Friday, March 30, 2012


Haven't felt this weary in 2 years. Legs just dead today. Crawled around 13.1km with Timmy, Tucks, Kanser and new chap Joel in an hour, wishing at every moment that the run was over. Yesterday really took it out of me. Good news though is that the body feels better than ever, no aches or pains to speak of.

124km for the week including 3 big sessions so canny pleased with that like. Would be 138km if I counted junk miles with the kids.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Mongrel

First up, took Bec and Billy out this morning for their usual Thursday speed session. I told them it was "hot laps" (3 x 500m) but secretly intended to add a 4th after they thought they had finished. Well, they weren't too pleased. Both started crying. Billy downright refused to do anymore. I said, fine, you needn't do it if you want to be a quitter. I wasn't favourite (or exemplary) Dad at this point, but what the hell. Billy then proceeds to tear off in a fit of rage and does the 500m in 1:59, a new record. So there is some mongrel in him!

Having done 4km with the kids and quiet at work I did the Rushcutters pyramid session intending to take it easy but with Jason I and new foppish haired chap Darien pushing the pace (with me unable to resist) I ran 89, 2:54, 4:24, 5:50, 4:16, 2:42 and 81 for the laps (averaging around 3:08's).

Then turned up in my running kit for the third time in the day unannounced to the final biathlon in the Thursday nighttime series with the sole intention of beating Young Timmy. This is understandable given the amount of crap he gives out on my swimming. Well, suffice to say Timmy was beaten by a breastroker. See pic attached. Many enjoyable beers followed. I felt crap on the run but did 12:59 for the 4km then did my standard 6mins breastroke for the 300m for a 19:26 PB.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday MLR

Usual route with Mr Ace, King James, JW and Big Sam. Felt very weary in the legs to start with, suffering the after effects of yesterday. Nice easy pace though and body had adjusted by the end. 18.5km in 1:27:17 (4:42's).

Laid another bet with the Tiger this morning after massage. He's keen on a head to head so I foolishly agreed to give him a 7 minute headstart at SMH Half. This was after he persuaded me that he'd struggle to run sub 80mins. But with a PB in the 75's, I think I've been duped.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HuRTS 45min Fartlek

Huge crowd today and with MC on the physio table I tried to bark out some instructions but just gave up and set off. Hardly anyone ever completes this session in any case.

Tucks, Bartles, J-Fen, Macca and JB were all running upfront, and with a big gap until the next group, I decided to go with them rather than do my more recent Tuesday thing of taking it cautiously to start with. It was a very consistent session with all the km splits with 3secs either side of 3:30 per km. JB gapped us on the way out but ran with us coming back until we splintered a bit towards the end with J-Fen and Macca stopping at 10km. Was pleased to feel good coming back up the hills in the final 2km to just miss getting back in time - doing 45:06. 12.8km all up doing 3:30's on the way out and 3:31's on the way back. We were doing the floats in 4:00's so I'll leave you to do the maths to work out what the fast sections were run at.

Warm out there today so a good session. Did a 2km warm down with J-Fen and Andy for 15km all up.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Easy Monday

Out with the Monday crew including the MBL women's team (Aine, Laura and Emma), Springer, JB, Jason I, Tim C, Marty and loads more. 15.8km in 1:09:42 (4:24's). Legs very weary from the weekend to start with but felt much better by the end. Plenty of talk about the Melbourne IM and the amazing times being recorded. The conclusion we all reached was that the course was short. Those Victorians have form.

Beautiful Sydney day out there. Gotta love Autumn.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday solo

Struggle running long alone but with most of the lads running the Sri Chinmoy half in Centennial today I was up at 5.30am to pound the streets alone. Just did the same route as last week to avoid having to think. Rolled through the kms fine in the end. Spotted a couple of familiar figures at around 22km and, sure enough, ran past the Hamburglar and Paul shortly afterwards. picked up the pace again towards the end doing the final 10km in just under 40mins. All up 31.3km in 2:12:42 (4:14's).

