Wednesday, December 31, 2008

24 little hours

It all got better today. Plan was to start easy and increase the pace (I was feeling better) but I was up on yesterday even without trying. 20:22 at South Steyne (5:38 for the Manly Mile) and 36:53 all up. Would have been pleased with that on the flat 10km route let alone the hilly version. Wearing the Adizero's was obviously the difference - christened them at JPMorgan and don't think I've run a bad session in them since.

Good to have Hamburglar's company for 200m around Queenscliff. Good luck for tomorrow mate.

Farewell '08. Hope you all have a great 2009.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dodge City

Is where my stomach is at. That's the problem with kids. I don't think I had one stomach complaint between the ages of 11 and 28.

Same route as yesterday but thought I'd push it today. Managed that though feeling uncomfortable until South Steyne (21:26) but the lethargy had begun to set in which slowed me down to a jog. That quickly converted to a crawl. Had a pit stop outside Manly Waterworks and dragged myself home. Still managed 43:10 which just showed how much quicker I was over the first half than yesterday.

Not happy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Same again

Didn't feel much better, maybe due to lack of a proper meal in the past 48 hours. Down to 62.4kg this morning - I think the hangover was also a bug as Maggie's been throwing up loads. 43:02 so a little quicker.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hardest 10km of the year. Reminded me of what it's like to run when you're not fit. Ran the hillier version. 44:50.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day stuff

Headed out over lunch down to Queenscliff, around to Shelley, up to North Head to see the Sydney/Hobart start (avoided Fairfax Track as it would have been packed), back down via Little Manly beach and around to Forty Baskets where we'd left the car yesterday after drinking too much champagne. 15.99km in 1:08:37 (about 4:15s). Generally a nice run but it got hot and was crowded up on North Head.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve wanderings

4 hours sleep. Had to move downstairs at 1.30am - was keeping Kirst awake. Got up early. Missed Jet Cat. Caught Cab. Got to office. Dumped bag. Ran to meet Kanser. Ran together to Centennial. Ran numerous loops of Mackay Oval waiting for everyone. Nice easy run with the Tiger, Nick Cope, Caleb, Jane, Durante, the Wildman and Kanser. Ran back to Kanser's. Ran back to office. 23-24kms averaging about 4:40s. Bought prawns and sausages from David Jones. It's a madhouse in there. Back in office. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HuRTS Mona Fartlek

Felt very average this morning. Up half the night coughing and really wasn't in the mood for a session. Rocked up to a small group including Kanser, Phil W, English Andy, Pete W, John B and a couple of the new blokes. No-one was keen to take it on so ran by myself the whole way. Barely reached the statue on the way out but felt better on the way back reaching the end of the Opera House. Jogged the long way back with Kanser and English Andy, moaning to one-another about our aches and ills. Sometimes wonder why I bother.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Easy(ish) Monday and Year in Review

Out at lunch feeling pretty good which was surprising given yesterday's run. Caught up with English Andy, the Saint, MC and Kanser and ran the usual route. Out in 4:30s and back picking it up all the way so the last 3km was run in 12:00. Finished the 14.71km in 1:03:00 (4:17s). Another beautiful day but pretty breezy. The Saint was saying that Shelley and potentially Dent and Youcef will be running the State 5km in Jan which should make it a cracker of a race. Hope they have seeded races otherwise I'll be trying to avoid being lapped twice.

Year in Review:

Started with the achilles injury which was probably a blessing in disguise. Really concentrated on getting fit for the State 10km. This season I seemed to peak for races very well but run the ones in-between pretty averagely - unlike last season where I was very consistent all the way through but without any stand-out runs.

Best 3 races:

1. JPMorgan (Sydney) - probably my best race since the Northern X-Country Championships in 1989.
2. City to Surf - if only for getting the monkey off my back and being able to run well on a hilly course. I'm usually crap on hills.
3. State 10km - finally cracking 33 mins and by a fair margin.

