Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Base Maintenance

Friday and Saturday off again (same reason as last week, hangover then too busy) so off out again today feeling fresh and the heel better than in a long time. Decided on the 10km loops and bumped into Tim Ashby about 5kms in who was doing the same thing so we ran together. I hadn't even realised he was running again so it was a pleasant surprise and made the run much more enjoyable. I wanted to push the final 10km like last week so left him with about 9km to go. I was feeling great at that stage and the pace picked up pretty easily. Struggled over the final 2km when the fatigue set in but a good run in perfect conditions.

Km splits were as follows:

4:36; 4:14; 4:09; 4:06; 4:10; 4:11; 4:09; 4:11; 4:13; 4:15; 4:10; 4:05; 4:03; 4:07; 4:09; 4:10; 4:01; 4:11; 4:12; 4:09; 4:04; 3:47; 3:42; 3:42; 3:45; 3:44; 3:37; 3:49; 3:55; 3:52.

All up, 30.55km in 2:04:26 (averaging 4:04s) but with the last 10km in 37:57.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

HuRTS 8 x 800m

A bottle and a half of 2005 Katnook Cabernet Sauvignon in Bambini Trust last night, plus the heavy workload early this week persuaded me to take it easy today. Huge crowd which we split up into 2 groups. Front group was the Chairman, the Stallion and Muz with me following behind with Dicky H and English Andy. Ran 2:35, then 2:33, 2:32, 2:32; 2:32, 2:31 then 2:14. Felt comfortable running the 2:32's and feeling as though I'd bludged a bit so threw it all into the last one.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Easyish Wednesday

Centennial route including the extra lap but cutting out Garden Island on the way out - 17.88km in 1:18:39 (4:24s).

Late out so missed the boys setting off so ran hard for the first few km trying to catch them up. Eventually caught MC and Clyde near the top of Ocean Street. From then on it was a pleasant run. Bumped into Less Fast Charlie at the end, having just done Warrior, looking intimidating...

76km in the past 4 days is good going but I'm tired.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

Huge turnout today for one of the toughest sessions we do, not sure why it's so popular. I reckon it's one of my best though, always seem to do well on it. Wore my Adizeros and felt great in them. I was intending to take it easy today but just settled into a comfortable rythmn from the word go. Steve disappeared off into the distance (with Ray chasing him!) leaving Fast Charlie (didn't catch Less Fast Charlie today), Muz, Durante, the Chairman and I in a group behind. Turned at exactly the same spot as last time (just opposite the renovated old building on Hickson Rd) still feeling good. Fatigue started to creep in approaching the Opera House. Went through 10km in about 33:50 when the group I was running with started to drop. Steve caught me on the hill by the ABC Pool and tried to stick with him for as long as possible before he accelerated away by the Art Gallery. Finished 13 seconds short of the start line.

Great session.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Easy recovery

Easy recovery run - the usual route (14.84km in 1:03:03 - 4:15s). Steve, DC5 (this moniker has never really caught on, and given he shares a name with the Chairman of his bank, I think he should now be called the Chairman - that way, when Drev shows up we can have the Chairman chasing the Judge) and Serg ran ahead and Durante, Kanser, MC, Slow Charlie (as opposed to Fast Charlie, in every sense of the term), Muz, English Andy and I trailed behind. Kanser was complaining that we were going too quick for a recovery run but I figure that if we are chatting all the way then that is good enough.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More base maintenance

Couple of days off on Friday and Saturday, not intentionally but because I forgot my kit on Friday and was too busy yesterday. As a result I felt great today and the heel has not been a problem.

Decided on a new route (pictured) around Mosman, largely taking in the "Mosman Reversed" Striders STaR. Got very confused coming out of the path at the end of Cremorne which resulted in a couple of extra kilometres. Clocked the km splits and realised how much slower running through the bush and up steps is. Km splits were as follows:
4:33; 4:25; 4:25; 4:18; 4:46; 5:35; 4:17; 5:48; 4:01; 4:24; 5:33; 4:52; 4:42; 4:44; 4:50; 5:57; 4:39; 4:12; 5:05; 4:40; 4:52; 4:04; 4:01; 3:42; 3:40; 4:11; 4:19; 3:40; 3:50.
All up it was 28.67km in 2:11:09 (4:34s). Would have been a lot slower if I hadn't picked it up over the last 8kms but nice to be able to do so. Ran past Nicholas Moore (CEO of Macquarie Bank) near Taronga Zoo and he said hello cheerily so the Aussie economy can't be that bad.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HuRTS 10 x 400m

Strange weather at the moment - chucked down with rain last night, has been very cold but then for our session today the skies cleared and it was very warm. Then started raining on the way home. Anyway, that's a very English start to the post.

