Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tim Cradock

Just an easy 45mins today around Manly before a game of golf in the sunshine courtesy of Mac Bank.

Tim was another founder member of HuRTs, but of the 4 of us probably the one we see least often these days (although he was out on Monday). It's a shame as he's probably the most talented with a 2:24 marathon to his name in Paris about 10 years ago. When I started doing this blog I was very competitive with him - along with Richie High - with us frequently all finishing within a few seconds of each other. Unfortunately he seems to have turned to the dark side recently, attempting a few Ultras. All round good bloke though.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HuRT Squad - Chris Graham

Lost my mojo a bit recently particularly with all the injuries. Strained my hammie again yesterday. Saw the Tiger this morning and he stuck some needles in and worked on it. He said jogging on it would be OK and that was the only advice I needed. So did an hour with Macca, MC, RMR, Craig, JW and others.

Chris was one of the founding 4 members of the HuRT Squad and actually came up with the name (he's in marketing). He's a bit different to the average squad member, in that he is still a regular on Tuesdays and Thursdays but will never run a race shorter than a marathon. He's run Six Foot more times than nearly everyone (18 or so) with a fairly recent sub4 hour PB. All round good bloke.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Post Olympics update

Had a bit of an accident following the last post while over in London. Hurt my shoulder after a night out with Andy and Fast Charlie which has curtailed any proper running. Have just been jogging for the past 2 weeks - every other day while in London as there was just too much to see.

Had the shoulder X-rayed on Sunday (thanks to Thamal's wife, Jules, who is a nurse at Manly hospital and allowed me to by-pass the usual 4 hour wait) and I've got a hairline fracture in my scapula just beneath the AC joint. So will be taking it easy for a while yet.

The rest of the Olympics were awesome. For a jaw-dropping spectacle you can't go past Rudisha's 800m world record. When was the last time a world record was set in the Olympics at a distance over 400m (or even over 200m)? For atmosphere and excitement (as a Brit), Mo's 5000m and 10,000m top it. It's hard to distinguish the two as they were so similar - you'd have thought Gebremeskel would have learned a lesson from watching the 10,000m. The 10,000m was exciting as it was the first distance Gold medal. The 5000m was exciting as (for me) it was unexpected. The Mens relays were also awesome. The noise in the stadium was unlike anything I've ever heard - even louder than St James's Park on the day of the Howay 5-0 against Man Utd.

Popped down to HuRTS today and did 13 x 3min reps before rushing back to the office. Ran with MC for most trying not to over exert myself. Legs have been feeling very weary recently but I'll just keep plugging away.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bolt and Kemboi

Just a very easy 10.4km this morning in 45 odd. Feeling tired after the past few days.

Another great night last night. Bolt is sensational. But Kemboi was my man of the night. He's got an amazing change of pace and adds a bit of colour to an event that most people couldn't name the winner of.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Regents Park 10km

Well, last night was the greatest night of athletics I've ever seen. The 10,000m was insane. Screamed at Benny the whole way through and by 5 laps in had 10 random people around me doing the same thing. The noise on the final laps was beyond anything I've heard, literally 80,000 people screaming their heads off. Just amazing.

I was emotionally drained by the end and the last thing I fancied doing this morning was a race. But I'd promised Andy so rocked up to Regents Park for a 10km race. About 700 people had the same idea. The organisers were a bit overwhelmed. Set off feeling ok and took the lead. It's a 3 lap course and was still in the lead at the end of the first lap. But then I just felt really tired. Breathing was fine but legs just dead. The 2 front guys got away and I just held on for third finishing in 34:10. Beaten by a yank and a Pom in a 10km in London. I know how Bekele feels. Andy was a couple of places back in 5th running 35:00, feeling similarly jet lagged.

Off now for another big night of Athletics and Usain in the flesh.

This video of the BBC commentators watching the end of the race is Gold!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dibaba the GOAT

Similar run to yesterday, but with a few detours because of the Olympic Triathlon taking place. Helicopters buzzing overhead and huge crowds but an electric atmosphere. 10.7km in 45:54 (4:17's). Had a bit of a hangover after a few ales with Fast Charlie and Sneds last night. Lot of gas too. I thought English beer wasn't fizzy?

Sensational performance by Dibaba last night. In full flow she is just beautiful to watch. Sorry Paula (I don't suppose your reading), but she the greatest female distance athlete of all time.

London calling

Arrived 5am. Wandered around until lunch then headed out for a run. Went from my flat near South Kensington up to Hyde Park and did a loop, coming back through Kensington Palace Gardens (nice digs, although I upped the pace running past the Israeli embassy). All up 10.6km and only 4 sets of traffic lights. 43mins or so (4:05's). Felt good but left hammy quite sore after the flight. I've got a feeling I may have tweaked it doing 200's.

Now off for some ales with Fast Charlie.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

And he's off

Too busy yesterday. Today I was going to run early but:
(a) couldn't be bothered; and
(b) had promised the kids I'd do a training session with them before their District athletics carnival next week (both doing the 800m).
So we went down to LM Graham Reserve and ran 6 x 200m. I did them all at 30 or 31 with one flat out with the following wind in 29. Bec and Billy ran them all in 38 - 40s with Billy 2m in front of Bec. I got lactic and found it surprisingly hard.

Off now. Next stop London and a 10km in Regents Park. Andy was daft enough to tell Bill Batt about it who then emailed Kevin to suggest he run. So my chances of a win took a nosedive.