a joke - I was strapped up to an ECG and then made to walk on a treadmill with the gradient increasing every minute. The idea is to stop when your pulse reaches 80% of max (220 minus your age). We pulled the plug after 25 minutes because I had to get back to work. My only downside was stress. 4 kids, 2 mortgages and my job was viewed badly.

Good news today was that we've been officially confirmed as the 2nd mixed team from the JPMorgan race last week so I'll be jetting off to NYC next October along with Serg, Anthony, Charlie Low, Jeremey Horne and others.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fitting it in

No time to get out during the day and had to rush home for dinner before heading out to the pub quiz with Dad so ran to the Toyota Garage and caught a cab from there. Quick run - 27:22.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Balls Head

Balls Head loop with Serg, Kanser, Ray and MC. Very easy until Balls Head then quickened as Kanser needed to get back early. 61:42 for the 14km. Beautiful day, cool breeze on the bridge but pretty warm out of the wind. Enjoying this easier stuff.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Short Sunday

Still not getting up early enough to fit a long one in due to disrupted nights sleeping so 10.2km route ran anticlockwise late afternoon. I'd been out in the sun all day so felt pretty lethargic today. 42:31 after 19:47 at Manly SLSC.

Jamie - looking good for our trip to NY. I think we've secured second place, but results are still unofficial while they check eligibility. Here's the link...

Burglar - missed you at Fairlight beach. No doubt I had my head down gasping for air by that stage.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Easy Sat

10.2km route run clockwise. Nice and easy in 42:13. Nothing else to report, so I'll add a few recent photos. First is a recent one of Charlie, then Bec holding Maggie and finally one of me finishing the JPMorgan race on Wed night.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Around Balls again

Balls Head loop with Kanser, Springer, Eammon, Kate and one of Kanser's workmates. Very easy 67:36. Nice warm day. Still absolutely stuffed at work. Averaged about 4 hours sleep over the last 3 nights.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

JPMorgan Chase CC

Had the worst day at work of all time. Was doubtful to even compete until late afternoon but then organised a couple of conference calls after the race to ensure I could compete. The race wasn't great as a result but I shouldn't blame that on the result. Tucks ran 17:36 in finishing 3rd. Based on Saturday's race, that is what I was expecting but I ran 17:54 in 7th. Ben StL ran off the front leading a pack consisting of Jeremey Horne, Tucks, Charlie Low, Anthony, Dave Dreverman and me following from 2 km after Serg and Richard H fell off. I was the first to fall off, followed by Dave Dreverman. I was running by myself from 3km onwards, trying to catch Dave but just failed. I didn't feel as though I'd really pushed myself at the end though - probably as a result of running by myself for too long and not being pushed.

Great runs by Tucks and Athony and also by Richard H who is really returning to form in beating Ray. Serg is just full of guts.

Had a manic night of conference calls after the race (meaning I missed my night of glory on the stage) but great to catch of for a few beers with Hamburglar and InHisshadow afterwards in the LightBrigade...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Easy Pain

Just jogged around Pain with Ray, TimC and Dave and Michael from MBL. 26:23.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Short run home

Ran home after a long and stressful day at work following a bad night's sleep. Felt pretty average. Stopped at the Toyota Garage and hailed a cab for the remainder of the journey. 31:13 for about 7km. 2 days to recover.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Medium Long Run

18km in 78:27. North Head (inc. Fairfax track) via Campbell Parade and home straight up from Fairlight Pool. Easy run but slightly quicker than normal feeling pretty good after the short run yesterday. Lovely day, pretty warm.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

State 3km Champs

2nd (in the "C" race) in 8:53:14.

Chuffed to bits with the time - one more of Dad's PBs gone, and probably his toughest one to boot. Started off just tracking Tucks for the first 2.5 laps at the front of the main group. There was one bloke from Sydney Uni who had set off like a hare (he must have run a 65 second first lap to our 69). Went through 800m in 2:22 and I think Tucks must have upped the pace in the third lap so that it was the two of us chasing the Syd Uni bloke and splitting the main group behind us. Did get any more splits after that until 2km which we went through in 5:58. I knew at that stage a sub-9 was still on so I think I pushed ahead for half a lap (it's all a bit of a blur now) before Tucks took on the chase of the leader with 2 laps to go. I knew I just had to hang on to be dragged around to a good time and that if the elastic broke it would all go to pot. Tucks overtook the leader at the bell and I overtook him down the back straight. I was feeling lactic at this stage but knew I still had a bit of a sprint so just tried to claw back the gap between us before kicking again down the home straight. I got to his shoulder at about 50m to go and was convinced I was going to win but he had enough to respond and beat me by a yard.

Great runs by a load of people. Durante ran 9:03 in the B race and I'm sure would have gone under 9 if he'd been able to run in the pack in the C race. Ray ran 9:07, Keith ran new >50 Australian record in 9:09 and Richard H ran 9:12.

