Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Session was 14 x 3mins off 60s but I pulled out after 6. Not sure what the matter was - completely bereft of energy and was puffing and wheezing just to hang on to the back of the group running 3:45s. Plus the groin/adductor was very sore (which it has been all week but have been trying to ignore it). Have booked an appointment at the physio tomorrow and will sort it out properly this time. Won't be fit for November but just want to run pain free again. Only good news is that the achilles feels stronger every day and actually seems to be better the more running I do.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strange things are afoot...

Yesterday I showed up at Centennial Park at 6.45am to find our usual meeting place roped off by police due to the murder of a 37yr old. http://www.smh.com.au/national/man-died-a-violent-death-20090927-g7js.html. Today I try and run around North Head only to find the road closed by police due to a human skeleton being found by a fossicker. http://www.smh.com.au/national/skeleton-found-at-north-head-20090927-g7dm.html. Also on my run today, I set off with all things being usual from near Campbell Parade and return retracing my original steps to find a massive tree blocking the path. Good job I wasn't anywhere near it when it came down as I don't think I would have had the acceleration to avoid it.

Dropped Billy off at Woody's for a party and left the car there to do a 2 hour run. Ran to Shelley, up to North Head (but stopped by the cops at the roundabout), so went back the same way but when I got to Queenscliff carried on up the coast beyond Dee Why before turning around and heading home. Just like 2 weeks ago I felt fine until 90 minutes then really struggled. Didn't fall apart quite as badly as last time but it wasn't as hot. I think the correlation is doing the long run after Sean's session the day before, done it twice and both times I've struggled. All up it was 2:00:11. Works out at about 26.5km (route) so about 4:32 per km.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Lambton Worm

Caught up with Sean's squad for 8km hard followed by 10 hills. Lots of wind today which, given we run a figure of 8 circuit, helped in parts but was tough in others. Laps went as follows:
28:46 all up. Felt pretty depressed during the 2nd and 3rd laps seeing the Tiger and Hollie pulling further ahead (albeit only doing 6km) and then saw Wayne Bulloch closing in on me so put some effort into the final lap. Felt better on that lap, lacking in confidence at the moment to push it earlier. Wayne was about 15 seconds behind. Given he ran 35:00 at North Head that shows about where I'm at. Pushed all the hills this time so pretty tired by the end. 15kms all up.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bobby Shaftoe

Just an easy 6km today but ran it quite quick going through 5km in 20:09 before easing down to jog up the hill.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cushy Butterfield

She's a big lass!
And a bonny lass!
And she loves her beer!
And they call her Cushy Butterfield,
and I wish she was here!

Another run home tonight. 31:07 at the Toyota Garage and 58:45 all up. Felt quite bouncy towards the end with the last 2km in 7:45.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A bet has been laid

Adductor was feeling better and had a massage with the Tiger so tested a run by running home. Where the adductor previously was sore was fine, but felt uncomfortable in the groin in an external, inside of the leg position. Was sore when the foot landed as opposed to when I dragged it forward as before. Achilles was also a bit sensitive with not having run in a while. Can't understand why I'm getting all these aches and pains in the hip flexor/groin area. Even the left leg was slightly sore. Otherwise run felt great, hardly breathing but was helped by a decent south westerly pushing me all the way home.

Got to ignore injuries from now though. Gary and I have $50 on who beats the other in the State 3000m. There's a $50 bonus if either beats my PB. I certainly won't achieve the latter, but it's full stream ahead on training regardless as to the aches and pains in order to beat the Tiger.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bugger it

Very easy 6km run around the Botanical Gardens. Feeling strong again but the adductor/groin problem was bad. I number of other muscles in the leg get sore trying to protect it. Will take the next 5 days off to hopefully knock it on the head...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HuRTS Hills

First hill session in almost a year. Wasn't worried about the achilles but more about the adductor. Was fine during the session though. The program was for 30 x 100m hill with a quick jog back down after each one. We did them in the Botanical Gardens where the PiTD hill is. The intention isn't to all out sprint them, just to concentrate on form in lifting the knees and pushing through by firing up your glutes. We had a good crowd (suprisingly, given the Sydney Running Festival this weekend) with Charlie out front, Timmy L going well just behind him and a few others being burglars on the occasional rep. I ran in the middle of the pack alongside Binfield but found myself further forward for the last 5 or 6 when people started to tire. We had a quick drinks break after each set of 10. It was hot out there today - 30C but we had no shade from the sun.

