Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tempo Manly 7.5km

Had a night out in Manly last night and another steaming hot day meant my heart wasn't in this today. Managed 28:04 (3:48s) in the end not puffing too hard but the legs were tired.

Post Script: Congrats to Keith on a fantastic new Australian M50 record in the 3000m this evening - 8:59!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Easy again

Easy Monday route with Serg, Wildman, Kanser, Ray, MC and Durante in parts. 14.73km in 1:05:20 (4:26s). Hot (again).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recovery run

Very easy 10.46km around and about. Felt terrible to start with and was worried about the effects of yesterday but then gradually started to feel better until the end when all was well with the world. 45.54 for 4.23s. Still bloody hot.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MLR with marathon stretches

Burnt Bridge Creek, Queenscliff, Shelly, North Head then straight home. Included three 2km marathon pace stretches along Burnt Bridge Creek, Manly Beach and the final 2km of the Striders North Head route. Fast stretches times were 3:29, 3:29, 3:27, 3:27, 3:37, 3:29. Overall 18.52km in 1:17:40 for 4:12 per km.

Went out in the heat of the day (32C) and suffered as a result. Was fine until 10km then really tailed off. Pushed the final 2km fast stretch but it meant I crawled home from Manly (had to walk part way up the hill) and the pace dropped from 4:05 to 4:12 in that final 2km with a couple of 5:XX. Suffered from heat exhaustion at home feeling nauseous and light headed.

Need to do this session more though. The sort of session that makes you hate training.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holiday time

Heel was agony and hugely swollen after the State 5000m so took Friday and Saturday off and took Voltaren. Dread to think of what it will be like after the 10000m. Fine by Sunday so ste off midday from Seal Rocks towards Yagon campsit on an undulating unsealed road. Hit the beach after about 25 minutes and then ran straight along it, into a headwind, until I reached the end. Pretty tough going in softish sand. Elapsed time was 1:05 so turned around and ran home. Tail wind all along the beach and was easily running sub-4's all the way. All up 27.4km in 2:02:40 (4:24's).

Monday, legs were tired so ran to Yagon campsite and back. 19:00 (4:18's) on the way out, 16:10 (3:39's) on the way back pushing the hills and stretching in between.

Tuesday, back in Manly. Hilly 10km route feeling great in 37:22 (20:42 at South Steyne).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

State 5000m - 15:39:07

Rocked up to see myself in the B Race, AthleticsNSW having split the competitors into 4 races. The A race was basically Australian representatives whilst the B Race was recent ex-Australian representatives and some gifted juniors. Plus me. The C race was the people I normally run against.

It was hot. I was sweating just sitting on the train to get out there. Not only that but the wind had picked up and was strong coming around the 200m bend. Having said that, I was protected for most of the way from the wind by tucking behind a good group I was running with and actually found it a bit of a relief to step out into it every now and then to cool down.

Did a bit of a warm up (not that that was necessary) with Ray before nervously heading over the the start line. Saw Keith Bateman, Paul Arthur, the Tiger and others flying around in the C Race and thought what the hell am I doing in the B Race lining up with the likes of the Shepster (see comments of 2 days ago), Nick Cope, Caleb Wegener, Liam Ridings et al, all sub-15 runners. Quick chat with DrJH and Truscott before picking up my lane number (no.13, which about summed it up) and we were on the start line. Waited for what felt like an eternity before we were off. I settled into a comfortable position (last) but at least I was running right on the inside of the track. All I could think of during the first km was that it was typical that the one race Kirst comes to see me run, I'm going to finish last.

Actually felt pretty comfortable for the first km going through in 3:04 so pushed ahead of the small group of 3 I was in to catch the next group which comprised Chamkaur, DrJH and Brad White(?). We were running well as a group - stretching out with the wind then feeling as though I was treading on their heels while tucked in behind going into it. At 2km I was starting to feel as though this race was going on forever, the heat just seemed to sap all bounce from your legs. Then at 2.2km DrJH just stepped off the track. I couldn't believe it! How could he do that? It's almost un-Australian. Then as soon as he did it, I wanted to do it! Really struggled then as I'd lost my game plan and all these negative thoughts were running through my head. It was just like Lane Cove in November when all the boys told me 2 minutes before the race that Durante wasn't showing up! However, just dug in, got to 2.5km and thought, ok, halfway. Just count the number of metres I've run. 3km in 9:22. I got so involved in working out whether I was at 3400m or 3800m that suddenly I realised I only had 3 laps to go. Looked up and we seemed to be getting closer to a few of the runners ahead. Then at 3.8km, or was it 4.2km, don't know, Truscott suddenly seems as though he's only 30m ahead but then he too steps off the track! What's going on? I'll take that as a win I thought.