Nice session today. Told myself I wouldn't kill it but once the boys start running you can't help but push yourself. Stevie was leading us out in 64s, followed by KMK and me with Kanser just behind. Big crowd from Macquarie (they like the 400s, must be something about the testosterone) but also included Ray back with us for the first time in ages, Aus, Kaley, Marty and others. Set off every 2 minutes. Reps went as follows:

68, 68, 68, 68, 68, 68, 69, 70, 71, 68.

So, a bit mentally weak towards the end when KMK backed off saving himself for his usual onslaught on the last rep. But felt good today. The grass had just been mown and the ground was perfect. No pain in the heel. Would like to maintain these 400s until State 5km on Jan 22nd as I'm sure they're doing me the world of good.

Executive Health Check this afternoon. Will be interesting to compare my weight to last year and to see whether I can push down my adjusted age....

Well, I've put on 0.5kg (64.7 compared to 64.2 last year) but have lost a year (effective age of 29 compared to 30 last year). Resting pulse of 47 (not bad after 400s at lunchtime) and blood pressure of 110/64 (compared to 118/80 last year). The Doctor pissed me off by going on about my diet so celebrated with a Maccas on the way back to the office.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Easy Wednesday

Just the 15km Centennial route with MC, DC5 and Scott Curtis (Scott dropping off early). Total distance of 14.83km in 1:06:25 (4:28s). Followed by an ET massage. Feeling a bit crap today - sore shoulders and slight headache so hope I'm not coming down with something.

MC showed me a new trick on the 405 to measure km times. Today's were as follows:

1. 4:44
2. 4:49
3. 4:46
4. 4:46
5. 4:19
6. 4:04
7. 4:06
8. 4:20
9. 4:28
10. 4:18
11. 4:12
12. 4:16
13. 5:01
14. 4:06
15. 4:53

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HuRTS 4 x 3km

The usual 4 x 10 minutes session with Charlie, DC5, KMK, Kanser, English Andy, MC, Richard H, Enda, Stephen etc. Very windy today - the water in Farm Cove was being blown through all of the holes onto the path - a couple of metres in in places. Also very busy on the eastern side where they are setting up the open air cinema. Combined with Pain in the Domain disrupted the reps significantly at times.

Took it easy today running with MC, Enda and English Andy and also KMK for the first 2 reps. Kanser was holding on to to Charlie and DC5 up ahead. Covered 2.72km for the first rep (3:40s), back in 9:41 on the second (3:33s), covered 2.82km for the third rep trying to catch Kanser (3:32s) and back in 9:53 on the fourth (3:30s). I say I took it easy but it's still not comfortable running that distance at that pace, particularly with the heavy wind. Was able to tuck behind KMK on the first 2 reps but was exposed on the 3rd and 4th.

HuRTS Awards Night has been set for 4th December. We have 3 categories, best performance, most improved and the Sergio Carvalho trophy for most rested on laurels. I think Kanser wants to introduce some more categories so that he can win a prize.

Congrats to Stevie on his 3:52 for 1500m at the weekend. Rumour has it he may be leaving us for the dark side.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Easy Monday

Very easy run home after work. 30:29 at Toyota Garage and 57:37 all up. Heel feels a lot better running in the evening than in the morning.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Base Maintenance

Out early and so bored with my current Sunday runs that I just headed up the beaches for an hour then turned around and came back. So ran to Queenscliff then over the headland to Freshie, along Freshie, along Curl Curl, along Dee Why, up the headland but had had enough of beaches by Collaroy so ran along the path. Reached just short of the corner shop near Tourmaline St by one hour so turned around and retraced my steps. 26:09km in 2:01:34 all up (4:40s). Slow because of the number of hills and soft sand. Sand was much softer with the tide coming in on the way home which is why the time was slower. All the sand and hills did no good to my bursar which is very sore today. Whacked it going sailing this afternoon and it's now agony.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Very easy

Very easy 6.65km in 29:36 with Kanser - 4.27 per km. Chatting about Wednesday's race, injuries and marathons. Dave's already gearing up for his next race in January (10km in Dubai). He's even more obsessed then me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

JPMorgan Chase CC - 5th in 17:23

The best race of my season is thanks to Mr Durante. Was completely psyched for this race - couldn't concentrate on work all day. Bussed the large AAR crowd to Centennial Park and caught up with Muz, Serg, Durante and Steve beforehand for a warm up. Drifted off by myself to collect my thoughts then started the strides in front of the start line with what looked like a HuRTS reunion gathering. Lined up on the start line and, with about 10 seconds to go, the whole crowd gave a large cheer to Kanser who sprinted to the start line just in time.