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday tempo in Manly

Just too busy at work on Thursday and Friday to get out. Not often it happens. Coincided with drinking lots too.

Today was one of those perfect days where everything just feels magic, probably aided by 2 days rest. 14.1km tempo with Billy on his bike in 49:52 (3:32's). Billy earned himself a pair of Skins this morning after I said I'd buy them for him if he could do the 5km from Queenscliff to Shelley and back in under 26mins. He managed 24:58 so fair play to him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday MLR at pace

Missed the squad setting off by 10mins so tried to catch them up. Was running sub-4's from the bottom of Ocean St onwards until I eventually caught them (MC, Russell, Geoffrey), coming back down Ocean St at the 15km mark. Then took a much needed breather for the final 4km home. Copped some abuse from a hooligan in a car in Centennial but just tried to ignore it and not respond.

All up 1:18:05 which is 4:10's despite the easy final 4km. Buggered now. I need an easy day.

Interesting stat:

Countries With Olympic "A" Qualifiers In Men's 10,000 - Sub-27:45.00

Kenya - 33
Ethiopia - 5
USA - 4
JPN - 3
GBR - 2
ERI - 2
AUS - 1
MEX - 1
FRA - 1
ECU - 1
ITA - 1

And yet Kenya haven't won Olympic gold in the 10,000m since 1968. Also puts Benny St in lofty company (ex Kenya).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HuRTS 2 x 20mins

Good crowd but down on the usual numbers. Young Timmy missing again - he seems to have given up on HuRTS since his form dropped rapidly. No Kanser and no J-Fen. Good to see Emma back though and plenty up front with Tucks, Bartles, Fats and Macca. I was holding on to them on the way out pushing ahead of Macca and Fats towards the end. Bartles was way out in front with Tucks about 20m in front of me. The watches seemed all over the place but I think I averaged about 3:27's. I ran with Tucks on the way back - he pushed ahead coming around Farm Cove and on the first hill but caught him on the final hill with him clutching his side in pain. Looked like a twanged heart muscle to me. Must be going to the same Doctor as Timmy and MC. Speaking of twanging, Fats' hamstring seemed to do the same thing around the Park Hyatt. All I could think of was the Tigers' dry needles. Hope you're alright mate.

Got back in 20:03 but started further back from where I finished the first rep so I think I averaged 3:26's. Felt good until Farm Cove and then had to put some real effort in from there to get home.

Note another new Blog is on the scene from JB - we can no longer accuse him of sekrit training!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Same again Monday

Run home after a very nice client lunch at Felix (Prawn Cocktail, Steak Frites and Alaskan Bombe downed with a glass of NZ Pinot).

56:29 after 30:21 at Toyota Garage. I'm planning on buying a car from the oft mentioned Toyota Garage to replace our rust bucket. Felt surprisingly good today after the hearty lunch and yesterday's hefty run.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday accelerating

Out with Macca at 5.30am with Big Sam on the sidelines nursing an Achilles issue. Very slow first km in the pitch black (5:40) before we started to get moving. We did the usual route up to Narrabeen caravan park but came back through Cromer and then stayed on Pittwater Road until returning via Campbell Pde and Manly Golf club with Macca keen to avoid the hills to protect his own Achilles. We'd been running 4:10's to 4:20's most of the way and I was feeling comfortable when, at 22km, Paul suddenly puts his foot down. The last 10km was run in 37:30. Not sure where that came from. I guess it combined a missed tempo session from yesterday with a long run. Paul looking as strong as ever.

All up 31.4km in 2:09:30 (4:07's).

Friday, March 16, 2012

Part 2

13km on the treadmill in 50:28.


100km for the week.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

12km on the treadmill in 44:40. BORED!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday MLR

Massage with the Tiger this morning then straight into the usual Wednesday 19km with MC, Todd, Mr Ace, Mark M and Shane. Very easy pace today which suited me as I was tired from yesterday and ruffled up from the massage. 1:26:26. Warm again. Stopped at many a bubbler in the second half.

