Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More running

Felt man fluey yesterday, so just a ride home. Couldn't believe how sore my thighs were following Tuesday's jog. Feck, it was only 5km but felt like someone had taken to them with a hammer.

Saw Carl this morning, core is getting much stronger, adductors way too tight though. Then rode in - hammered it all the way. 3:50 from bottom to top of Parriwi, 12:56 at Mosman, 26:58 at the Harbour Bridge and 33:38 all up. Not sure I'll get much quicker than that as I was lucky with the lights all the way.

Another easy 5km at lunch today in 21:17. Thighs still very sore, but heel is feeling better than ever so feeling very confident about progress. Bursar still protrudes, but no pain - even on my first steps out of bed this morning.

Probably no ride this evening as it's started to rain. Good luck to Man Utd over night - have to support the English teams against those Spaniards.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A tentative return

JLP had urged me to try a run this week, so decided to go today. No pain with the heel over the weekend so put on my Brooks ST racers with the heel wedge in and jogged the flat 5km route in 21:56. Felt great just to be out there again. Saw Clyde, Charlie, Warwick and Travis while out. No pain at all from the heel but it is how it reacts that is more important. Kirst must have put my shorts and vest in a hot wash as they felt unnaturally tight.

Also rode in in 35:43. Felt tired doing so but I think that was more to do with a big weekend.

Bad news was the Toon's demise. Championship football next season for the first time since 1992. All they needed was 1 goal to stay up, but from all accounts that didn't ever look like eventuating.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good nudes..

Haven't felt any pain in my heel for 3 days straight - longest period without painkillers since last September. JLP's massages appear to be working a treat. Will try a jog in Thursday if I can continue without pain until then.

Swimming times continue to drop. I could be a triathlete yet.

Congrats to the SMH Halfer's yesterday. Good runs by Steve, Tucks, Muz and LF Charlie. Steve proved that, along with the winner, 3km steeplechasers can run pretty decent Halfs. Disappointing to see Kanser struck down my injury. Also great runs by Uncle Dave (who has really hit some form) to run a low 69 just behind the Horne and Vlad who ran a low 70.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another update

Went to see JLP on Friday who spent an hour solely on the left calf. Was agony and I had to limp for 48 hours but it really loosened it up and made the heel feel much better. Heel has started to feel stiffer as the week has passed but seeing him again tomorrow. No doubt that the ridiculously stiff calves are a major source of the problem. Had to shave my legs last night as half the pain from the massage was pulling on hairs. I'm looking more and more like a cyclist by the day. Are you supposed to shave all your leg or just from the knee down? Took me so bloody long I just did the latter but it now looks like I'm wearing a pair of hairy knee length shorts...

Either cycling in and home each day or swimming the 1km. Weight has levelled out at 66.5kgs. Cycling has come on leaps and bounds. PB is now 34:41 and took it easy today after getting caught in traffic but still clocked 37:24. Freestyle is much quicker now too but still get knackered after 200m.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Miserable update

No running for another 3 weeks at least. Just more of the same exercises. They're working, but slowly. We'll do autogous blood injections if it hasn't improved sufficiently by the end of this month. So Sydney may be out at this rate. May consider Melbourne in October instead. I think Tucks is running that one.

Good news is Rebecca got picked to run for Manly West in the area cross country. Top 6 got selected for U9's so she did really well as she's only 7. Apparently the PE teacher's advice in the trial was to start slowly and keep on going. My advice the night before was to sprint off like everyone else and to hang on as long as possible. She said she listened to me because I was a proper runner.

New PB riding in yesterday in 36:54. Got caught by the lights badly at the end too.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Another update

More riding in and out each day. Getting strong on the hills on the bike. Had it serviced today and it was running very smoothly on the way home. Given up on swimming though. Just too boring. Up to 66.2kgs. Been increasing the weight on my back doing the eccentric loading and can now put quite a bit of weight on my left achilles without pain. Also icing immediately after which I'm sure helps. Am still constantly aware of it though. Back to see the Doc on Wednesday and really hoping he'll allow me to start jogging again. Feel as though there is nothing to be lost by doing so.

Some great results at the weekend - Durante running 32:08 and Muz 32:28 being standouts - both beating Tucks for the first time. He didn't run badly either with a 32:36. Good solid run by Kanser in 33:29 plus some sub-35's from Phil Woods, John Binfield and TB (first time).

Emailed Sean Williams this evening to discuss a training plan for the marathon. Kanser's looking too strong so I need some expert advice.