Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting hot, hot, hot

32C and humid today. Felt warmer. Supposed to be 38C for our 8 x 5mins tomorrow. I think a dip in the harbour could be called for.

Good crowd today including some old timers like Wildman, Killa, Tucks, MC, Clyde, Springer, Laura, Rob, King James etc. Very easy pace because of the heat. Despite the large starting group only Tucks and I actually finished the whole thing. 15.8km in 71:36.

Six Foot start list down to 893. I'm 17th on the waitlist. Could be some good news coming soon...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dee Why Dash

Up at 5.45am, jogged directly to Dee Why to work out how long it'll take me to get to the start of the Sun Run next week (28 mins), joined 6.20am group of Dee Why Dash including Flakey, RMR, Mark Fiore, Pete T, Steve Hume, Georgie, Jo Cowan. Pushed the hills as I was feeling good and there are plenty of hills on this run. Pace picked up a lot coming down Allambie road running 3:50's, stopped at Queenscliff having done 31km in 2:22.

Dipped the legs in the Pacific Ocean which felt magic, shark alarm went off so hopped out. First thing Gaz says to the kids in Under 8 Nippers is "Follow Tom for a run down the beach!". I'm shagged out and can't even keep up with the slow kids. Beautiful morning though. Walk home with the kids eventually by 11.15am and immediately fall asleep on the sofa. Best start to the day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday meanders

12km in 52:57 including 8km of barefoot running around Campbell Parade. Sartorius still feeling slightly tight so wanted more stuff easy on the legs. Beautiful day and only 25C. First time I've come back from a run not caked in sweat this year.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Easy Friday

With temperatures down to 25C and a bit of a breeze about it felt cool today and much better for running. Decent crowd turned up including Ray, Luke, King James, Craig, Marty and others. Big boat was in at Barangaroo so we did the old Hickson Road route turning near the 2km reps finish. Out in 33:45 (4:39's), back in 31:03 (4:16's) which included a pit stop for me so a couple of kms in just over 7mins to catch up with the group again. Then when I did, Luke suddenly upped the pace, we caught a random chap with 500m who didn't want to let us overtook him so it all ended with a bizarre all out sprint covering the final km in about 3:20. I guess it was just a release of a bit of pent up energy finally having some cooler weather. Everone looked a bit sheepish after that.

113km for the week.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me and my boys

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HuRTS 4 x 2km

Another warm one out there today (30C and 70% humidity) but a decent turnout for a Thursday - the HuRT Squad seems to like the longer reps. We split the group into two with Jason, Ray, Young Timmy, Andy and I in the front group and RMR, Clement, LF Charlie, Jules and Craig among others in the second group but including a guest star showing of Enda.

The session was tough in the heat, so tough in fact that we were even subjected to the sight of Page 3 Wareham, the first time we've seen him strip down to skins. I'll be doing the same if the weather gets any hotter. Those of us without sunglasses were regretting the decision at this stage, the glare was so bright we might as well have been staring straight at the Opera House.

Felt good on the reps. Was out on my own on the first. Gave the lads a 10s start on the second to chase them down then a 15s start on the final two, with Ray showing some fight at the end of each. Reps went as follows:


Tailwind on the 1st and 3rd (with the corresponding headwind on the 2nd and 4th) made for about a 5 second differential between the two. Felt pretty controlled. Times are still well down on what I was running for the corresponding Tuesday and Thursday sessions at the end of July last year (immediately prior to City to Surf). Having said that, weather was much more benign and with the help of others pushing the pace too.

5km warm down for 15km all up.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Manly is bogan central. Got out early to avoid the masses and decided on an easy session today (Timmy will be pleased) with some barefoot running so repeated Sunday's run. 46:45 all up for 10.1km. Running barefoot felt fantastic on freshly mown grass that was stillslightly dewy at 7am.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HuRTS Progressive tempo

With temperatures up to 30C, but not quite as oppressive as yesterday, it was a turnout of the hardcore today. And Wildman. No Timmy (I think he was swimming with the boys at ABC Pool), no MC (he had an itch on his hamstring), no Tucks (prefers cycling these days) and numerous others missing.