Difficult to exclude State 3km from the top 3 given the sudden turn-around in form and the good PB, but in the end the others were more important. Also seemed to run well at each of the ANSW events. Not sure whether this is due to the atmosphere, the fact that the competition is generally stronger or that they aren't run at some ungodly hour in the morning.

Worst 3 races:

1. Minimosmarathon. Slowest 10km in 2 years. Bloody awful course (see above re: hills). And the fact that you have to run around Mosman. Still don't forget heading the wrong way at one point because the marshall was collecting her morning latte. I'd rather run the Minirootyhillmarathon.
2. Gold Coast Half. Really thought I was on for a big PB in this one. I blamed it on the wind but that didn't seem to affect Dave Sweeney.
3. Coolrunning 5km end of October (if it counts as a race), if not Lane Cove 10km a week later. Smashed by Muz on both occasions. Really need to do something about my 5km PB.

The Year ahead:

Will be dominated by the marathon in July. Everything will be viewed as a build up to that. The thing this year has taught me is to view races in the scheme of current training and stop trying to run a PB every time. Also very much looking forward to Six Foot Track. Don't want to miss the NSW Long Course and Short Course X-Country Champs this year either. Despite the hills.

My votes for HuRTS performances of the year:

1. Best performance: Tucks and his NSW Long Course X-Country race. I don't know about the marathon yet so can't assess how good his 2:29 in Canberra was. In absolute terms, Steve's 14:33 over 5km would win but you have to take into account relative ability.
2. Improver of the Year: Steve. Who else. It's enjoyable to look back over the blog and see how he used to struggle back in June.
3. Sergio award. Serg. It's no done thing for next year though. Having said that, when it comes to one-on-one competition, you wouldn't bet against him. His comeback in the North Head 10km was great as was his run in the X-Country relays.

Ones to watch for next year:

1. Muz - now he's discovered that you can run on the weekend, and that you can run for 2 hours, he's going to be dangerous. Time for the rest of us to step up training.
2. Dicky H - he improves so quickly off short blocks of high intensity training so it'll be interesting to see how far he can get off a sustained programme which he should have up to Six Foot Track.
3. Kanser - so long as he stays injury free (a big ask given his current regime) I have a feeling he'll finally crack the marathon in July if he runs it. No more running obscure marathons in far flung places, he'll be against a large number of his training partners in the event he loves most with no excuses.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday 10km loops

Dicky H came over on a beautiful still morning (about 15C) and we churned out the Manly 10km loops. Started quicker than usual but didn't stop us picking up the pace on the final loop. Kms went as follows:

4:44; 4:10; 4:05; 4:02; 4:03; 4:03; 4:00; 4:07; 4:10; 4:11; 4:08; 4:04; 4:05; 4:01; 4:03; 4:03; 3:59; 4:02; 4:01; 4:07; 3:54; 3:45; 3:48; 3:44; 3:52; 3:47; 3:44; 3:44; 3:43; 3:44.

All up 30km in 1:59:55 (aimed for sub 2 when we saw the clock at 26km) which is 3:59s. Final 10km in 37:45. Definitely feeling stronger over these long runs. Dicky H was pushing all the way and is getting very strong off only 5 consecutive weeks over 2 hour Sunday runs. I reckon he should run for Mayor of Manly. He mush have high-fived every second person we ran past.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quickish run home

Quickish run home after a day off yesterday. Pushed it from Spit Junction onwards. 27:47 at the Toyota Garage and 51:24 all up.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MLR Wednesday

18.37km Centennial route in 1:22:25 (4:29s). Ran with MC, the Saint and LF Charlie. Beautiful day but a bit warm. Nice chat, felt good until the final 2km when a bit of fatigue set in. Heel very sore this morning but eased up by a Tiger massage this afternoon. He killed my bloody shins though. I think he was just angry about a growing realisation he's going to owe me $200 in the near future...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

The King tide was in, we spent the first 8 reps running off road to avoid it. Gradually subsided to allow for some more even paced running. Reps went as follows:

902m (3:20 per/km); 906m (3:20s); 925m (3:15s); 900m (3:21s); 911m (3:19s); 905m (3:21s); 903m (3:21s); 900m (3:21s); 933m (3:14s); 911m (3:20s); 937m (3:14s); 924m (3:15s); 978m (3:05s); 968m (3:06s)

All off 60 seconds rest.

