Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday recovery run

Very easy 14km around Balls Head with Ray, Kanser and Springer in 64:39. Legs tired from the weekend's efforts, but cool conditions and a beautiful day. Springer is trying to hose down his Canberra expectations, but Kanser has predicted a 2:44 and the Tiger and myself both independently predicted a 2:43. If Cameron Arnold can run 2:44 at Canberra, Springer can go quicker on his current form...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Confused long Sunday

Planned on running the Vaucluse Variation STaR but got confused with the clocks going back and assumed it happened last night. Was driving through Bellevue Hill and saw a load of Striders when my mistake dawned on me. Quick call to Kanser meant I switched plans and met up with him, MC, Enda, Terence, Timinerko and Ger(?) for their usual Sunday run. Covered 26.4km in about 1:56 so averaging under 4:30 per km. We started very easy (around 4:40s to 4:50) but the legs still felt tired after yesterday's efforts. Gradually started to feel better and we gradually speeded up. The last 8km averaged under 4 mins per km, ending with 4 x 1km strides in the centre of the Park speeding up each time until the last was run in about 3:23. Tim was running well and hope he has a great run in London. Kanser was with me on the quick reps right to the very end - he's certainly got the strength on the long runs. That's nine 2 hour runs for me in the last 10 weeks and the strength is really showing - I'd have been all over the road at the end of that run 2 months ago.

Great to catch up with the crowd on a beautiful day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday tempo - PB!

Headed out in the late afternoon in good conditions (about 23C) for the usual 7.5km Manly route. Felt strong even though the back is a bit sore, the groin chaffing is bad and my thighs were stiff after yesterday's cycle. I think the strength came from not running on Thursday and the cooler weather. 7:22 at Fairlight pool, 19:39 at Queenscliff (5:36 for the Manly mile into a slight headwind) and 26:34 all up. A 5 second PB from 28 July last year when I was really going for it. Very pleased with the run as I was cautious on the downhills because of my back so there is a few more seconds in it. Particularly pleased with the way I finished - 32 seconds quicker over the final 2km than last week.

When I set the PB last year I went on to run 33:31 at Lane Cove the following week which should give me some indication as to where I'm at for next Saturday.

Pete - good to hear from you and hope the uninjured running can continue. I'll be expecting a trip down to Sydney in the next few months for you to test things out...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Easy running and mad cycling

Very easy 13km around the Centennial Park route with Serg, Kanser and Springer in 56:47.

Then I headed down to Martin Place as part of the Allens team in "Spin for a Cure" in aid of the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. It involved each team member peddling as fast as they could for 8 minutes. It reminded me why I'm a runner and not a cyclist. And also why cyclists wear lycra. I wore my running shorts and my groin was almost bleeding by the end. Still, I was off last and the only female member of our team had posted the furthest distance until then so that was the obvious target. Managed 4.87kms and pipped her by 0.03kms. So my male ego remained intact. She's just joined the firm and turns out she's a good runner - has a marathon PB of 3:29 and is running Canberra in 2 weeks time...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Painful recovery run

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good and intended to run in with a couple of marathon pace stretches. Walking Billy to school I realised my back was playing up - I'd pulled a muscle at the bottom left hand side doing my exercises yesterday morning. Started jogging in from Redlands House and it was pretty painful. So discarded any ideas of marathon pace stretches and just dragged myself into work. 27:00 at Spit Junction (equivalent of 29:20) and 60:37 (equivalent of 62:57!) all up. Thought I'd never make it at certain points. Fortunately have an Easy Tiger massage booked in for this arvo.

Greg - I apologise. For the record, I would like everyone to know that Greg and Mike also ran 14 reps yesterday. In fact, Greg even threw in a 3:30 rep half way through. So plainly he's not trying hard enough at other times.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

14 x 3mins

Big crowd including Charlie, Serg, Fats, Phil Dove (making his annual appearance), Kanser, MC, Timinerko, Durante (looking very lean after secret warm weather training), Anthony, Springer, Ray, Greg, Mike Race and a couple of others. Intended to take make sure I didn't go off too quickly too early so we shared the pacing around making sure no-one sat on the shoulder of the pacemaker. It worked really well. We banged out the first 10 at almost spot on 3:30 per/km pace. The pace then increased over the last 4 so that the last one was done at almost 3:10 pace. Just Serg, Fats, Charlie, Phil and I ran all 14. Fats looked to be in great shape. Note sure how Phil does it but he was still right at the front at the end despite running reps 2-6 much quicker than us intending at that stage only to run 6.
I felt fine until the last 4 then put the effort in. Not as shattered as the last time I did 14 - the easier pace early on makes a big difference.
Attached a couple of photos Gerry took of the HuRT squad last Thursday.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Recovery run