We saw Lara T (the nemesis) running just in front of us in Centennial. Remarked that she could have been going to London this year with a bit of concentration on the Marathon - particularly when you consider that Jessica Trengrove has just provisionally qualified with a 2:31.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HuRTS 45mins tempo

Still feeling a bit weary so didn't want to push the pace early on today. Especially so given it was 27C. A resurgent Tucks, J-Fen, Bartles and Fats went straight to the front at a pace I wasn't keen on sticking to, so I ran with Andy for the first 3km. He then slowed a bit so I pushed on by myself.

Ran past Fats who looked as though he was dry hurling opposite the STC before reaching the first speed bump along Hickson Road at the turn on 22.5mins (6.2km - averaging 3:37's). Bartles and Tucks were some way in the distance with J-Fen a bit behind them. Started to feel pretty good on the way back and when I passed Fats again he started to run with me which kept the pace honest. Got into a good rythmn here and hit a couple of kms at 3:26 pace. Pushed my way back up the hills to finish in 44:34 (3:33 pace for the return). Nice session. I'm trying to do these Tuesday's without leaving myself absolutely rooted at the end. I'll push the VO2 sessions on Thursdays.

Tucks and J-Fen cut short with Bartles finishing the whole thing strongly in 45:06. Timmy and Kanser will be pleased to hear that MC looked rooted on what is his new favourite session - may have gone out a bit too quick in the heat. Another huge crowd but far fewer finished than started.

Couple of kms warmdown with J-Fen for 15km all up.

Downloaded a new app for the iPad - Skitch (it's free). Just what I've been looking for - dead easy functionality for drawing and writing on Maps and pictures...

Homeward Bound

Very easy run home. Couldn't even be arsed to push the hills. Legs weary from weekend. 57:29 after 30:07 at T Garage.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Not the Six Foot Track

So it was cancelled. Wasn't hugely disappointed, still had a weekend away and it'll probably mean I'll be able to run better in the State 10km on the track at the end of the month.

Tucked into a few beers on Friday night with Timmy, Kanser, Tucks and families and then we headed out at 7.30am on Saturday morning to run from Megalong Road to Caves Road. Dave decided to pack provisions for a 4 day hike into his backpack so he had about 12kg on his back. We reached the first stream after about 250m and all took our shoes and socks off to tip toe across - taking about 10 minutes to do so. Later on, we'd realise how pointless this was. Very gentle and enjoyable run down to Cox's where we saw the strength of the river and realised it was a fair call to cancel the race. At this point, Dave hands me the backpack with rocks in and tells me it's my turn to carry it - just before the hills start. Also caught up with Jonathan W here.

I struggled up to Mini-Mini about 10m behind Kanser, Tucks, Jonathan W and a resurgent Timmy who was powering ahead. I was struggling with the weight of the backpack and was sweating loads, worried about how I was going to fare later on. Those sharp hills are definitely the toughest, particularly towards the top after you cross the open field. Then we head down to Alum Creek, cross rivers bigger than Cox's normally is, help a young bloke stuck in his Landcruiser and head up to Pluvi. I felt better here having drunk most of the water in the backpack and ran/walked these hills behind Kanser with Timmy and Jonathan taking it more slowly further back. Meanwhile, Tucks was just taking photos.

Black Range went on forever as usual (and is much hillier than I remembered) but the temps were cool up here and we were trotting along pretty well, at least until we hit a soft mud patch the size of a football pitch. Finally we were at Deviation and keenly waited for our lift home. 3 hours later and after about another 10km of walking, we got it. Timmy had lost it. Dave was swearing. I was going doolally. Tucks just took more photos. Here are some...

