Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year in Review

Well, it started with a Parkrun win in Merimbula in a PW.  I'm in better form coming into the start of 2016.  But from there things improved.  A slow start but solid finish in the Sun Run in early Feb showed I was coming into some form and had a good 32:46 in the Striders at North Head in March after a PB over 5000m on the track.  I reckon my Dad would say that was my best run of the season.  I then joined Coach Tiger who mixed up the sessions but more than anything prepped me well for the big races.  A good New York Half on a tough windy day followed in April and a PB (just) at the Sydney 10.  I went into the SMH Half feeling tired but had my run of the season with a PB and a solid win over my usual rivals.  

Caught a bad cold just before Launceston but ran an equal PB nonetheless but was disappointed to let Barts drift past me just before the line.  Got a bit sick just before the GC marathon and tried to squeeze in my last big run too late which I think caught up with me on the day.  It was easily my toughest ever race and was physically drained afterwards but happy to have pushed through.  Then overdid it too soon and paid with a hamstring injury just before C2S.  There was only one race left in my books after that, being the JPMorgan, and was very happy with the way Tiger got me into good form off a limited training period to run a 17:16.  And so here we are.

Best 3 performances:

1. SMH Half
2. State 5000m
3. JPMorgan 

Sydney 10 and Launnie don't make it as I felt I should have gone sub32.

Most disappointing - GC Marathon, although there are always positives you can take from every race and for me it was not giving up.

Biggest regret - not doing more ANSW races.

New Year's Eve

More dinner and drinks last night so could only squeeze the run in during the heat of the day.  Felt good from the off though today and did an elongated route up to North Head but finished at Queensie for a dip in the ocean (where I almost lost my shorts in the big waves) followed by a jog home.  15km in 4:06 pace (grey running) followed by 1.5km jog.


Out early with Ben and Jamie for a loop around North Head finishing with a coffee at Grumporio.  Beautiful morning for it.  Nice easy pace (4:42's).  16km.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Making it up as I go along

Ok, it would be fair to say that over this recent period I haven't been following coach Tiger's program to to dot.  Too much going on, need for sleep, wanting to spend time with the family when on break etc.  So didn't show up to the special training session this morning and only managed to get out for a run at 5pm this evening.  Planned on 14km up to North Head.  Got up there and thought might as well do 17km including the Fairfax Walking Track.  Then on way back from North Head (including the hill just past the North Fort cafe) I ran a 3:49km split feeling great.  So decided to tempo it home from there.  Final 7kms went 3:30, 3:21, 3:32, 3:26, 3:26, 3:20, 3:18 feeling marvellous.

All up 17km in 1:07:17 (3:57's).

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday with some class

So LJ has steadily been getting back into her running post injury, slowly increasing the distance and getting fitter.  And with limited time this morning she couldn't afford the usual 27 water stops.  So she decided it was time to take the step up from Centennial and join the Northern Beaches crew.

Ben, Elle, Erika and myself joined the Shire Starlet.  I was knackered and managed a measly 15km at a gentle pace before retiring to prepare the house for a few guests.  It's fair to say that LJ ran with a broad grin on her face with infrequent utterances such as "this is amazing!" and "I can't believe you have access to this all the time!".  I think she may be back.  And she didn't even get to the Grumporio.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

This may go down as run of the year.  Big Christmas Day with Jon, Jane and Wilf over as well as Dad and Katie.  Crawled into bed at 11.30pm after way too many wines, beers and Calvados.  So a long run and the alarm set for 5:45am was always going to be a challenge.

First few km were torture but at least Macca was feeling the same.  Tim P, Barts and Craig were also there.  Then after Narrabeen I started to feel ok.  Macca made a cheeky manoeuvre to avoid the 3rd and final standard water stop to gain a lead so Barts and I hunted him down through the mean streets of Dee Why.  Ended up running the last 10km in 39:04 and the final 5km in 18:03 (all stats courtesy of my new Garmin Forerunner 25 from Santa) to average 4:22's for the 28km.

Grumporio was back to form with Italian style eggs after a beautiful dip in the ocean at Queensie to wash off the booze oozing out of my pores.

Christmas Day

Dragged the family out to Parkrun.  Had to work a bit harder for the win than I'd hoped for running 17:05 but the flashing Rudolph nose was playing havoc with my breathing.  