Pleased with how it went. I could probably push them a bit harder next time but was being cagey. Still, legs are now very shaky, particularly after training with Carl this morning where we started to do squats etc.

4km warm up and 3km warm down for 13km all up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting to get excited...

Rotten cold yesterday. I was the world's grumpiest man. Better today but still coughing up a load of bad stuff (which almost hurts my still sore chest). Wasn't going to miss today's run though. Set off by myself on the Surry Hill's route to Centennial, did two laps then 3 loops of Mackay Oval then back the same way. Very sorry for myself to start with, coughing, feeling my sore adductor etc. Then at about half way everything seemed to come right, started to push the pace just because I felt I could and felt fantastic for the first time in ages. Spirits really lifted. It shows in the km splits:

4:43; 5:01; 4:23; 4:35; 4:31; 4:25; 4:17; 4:23; 4:11; 4:02; 4:07; 4:20; 4:17; 4:12; 4:03; 3:43; 4:05

All up 16.82km in 1:12:41 (4:19's). Had a good stretch at 12km and the adductor felt much better afterwards. Should remember that.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sore all over

Yesterday's run buggered my legs up. Felt like someone took a hammer to them overnight. Not helped by general stiffness due to the streaming cold I've caught.

Today was an easy 10km in 44:20 with Serg and Clyde, catching up with Gerry half way around. Felt quite good while out there, but as soon as I stopped as I was hobbling around like an old man. One day soon I'll go for a run and everything will feel great.

Big congrats to my big bro Jamie who smashed his 10km PB yesterday in running 36:57. Looks like the sub3 marathon in November should be easily achievable. I'll be giving him 10 seconds max in the Highnam Handicap in December.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


If I'm being honest, I haven't enjoyed the long Sunday run for about a year. Injury worries seem to be exacerbated when running slowly, so it's always a slog. So I wasn't looking forward to today. Adductor was still sore, chest has been very sore and I'm always very aware of the achilles. Plus I had a sore throat and slight headache with a cold coming on, and the only time I could get out was 1pm on a beautiful sunny day with the temperature up at 28C. However, there was no way I was going to miss it after last weekend's effort.

Despite that, I felt great from the word go. I ditched the crap shoes yesterday and bought a pair of Brooks Infiniti and they felt brilliant. The adductor was still sore for the first 10km but gradually eased over that time so that I could barely feel it. I was running just under 4:30's but felt bouncy and was enjoying it. That was, until I hit 20km. I was then desperately thirsty but the nearest bubbler was 3kms away. I slogged my way there with the kms blowing out to 4:50's and then ran from bubbler to bubbler hovering around the 5:00 per/km mark. Eventually got back covering 28.69km in 2:13:06 (4:38's). Could barely stand up, shivering and alternating between feeling hot and cold. Tried to drink but immediately felt sick. I think I've just made the virus a lot worse than it would otherwise have been, but wouldn't have done it any differently. At least I didn't pull out.

Slowly feeling more normal


Joined up with Sean's squad for what I thought was 6km hard. Turned out it was 8km hard followed by 10 100m hills. Watched everyone immediately shoot off into the distance while I ran with Craig Dunn and another chap with Dmitry just behind. Stayed with them for the first two laps where the other chap finished (he was only running 4km). Craig then seemed to ease off the pace a bit so I pushed ahead and ran by myself. Kept the pace fairly controlled the whole way and I think I judged the pace OK - it was hard but not as knackering as a race. Pleased to be able to stay ahead of Craig and Dmitry but they are also recovering from injury/illness. Splits were as follows:

3:28, 3:33, 3:41, 3:36, 3:40, 3:41, 3:41, 3:30.

Must be a bit short of 8km as my time was 28:36. Then did only 3 hills. Achilles was fine but I needed to get home and was also a bit concerned about the adductor.

