Friday, January 31, 2014

Not worth mentioning

7.5km very easy in 4:45's.

Got a bet with Enda for tomorrow morning's 10km at Homebush.  I'm giving him a 30s headstart for $20.  Hope he's not in PB form.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

More easy as

14km easy and untimed with 5 efforts towards the end.  Felt great today.  No pain in knee for first time in months after plenty of foam roller work recently.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Early doors

10km easy in 44:10 early doors while kids at squads.  Few strides towards end but tired after last night's efforts.  Bumped into LFCharlie on the beach emerging from the waves Ursulla Andress style.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cop out hills

Planned on something harder like a 5km tempo within a 14km run but persuaded myself out of it so just did the Allambie Hill/Seaforth Oval route but pushed hard on the 4.5km Allambie Hill.

Just over 15km in 65:54 (4:20's) but a good pace up the hill.  Stats.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bogan fringe

32km around Narrabeen solo.  2:17 something (4:17's) so a solid hit out. Said hello to the super-smooth Angus McGillavray in Cromer but other than dodging the Narrabeen trailer park locals setting up shop early doors for Australia Day, that was about it.  

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back home

Yesterday was a bloody hilly 19km on the roads from Crackenback (or "Crack 'n Sac" as the kids call it) to Jindabyne.  4:33's.

Today was a very easy 7km around home in the late afternoon after unpacking.  Felt pretty good.  4:27's.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holiday catch-up

Monday was 5km very easy picking up the car.

Tuesday was a rest travelling to Canberra.

Wednesday was 10km on trails around Lake Crackenback resort.  Runners heaven here.  

Today we climbed Kosciusko (about 14km round trip) with me carrying Claudia on my shoulders 90% of the way.  Too knackered to run when I got back.  Sensational views though on a crystal clear day - some of the best I've ever seen.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting longer

30.4km in 2:17 something (4:31's) with Quentin around and about Manly including up to North Head.  Hot as we ran at 10am and legs were very tired after yesterday.  

Must remind myself when deep in marathon training that there's no such thing as an easy 30km when you're not used to it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Curl Curl Parkrun - 1st in 16:27

Jogged over with Macca with another good crowd with Andy, Justin and Big Mikey H back again with Jonny B, the Tiger and Amy also showing.  Some random dude from Belgium also turned up.

Binfield went off quickest with the Belgian chap following him.  I was a few yards behind at 1km and 2km.  On the jog to the start I told Macca he needed to get under 18mins and the way to do it is to attack the 3rd km.  So I tried to do the same.  Caught them at 3km but the effort in doing so meant I dropped off a bit to the 4th km.  Then at 4km the pace dropped a bit so I thought it was a chance to push on.  Luckily neither JB not Eddie Merckx followed so I wasn't subjected to a sprint finish I'd no doubt lose.

So the yo-yo'ing continues but very happy with today's time and to have a good competitive run.  Hats off to JB who did all the work.  Runs of the day go to Macca who smashed through 18mins with a 17:44 and Amy who crushed her PB with a 17:30, paced by the Tiger.

Awesome video of a monkey bar kids fight.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Easy Friday

14km route to Shelley and back.  60:50 (4:20's).  31:24 on the way out, 29:26 on the return.  Nice and easy with a few strides thrown in at the end. Canny warm like.

The Stats.

Sammy's bailed on 4 gorges tomorrow with too any pullouts so I'll do Parkrun.  Again.  Not sure which set of legs will show up tomorrow.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Usual route with Macca, Ben and Sam.  Macca copped a flat outside Bunnings in Narrabeen just as we were flying along with the Warringah Cycle club train.  Ben and Sam went on to do West Head as well, with Macca deciding to punish me with a quick climb of Akuna instead.  Managed a new PB (9:48) (Macca did 9:30) and cruised through to the Box to Box in 14:53.  If nothing else, the cycling fitness is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DC Run

5km warm-up, an hour with Dave concentrating on core and glutes (not as intense as recently), then 5km warm-down.  Good stuff.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Recovery run

10.2 km nice and easy (4:28's).  Sore after yesterday for first few km then good.  Bumped into Clive on Manly beach and did the second half with him.  He's persuading me to do Byron Bay Olympic distance tri on May 10th.  Could be a goer.  More interesting was his talk of duathlons - run bike run.  Sounds more like my sort of thing.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Long Monday

Whoa, just realised I've been working on a simple version of Blogger.  Loads more options here.  What's a jump-break?  Looks like I can add videos much more easily too.  Will have to buy a Go-Pro.

Took yesterday off as I was absolutely knackered and Kirst had a bad chemo day (her worst yet).

Got out for the long run today and felt comfortable on it for the first time since Berlin training ended.  Threw in a couple of big hills as a result (North Head up from Shelley and Allambie hill at the end).  Did 28km (stepping up gradually each week) in 2:01:51 (4:20's).

Have added Andy to the Head to Heads given he's beaten me.  Nephew Jack's blog is the one to read for someone in form.  Those km reps are starting to look dangerous.

Here's a jump break:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Curl Curl Parkrun - 3rd in 17:17

Another increased turnout from the HuRT Squad and it's band of merry followers. Macca and I were caught by Justin on the jog over, then we mingled with Andy, LF Charlie and even Big Mikey H on the start line. Sam Walker was there so a win was out of the question. Within 500m I realised a podium pretty much was out too.