Set out with Quentin and Wildman at an easy pace with Fenton just behind being regaled with stories of back to back ironman races and 8km swims from Smolly. Turned at the road where Hickson Road bends (5.87km) so averaging 4:00's. Quentin and I were then randomly joined by some American college runner who'd flown in from Cairns that morning and asked if we were in some sort of race. The sound of another American accent was enough to spur me on a bit. He dropped off around Farm Cove and Quentin dropped back a bit on the hills back home. Reached the start point in 44:17, averaging a solid 3:32 pace on the way back which wasn't bad in the heat. Felt really good today, as if I always had another gear.

4km warm down with Andy and Quentin for 16km all up.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Easy(ish) Monday

It would have been easy, but I walked out of the office into what felt like a sauna - 33C and humid.

Each run is following a familiar pattern at the moment. Feel knackered and like crap for the first 5km, then get into a rythmn and start to feel pretty good. Today was no different other than the heat and humidity was pretty strength sapping towards the end. They were falling like flies today. I think I was the only one who managed the whole course. Variously, Timmy, Ray, Laura, Luke, MC and Craig dropped in or out.

Love the new trainers. Seem to slap my feet far less when running in them. Bit worried about my right sartorius though, which feels slightly strained near my groin. Saw Carl this morning and avoided the plyometrics and just did stretching. My right glute is very stiff which seems to have created the problem.

15.8km in 69:02.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very easy Sunday

Was knackered all of yesterday and very lethargic after running U8 Nippers this morning, but went out in the mid-afternoon to test out my new shoes (Asics DS Trainers - have converted given Brooks have discontinued the Infiniti 2). Having said that, given my left plantar fascia has been a bit sore in the mornings I fancied doing some barefoot running to get some flexibility into the foot. So jogged down to Campbell Parade and ran some figure of 8's barefoot. The running stride changes, much shorter and higher cadence but it felt really good. Put the shoes back on to run home and that felt unnatural. Will definitely continue to give this a shot although only once a week for now as the change in running style will lead to injury if I do too much too often. My only concern is flaring up the achilles again. Removed the heel lifts in the new trainers (although still have the orthotics).

10km in 45mins all up.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Saturday

With Dickyboy up in the Blue Mountains, I had to fend for myself today. Was a bit worried about getting lost on the bush trails and fancied a change so just did the 3 x Manly 10km loops. Big crowd on Manly beach with the Australian Surf Life Saving Champs taking place, but plenty to distract the monotony of running a slow 30km by myself. Laps went 45:20, 44:45 and 43:42. The last laps was only quicker because I ran past a group of 15 year olds at Queenscliff on the final lap who were about to do some sort of time trial. Sure enough, they came past at North Steyne and I couldn't resist going with them.

31km all up.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Easy Friday

Just Julian, Craig and French Ben today, but JF joined in about half way around. Even bumped into MIA Greg. 14.89km in 66:29 (4:28's). Nice and easy on a beautiful Sydney day.

121km for the week.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

HuRTS Mona Fartlek

Cor blimey gov. Legs very heavy this morning. Struggled to even run for the Jet Cat. So set out for a pre-HurTS warm up only intending to cruise along at the back at 4mins per km before doing a jog warm down.

Rocked up at the start to see tumbleweed blowing across the path. Tuesday's may be swamped by runners but Thursday's certainly aren't. Maybe Mr Conway is more popular than I had thought. Maybe they're all secret training. Maybe they were all shagged after Tuesday's session. French Ben set off like a hare and I settled down to what I thought would be the back of the pack but ended up in second place pacing Luke. Adam Conquest was just behind with Ray, Brendan K, Coops, Jason I and others further back. Felt pretty comfortable averaging about 3:45's (combined for the fast and floats) on the way out. Benny French had obviously got confused as he came flying past us going the wrong way on the second 60s rep, obviously having turned too early. Picked it up a bit following the turn (just past the zebra crossing outside the Art Gallery) running with Ray and ended up at the steps at the end of the Opera House having done about 5.6km.

