Sunday, December 17, 2017

long sweat

So last night was the Manly Hardcore Mexican night and my liver is now past it. Somehow dragged myself around 28km (and not a flat 28km) with the Cap’n in the late afternoon in 4:42’s. 

Clean as a whistle from now on.


Friday was a rest day and the Super Series lunch where CT, Q, Scotty and I treated Barts to a top notch lunch at Bathers Pavilion.  The evening ended with the new tradition of ping pong where CT schooled us.

So Saturday in the heat and humidity was always going to be a struggle. Did the same 8km tempo with Timmy and Birchy as a fortnight ago.  40s slower in 30:13 this time, but 3:35’s were feeling fine. It was just the other factors that got me.

13.5km all up.

Thursday with Tucks

All time #2 is back in town so the session was dedicated to him. It was stinking hot so we did a shortened session at Rushcutters - 4 x 800m (2mins) plus 4 x 200m.

Times went 2:33, 2:32, 2:32 and 2:31.  Was just behind Tucks (Timmy remarked I was in his pocket once again) and Andy with Q a bit in front.  Then on to the 200’s with a different person leading each one out.  Brendan, Timmy, Q and Tucks did the honours each rising to the occasion.

Beers with Tucks in the evening.  The 5 day Christmas bender continues.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Another double

First up a commute on the bike with Dave Chapel but adding the standard Mosman hills. Beaut of a morning and a good way to add some efforts.  Caught Macca red handed emerging from the beach at Balmoral.  

Then at lunch the legs were a bit cactus but dragged myself out for a jog to Redleaf, dip in the pool and a jog back.  Talked all things Triathlon with Pete W and TKS, Mr Raisins and new bloke Vince also joined in the best lunch break you can take (bar the longer trip to Bondi).  12.5km all up.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday rooted

Up at 5:15am to ride with the Peloton up to Church Point and back hugging the beaches.  Nine of us this morning and with Toby, Dave, Smitty and Martin all ready to hammer it the pace was on from quite early.  I jumped on the back of the Manly Warringah train and, boy do they fly.  We were doing 46/47kmh from Long Reef on wards.  Dropped off the back towards Narrabeen and then did quite a bit of the work with Toby from there to Church Pt.  Got jelly legs on the final hill and lost them, only to almost regain contact right at the end.  Great ride and good to be back in it again. 

Then got home and ran into work.  Legs feeling pretty good (and achilles is better than ever) but towards the end I started to struggle in the heat.  Got to work and slumped over my desk for the next two hours having hoovered down a b&e roll.  66:25 for the run to work so better than recently despite struggling.

Monday meander

Was feeling knackered after the weekend so headed out in the late afternoon and found a couple of ovals to run around, mainly good old Reg Bartley.  Don't think I got one of the 10 km splits under 5:00 again.  This is becoming a habit.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday happy

With the achilles feeling better and better - first time it’s felt good post a long run - I ventured out to do my favourite hilly loop around the dam. Just under the hour for the 13.35km (4:28’s).  Starting to feel like a runner again.

Will have to Strava Segment this loop.

Berry long run

Down in Berry for the Fairgrounds music festival for the weekend. Woke up in a tent on Saturday morning having had my best nights sleep in yonks. Nothing starting up until noon so got permission to do a long run in the morning. Did two 13km loops of a route going up Agar’s lane south of Berry and it was magic. A bit undulating but on quiet roads in beautiful countryside. And my Achilles wasn’t even sore. Managed 26.5km in under 2 hours (4:28’s).  Then a dip in the pool and starting on the cider at 1pm listening to some great bands. Happy days.

Post script:  Went for a little “lie down” at 8.30pm - 3 hours before the kids - and woke up 11hours later.  Booze and sunshine don’t work for me.

Friday hungover

Hungover from my client Xmas party. Managed my slowest ever 10km in the late afternoon.  Didn’t get one 10km split in under 5mins. Checked out a few ovals though.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

HuRTs 10 x 400m plus 4 x 150m

Jogged over to Rushcutters still feeling fatigued and not much better than yesterday, although the achilles and calf were much better after ditching the exercises last night and just resting. I think I’ve been hammering it too much.