Ran variously with Durante, Dicky H, Kanser, the Chairman, English Andy and Muz. Turned to Kanser after rep 11 and asked how many he was doing in the hope he was going to say 12 so that I could gratefully stop then too. He looked all keen and said the full 14, at which point my heart sank. I was struggling from rep 7 onwards but pleased to be able to pluck a couple of quick ones out of nowhere at the end - assisted by Muz, the Chairman and Kanser.

Buggered now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Progressive tempo

Was supposed to be a recovery run but somehow it didn't turn out that way, and we didn't even have the Saint with us. Serg, Kanser, Wildman, Durante, the Chairman and Dicky H showed up on a lovely clear day. Legs felt pretty sluggish to start with but on the way back Durante and the Chairman had pushed on ahead so Kanser and I picked up the pace slowly, and in particular from the Park Hyatt onwards, having started to feel a little better. Km times were as follows:

4:26; 4:12; 4:11; 4:14; 3:57; 4:16; 4:10; 3:56; 4:05; 3:49; 3:41; 3:36; 3:47; 3:39

So all up 14.56km in 58:03 (3:59 p/km). Dicky H is looking stronger every week. No idea how Kanser coped with that after his weekend's efforts.

PM: Jog home but stopping at Toyota Garage. Felt good and was tempted to carry on but don't want to push the doubling up too much too soon. 31:03.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Manly 10kms

Caught up with Tim this morning for the usual 3 x 10km loops. Very easy jog down the hill just before 6am before Tim set off like a rocket. Settled in OK and the km splits were pretty regular before picking it up over the final 10km:

4:49; 4:16; 4:10; 4:10; 4:06; 4:08; 4:04; 4:08; 4:16; 4:14; 4:12; 4:11; 4:10; 4:04; 4:06; 4:07; 4:02; 4:09; 4:12; 4:13; 4:02; 3:58; 3:57; 3:55; 3:59; 3:55; 3:53; 4:02; 4:04; 3:57

All up, 30.58km in 2:06:23 (4:08's) with final 10km in 39:42. Good to run the whole thing with Tim who was noticeably stronger than 2 weeks ago. Beautiful morning - clear as a bell and coolish. Bumped into Darren Quarrel (who was flying) and Pete Walker.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Quick run to work

Felt good this morning so pushed it a bit on the run in. 25:49 at Spit Junction (4:27 pace all the way up Parriwi Rd) and 52:52 all up.

Cool and drizzling rain so perfect conditions, although some b**tard in the T3 lane drove through the biggest puddle when I was running right beside it just after Spit Bridge and completely drenched me (to the extent I swallowed dirty puddle water). Made worse by the fact that there were hundreds of other cars queueing around at the time who must have seen it and had a good giggle.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HuRTS Pyramid session

Session was based on laps of Rushcutters Oval - 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps, 4 laps, 3 laps, 2 laps, 1 lap. Each lap is about 450m - probably 455m. We split into two groups - the first being the Chairman, Muz, KMK, Kaley, Dicky H and English Andy. MC took the second with the Stallion bludging in that group with another hangover. The rest was half the time it took to run the rep you had just finished. Splits went as follows:

87 (3:16 p/k), 2:50 (3:09), 4:11 (3:06), 5:27 (3:02), 4:00 (2:57), 2:37 (2:52), 71 (2:40).