Then did a 4km warmdown with Luke and Ben for about 11.5km all up. Legs feel much better for having stretched them a bit with the faster running.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heavy duty Wednesday

4km jog to Carl's at Spit Bridge then did the usual indoor plyometric session. Bus to work after that.

Couldn't get out at lunch due to a meeting so ran home tagging on the Manly route at the end to make it just over 19km. Took it fairly easy but still have the high leg cadence at the moment which is good. 1:22:25. In 2007 when I did this run regularly (with marathon pace stretches) I used to run about 82 - 83 so equivalent to today. In 2008, when I was setting most of my PB's, with the longer marathon pace stretches I used to run it in 78. Couldn't contemplate adding marathon pace stretches at the moment. It's a struggle just to maintain the kms.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

Another nice warm day, another huge crowd. Young Timmy appeared to have had a wardrobe malfunction and showed up with a running vest that stopped a good 3 inches above the top of his shorts, exposing some pale stomach, the poor fella. Must have got confused with the heat buttons on the washing machine. He mentioned something about it being what all the boys are wearing down at the Boy Charlton Pool but I didn't quite catch it.

Legs felt very heavy for the first few reps running with Tucks, Quentin, Dicky H and the rapidly improving John from Morgan Stanley. We were basically doing gate to gates due to the open air cinema being set up, finishing 10s short of the gates for the first couple of reps but gradually getting closer. So about 3:25-3:28 pace. Then for the final 6 reps (when the leg heaviness had gone and I'd got into the rythmn) we were doing gate to gates, which I finally worked out to be 3:18 pace after half an hour of basic maths. Ray had popped up as a pacemaker for these few reps. Struggled to keep with the boys on rep 11, then suddenly came good and felt great on the final rep chasing Andy who had bolted and went on to run 2:43 for the 909m gate to gate (3:01 pace). So maybe Thurston was right about the 17 days.

I should mention Andy who once again was doing secret training before turning up for reps 13 and 14 to show us just how fast he can run them. Some strange behaviour going on with our distance-loving genial Englishman. I can foresee burglar activity in the near future.

Monday, January 17, 2011

17 days

I remember a while back Wildman telling me that he knew he was on a good run and getting back into things if he could manage 17 consecutive days running. It was probably just idle talk and at the time I didn't think that was much, but despite all the training I do there have been very few, if any, occasions that I've managed it. Seem to be keen on my rest days. But I've run every day of 2011 and it's the 17th today. Can't say I feel stupendously different, but the running is going very well and I've lost weight despite stuffing my face at every opportunity.

Today was the usual Monday 15.8km route run very slowly in the midday 30C heat. Big crowd of MC, French Ben, Andy, Dicky H, Ray, Luke, Laura, Craig and Springer. 36:12 at half way and 1:10:17 all up.

I'm up to 20th spot on the Vets waitlist for Six Foot. Those cripples need to start bailing...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steady Manly

Couldn't say easy otherwise Timmy would get upset, so a steady run today. Very slow to start with due to the after effects of yesterday's run and spending 6 hours in the sun at Narrabeen carnival this morning. But the leg cadence was high and as I settled into the run the stride lengthened a bit and the speed increased. Ended with 42:58 for the 10.2km

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Bush Run Part 2

Met up with Dickyboy and Hamburglar at 6:15am for another trip to Red Hill via Manly Dam. Went the Wakehurst Golf Club side of the dam, got ourselves lost in scrub chasing a non-existent path, then said goodbye to the Burglar and continued on to Red Hill. Less bush this time around as we popped out at Cromer (world's hilliest suburb) then made our way down to Long Reef. Typical of Dickyboy, he'd spot a new path (usually going straight uphill) and suggest we check it out. Pace picked up a lot when we got out of the bush doing a couple of sub4:00's coming back into Manly.

30.31km all up in 2:30:02. Tired now.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Run home

Easy run home. Legs at a high cadence but barely breathing, one of those enjoyable runs where everything feels right. Strong Northerly facing me most of the way. 58:23.