My plan was not to kill myself on the first hill, so settled in gently to find Durante just in front of me with DC5 about 5 yards ahead. Stevie had set off like a hare and seemed to have the race won in the first 400m. The group just behind him was Charlie, the Horne, CT and Crasti with Muz just a little further back. From then on it was just a race between me and Durante. We dropped DC5 at about 3km and could see Muz maintaining about the same distance in front of us. Whenever I eased up Durante would force the pace and vice versa. As a result, we slowly closed in on Muz and a fading CT. We caught CT just before the Fox Studios gate. By this stage I was just hanging on, telling myself that I'd have done well to stick to Durante until 3km, then again even better until 4km, when we caught CT I was telling myself I'd just have to hold on for my first ever win over him. We caught Muz just after the Fox Studios gate just before 5km and Durante seemed to surge a bit which made me think it was all over. Just told myself to stick to them for as long as possible. We hit 5km - the three of us running side by side having dropped CT - and I knew I'd lose in a sprint finish so put on a surge just to be able to say that at least I'd tried my best. After all the hype before the race I couldn't believe that this was the way it was playing out - couldn't have scripted it better. Neither Muz nor Durante went with me and immediately thought I'd gone too early as my legs were starting to buckle but just kept on pushing to give it my best shot. Heard Timmy L shouting from the sidelines which urged me on and just kept on trying to sprint in desperation for the line. Was absolutely stoked at the end. Almost collapsed but turned around to see Durante being helped over the line having collapsed. He was whisked off to the medical tent and put on a drip for an hour. It was pretty warm and he'd taken Panadol earlier in the day which must have affected him (as well as his recent cold/flu). He was the sole reason I had a good race though - I'd have never got back to Muz if I hadn't been tussling with Durante and forcing myself to stick to him the whole way.

Got the following splits:

1km: 3:07
2km: 6:15
3km: 9:16
4km: 12:21
5km: Too busy worrying about Durante and Muz but about 15:30

I reckon the KM were pretty accurate. The first 2km involve a couple of hills whereas the third KM is all flat/downhill which explains the fast split.

Great race by Stevie to win it. Charlie did his customary sprint past the Horne to take second with Crasti 4th. KMK just pipped DC5 with both going under 18 minutes. Serg ran 18:30 to hold off Robin Whiteley. Kanser ran through his knee injury for something just over 19 to hand Macquarie the team victory (seemingly). Great to catch up with Richard P, Tim and the boys after and thanks to Flakey and the Tiger for the shouts while running.

Rest now before building up to GCM next year. Dicky High is a new recruit.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toyota Garage

Very gentle run half way home in new shoes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Very easy

Gentle 11km with Steve, Eamonn and MC. Heel still a bit sore, could barely walk on it yesterday but popped 4 Voltaren to get the inflammation down. Just trying to hold my body together for one last hurrah on Wednesday night.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

State 3000m Champs - 4th (C Race) in 8:51:06

Have been struggling for form recently and before this race I'd basically given up and told myself that I'd race myself into form at some stage. Love running on the track and love running in the evening. Races were put back an hour which just heightened the tension and knew it would be fast with Earl O'Brien and Chadi in the C Race. I was secretly hoping for something under 9 minutes, telling myself that I'd be OK for JPMorgan on Wednesday if I did that. Farted around on the start line trying to tell the official that Jason Harrison wasn't turning up because he'd gone to the Rihanna concert (really shouldn't have got into that). Unbelievable how much more tense the start of track races are compared to road races. I was bricking myself. Tried not to go too quick to start off with but we still went through 200m in 31 seconds and the first 400 in 66. Chadi and Earl were leading the charge with a chap from Bankstown (Jason Hall). I was in a group trying to hold on to James Swadling.

Don't remember much else other than falling behind James during the middle km but then slowly catching his group over the final km. Caught James with 800m to go, got caught behind a chap for 100m trying to decide whether or not to go past him before just having a go. Was lactic with 300m to go and lost all form trying to sprint it home but chuffed to bits with the time. Got the following splits:

400m - 66
800m - 2:15
1km - 2:50 (was scared at this point)
2km - 5:53
2.2km - 6:30
2.6km - 7:40
3km - 8:51:06

In the overall times I finished 1 spot (and 1 second) behind CT. Closest I've ever got to him.

Roff looked very good for the A race win in 7:57 but run of the night for me was Josh Johnson winning the B race in 8:18 and he's only 16. Big Mikey H looked great taking the lead in the first km but struggled towards the end for an 8:38 - I think he can run a lot quicker. Likewise for Stevie T - he lead the pack in the A race for the first km looking very comfortable but then struggled. Bit more base and he'll be right back in it again.