So, too easy to start with but picked it up well towards the end. Was always going to be difficult feeling our way into a brand new session. The Chairman pushed on during both 3 laps and the 4 laps, but I caught him on the final 2 laps and 1 lap. Otherwise ran the rest with Muz. Felt pretty good towards the end and even found a turn of pace on the last. CT will be getting scared.

Overall it's 7230m averaging 3:00 per/km.

MC was running very strongly - managing a 74 on the last rep (equivalent of a 66s 400m).

Tim - flat 30km on Sunday sounds good, but no intention on trying to run the final 10km in 37 minutes this time. How about 6am at the Roundhouse Kindergarten?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MLR Easy Wednesday

Woke up this morning feeling as though someone had taken a hammer to my thighs during the night. However, a nice easy run at lunchtime has them feeling a lot better. Ran the long Centennial route with MC, the Chairman, Dicky H and Ben St L. 18.36km in 1:23:05 (4:32s).

I think we worked out that Truthy is the Tiger, although I'm not wholly convinced as his grammar is a bit too good for the Tiger.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

HuRTS 5min reps

Crowd today was the Chairman, MC, Kanser, the Stallion, Muz, English Andy, Enda, Kaley plus others. Muz and the Stallion were tired from the past few days so took it easy. Kanser started easy then picked it up towards the end so I started by trying to stay with the Chairman but as he was running close to 3:10s, ended up running by myself. Reps went:

1.49km (3:22s), 1.51km (3:18s), 1.50km (3:20s), 1.50km (3:20s), 1.52km (3:18s), 1.50km (3:21s), 1.52km (3:18s), 1.52km (3:18s).

All off 90 seconds rest. Very pleased to keep the consistency with the session as it was hot out there with not much protection from the sun. I was tired towards the end so they required increasing effort. I reckon this session is a good guide to your race 10km time - based on your average pace for all 8. Gives me a 33:10 which is probably about right. Kanser is coming back into form - he seems to thrive off high mileage, high intensity training. Couldn't stick with him on the last one where he ran about 3:13s.

Absolutely knackered now, particularly backing up after yesterday.

Monday, December 08, 2008

St Lawrence joins HuRT Squad!

For one run, at least.

Finally able to head out again after recovering from gastro. Could probably have gone out yesterday but was up in the Blue Mountains for the weekend (getting pretty excited about running 6ft Track). Today I caught up with MC, Dicky H, Wildman, the Stallion, Auz and Ben for the usual 15km recovery run. Although it wasn't much of a recovery (Serg would have been pleased) with everyone obviously trying to show their best form with Ben around as it was a bit quicker than usual (14.88km in 1:01:38 for a 4:08p/k average). After 5 days off though, I was feeling great. Will try and head out this evening to squeeze in something resembling a long Sunday run.

PM: Very easy jog home. 32:35 at Toyota Garage then the watch lost its signal. Probably just over 60 minutes. Lower legs sore.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

HuRTS Progressive Tempo

Was feeling crap in the morning but foolishly decided to go out for the session in any case. Started at the St Mary's gates and ran the 45min fartlek course as a progressive tempo - increasing the pace by 15 seconds p/km after each 10 minutes. Started at about 4:10's and it roughly worked. I got km splits as follows:

4:16; 4:06; 4:07; 4:01; 3:48; 3:47; 3:45; 3:31; 3:34; 3:17; 3:23; 3:22

Final section from Opera House gates to stone gates was 9:45. We turned after 24 minutes (at the second bridge half way through Hickson Rd) and got back in just under 21 (44:51).

Felt fine when running (although I was knackered at the end), but immediately started to feel crap again. This got worse during the day so here I am at home the next day having just got out of bed feeling sorry for myself.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Recovery Monday

Good crowd with Serg, Muz, Ray, Steve, MC, Dicky H, Durante and Enda. Ran the short route through Oxford St to Centennial, did a long loop then back through Woolhara Gates down Ocean St but cutting out Garden Island. 14.11km in 1:02:50 (4:27s). Not much of a recovery as it was above 30C and very humid. Legs very jaded from yesterday.