Timmy on Black Range - check out the sky:

Timmy, Tom and Dave, top of Pluvi:

Tom and Timmy on top of the World:

Tucks and Timmy having a "Richie High" moment:

Friday, March 09, 2012

Manly steady

12.2km around Manly in about 51mins. Beautiful day for a change. Bumped into Macca and ran the final 2km with him. Heading up to Blue Mountains now.

89km for week.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

HuRTS Hickson Road Reps

It started to become clear towards lunchtime that Colin was going to cancel Six Foot, so I chanced it and decided on doing the Hickson Rd reps hard, knowing I'll need some speedwork before State 10km later this month. Almost missed the start after being cut off by a huge flood at the bottom of the steps linking George St and Hickson Rd, but arrived just in time to hand Amjam the coveted HuRTS Six Foot singlet for Fats.

A bit windy on the odd numbered reps, I struggled to hold on to Bartles on the first. Always struggle with the pace on the first rep at Hickson Rd and today was no exception. They got easier after that, although the 4th was almost a disaster when my watch strap suddenly broke sending my Garmin 610 flying across the road. Happy enough in the end running them all holding on to Bartles other than the 2nd which he did in super quick time. I ran:

3:39 (watch breakage costing me about 5 secs)

Interesting to see Ray putting in some effort today. I emailed him after Tuesday talking about the original Hickson Rd session and pointed out the times we did. After running a 3:50 first rep, he obviously wanted to prove that age hadn't wearied him so ran the rest all 3:45 or quicker. MC also had a good session running them in 3:48's. Kanser and Timmy beware.

Great to see Benny picked for the Olympics. He has started blogging.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wednesday MLR

Usual run with MC, Mr Ace, Jonathan W, King James, the Kilted Scot and a couple of others but just MC, Jonathan and I doing the whole thing. Ran in the new trail shoes and they hurt my feet a bit and made my calves stiff - I think mainly due to the very stiff sole. Very good over little rocks though. I'm in two minds as to whether to wear them on Sat.

Jonathan W was talking a good game. It's a head to head on Sat with the loser to buy beers. Fats has been prevaricating on the 15min headstart so I'll go with JW having the pleasure of buying my beers in Caves House.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

Massive crowd today, but marked by the rare attendance of each of the 4 original HuRT Squad members - Ray, Chris G, Tim C and myself. All doing Six Foot on Saturday morning other than Ray. Chris is injured, Tim ran 50km+ on Sunday morning so we'll see how we all fare.

I just planned to cruise the sessions today without hurting myself. I was running mid-pack with MC and Nick Marval but still found myself running 3:25's for all the reps, with a couple at 3:28 and a couple at 3:20. Weather was a lot cooler which I'm guessing speeded everyone up. No wonder we all run quicker over 10km in June - September. Most of the guys running Six Foot were taking it easy, running only a few intervals or just resting. Tucks doesn't look good for Saturday - gets his blood test results this arvo so good luck mate. Worst comes to worst he'll be able to make sure the beer is on ice and get some practice on the green baize before pairing with Timmy to take on Kanser and myself.

Got all the gear now for Saturday morning. First up is a pair of trail shoes I've bought - partly off Fats' recommendation and partly because they're Mizuno's which I love:

Even more exciting is the official HuRT Squad singlet for this year's race. They didn't change the lettering as requested but still looks good:

Monday, March 05, 2012

Fitting it in

Meeting at lunch today and client entertainment this evening so only managed to fit in an easy 7km late afternoon. Still weary.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Easy with the kids

Just an easy 12km late afternoon with Bec, Billy and Charlie on their bikes. Maggie was in tears when I said she couldn't come because she wasn't fast enough. I'm fuelling the passion for exercise beautifully.