Legs felt like I was running through treacle. Doing the Akuna Ride the day before seems to be the common theme. There was a group of 4 of us (Sam, Andy and BMH) through 1km but by 2km they had gapped me. Then on the tough 3rd km the front 3 had spread out. Had the consolation of picking up a burned-out Mikey over the final km and ran a bit better then but well beated by Andy and Sam.

Ran home the long way with Macca (also slower than last week but not by much - he'll be sub18 next week), Justin (nice start to seasons) and run of the day LF Charlie (19:14) for 15k all up.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bike and run

Around Akuna with Sammy, Ben and Macca this morning.  New PB up Akuna hill (10:19) only 20s behind Macca this time.  Aim is to get under 10mins in next few weeks.  Got my first puncture on the way home.

8km this afternoon very easy but struggled for the first few km as a result of the ride. Outside of left hip has been sore since then.  Had eased up by the end of the run.  36:55 (4:36's).  Quick chat to Justin along Queenscliff lagoon - he's just starting back for the year.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday hill (again)

To the top of Allambie hill (6.5km) and back. 29:15 up, 26:34 back for 55:49 (4:17's). Feeling good but the glutes/hammies were very tight after yesterday's strength work.

DC Training

Wednesday was an hour of glute work with DC. Stepping up the intensity and I was wobbling on the jog home. Had a chat to Thamal on the way back who has continued to suffer from the chronic fatigue when putting the hard sessions in.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Solo cycle

Missed the morning ride with Macca and Sam with Kirst training so did 30km in the arvo in just under an hour cycling up to North Head and doing 5 loops plus one trip down to the Police Management School. Bit annoying with the speed bumps but at least it's traffic free. Windy up there which made it hard work by myself but just tried to keep the average pace above 30kmh. Got the glutes working which was the main aim.

Monday, January 06, 2014


Buoyed by how I felt after running the hills in Kangaroo Valley last week, I decided to try to replicate it. Only long hill I could think of was Allambie hill. Holy crap. It's 3.2km from bottom to top. But again felt good running up it. Decided to do a loop so ran along the bush track next to Wakehurst Parkway (albeit some of it is now road for a new housing development) then the Dicky Green route back from Seaforth Oval. If I felt good going up the hills, I felt very average after the bush running which I need to bear in mind for Six Foot.

All up 15km in 68:29 (4:32 pace). Nice loop

Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 in Review

Well, it was a year of what might have beens. Pleased to see the end of it to be honest. With Kirst getting ill, pulling out of Berlin and pulling out of our 3 month trip across Aus, it turned on its head what should have been a great year.

Having said all that, I probably got as fit as I've ever been building up towards Berlin. In retrospect, I think I started the build up a bit too early. I became obsessed about fitting in a certain number of long tempo runs, but reckon I actually peaked around mid-August. Specifically, it was a Pyramid session I did on August 22nd and the 5000m TT on 30 July that gave me most confidence. In terms of races, my top 3 were:

1. Gold Coast Half. Massive PB and what turned out to be a rare win over Barts.

2. NSW Long Course XC. Bit of a turning point when the strength started to kick in.

3. State 5000m. Good time for early in the season.

Most disappointing was City to Surf. I was in great form but was on antibiotics the week leading up to the event and never felt comfortable.

Just looked back on last year's "Year in Review" and have realised that for the second year running I didn't run a good 10km. Didn't run too many (but more than last year) with the fastest being State 10km on the road in 33:01. So I haven't run under 33 since my PB in September 2011. I was capable of it this year (going through the first 10km of GC Half in 33:27 and not slowing much from then) but didn't have the race to put it together. That has to be the aim for this year - to get back into the 32's. The other aim will likely be Melbourne Marathon in early October. But I'll start the build up later.

It's officially long

26km with Macca around Shelley and Curl Curl. Did 5 or 6 strides towards the end. 1:58:43 (4:33's).

Weighed myself this morning. 66.9kg after 1 day on the new food regime. Not sure how I lost 2.2kg after a week eating crap and drinking to excess while camping, but hey ho. Last night I dreamed about the cold chicken in the fridge.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Curl Curl Parkrun - 1st in 16:38

The Curl Curl Parkrun gets more and more popular with the HuRT Squad (and in general).  Turned up with Macca to find Binfeld, Andy, Pete Walker and the Tiger all there along with the usual crowd and the Tiger's gun females.

Fully expected to be turned over by at least JB, Andy and the Tiger based on the last 2 weeks' performance.  So headed out slightly easier with the intention of hanging on to Andy for as long as possible.  JB went off quick but we started to catch him around the 1km mark.  Hit the front along Griffin Rd thinking at least I can say I was in the lead for a bit.  Was feeling much better than the last 2 weeks so tried harder for the 3rd km.  Ran without a watch so was pleased to hear the time when I crossed the line.

Starting new diet today.  Always said I ran so that I could eat and drink what I liked but it's the last variable I've got to try and run quicker.  Going to do Brad Pamp's 21 day program from Jan 27th.  Weigh in tomorrow morning.

Usual run there and back with Macca for 16km all up.

Jan 3rd

LF Charlie joined us in Bendeela at some point, I think I got my days mixed up.  Anyway, did the same route again with him untimed and easier.

Jan 2nd

Same as New Year's Eve but 23:11 in way out and 18:56 on return.  Feeling good again.

New Year's Eve

Down in Bendeela in Kangaroo Valley.  Beautiful spot, trouble is it's at the bottom of a steep 1.5km hill.  Did 5km out and 5km back.  23:11 on the way out, 19:12 coming back.  Felt like I was running properly for the first time in weeks though.

Did Akuna Bay the day before with Macca, Sam and Ben G in 1:59 feeling good.