Left heel is very sore today. Will take it easy until Wednesday, give it everything then take a bit of a rest before starting anew in January. Had a load of beers at Enda's 30th after the race where there was a lot of trash talking but it looks as though Gold Coast will be the showdown next year. Don't remember much else about the evening other than a vague recollection of beating Kanser's Irish ass at pool and thinking that, for however drunk I was, Timmy L was more so.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hurts Progressive tempo

But only 30 minutes today. Told everyone 16 minutes out then 14 minutes back, forgetting that we normally aim for a 1 minutes negative split rather than a 2 minute. Realised this about 2 minutes into the run. Took it very easy in the first half running with Kanser (who dropped out with a niggling back of knee pain) and Travis. Then started to push it just a bit on the way back. Guess we averaged 4:10s on the way out and 3:40's on the way back. Still nice and comfortable by the end.

Beautiful day and warm. Good crowd (plenty of newer faces) including Charlie's (x2), Muz and Enda (looking strong), MC etc. Bumped into Stevie T and Durante doing secret training. Disappointed to see Durante and Kanser out of the State 3km but should guarantee a great race next Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Easy run home

Just an easy run home after work. Like doing this run now, especially on beautiful cool spring evenings like today. 30:00 at Toyota Garage and 56:19 all up (4:20's for the 12.98km although I've had a different distance on the Garmin every time I've run it). Easy Tiger massage at lunch made the legs feel a bit better.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pussy 400s

Melbourne Cup today so met at 8am at Rushcutters for 400s. Except the Jet Cat was cancelled so I turned up 20 minutes late, by which time KMK, Kanser, Rob Dog and Chris G were on rep number 7. Ran the last 3 with them, then the rest by myself but with Rob Dog and KMK helping out on the occasional rep. See if you can work out which one's they assisted on:

68, 69, 69, 74, 73, 74, 68, 74, 67, 68

I'm obviously mentally a pussy. Quite a bit of wind out there this morning. Was knackered on the way in (fell asleep on the ferry) and really didn't feel like running the 400s but got into it by the end and pleased I did.

Great to see Rob Dog out again, still looking strong. KMK is in great shape too after his 15:58 at the weekend.

Jamie - it's not Dad. He would never have advocated a day's rest - "just get out there Tom and stop being so soft".

Monday, November 03, 2008

Recovery run

Not quite slow enough. Headed out on the usual out and back Monday route with Durante, Kanser, Serg, Muz, Steve, Enda and Aus in hot conditions. Struggled to feel comfortable all the way in the heat and after a tough weekend. 14.58km in 1:02:03 averaging 4:15s.

Who put the anonymous second comment on Saturday? You're probably right.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Old Manly Sunday

Out at 2pm today as I was too tired this morning after a night out. Felt pretty comfortable all the way and only just shy of my PB (set on May 25th) in running 2:01:37. Garmin clocked it at 27.60km today though (4:24s) - although the boardwalk at OceanWorld was blocked so had to run a detour around the road so that probably explains the difference. I obviously judged my taper a day late. First 10km in 42:13, the next in 43:59.

Tim - good to hear from you. How is the ankle repairing?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Striders 10km Lane Cove - 10th in 33:42

Mr Durante will be kicking himself that he wasn't well this week. All started very well. Through the first 1km nice and quick but feeling OK running with Muz and Jeremey Horne after Uncle Dave had set off like a rocket. They then pulled ahead and I settled into a group of 3 with James Swadling and Saxon Moseley. We ran together with me doing most of the front running duties until 6km when my legs just felt dead. It was pretty humid out there today, but I think falling off at 6km was a result of lack of endurance rather than the effects of the weather. Certainly didn't affect James. It was exactly what I had told myself not to do before the race - falling off after all the hard work had been done. I was in no-mans land after that and ran slowly for the next 3km before picking it up again over the final KM. The annoying thing was that had I stuck with James and Saxon they would have dragged me back to Muz - James pipped him on the line.

KMs went as follows:

6:24 (3:17)
9:48 (3:24)
13:10 (3:22)
16:47 (3:37)
Don't know
Don't care

So until 5km I was ahead of where I was when I ran this course in April (when I did 33:16) and 10 seconds ahead of where I was last November (when I did 33:17). So I need to start banging out those mid-week long runs again. Or perhaps not, really depends on what I'm aiming for now. I guess in the long run it's the marathon next July.

Pretty disappointing runs by the rest of the HuRTS squad too - it's interesting that we all seem to run poorly on the same occassions - must have something to do with our training patterns. Steve was beaten into 3rd (just over 32mins) by Colin and Jeremey and Kanser was about 2 minutes slower than what I expected him to do, plainly still feeling the effects of the marathon. Muz ran a good time but given his time at 5km on this course (16:31) and the way he has been going in training, I expected him to be comfortably under 33.

Great run by Unc though - despite the furious first km he went on to run 32:30, beat CT and take out the Striders 10km series. Well done mate.