Untimed but legs were still very weary after yesterday's race.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

North Head 10km - 33:41

It's fair to say I was pretty psyched up for this race. Jogged down to Manly Wharf and met up with Macca and Big Sam and by the time we reached North Head we'd picked up Bartles and MC too. Did a bit of a warm up, plenty of chat on the start line with almost all the HuRT Squad in attendance (even a sick Kanser and a broken Timmy wearing strange socks) and we were off on the new course for the fastest first 200m known to man. Bartles went off with the leaders and I settled into a group with Scotty, JB (where did his sudden form come from?) and Bleasel. We then all worked together to pick up Bartles running with the Horne and from then our group of 6 ran together - just what I was hoping for. JB looked really strong - gapping us around 4km but running by himself I thought it was a brave move.

At the turn at 5km we were all back together (Macca too was just with us, running a stormer). Had a quick look behind to see J-Fen about 20m behind. I was starting to really struggle here but knew that I would and knew that the longer I could stick with the group - perhaps holding out until the loop at North Head - the better I'd go. If I was spat out, J-Fen and Macca would pick me up in no time. So I dug in, really hurting, with JB, the Horne and Scotty pushing the pace. They gapped us a bit so I just hung on to Bartles, Bleasel and another chap who'd fallen back from the front runners. Bartles would push ahead on the flats and I'd catch back up on the hills. Then at 8km JB suddenly looked as though he was blowing hard with Scotty and the Horne pushing on. Bartles and I went past him just before 9km and I started to feel OK heading back down to the Stone Arch. Turned that with Bartles on my heels and tried to push the slight rise over the final 500m, but he was still there. The Highnam cheer squad (kids, Kirst, Alec, Gill, nephew, niece and Dad) were screaming at me so it was down to the final 75m steep uphill. Bloody hell, what a finish. Glutes were screaming, cut Bartles off, stuck my arm out and managed to cross the line just in front of him. It wasn't pretty, it was probably illegal, but what the hell. That's racing.

It was a good race and we ran a good second half - getting closer to both Criniti and CT after the second lap but they'd obviously put in a very quick first 5km. MC had a good race to take out Timmy and get within 10s of Big Sam. Plainly the tempo sessions are paying off. Macca showed how to put it on the line in a race by finishing just behind J-Fen in the low 34's. Scotty showed that he's a class act by finishing just in front of the Horne. If that guy did some long runs he'd be very dangerous. Good to see Richie P, Eoin, Ray, Christian, Todd, Laura (3rd female) and Pete W. As I said, the HuRT Squad were out in force.

Now a game of Golf this arvo with Alec and Dad on his 70th and a taper for Six Foot. Happy days.

Post script:

Holy cow. Hadn't considered the possibility of Six Foot being cancelled until I saw this...

Scary freakin river

Friday, March 02, 2012

Easy stuff

Set off by myself for a very easy 10km in the pouring rain. Bumped into Marty and ran with him for a bit chatting about Six Foot, then bumped into Andy, Clyde, Louis and Mr Ace and ran with them for a bit. All up about 11km in 49mins. Nervous about tomorrow.

Managed to catch Gregson on Bigpond TV winning the 1500m in the Aussie champs in a tactically astute race. He's got class, always turns it on for the big occasion.

102km for the week.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rushcutters Sprints

Had a client lunch on today so Tucks and I headed down to Rushcutters the long way to run some 200m sprints. Originally planned to do 10 of them around the oval - i.e. sprinting half then going straight into a jog for half. We marked out what we thought was half way but turned out to be longer so they were about 250m sprints followed by 200m jogs. After 4 of them I was starting to struggle so we (well, I) decided only to do 8.

Tucks timed them as follows:

41, 42, 41, 41, 40, 40, 39, 39.

He was dipping his toe in the water after recent struggles following the virus so ran the inside line, but by reps 7 and 8 I was struggling to stay with him on the outside line.

Much harder than I was expecting. It's not easy running fast. I would have struggled to run any more at that pace. Even though we were just slow jogging the 200m before starting the next rep we were still averaging 3:45 per/km all up. Feel fine now though.

Plenty of chat about Six Foot. Tucks reckons Fats will smash me by well over 20mins and that I'm being way too generous offering only 15mins.

10km all up.