Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tempo time

Final day here in Mossman.  Felt good after yesterday so planned a tempo today.  Did 2km warm up jog, then 10km tempo, then 2km warmdown.

Set off at a solid but relatively comfortable pace and just tried to hold it and keep consistent.  Had to work a bit between 7km and 8km in the full sun but generally pretty good.  All km splits were between 3:42 and 3:47 apart from the final one pushing on a bit to finish in 37:02.

Been a great holiday.  Haven't been as relaxed or slept as much in a long time.  Some pics of our house here:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Holiday running

Another 12km in the morning - pretty quick again (seem to do perennial tempos when in on the comeback trail) but Suunto lost batteries after 6km.  Hot and humid.  

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cairns Parkrun

I'm Up nice and early and cajoled the family out of their beds for the short hop down to the Esplanade for Cairns Parkrun.  Did a 2km warm up then listened to the bloke try to explain the course route.  He did so FNQ style, so I was none the wiser at the end of his talk.  We had a load of visitors given it was school holidays - must have been 150+. 

Decided just to sit behind whoever was in the lead.  Did so for 1km but then couldn't help myself but drift to the front. All was good until 4.5km when I was about a minute ahead of the next chap and started looking out for the turn to the finish.  At 4.8km I knew I'd missed it and saw a random volunteer packing up from the first lap who told me I had run well past it (thanks mate).  Eventually got back with 5.8km in the watch.

Chap who won was on his 100th Parkrun so nice for him to get a win.  I jogged afterwards to pick up Charlie, Bec, Kirst and Maggie and all loved the occasion.  Then out for breakie.  No pan-served breakie or brioche in FNQ.

Splits were 3:21, 3:23, 3:24, 3:28 and 3:45 (becoming frustrated).  Hammy held up well so will try 90mins tomorrow.

How we felt after:



11km straight out from the property, turned around and ran back.  22km in 1:33ish (4:14's).  Felt it towards the end in the heat and humidity.  Basically ran through sugars cane fields alongside the cane railways on quiet roads.  Amazing scenery.

Having said that, doing a long(ish) run solo on holiday is one of the hardest things for me.  Need company on the long runs and when on holiday it just feels unfair.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Nice and hot here.  Did 10km along the Esplanade in the evening.  Move to Mossman tomorrow but not before Cairns Parkrun which starts less than 1km from where we're staying.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bit of speed

So the toe made a bit of a recovery overnight so I ventured out with Timmy, Mikey, TKS, Renee, Ray and a host of others for a very easy run around the usual route. 

It was 3 old school HuRTS Warriors fighting back from injury who turned at 5.5km to head back in anticipation of a quick OH Gate to St Mary's Gate (2.9km).  Got a bit of help from Ray around Farm Cove then hit by hurricane force winds up the hills which had us all at a standstill.

Pleased to get 10:14 under the belt with the hammy feeling tight early on but no issues in the warmdown jog.

11km for the day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gammy toe

had to type this heading 3 times because it kept on auto-correcting to "hammy", which is ironic.

Anyway, hammy fine today and was going to try my first speed work.  But I was picking my toe-nails last night and managed to yank off half my big toe nail and now it's infected and too painful to run.  Take a look:

In other news, here's me next to a monster truck earlier today:


I've had many requests for an afternoon update on the toe which has continued to deteriorate and has prevented any running.  In fact, I can barely get my foot in my shoe.  So here goes:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday starter

10km out to Shelley and up the hill and back.  Went quicker this morning.  Saw Lewis on the return and exchanged the usual friendly shouts.

Have started doing a new glute stretch and it seems to be working a treat.  I'm crap at it at the moment but plenty of scope for improvement:

Sunday MLR

So, next big test.  Out at 6am with the Cap'n running 20km.  Reached the new toilet facilities at Narrabeen Lake then back again.  Noticed the hammy on the way up but had a good stretch and it was fine on the return.  Perfect morning for running - cool but clear and no wind.

Some great results from Blackmores but they are not courses to run PBs on.  I thought Angus went very well to dip under 78 as did Bruce.  Barra took top honours again with a high 71 but he wasn't impressed with his time.  Standards have been raised this year.  Jeet ran well to get under 80 and Erika was solid with a mid 83 in her marathon build up.

Also great to see Manly local Emma C back racing again.

Saturday plod

10km very easy in the late afternoon with the Cap'n but starting to feel as though I could run harder.

Friday meander

Up in BrisVegas all day Thursday so couldn't get out.  Friday was an easy 10km bumping into Jimmy and running with him for a bit.  Tried to persuade him to shave the beard off but he was having none of it.  Claims that he's growing it to help fight the ladies off.  I would have thought his conversation was sufficient but apparently not.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another easy one

Out with Timmy for an easy 10km over lunchtime.  Joined by Andy from G&T and Kanser and Hoey for periods.  More shite was spoken in the 10 minutes that Kanser ran with us than an episode of Geordie Shore.  Poor Andy was silent and must have been regretting his decision to run with us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back to Black

5km walk with the missus feauturing breakie at Emporio then 7km run in 4:29's to the wharf.  In honesty, hammy was giving me a bit of jip following last night's run home.  Just need to keep up the rehab.