Same North Head route as Friday. Started very easily and gradually speeded up but run much slower than Friday. 4:14 and 4:06 for the final 2kms of the North Head 10km route. 47:48 at the Stone Arch and 60:24 all up. Warmer this afternoon - about 26C.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Met up with Springer, 26 Miles and SilverFox and ran a makeshift STaR - the Tourist Trot. This was after going out on Emma's birthday last night in Manly and only leaving the pool table in The Boatshed at 1:15am. For the first 40 minutes I could barely manage conversation and seriously contemplated giving up. Then things started to feel better and turned into a nice run. Saw loads in Centennial, including Fats, the Tank and Tim L.

About 30km in 2:18:36.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday tempo

Manly 7.5km route. Lacked motivation early on but put the effort in from Manly SLSC onwards. 28:00 (despite desperately trying to get under 28 from Manly SLSC). 20:33 at Queenscliff. 5:39 for the Manly mile.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

13km around Manly - Pacific Parade, North Head (inc. Fairfax Track) then straight back home up Fairlight St. 57:00.

Took it easy to start with but gradually speeded up, helped by much cooler weather today and light rain. Felt great. 3:44 and 3:33 for the final 2km's of the North Head Striders route. 45:15 at the Stone Arch.

Running's going very well at the moment.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hickson Road

Back to where it all began - 5 x 1.2km reps along Hickson Road off 2 minutes. Haven't done these in a while and on the first rep it showed. A good crowd (it must have been as a result of Springer turning up with his camera) including Serg, Ray, Muz, Charlie, Richard H, Kanser, MC, Darren etc.

Reps went:

3:47, 3:33; 3:35; 3:39; 3:36

Started off on the first rep thinking I was travelling quickly. I was out in front but with a big group just behind. Was shocked at how slow it was. I'd forgotten that if you want to run these reps quickly you really have to dig in and push from the very start. That's why they hurt so much. Serg pushed the pace on the second, Ray pushed on the 3rd, Serg again on the 4th then Ray and Richard H on the final rep. I just latched on to whoever was pushing on each rep. Pleased with the reps other than the first but most pleased that I felt fine afterwards. May have been because the first was relatively easy but I used to feel spent after this session.

Hot today but not too much wind.

Richard H is looking very fit - hope he goes well in his Half IM.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Recovery run in

Dropped Billy off at Redlands House then ran in. Very easy today, although the legs were still tired from the sessions of the last 2 days. 26:36 at Spit Junction (equivalent of 28:56) and 58:36 all up (equivalent of 60:56). 13km.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


45 minutes Fartlek - 1 min on, 30 seconds off. Average pace overall was 3:40 so covered about 12.3km. I guess the fast stretches were close to 3:20 and the slow stretches 4:20. Set off with a group of myself, Charlie, Serg, Anthony and Gerry. The Judge immediately disappeared off into the distance as he was only doing 30 mins. Didn't see the rest of the crowd - it's a pretty anti-social session - but Kanser, MC (back after a month off running), Enda, Greg and a whole bunch of others were there so not sure how they fared.

Our crowd stayed together until 22.5 mins when the confusion arose. I think the last time HuRTS did this session they turned around at half way and ran back. I missed that session so was basing it off the last two times I did it where we do a loop of the Domain then started heading back, albeit finishing on 45 mins. Gerry dropped off at 22.5 mins. I really started to struggle from about 25 mins when fatigue from last night's run set in. Serg and Charlie were pushing on at this stage, with Anthony and I just behind. Serg and Anthony stopped at 35 minutes leaving me to struggle behind Charlie for the final 10 mins. Finished half way around the small park after the Park Hyatt - about 20 seconds short of when we did this session on 13th December. However, today we added a section doubling back to the bubbler near the toilets in the Domain so would work out at approximately the same distance covered.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Long run Monday

Managed to squeeze in the long run at the end of a stressful day. Ran the loop of Centennial that I did with Kanser last Monday (57:18) then ran home. About 26-27km all up in 1:57:13. Took it very easy trying to conserve some energy for tomorrow's session, but there's only so much energy you can conserve when running for 2 hours. Felt really comfortable until the hill after Spit Bridge and struggled home from there.

