Thursday, July 31, 2014

HuRTS 5000m Time Trial

So over to ES Marks this evening driving Jeet and new recruit Ollie Lord from the City.  There we met JFen, Enda, Angus, Quentin, Andy and Renee getting ready to race, with Paul Hannell, Carla and Timmy on timing and encouragement duties.  Did a few laps warm up, tried a bit of stretching (mainly for the left hammie), did a few run throughs then we're off. 

It was pretty windy down the back straight, and Quentin set off quick.  He was stretching away on the home straight, my guess being that he was trying to gap me before the windy back straight.  So for the first few laps I was digging in to stay in touch.  Carried on like this until 3km.  Went through 1km in 3:03 and 3km in 3:21.  Then on the lap between 3km and 3.4km Quentin seemed to slow and was breathing hard so I thought, here's my chance, let's go.  Went into the lead and tried to push the pace but, of course, being the dogged bugger he is, he just tucked in and held on.  With 2 laps to go Q takes the lead again and starts upping the pace.  With a lap to go, I'm feeling pretty good, don't go too early lest I hit the wind, come around the final bend and then unleash the famous Highnam kick.  Which of course, Quentin matches fairly easily by lifting his pace only slightly.  To be fair, it was neck and neck down the straight but he won by 0.34s according to Paul Hannell's impressive looking 1970's timing machine, complete with biddy printer.  15:37:51 to Q and 15:37:84 to me.

Next home was Ollie (plainly taking it easy or not in form as he ran 45:08 for C2S last year), then Enda in 16:10, disappointed not to be 11s quicker, then Andy in 16:32, then Angus in 17:01 (I'm guessing disappointed not to be 2s quicker!), then JFen on the comeback with 17:18, then Jeet in 17:56 and finally Renee in 19:11.  Great crowd, great night.

Happy with the time as it's been a solid week.  Will take tomorrow off before running ANSW Short Course XC against all the quicks on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday wander

The usual one loop of Centennial with MC, Clarkey, Crossy, TKS, JW, Big Kev and others.  67 something.  Legs tired after yesterday.  Left knee a bit sore.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Timmy Combo HuRTS Session

You can tell C2S is around the corner.  A huge turnout today, perhaps the biggest ever.  Fortunately Mikey had put up two sessions to choose from - the new Timmy combo (20mins of continuous hills pushing both downs and ups followed by a 5km tempo) or the usual 8 x 5mins.  CT, Quentin and Deano were leading the 5min reps while Clarkey, Muz, Crossy, Andy and Tucks joined me for the Timmy combo.  God knows what Enda was doing.  Tapering for a Time Trial.  That bloke has a lot to learn.

"The Hill" was about 150m from the football pitch above the Domain Carpark to the Robbie Burns statue then straight back down.  I started quite conservatively with Clarkey, Muz and Crossy up ahead but Tucks taking it even more easy than me.  And thank God I did.  Looked at my watch at 5mins and thought, far out, I'm only 25% into this and struggling already.  Noticed that I was keeping pace on the ups but starting to catch the lads in front on the downs.  At about halfway I went past Crossy and Muz and then caught Clarkey who was having a few problems with his ITB.  He took a rep out to stretch it then joined me again for the final 5 mins. 

Was a pretty brutal session in its own right, with us all looking pretty apprehensive about the tempo about to follow.  Split into 3 groups, a 4min km group, a 3:45 group and a 3:30 group.  Set off with Muz, Clarkey and Crossy running together - Tucks, Andy, Macca and Phil a bit further back.  It was strange to be running with dead legs but managed to hold it together OK.  Went through km markers in 3:22, 3:15, 3:20, 3:22 then 2:56 for the final 830m (3:32 pace) for 16:15 all up.  Clarkey pulled ahead at 3km and stormed home.  Muz and Crossy dropped off at about 3.5km but then on the hill near the Art Gallery I hear footsteps behind, assume Crossy has recovered well but suddenly see Tucks fly past!  That sly old dog.  Coming into form when it matters.

Long warm down with MC, Andy, Clarkey and Jeet for 15km all up.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Painful Monday

Painful due to the hangover.  Great night at CT's.  I was cutting some fine moves on the dancefloor.  Not sure who came up with the great idea of going to Jackson's on George though. 

Today was the usual Monday route in 68:03 (4:27's).  Big crowd there today including MC, Andy, Clarkey, Jeet, Ray, Charlie and loads more.  Felt very comfortable but my left knee is not right (by definition in fact, hahaha).  Getting pain when running up hill, which doesn't bode well for C2S. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fast finish Sunday

Out to the Boy Charlton pool early doors on a stunning Sunday morning to meet Macca, Jamie, Justin, Ben and Lewis Ingram.  Plan was 32-34km with a fast finish.  Macca seemed keen this morning (plainly coming into form after running a 1:16 Sri Chinmoy Half last week) setting a solid pace from the off, certainly quicker than the pace I'd slogged over the 1.3km from my new house to the pool.