About 14km all up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In pain

Easy 10km with Clyde and Sam (44:20). Had intended to run 14km but adductor was starting to get a bit sore. Stretched it out thoroughly and feels good again now. Pain in my chest following last Sunday's secatur accident won't abate though.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday HuRTS

Blogger seems to know it's my birthday - there was a cake with a candle on it integrated into the Blogger symbol when I logged in. Big Brother is watching...

Woke up with breakfast in bed (bacon and egg roll followed by cake and interspersed with fizzy cola bottles and cherry gums) looking out on a beautiful Spring day. Wasn't going to miss a run today so popped two Voltaren which did wonders to my adductor strain (and bruised rib). Felt like a young man again, ironic given I'd just clocked over another year.

Session was 7 gate to gates (910m) off a rolling 5 mins. I'd intended just to jog around the back but was feeling good so put some effort in. Ran them all with Tim Cradock and new Triathlon Tim, with Tucks a good 10-15 seconds in front. Reps went 3:01; 2:58; 2:56; 2:58; 2:55; 3:00; 2:53. Plenty of stretching afterwards. 11km all up.

Nice session, beautiful day, Ribs and Rumps tonight, life's good.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Injured (again)

Cut short my long run after 5km yesterday with a very sore adductor longis. It's been plaguing me all week but I'd started to run with a limp yesterday compensating for it and realised that 28kms of doing that would not be good for me.

Will give it a rest for 2 days and see how things are then.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sean's Squad

Headed over to Centennial Park for 4 x 2km off a rolling 9 minutes. Plenty of guys there I knew including CT, Big Mikey H, Dimitry, Ben, Jim Dawes, Tom Crasti etc. Quite a long warm up then banged out the reps as follows:
So pretty consistent but it didn't feel that way as most others were running the reps progressively 10s faster each time. Quite a few only did 3 (including CT, Dimitry and Hollie Emery, who smashed me on reps 2 and 3). Still, it's another quality session in the bank. Jim Dawes is going well, as is Big Mikey H who was ahead of Crasti for 3 of them. Harry and Ben were way out front.

3km warm down for about 15km all up. Beautiful day and enjoyable out there.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Easing up

Scheduled run was 6km easy with the 90% strides so turned up for Mona Fartlek with the HuRT Squad and hung around the back until the final five 30s efforts where I sprinted for 15s then eased up. All worked out pretty well. Right thigh still sore but saw Carl this morning and he identified the relevant muscle and gave me a stretch for it.

Looking forward to my first rest in 8 days tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Novelty

Haven't even been aware of the achilles over the past two days so plucked up the confidence to run the hilly route home today. The decision was helped by the fact that I didn't fancy heading out at lunch as I was still suffering from a hangover from Muz's farewell drinks and dinner last night. Felt great this evening but for a corked thigh. It's very sore from the adductor all the way down to the knee. Other than that it was an easy run in lovely cool conditions. 31:30 at the Toyota Garage and 59:15 all up for the 13kms.

HuRTS Time Trial

Today (Tuesday) was 6.5km hard on a route starting at the stone gates opposite St Mary's, down to the Opera House, around and back. We had a rough staggered start which we can finesse next time based on today's times. I'd been looking forward to this run as a good gauge of my current fitness. Outcome is that I've still got plenty to do. Set off quickly with Enda running the first km in 3:11. He then pulled ahead in the second km which I ran in 3:23. I was then on my own, suffered in the third km running 3:36 and going through the Stone Gates in 9:46. Was blowing hard around the Opera House covering the next km in 3:36 again but recovered slightly coming back around Farm Cove (3:34). It was then a question of just holding on and pushing hard up the hills for home. Tucks and Andy came past at this stage. Was pretty pleased about the way I finished, closing slightly on Enda towards the end. Clocked 22:45 to finish (exactly what I predicted - central governor was in control). It's just short of 6.5km so works out at 3:31 per/km on average.

Final times were as follows:

Tucks: 21:19
Andy: 22:08
Enda: 22:30
Me: 22:45
Travis: 22:58
Binfield: 23:50
Gerry: 23:54
Smolly: 23:55
Todd Neal: 24:10
Greg: 28:04