59:02 for the section I time when running to work (equivalent of 31:00 at the Toyota Garage) so I wasn't plodding.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend at Lake Macquarie

After getting back from Melbourne on Friday we drove straight up to Lake Macquarie for Richard Palmer's surprise 40th on the Saturday evening. Had a great weekend (see the pictures) but no running. Managed to squeeze in a 10.1km Manly route (clockwise) when we got back this afternoon in 44:40. Felt very lethargic, although it was quite warm (28C). Will fit the 2 hour run in tomorrow lunchtime after I've got the ISDA talk out of the way which has been weighing on my shoulders all weekend.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Easy local trundle

Flying down to Melbourne today for a lunch so just an easy early morning trundle around the Manly 7.5km route. 33:35. Lovely morning for it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Originally it was to be 14 x 400m, then thought that would frighten off too many people so sent out the email for 12 x 400m, but when we arrived at Rushcutters:
(a) there was a cricket match going on and the spectators were not happy with us running around the oval;
(b) the course was long - Garmin's had it at between 410m and 425m; and
(c) I reached rep number 3 and was knackered,
so it became 10 x 400m.

Reps went:

73, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72, 71, 71, 71, 67

Could have done two more at the end if I hadn't blasted the final rep but it's mentally tough at the rep 3/4 stage when the decision was made.

Ran them all with Serg with Anthony taking it easy for the Corporate Games 10km on Sat. Kanser followed running 74s with Luke, Clement, Greg and Chris G (showing no signs of his 6ft efforts) also showing up.

Warm and humid conditions.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MLR Wednesday

19km run to work (Queenscliff lagoon, Manly beach then in) but without the 4 marathon pace stretches. Not strong enough to do those yet, particularly after yesterday's session. Legs felt tired but breathing was fine. Watch said 83 mins but given I was 68mins odd at the bottom of Ben Boyd I think I forgot to run it between the bubbler in the park and the bubbler before the bridge at Milsons Point.

Looking back at when I ran this route regularly in August and September last year with the marathon pace stretches, I think I was a lot fitter....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

8 x 5mins

Getting stronger. 8 x 5mins off 90 seconds rest. Run in the sun and heat at lunchtime with a big crowd including Ray, Tucks, Anthony, Kanser, Springer, the Judge, Phil W, Timinerko, Greg, Darren, Enda, Adam C, Pete W and others.

Tried not to push too hard for the first few reps. A big crowd ran easily on the first rep then the Judge with Tucks following were slightly ahead from reps 2 to 6. I tended to run with Anthony and Ray. The reps were gradually increasing in pace from 3:25 to closer to 3:20 per km. A lot dropped out after 6 so that only Ray, Tucks, Enda, Adam and I completed rep 7 with Gerry, Greg and Tim L stopping after 4 mins. Enda and Adam dropped out after 7. Ran with Tucks all the way on reps 7 and 8 feeling very good. Not nearly as spent as last week and the strongest I've felt after doing that session. This is a GMap of the final rep which suggests it was run at 3:13 per km....

The Judge was looking strong and didn't tail off on his final rep. Will be very interesting to see what he can do at the NSW Road 10km. I might open a book on the Judge vs Tucks. Any takers?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Recovery run

Very easy 13km with Kanser to Centennial via Garden Island and Ocean Street but straight back from the Randwick Gates via Surry Hills. 59:00. Felt great today - first time I have done so following a long Sunday run so perhaps things are on the up. They need to be. I've got a new aim for the season following this post on Kanser's blog (9th March)....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Long Sunday run

Same as 2 weeks ago - 5km around Burnt Bridge Creek deviation before hooking up with TJA and running 2 loops of the 10km route. Tim wanted to do more marathon pace work so it was quick for a long run. First 10km loop in 40:13 then the second in 39:46 bringing up a nice 79:59 for the 20km. I was then knackered and gestured to Tim not to hang around for me as I struggled over the last 2km home. Tim was looking strong today.

Beautiful morning with mist on Campbell Parade park as we started and watching the sun rise running down Manly beach for the first of 4 times. Cool to start with but warmed up when the sun rose.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday tempo

Manly 7.5km route ran at a decent pace but without killing myself. 27:46 (20:22 at Queenscliff). Had a bottle of red wine yesterday and for some reason red wine always drains any strength from my body so felt very tired, and lacking in motivation, all the way.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

8 x 800m

8 x 800m off 2 minutes at Rushcutters Oval with Kanser, Serg, Durante, Greg, Tim C and thingy. Mentally it's a tough session but didn't feel half as wrecked physically as I did on Tuesday. Was feeling very tentative to start with after a number of beers last night and with it being pretty warm. But the session went well. Reps were:

2:30; 2:27; 2:27; 2:26; 2:28; 2:27; 2:25; 2:25

So more consistent than last time out. Ran the first 6 with Serg and Durante (Mike tending to be just in front) then the last two just with Mike. He sprinted off (at a pace quicker than my 100m PB) in the final 200m on the last rep to record a 2:21. Kanser caught me on the line on the last rep.