120km for the week. Plan is to get 8 weeks in around this mileage without worrying too much about the quality sessions. Then to drop the mileage slightly and improve the quality. Trick will be to keep the niggles and sickness at bay.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Even more easy running

Woke up. Tried to move legs. Struggled. Swung legs out of bed like Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump. Hobbled to bathroom. Resolved not to run hills today. Limped into work. Received text from Andy saying he had a meeting and couldn't make session anyway. Sent email to Tucks, Andy, Timmy and Dicky H pulling out of the session. Copped abuse from Timmy. Dicky H also wanted an easy one so met him with the rest of the HuRT Squad prior to their session. Jogged 12km in 57mins with Dicky H around and about, throwing abuse at Timmy while doing his Farm Cove reps. Caught site of Andy doing SECRET TRAINING ON HICKSON ROAD!! So his meeting was with Mr Pain, address Hickson Road! Outrageous behavious which won't be forgotten. Legs feel much better for the run.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy Wednesday

Jogged the 4km to Carl's this morning to do the plyometric session. I'll soon be able to do this (cheers Tucks for the link). Getting much better at the hops, bounds and leaps.

Then out for 19km with the boys at lunchtime. Legs felt very heavy from the morning and wasn't helped by the very high humidity. To be honest, I dragged myself around the 19km in 1:29:05. Dicky H, MC, King James, RMR, Marty, Christian and Todd were there. Followed it all up with a Tiger massage to put me back on the straight and narrow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

Jeepers Creepers! One of the biggest HuRTS turnouts ever recorded today. Must be the New Years' resolutions because the weather wasn't crash hot. Well, it was very warm, but overcast and very humid. I was sweating like Mutha Bacon.

Set off in a big group with Tucks, Quentin, Ray, Andy, Rich H and JF. This whittled down to me, Tucks, Quentin and Ray (only running half) around the Opera House. Then I needed to pee, so did so, and tried to catch JF, Andy and Rich before the turn. Just caught Rich on the turn so ran back with him trying to drop him all the way but he's a tenacious bugger, only dropping back coming around Farm Cove. Tucks came by at the Opera House (he went through 10km in 35mins) and I tried to hold on to him but with no success. He was flying. And I was knackered. At least Quentin didn't come by.

Finished up in 45:12 despite more time to run back due to my stop on the way out. Legs are tired with the extra mileage and the humidity didn't help. Poor old Timmy though. He was as pale as a ghost and looked well spent. I think he believes that frolicking in the pool and posing on a bike will get him fit. But he learned his lesson today.

2km warm up and 3km warm down with Tucks and Andy for at least 17km all up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another easy recovery

..but I need it. Very easy Monday route (with a few variations due to open air cinemas and cruise ships) in 1:09:38 with Rich H, Marty, Andy, Kanser (yes, Kanser!), Simon, Rob, Eamo, Indrajeet, Luke etc. Probably about 15km. Humid today but legs felt much better by the end.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Very easy recovery

Just the 10.2km Manly route late this afternoon. Legs were very heavy after yesterday but happily no aches and pains. 44:59.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Bush Run

Caught up with Dicky Green and his mate Ben this morning for what he described as a run to "Red Hill". Dicky's a bush specialist, winner of the Oxfam Trailwalker in Australia and the UK and sniffs out bush tracks like a pig after truffles. I didn't realise that you could do a 30km run from the front door of my house and run 25kms of that run in the bush. I found places and tracks this morning I was completely unaware of despite living in the Manly area for 8 years. It was great. Perfect training for Six Foot. Not a bad pace but necessarily slow because of all the off road stuff.

30km in 2:35.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Plyo and jogs

Plyo session with Carl so did a 25min jog beforehand from Spit Bridge to Spit Junction (taking in a few streets of happy Mosman) and back then repeated it after the plyo session. Will see how the legs hold up for the long run tomorrow morning (rather than Sunday) around Manly dam with Dicky Green.