2 laps to go and people are being chewed off and spat out left right and centre. Caught 3 more over the final 2 laps, including Earl O'Brien (winner of my State 3km race in November) to finish in 15:39. Pleased with the time in the conditions. More pleased just to have completed finishing relatively strongly. Things are on track. Dad's PB remains for another day.

Great to watch the A Race. Steve put in a really gutsy performance to finish 6th in 14:20. I reckon he would have been close to 14:00 in good conditions. Amazing performance by Nipperess to outkick Jeff Hunt for the win (beating the likes of Tim Rowe and Westcott). He's really stepped up. If you look at my post on April 29, 2007, you'll see a picture of me leading Nipper half way through the Novice X-Country (he's the one in the St George red and white singlet on the right). That's how much he's improved.

Good to catch up with Timmy L, Tucks (and Nia!), Flakey and the others afterwards and thanks for the shouts. Timmy should have some splits to input tomorrow.
Just uploaded the splits. Looks like my km times went 3:05, 3:05; 3:10; 3:12; 3:07

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pre-race trot

Very easy 6km with Wildman, MC and Clyde. Hot out there. Bumped into Springer afterwards - another recruit for GCM. He's even booked flights.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

Farm Cove is too busy so 16 of us headed over to Rushcutters to run it around the Oval. For the front group, 3 minutes is almost exactly 2 laps (at 3:20 pace). With the race in 2 days I only ran 8 and with MC at 3:30 (or a nudge under) pace. Felt comfortable. Getting nervous. Hot out there? Not enough water? Got ulcer. Perhaps a sign of peaking? God knows. Not raced in 2 months - can't be good. 3km race was off the back of a good build up. All the negative thoughts are flowing...

Dave Clarke was smashing the reps out today, with Muz and Durante next up running together looking strong.

Anonymous #1 and Anonymous #2, agree. You're right. Should just race it. But I've been through this dilemma a million times before. My problem tends to be I assume I'm going too fast when I don't have a watch and so slow down. Whereas when I wear one and check it, I realise I'm only running 75's or whatever and just dig in and get on with it. Ultimately I'm not really fussed with the time, more interested in who I can beat.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy Monday

Usual Monday route with Durante, MC, the Chairman, Terence and Tucks. Very easy (although there's something about running during a taper where you feel as though you just can't be arsed) running the 14.66km in 1:04:044 (4:22's).

Got my Adidas watch fixed for Thursday night (Garmin is too heavy). Getting excited now. Timmy L has agreed to do the lap counting so I think I'm all sorted. Just need to ease the pain on the heel which is slowly deteriorating.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shortened Sunday

Couldn't get out of bed this morning after Wildman's engagement party last night so headed out at 3pm for 20km easy. Was going to run the usual 10km loops but Manly Beach was packed so headed up to North Head and then retraced my steps but back via Campbell Parade. 20.11km in 1:26:33 (4:18s). Felt really good today after yesterday's rest.

Good chatting to Ben and Tim last night (the latter obviously looking forward to the 5km on Thursday night) and met Sean Williams and his wife for the first time. Durante was batting his eyelids at Sean so I had to have a word and remind him where his loyalties lie. HuRT Squad will shortly be me and Kanser at this rate.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Easy Friday

Cremorne again with MC, Tim C, Clyde and Muz. 14kms averaging 4:44's. Felt great today but the heel was sore.

Big congrats to Kanser for his 2:41 in Dubai in not ideal conditions. A 5 minute PB plus feeling strong in the last 10km means there's plenty more to come. Hopefully he'll run Gold Coast if the missus allows.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

HuRTS Pyramid session

Too darn hot. Another couple of degrees hotter than yesterday, although as I write the storm has come in and lightning is striking all around.