Now for Wednesday night.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Balls Head

Very easy 13km around Balls Head with Springer, Kanser, Dave Dreverman, Kate from Macquarie and Ray (later on). Messed up the watch so didn't get a time. Will be interesting to see how Dave goes next Wednesday. Definitely another one to watch out for. Looking forward to the 3km tomorrow night.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mona Fartlek

Met up with Serg, Anthony, Tucks, Richard H, Mike, Peter, Enda, Dylan, Christian and Luke and told Serg at the start that I really wanted to push the first half to try and reach the Stone Gates. So we did. The floats were quicker than usual but, given how far we got (all the way to the road outside St Mary's) so must have been the fast spells. Serg started to drop off after about 8mins, leaving Anthony and Tucks just behind and Richard and Dylan reaching the stone gates. Felt great on the way out - particularly pushing the floats, but struggled over the final 3 30s where Anthony was pushing ahead strongly and Tucks was in between.

Still, a great session. Over 6km in 20 mins (see G-Map here... so averaging 3:19 per km. The fast stretches must have been under 3 mins per km. Great news for JPMorgan next Wednesday is that Dylan is running so well. He should easily go under 19 minutes based on today's run. Richard H is also running very well. Anthony is the man to beat though.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More 400s

Met up early today because of Melbourne Cup. 3 x 4 x 400m with 50 second rest and 2:50 between sets. Ran with Serg, Anthony, Durante, Richard H, Dylan and Tucks. Reps went as follows:

68, 69, 66, 67 - 67, 67, 66, 67 - 67, 66, 66, 69

So once again quicker than last time but it was much cooler today (even a bit wet). Everyone else is improving too. Durante in particular took them all out hard this week and was leading for most of the first two sets. It was a good session mainly becuase everyone was competitive. Will be interesting to see how we all go on Saturday night. Serg the conniving b**tard has signed Durante and Anthony up for St George, despite the fact they've both been waxing lyrical in recent weeks about the set up at Striders.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Long Monday

Missed yesterday as I slept in for the only available morning slot so did 20km today - out to Darling Point and back (missing Garden Island) and then around Balls Head. Ran with Robbo and then Kanser for the Balls Head loop. Nice and easy all the way but still tired by the end. 1:39:10 all up so may be a bit over 20km as it didn't feel as slow as 5 min per km pace.

Followed by an easy tiger massage - pretty painful on the left achilles.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Striders 10km Lane Cove

2nd in 33:16.

Splits went as follows:

1km: 3:15
2km: 6:33
3km: 9:57
4km: missed
5km: 16:57
6km: 20:22
7km: 23:39
8km: 26:53
9km: too busy worrying about Tucks and Uncle Dave
10km: 33:16

Really pleased with the race. Cool conditions with no wind and gentle rain - ideal running weather. Set off with Glenn (and EJ) before he eased away after the first km. Then ran with Tucks up to Scribbly, making a small gap at the bottom which he would close as soon as we hit any sort of hill. We had about a 20 yard lead on Uncle Dave at the top of Scribbly but by the 5km turnaround Unc had clawed it back. He then went flying past coming down the hill so I just tried to latch onto him to prevent him building a gap. Basically, Dave was responsible for ensuring the second half was so quick. Tucks, Dave and I swapped the lead until the hill just before 8km where I knew I'd either be dropped or would be able to push on strongly towards the end. I was determined it wasn't going to be another sprint finish. I was feeling pretty average at around 7km but suddenly felt better at the 8km hill so pushed on. Built up a small gap over Tucks and Dave then so basically just tried to pile on the pressure over the last 2km. Could see that Glenn was slowing in front so that was something to aim for at the same time.

TJA - sorry to hear about the injury problems. It's been a great battle all season so hope to see you back out again soon. You were spot on for the prediction for the second 5km (16:19) but couldnt manage the first 5km.

Now for State 3km on Friday, JPMorgan the following Wednesday then an end of season rest.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Easy run

Very easy 14km run around Balls Head with Kanser, Springer and Ray. Humid and a bit damp. 64:33.

Looking forward to the race tomorrow (and a good night's sleep in the basement tonight). Only one aim, to beat TJA and take out the 2007 10km series...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mona Fartlek

Mona Fartlek with Anthony, Ray, Richard H, Enda, Durante, Phil W and a few of the ING guys. Lower turnout than usual but those who did seem to be getting better each week. Ran it all with Anthony. Richard H was with us until near the Art Gallery when nature called. Reached 3 yards past the final lamp-post before the Stone Pillars (about 10 yards short of them). Wasn't pushing as hard on the way out as last time but still felt pretty tired in the legs. Was hanging onto Anthony all the way back and we were quick as a result. Reached the turn at the end of the Opera House - further than before.

About 10km all up.