11km all up.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Very easy recovery

Very easy jog around the Manly 10.2km route in the heat at lunchtime. Legs felt tired after last nights efforts so happy just to coast around. 44:35.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

5000m Blacktown

Turned up with the sole aim of pacing Keith through 3000m in 9:15 to set him up for a crack at the 55+ world record of 15:36. That works out at 74s per lap so was aiming for 73's, realizing that if you look for 74's you'll end up with 74.5 etc, and pretty soon you're 3 seconds over.

Warmed up with Keith and Wayne Bulloch and the conditions were perfect - cool, light drizzle and no wind. The race was supposed to be a combined 3000m/5000m but because the record attempt was on they had to separate them. Luckily, we got to go first. Was pretty nervous at the start but set off and settled into the pace very quickly, feeling pretty comfortable through 1km in 3:05, spot on. Bit tougher for the second km but again bang on 6:10. Tougher again for the third where I was starting to suffer but went through in 9:16 making way for Keith. Keith went on to smash the record in 15:29, a great result.

I stopped at 3km, one of the officials asked if I was pulling out but I was worried I might disqualify Keith or something if I did so I told her I was just having a breather. She looked a bit bemused so I started jogging around the final 5 laps in lane 2. Soon started to feel ok again so picked up the pace and ended in 17:00 or maybe just under, so not a bad workout in the end.

Forgot to mention that I turned up just in time to see the Tiger run his 800m which he did looking very strong and finishing in a pb of 1:57.7. Well done mate. Glad I didn't have any money on that one.

10pm all up.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

More of the same

Same as yesterday, but came the 14km route home as opposed to straight back after reaching the 10km mark. 2km in 8:39, 5km in 20:58, 10km in 40:49 (really pushed the Shelly Beach hill though - 2:19 for that) and 55:23 all up. Felt strong today.

Got a text from Sean this evening asking whether I'd pace Keith through 3km on his way to a 55+ World Record attempt over 5000m at Blacktown tomorrow night. He wants to get to 3km in 9:15. Thought it sounded like a bit of fun so agreed to do it. I'm now questioning my sanity! Haven't done any speedwork since the State 3000m in mid November. 9:15 will hurt. Still, nothing to lose so I'll give it a shot.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Easy 13km

Ran the Burnt Bridge Creek, Queenscliff, Shelly Beach route going through 2km in 8:45, 5km (where I saw Tony Wong hammering the young Striders) in 21:33 and 10km in 41:33 then came home the quickest way I could find. All up 54:07. Felt a bit tired until 5km then got a second wind, running against the wind down Manly beach. Aches and pains of yesterday gone.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Emerald Excursion STaR

30.5km in 2:21:20. Rocked up and only recognised Keith Bateman among the 6:20 starters but soon joined by Ray coming around Pyrmont. Pace gradually picked up all the way around (only Keith, myself and a Kiwi girl called Jo finishing together) but coped fine. Arch of my left foot sore though.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Farewell 2010

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Wednesday's run I was feeling crap. Also had real problems with my wisdom teeth. On Thursday, I could only manage the Manly 7.5km route in 31:17 feeling really sorry for myself. Teeth got worse, saw a dentist and was put on antibiotics for an infection. Took New Year's Eve off feeling sorry for myself. Feeling better today so managed the flat 10km route but without a watch taking it very easy in the 30C heat and enjoying the run. Never seen Manly beach so busy.

2010 was an interesting year. First year of no PBs since I started running properly again in 2005. Having said that, I started with zero fitness in January and had to work from there without trying to get fit too quick and reinjuring myself. It was a year when I peaked for races and tried not to go all out in every one I ran. In general, it worked pretty well. Highlights for me were:

1. JPMorgan CC - highest placing I've achieved (3rd), not the fastest time but a real race for 3rd place and with 600m to go I was destined for 6th.

2. Gold Coast 10km - got back into the low 33's after struggling in the 34s and 35s up until that point which was a real boost to the confidence.

3. City to Surf - got into the top 50, second fastest time and not too far off the PB.

Other good runs were the Minimos (for a change) and the Run for Fun. All my Striders runs were pretty average. Most disappointing run was the State 3000m, having done a load of speedwork. Wasn't feeling right on the day and sure I'll go quicker next year.

Aims for the near term are Six Foot Track and JPMorgan in April....