With it being so hot, me being pretty jaded and the heel being a bit sore, I decided not to kill myself today. Rolled around the session with Durante and Muz averaging 3:10's (compared to 3:00's last time) feeling pretty comfortable all the way. Put a bit more effort into the final two reps, running a 69 last lap (equivalent of a 62 second 400m) only to be overtaken by a charging stallion in the last 50m. The Chairman was pushing all the reps hard out front, with Dicky H, Terence and Kaley making up the remainder of the first group. Split into 3 groups today even though numbers were down with the heat.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday MLR

Out with Muz and the Saint for the usual 19km Wednesday route. 1:23:23 (4:33's). Me and Muz were trying to push it along but Ben kept on dragging us back - he really needs to work on his endurance.

Very hot today (30C+) and I was wilting in the sun by the end.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HuRTS Hickson Road

Some sessions just hurt more than others. I think I've settled into a comfortable regime with some of the HuRTS sessions recently. You can't do that with Hickson Rd. Every one of the reps hurts. Event the rests hurt - mental torture at the prospect of the next rep. I suppose it must be doing a load of good in raising the lactate threshold. Does that mean the other sessions are pointless? I guess you have to mix them all up as we'd all break down if we ran Hickson Rd twice a week every week. Great 5km training though. Just worried it may all be a bit too late and that I've not squeezed enough speed sessions in.

We split into two groups again this week - Durante, Muz, Dicky H and myself in the first group with Mike leading others including Terence, Tucks, Tim C, Pete W, Enda and Adam etc in the second. I really wanted to give the session a crack this week but first disappointment was realising that I'd left my adizeros at home so had to run in my heavy trainers. Still, set off at the front on the first rep and tried to make it quick. Groaned with disappointment at the end on looking at the time but they got better with more competition for the following reps. Durante was running strongly again pushing each of them just in front of Muz. After the first one, I tried to nudge the second half of each of the reps after tucking in for the first half. Times went as follows:

3:36; 3:33; 3:28; 3:33; 3:30

Quite a bit of wind on reps 2 and (particularly) 4 which slowed them down. It was hot too which didn't help. Exactly the same average time as for when I last ran this session at the end of October.

Nice jog back catching up with Kanser. Had a bit of a discussion on who is going to win Six Foot. He's convinced Uncle Dave will have it wrapped up but, great runner that he is, I still think it's a specialists event and that Fats will win again provided he's fit. Hope Amanda appreciates my loyalty.

Good luck to Kanser for Friday.

PM: Run home. Felt much better than last week - 59:03 but still feeling as though I was taking it very easy. I'll double up on Tuesdays from now on - Mondays are too close to the long Sunday run and doubling up on Tuesdays means the earlier speed session is more meaningful.

Monday, January 12, 2009

No double up

Usual easy Monday route with a good group including Wildman, Durante (before he headed off to tone his pecs), Tucks, Muz, Serg, Clyde, MC and Kanser towards the end. 65 something. Planned to run home but got caught in a meeting from 4.30pm until 10.30pm by which time I'd lost the inclination. Will double up later in the week.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bobbin Head STaR

Headed over to Wahroonga for the Bobbin Head STaR. Picked up Dicky H on the way and runners in the 6.20am group included Tim C, John Binfield, Dennis and Mark F. Beautiful morning for a run and a fantastic route - plenty of bush and loads of hills. 4km straight up from Bobbin Head where Richard and I pushed ahead. Slow to start with (we were averaging 5:05's by Bobbin Head 17kms in due to the hills and bush) but we brought it down to 4:44's by the end with the customary quick finish. Felt very good from the top of the Bobbin Head hill onwards. Total of 30.81km in 2:25:49.

Picture taken yesterday just before Bec's party.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Easy Friday

Very easy run with MC, Durante, Tim C, Clyde, LF Charlie and Ray. 13.85km around Cremorne Point. 1:05:16 (4:43s). Heel sore.

Kids current favourite songs:

Bec: Hot and Cold by Katy Perry
Charlie: Poker Face ("Bubba Face") by Lady Gaga
Billy: Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Guess which one takes after me.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

PB time!

Missed HuRTS 400s today due to the world's longest meeting so ran home after work as a tempo but secretly hoping to have a crack at my PB. Put the effort in from the word go and didn't let up all the way. Bottom of Ben Boyd in 13:00, Toyota Garage in 24:30 (1:30 up from when I set my last PB) and finished in 46:21. A 2:24 PB, which was last set on 24th July, just before City to Surf. Pleased that the second half was still quicker than last time, when I was running hills well. Have got the metallic taste in my mouth now so I must have got the lungs burning pushing those hills.