Pretty pleased with the session. The first 400m on each rep felt comfortable so it was a question of just pushing each one over the last 300m.

Jog there and back for about 13km.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

(Supposedly) Easy run to work

Dropped Billy off at Redlands House then ran to work from there. Went via Condamine/Sydney Road so that I could compare my normal run time into work. 2 mins at that junction (so it is 2.5 mins shorter than run to work), 25:27 (27:57) at Spit Junction and 56:17 (58:47) all up. Probably works out at just under 13km.

Legs felt very heavy today. Normally they ease up during the course of the run but not today. It's been quite a tough 4 days training (over 70km including 2 difficult ones). When I'm fit I feel I can toy around with the distances, throw a bit of marathon pace work in here and there. Not at the moment. Just a case of putting the hard yards in and hoping it pays off by May/June.'

Warm, little wind. Touch of rain coming over the harbour bridge.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

4 x 3km

Tough session today. 4 x 3km (or 10mins, whichever arrived first) off 2 minutes rest. Another good crowd with Tucks, Serg, Anthony, Kanser, Judge Drev, Gerry, Durante, Ray, Luke, Tim C, Tim L, Adam, Greg and Pete W.

We ran the Mona Fartlek route. On the first rep, 10 mins was reached at the second lamppost short of the stone pillars (basically where I normally turn when running Mona Fartlek). The Judge was way out in front, with Tucks and Anthony just in front of Serg and I having pulled ahead over the final 400m. On the 2nd rep it was more of the same, the Judge disappearing off into the distance with Tucks and Anthony again a few yards in front of Serg and I. Finished that one in 9:36, starting from the same point we finished the first rep (about 2.8km). The 3rd rep was probably my best - ran all the way with Anthony. Tucks was now pulling ahead easily and we overtook the Judge on the hill beside the Boy Charlton pool. Serg had dropped off too. Finished about 20m short of where we finished the first rep. Most didn't run the final rep with only Tucks, Ray, Durante, Adam, Greg, Tim C and I completing it. I ran 9:44 (over the shorter distance), really struggling with no-one to run with. Tim C and Ray pulled ahead from their starting position in front of me and Tucks put in about 15 seconds on me. Was shattered at the end and still feeling sorry for myself now.

My fitness isn't there yet but all these sessions help. In retrospect, I started this session too quickly. Better to run the speeding up towards the end.

About 13km all up.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday meandering

Serg's Centennial Park route but cutting out the Garden Island extension on the way back. Ran with Serg, Anthony, Durante, Gerry and Tim C. 14.1km in 64:47. Nice easy pace but the legs were very tired from yesterday so it wasn't half as easy as it should have been.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday long run

Thank God for the rain. Kirst wanted to do her run first this morning but woke up late so I only had 90 minutes before needing to take Bec to Nippers. Planned on two loops of the flat 10km route so set off at a decent pace given I would be running short. Fortunately, it started to rain and running past Queenscliff SLSC it was very quiet so Nippers was obviously cancelled. On that basis, decided to run 3 loops and make it over 30km.

Bumped into TJA on the way to Shelley Beach so ran with him for the rest of the way. 10km loops went 41:47, 43:00 and 42:25. The legs were pretty shattered at the end but I'm definitely feeeling stronger over these 2 hours runs towards the end. 3 weeks ago I was really struggling from 20km onwards. Good to run with TJA - wouldn't have managed 30km on my own at that pace. Sounds like he was suffering from illness yesterday.

31km all up.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Been ill

Finally managed to shake off this illness. Took Monday off work feeling terrible and spent the day in bed - mainly cold symptoms but with high temperature too. Spent the rest of the week feeling bad but went into work. I think it was some sort of sinisitis as I had cracking headaches and funny coloured stuff eventually coming out now.

Woke up this morning feeling better but it was too late to run Striders at North Head as I wasn't prepared and had already agreed to marshall. Disappointed though as there were some (well loads of) great results. Uncle Dave almost under 32, Gerry, Rich P, Enda and the Tiger all cracking 35 (along with 22 others), Durante running 34:15, Keith running 33:39 looking very good and Fats looking as though he is peaking at the perfect time to run 34:04 without pushing it. Flake also ran a PB in 37:40 looking as if he'd given it his all. MC should have been there - today was the day to beat 35. Only disappointments were TJA dropping out and Kanser obviously still having the marathon in his legs in not being closer to Enda, Gerry and Durante.

I ran the Manly 10.1km route today (bored of the flat 10km route) in 42:59. Started slowly then speeded up, dreaming of getting back into racing again.