The Wobbly Head Cup League Table.  You can just see 'Proud Potter' Timmy in 20th. I couldn't fit Enda (in 35th place) on the one page.  That's me #1.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Turnbull, PM

It's 11pm and kookaburras are screeching outside.  What's going on there?  Maybe they are aware of something afoot in the electorate of Warringah.

Ran home (well to Manly Wharf) in the next real test.  Felt aware but fine the whole way.  Hoping a bit of muscle memory is kicking in as, although it was slow, didn't feel as though I was huffing and puffing as much as of late.

14.5km.  Did a brisk walk with the missus this morning which was nice, if a little elderly.

Sunday getting longer

Out at 7.15am to track down the early starters and join them for breakie.  Bumped into Macca, Erika, the Cap'n, Richard B and Q between Dee Why and Cromer with Ben who was a few hundred metres behind.  But the heartless bastards refused to wait for him against my protestations despite stopping for water.  The Manly Crew are ruthless.  I imagine the East Side Crew would have been only too happy for a couple of extra minutes rest.

Managed 12km all up with the hammy ok but a bit stiff starting from cold early on.  Nice breakie in Emporio with Macca and the Cap'n afterwards.  I feel no need to post the photos.  We enjoy engaging conversation rather than endless selfies.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mad Dog and Englishman

Out for 10km with the Cap'n in the heat of the day.  Avoided the crowds and headed up the BBC Deviation to Seaforth.  Which meant hills.  Crikey, not encountered them in a while.

Nice easy pace and pain free again.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Pain free

Trying not to get too excited but today was first pain free run.  Did the same as yesterday on a beautiful Melbourne morning but a bit slower averaging 4:24's.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Birthday run

In Melbourne but managed to get out at lunchtime for a bIrthday run.  Found a new route to the Tan - running along the river before cutting across to join at the bottom of the big hill.  Did a loop then back to the hotel.  

Lovely day.  Hammy gets better each day. Just over 34mins for the 8km.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

AVCAL 2015

The usual 8km this morning with Erika this time chatting about all manner of stuff.

Now flying off to Melbourne to attend the AVCAL conference, which basically involves drinking large amounts with a bunch of uber-wealthy private equity types, where somehow I end up buying all the rounds.  Keen followers of the bog (both of you) will recall that it was at this event 3 years ago that I turned up expecting to breeze the "Conference 5km" only to be out sprinted by a dark horse despite running 16:05.  At least a few of the squad will be there so we can talk running.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Getting it done

Usual Shelley Beach route times today in 34:12 (4:16's).  Aware of the hammy the whole way but it's getting better.

Thoughts for the day:

1. Today over Sunrise.
2. Response to Syrian refugee crisis shows the power of a photograph.
3. Mike Baird for PM. Now.
4. Is it sexist for me to enjoy The Bachelor but have no interest in The Bachelorette?
5. Sydney in Spring is just the best.
6. How does Keith Hong manage to smile when he talks on his daily updates for his 8 week challenge? I can't smile when I talk.
7. Wales have just lost any chance of making it beyond group stage of World Cup.

Monday, September 07, 2015


8km to Shellley and back bumping into Lewis of all people!

Felt marginally better today.  Have also done a lot of stretching of adductors.  Hoping I'm on the right track.

Striders - North Head - 37:59

Fronted up late and just in time to get a spare bin before burying myself in the pack with the intent of jogging around.  Only really showed up to go out for brekkie with Big Sam and the boys at Sydney's top breakfast establishment - Bench.  Rated 10/10 by Tommy and all non-hipsters who are bemused by brioche.

Anyway, I digress.  Saw the Tiger who told me not to do anything more than a jog.  Set off and ran with Hamish who was on 40min pacing duties but it felt like a jog so decided to catch up to Sammy for a chat.  Hovered behind Tiger for a while not wanting to get told off, then saw Erika up ahead looking strong so decided to run with her knowing she was on for a PB.  Gave her a bit of encouragement for the rest of the way but she is in great form and needed nothing from me to get her first sub38 and PB by definition. 

Hammy was pretty tight on the warm down.  Resolved to see Lewis over brekkie to get to the heart of the problem.

Saw him on Sunday (with large hangover having been on a curry and beers night with Big Sam and the crew) and he reckons it's an excessively tight piriformis which he worked on with me in tears.

Had a great Fathers Day with more soccer in the field in the arvo with all the local Dads and their kids.  I struck a beaut of a volley which had the local Mums aghast in admiration.


Jogged down to HuRTS at Rushcutters and did a few 400m jogs and a 1km slightly faster jog before jogging back to the office.

Getting bored of this jogging malarkey.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Up early and ran 8km to Shelley and back, initially with Erika but she pulled out  after 2km with a sore ankle.  Hope she's OK.

Hammy got progressively tighter at the top and bottom.  Had a massage at lunch and the Tiger worked on it solidly saying 'twas feeling much better than last week.


Rode into, and home from, work.  Love my bike.  My problem with riding is that I treat it like a tempo run the whole way and can't let myself just spin.  Too many bloody competitive commuter cyclists.


Very easy 7km with the HuRT Squad.  Hammy a bit tight at top near flute insertion.