Felt pretty good today though and was initially looking forward to the fast finish, but then from 17km onwards my legs started to tighten up a bit and the left glute was again a bit of a problem.  Pace was picking up on the out and back around Narrabeen Lake then from Narrabeen bridge I started to pick it up more just to test the glute.  Seemed ok on the flats and we we're running quickly - 3:35's along here.  Jamie and Justin dropped off first, then Lewis around the Long Reef headland but Macca was as tenacious as ever.  He even went into the lead coming into Dee Why and gave me a bit of a break.  But going up the hill through Dee Why he dropped off a bit so I stopped at the top to stretch my glute then ran with Macca back home with him once again getting back into the low 3:30's.  He's hitting some great form.

Felt good at the end.  Pleased I could hold on well for the first long run in 5 weeks.  All up 33km exactly in 2:15:45 (4:06 average) with the final 10km in 36:46.

Now to undo it all tonight at CT's 40th.

Saturday not Parkrun

Kirst stole my Parkrun slot with a yoga session so just did a steady 10km in the late afternoon in 42:27.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday frolics

15.3km in 66 something (4:19 average).  Springer, Israelie Jonathan, Hardcore Michael and quite a few others I didn't know.

Too many beers this evening with Timmy, Enda, Charlie and 'Lil Jimmy.  Parkrun will be tough in the morning.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

HuRTS CEO Up in Arms

Well, all hell broke loose on the HuRTS emails this morning.  Chicanery and perfidy galore, with separatists Barts and Pete Triathlon Man both attempting to bring down Mikey's HuRTS empire with their own personal email distribution lists (Barts targeting the elites, Pete targeting the swimmers - and a few ladies it must be added) suggesting a hill session.  Might have been easier just to ask Mike to suggest a hill session given it seems everyone wants to do that with C2S approaching.  But no, and heated emails followed.  Of course, being Chairman, I backed CEO Mikey to the hilt.  You can expect his resignation in a couple of weeks.

Fortunately I had a client lunch today so did a tempo run (first from new house) around North Head and back.  3km of nasty hills in the middle and the legs were wobbly over the final 2km.  My Suunto ran out of battery before the end but I was 41.34 at 11km so probably ended up averaging about 3:43's (it's about 16.4km).  Will do this a couple more times before C2S and need to improve on that dramatically. 

1km warm up and 1km warm down on Nolans before and after.  Loving the new house. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recap Wednesday

A much needed massage with the Tiger this morning where he stuck needles in my ass.  I was unconsciously kicking like a mule but seemed to do the trick as I was high stepping back to the office.

One full Centennial loop at lunch with Crossy (looking super fit and giving away his lo-sugar diet secret), JW and Big Kev.  MC and others were taking it a bit easier dropping off early.  16km all up.

A few photos from holiday:

Mt Titlis, near Lucerne.  Charlie couldn't stop giggling about its name all day.  You can see we were well dressed for the occasion.

Climbing the mountains above Saas-Fee.  I had Claudia on my shoulders all the way up here and was knackered.

Bagnone, our village in Italy.  Loved it.

Claudia and I getting lost in the streets in Lucca, Italy.  Bit concerned about her actions when I asked her to pose for a photo. 

Me and my schoolmate Steve, at 2am in Pizza Pizza, Hexham's favourite (only) late night pizza/kebab joint.

Back blogging

Well, it was a magic 3.5 weeks in Switzerland, Italy and Scotland.  A few token jogs which in now way compensated for the booze intake and dessert eating.  Squeezed into my suit for work this morning pretending I still needed the same hole in my belt as 4 weeks ago. 

Rocked up to HuRTS today to discover Barts LEADING A BREAKAWAY SESSION with the HuRTS elite.  I stayed loyal.

Session was 45min tempo.  Just what I've been lacking.  Quentin took off (he seems to have hit some form) while I ran with Fats and Dean Degan with Macca just behind.  22.5mins was about 100m past the first speed bump and about 20m behind Fats.  Legs were a bit fatigued now.  Only got off the flight from Newcastle 14 hours previously so not too surprising.  Quentin came storming by before the O House with Fats just behind so ran with Fats from there.  Pushed up the hills to get back just under 45mins (44:57).  Long warmdown with Q and Mikey for 18km all up.

Going to see the Tiger tomorrow as my left glute is sore.  Too much carrying Claudia up big mountains.

Been hearing a lot of carry on about Enda's form.  Apparently he's out to beat me at City to Surf.  Well, I'm overweight and under fitness and Enda knows when to take his chances and strike.  It'll be close given how well he's running, but just the motivation I need.