Arrived to find Timmy had set up the cones and marked out the beautiful surface perfectly. So after a bit of procrastination we were into it.  Didn’t smash them out but ran relatively hard and tried to stick with the same people. Timmy was running them well and Brendan, Jerome and Andy were ahead.  Picked up a bit towards the end when I gained confidence about not falling apart.

Times were: 74s, 74s, 74s, 74s, 74s, 74s, 73s, 73s, 72s and 71s.

Then onto 4 x 150m with a different person leading out each rep.  This is when you see the testosterone fly and some different blokes come out of the woodwork.  Have to say that Jerome looked majestic on the final 2. 

Jogged back for about 10km all up.

Wednesday abort

Late out at lunch. Planned a run around Centennial. Got to Kings Cross and pulled the pin. Left calf very tight, Achilles sore, knackered and couldn’t be arsed.  Liam and Biggsy both stopped to have a word seeing me walk back to the office.

HuRTs 4 x 2km reps

And Jac’s last session. Bumped into her on the way down with Renee. Said a few words and then we got into it.

Approached the session apprehensively, trying to feel my way in. Ran with Enda and Fats on the first rep overtaking Timmy towards the end  (6:56) so tried to keep them all under 7:00.  Enda ran away on the 2nd but then found out he was only doing 2. Fats also ahead.  But quicker in 6:50.  6:57 on the third when I set off behind the group so was playing catch up.  Then decided to put an effort in on the last rep and felt great running with Q and Jono for a 6:43.  Tired after that though.

3km warm down with Q and happy enough. Until I got back to the office and saw what times I ran this session at the end of July 2016, off a rolling 8:30 (instead of 9:00 today).

Monday recovery

12km nice and easy with Enda, Hoey and the HuRTs crew. Feeling ok.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Almost a long run

Shunned the 6am start despite a 5.30am alarm as I need the sleep recovery after a harder run on the Saturday.  Fortunately Craig and Hamish were keen for an 8.30am start.  Bit of a discussion as to where to go but we settled on a run around Narrabeen Lake getting there the most direct route.

Nice run. Felt good. Shout out to Lewis on our first km flying back the other direction (although as it turned out we were to return running the same pace over that section).

Pavlov Dog reaction on that route results in the pace increasing from Cromer onwards.  Last 2 km with Craig in under 4mins per km and I was cooked (it was pretty warm by then).  All up 25.2km in 4:28's.

Getting there.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Saturday session

Dropped Charlie at Kogarah then back to Centennial to catch up with Timmy and Birchy. Plan was a warm up then 8km tempo around the park then a cool down.

Hungover after our Department Xmas Lunch in the Lord Nelson yesterday. That said, we set off on the tempo with Timmy running 3:35 for the first km and I felt pretty comfortable.  Struggled a bit on the slight rises but then back into a good rhythm after 5km with Timmy helping out. All up ran 8km in 29:33 (3:41's) feeling ok.

14km all up.

Amazing runs by Scotty and Dave Criniti at State 5000m tonight.  14:48 holy crap with Scotty nudging Dave by 12 hundredths. 

HuRTs Awards

Too busy at work for session so just did 10km
in the late afternoon heading up to Centennial as I'm bored of the wharfs.  Very easy pace - 4:41's.

Then on to the awards and a great night.  The winners were:

1. Male POTY:  Barts off of his sensational C2S.
2. Female POTY:  Erika off of her Sun Run victory.
3. Improver:  Scotty based off his improvement from an already high standard.
4. Ultra: Luca due to his World Record exploits on the dreadmill.
5. Spirit:  Renee. Say no more.
6. Underperformed:  Timmy. No explanation required.
7. Triathlon:  Travis. Rare talent.
8. Nomad:  Andy.  Carcoar.