Obviously hit a bit of form so looking forward to the next couple of races. I'm still convinced half of it is due to the adizero LT's. If you haven't tried them, do so.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Easy MLR

Usual 18.5km Centennial route with MC, Dicky H, Tim C, the Chairman and (wait for it) Tucks. Hot again so the pace was easy. Garmin ran out of batteries by the end but it was showing 4:28 average pace before it did so. Pretty fatigued but pleased with the way the week has gone.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

HuRTS 8 x 800m

HuRTS was splintered today, with Wildman leading a group of renegades on a 3 x 2km session off 4 minutes rest. Sounded a bit easy to me so the rest of us (MC, Kanser, Durante, the Chairman, English Andy, Tim C, Terence (scarily showing great form after running 2:44 in Hobart 2 days ago), Pete W and others) set off for Rushcutters for 800s off 90 seconds rest. Reps went as follows:

2:22; 2:22; 2:21; 2:21; 2:18; 2:22; 2:22; 2:20

Was chasing Kanser on the first 6. He was flying today. Got close on reps 4 and 5 . He was only doing 6 as a taper for Dubai so by myself for the final 2. The Chairman was taking it easy doing 10 and Durante is still recovering from sunburn. Felt pretty comfortable - I find the 800s much easier than 10 x 400m (planned for Thursday).

Stinking hot such that we were searching for cover in between the reps. Very pleased with the session after the past couple of days training.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Doubling up

Lunch: Out with MC, Kanser, Wildman, Durante, LF Charlie, the Chairman, Ray and English Andy for the usual Monday route. Very easy today - 14.86km (slight detour due to erecting the outdoor cinema at Farm Cove) in 1:07:30 (4:30 p/km). Hot at around 30C although about 5C cooler than out West due to the sea breezes.

Evening: Run home. More like a slog. Very tired. 60:19. Would have been a lot slower but picked it up over the final 2km. One hour will be the benchmark for Monday nights over the coming months.

Plan is to try to double up one day a week in Jan, 2 in Feb and 3 in March in lead up to Six Foot. Will sort out the marathon schedule after that (14 weeks) as I should have a decent base by then.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dee Why Dash

Sometimes everything just works perfectly. Headed over to Dee Why for the Striders STaR and caught up with Dicky H. The others in the 6.20am group included Peter and Jenny Truscott, John Binfield and Dennis Wylie. Very easy pace to start with but there are some monster hills to clim to get up to Belrose so was happy with the slow pace. Started to speed up a bit on the way back down and put in 5km in about 20 mins heading around Queenscliff. Was just Richard and I left at this stage and we struggled up the Griffin Road hills to round out the 29.40km in 2:13:48 (4:33 pace). Not bad considering the early pace and the size of those hills. Made me realise how much tougher it is to do the long runs with hills though as I was struggling towards the end.

Beautiful day with a gentle cooling breeze made for perfect conditions to jump into the surf at Dee Why afterwards. Headed over to Queenscliff for Nippers afterwards to see Bec win the Flags and the surf paddle. Just got to get her out on the bike more - she'll be a champion triathlete.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

More easy stuff

Back to the old 10km route. Cool again but a little tired after yesterday's efforts. 42:25.

Big congratulations to Kanser for a great 10km last night. Going under 33 mins I think makes him a "very good runner" according to the official Sergio classification.

Friday, January 02, 2009

10km tempo

Caught up with Tim and ran a 10km tempo - 4 loops of a near exact 2.5km circuit not more than 200m from my house. Tim had it at 10.04km on his Garmin which is exactly what G-Maps has it at....

He set off pretty quick going through the first km in just over 3:20. I then pushed on towards the end of the first lap, built a little gap on the second and gradually pulled ahead for the reminaining laps. Lap times went as follows:

8:28; 8:38; 8:34; 8:18.

Total time of 33:58. Tim came in at 35:11. Felt relaxed all the way through but it's never really comfortable at that pace. Very pleased with the final lap as I could see that a sub-34 was on the cards so put the effort in to get it.

Much better conditions than recently. Cool at about 23C with a bit of a breeze.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Getting bored

..of doing the same route, so did it in reverse. Went out at 2pm and it was a scorcher (the temperature, not my run) - about 32C. 40:35. Not too bad considering the conditions but didn't feel as though I was taking it easy. Seems to be the problem with running the same route everyday - you find it hard to take it easy. I can see how Dave Sweeney gets fit on his daily dose of "Roo and Lake".