Sunday, November 19, 2017

Saturday doublay

Dropped Charlie at Kogarah and met Timmy for a coffee which turned into 2.  So only 30mins odd for a ride which I did pushing around Centennial.  Did 2 faster laps (5:51 and 5:56) amongst the 20km.  First ride since Nepean and the legs were a bit rusty.

Got out in the late arvo for a run. Decided to put a place marker down on the 5km double loop of Manly Golf Course. Did 17:41 which I was pretty happy with. Laps of 8:50 and 8:51 so managed not to fall apart.  11km all up.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday I'm in love

Very easy plod in the late afternoon.  10km in 4:50's.  Had a very tough week at work and struggled with work and today was the result of that.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wed easy

Out with Timmy for my 7th consecutive day for 11km very easy. Joined by Hoey and Marko.

91km over the past 7 days and feeling upbeat.

Tuesday HuRTs

45 continuous for my first Tuesday HurTS session in a year.  Feeling more and more confident with the achilles following the added glute exercises so set off with the intention of sticking to Macca for as long as I could.

Session is 7 x 2mins on, 1 off, 5min jog followed by 20mins tempo. Stuck to Macca until the turn, catching Enda just as we started the 5 min jog. Very impressed to see Cathy Liu only 100m back, got into the tempo return and stuck to Enda before pushing ahead from Mrs Macs back home.

Really happy with that averaging 3:49's for the whole 45mins.  3km cool down with Scotty and Q.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Ran 12km with the Monday HuRTs crew chatting mostly to Enda, Brendon F and Hoey. Best run I've had since injury.  Felt like I was finally flowing and achilles better than ever at the end. Have done some new glute medius exercises (my "Stephen Bradbury" exercises) so perhaps they are setting everything up properly.

4:36's br a great confidence boost.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday increasing mileage gradually

Out for my first early Sunday run in 9 months. Caught up with Ben, Darren, Macca and the Cap'n for 18km on the flat at an easy pace.  Achilles good all the way although a bit sore now.  4:42's.


6 hours of driving to kids activities with a hangover and then got out at 5.30pm. Couple of tempo sections - one Nolan's/Passmore loop and then another 2.2km around the golf course to keep the average pace for the 10km respectable (4:12's).

Beer Mile

Got out at lunchtime on Friday for an easy 10km around the wharves with Gidon, Jeet, Jerome and Mark.

Then it was the Beer Mile. Arrived and was very nervous.  Watched the B Race and was even more nervous, especially seeing JC and Jac both hurling big style.

Plan was the same as always, multiple swigs but just keep them going, 100m of burping while jogging then 300m hard.  Had a ding dong battle with Birchy and Brendan early on with Craig Mc just ahead. Pulled ahead of them towards the last lap but had Nick Roberts come flying by me with 100m to go and I had nothing. Happy to finish and with exactly the same time as last year (8:31). 

Then on to O'Malley's for what is becoming the biggest social night of the year.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thursday early

A rare early run for me but took some Voltaren last night to deal with this knee bursar and felt a million dollars.

13+km with Darren and Benny around the flat bits of Manly in 4:30's.

Melbourne Cup

Out early before our department lunch and Crossy was keen to do a tempo. I ageed to go with him provided it was no quicker than 3:50's.

Did a nice route around Blackwater Bay but by Anzac Bridge (7km ish) I was struggling to hold on.  Each km split was between 3:45 - 3:50 until we climbed the bridge where I blew out to a 4:24!  

Chest still very tight but fitness is appalling.  Nice to get it done though and thanks to Crossy.

Lost as usual on the Cup.  My annual contribution to the Allens banking team.

Sunday, November 05, 2017


Well, longest run in a long while. Did the North Head loop (16.6km) in 1:12:24 (4:22's).  Bouncing along nicely with a much higher cadence than recently. Maybe that Parkrun yesterday was just the ticket.

Nice to do a different loop if a very familiar one. Achilles good, right knee a bit sore.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Back to Parkrun

Have decided to try and get in a regular habit of doing Parkruns. I'm a bit worried that all my running is at a slow pace these days so need to get the legs used to some faster stuff. Didn't want to go full bore though (chest still very tight post cold) so a tempo it was.

Got up and did my usual eccentric loading and roll out which had the achilles feeling good. Woke Mags up and headed over with Kirst who was doing some laps of the oval.  Started very easily mid pack and spent 2km overtaking people.  Was in about 7th at 2km and noticed the bloke 100m in front of me cut the corner at the netball courts the cheating bastard. Resolved there and then to beat him. Took me until the final 300m to get past him (and a significant pick up in the final km) but karma was restored.

All up 4th in 18:43.  It's a start.

Jogged back up the track to see Mags having a great run not having done this for a few months. I think she came in at high 22's but looked great doing so and put a few middle aged men to shame.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Cold FFS

Still can't shake this cold. Actually feel worse today than yesterday. Got out at lunch on a manic day for 10+km very easy with Enda, Jerome, Mark B, TKS and Jack the Lad.  Running feels fine (albeit I haven't tried any pace work since my depressing 400's of last week) and only averaged 130bpm.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Post JPM blues

Missed JPMorgan due to sickness (I was bed-ridden Monday and Tuesday) which was frustrating given I've been running pretty much pain free for 3 weeks now.  Got out today for 10+km around the wharves with Hoey (talking about Quintis), Jerome, Renee, Gidon, Birchy and Jack the Lad.  4:45's feeling pretty comfortable (138 bpm average heart rate).

Some great runs last night. Scotty dipped under 17 for 3rd, Barts just over but got the last of my PBs by 3s, great to see Andy putting it on the line to go under 18 and LJ returned to racing with a low 20 for 4th.