Very impressed with Maggie running on strongly to be 2nd Highnam home in 28:58 with Charlie just over 30mins and Kirst then Bec following shortly after.  But they all ran all the way which was the aim for the morning.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Responded to Barts call for an earlier session.  So headed over to Rushcutters with him (and Timmy setting up) before noon for 6 x 1 efforts off a rolling 5mins.  And efforts they were.  Legs cactus after Tuesday's session, Wednesday's biathlon and another night on the beers last night.  Felt like I was running through treacle on reps 1 to 3.  Took a breather and pit stop on rep 4 and rejoined for the final 2.

Did them all in 3:03 with the final one in 3:01.  Poor Barts was dragging me around though.

Then the boys turned up so we could look smugly at them and proffer that they enjoy their session and not slack off.

11km all up.  Rushcutters in fantastic nick as the photo attests:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Manly biathlon

So the triathlon was canned due to the potential for wet roads on a very hilly and twisty route.  It was just the 700m swim to the Mambo metal stairs and back followed by 5km to Queensie and back.

Jumped into the water and it was hell. Couple of big rollers came over and I was swallowing water.  Steadied myself, reverted to breastroke and I was ok.  Was on the heels of one fella but could see Jono and Macca (and Charlie not that I knew it) miles ahead.  Every now and then I'd revert to freestyle but lose the toes of my pacer so realised I'm quicker at breastroke.

Saw some big fish and some big shadows which was a bit sobering.  At the metal stairs the waves were crashing into the wall so had to navigate quite carefully.  After an age it was all over and went into transition surprised to see Ben coming in just behind me.  Spent an age in transition getting my socks and t-shirt on then onto the run.

Hammered the first km knowing I just needed to get some blood flow through the legs.  Felt like my stride was tiny but I was passing a load of people so felt encouraged.  Saw Jono and Macca just after I went past North Steyne but where was Charlie?  Turned after the steps at Queensie and we're now into a headwind.  This should help me I think so just put my head down and grind out the final 2.5km.  Finish in 17:0x for the run only to see Macca, Jono and Charlie chatting together at the end!

17:15 for the swim.  17:0x for the run.  ~1min transition for 35:15 all up.

Lovely b&e roll with coffee with the gang at Shelley Kiosk as we're all done before 7am.  Now knackered.

The top 4:

Too much tomato sauce:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

HuRTs 2 x 20min

Woke up at 5.30am with the intention of doing the RunCrew session in Manly.  Got a text from Emma saying she was bailing due to leg issues and that was the excuse I needed for an extra 2 hours sleep.

Slipped out at lunch feeling pretty good for the 2 x 20mins.  Ran with Tongey, Nick and Darren Moyle on the way out with JFen 30m back and Barts emerging from the bushes later on.  With a big group I pushed the pace on the way back and one by one they dropped off other than Nick who's a tenacious bugger.  Saw Hoey up ahead on the final 2 hills and he dragged me home a few yards ahead of Nick in 19:45.

3:24's on the way out and 3:21's on the way back.  4km warmdown with Barts and JFen for 16km all up.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday meander

Slow as to Redleaf with Mikey, Hoey, Charlie, Champ, Nathan and others, running out the long way and back the short way.  Another dip.  Not sure it's going to help my Triathlon on Wednesday though.

Back on the Wagon

Dragged my ass out on Sunday morning to run 26+km with Ben, Tim P and the Cap'n after Saturday night at a party and Friday night at the Allens Xmas Party.  4:32's was as much as we could manage in the heat.  The dip in the ocean at Queenscliff was sublime.  The Italian style eggs at the Grumporio almost as sublime.

Here's me riding the bull on Friday night:

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Bull & Bear

OK, so last night was a bit random.  What was supposed to be a couple of farewell drinks at our local boozer before it shuts down tomorrow turned into one of the biggest nights of the year.  The bar staff were bringing us free jugs of beer all night long as their loyal customers.  Pippa (the 2nd highest paid barmaid in Sydney apparently - probably the reason the place has gone bust) joined us later on as the photos attest.  So today was not a day to run a 60min tempo in the heat.  Instead, I turned up at HuRTS and ran Timmy's set of 20mins of hills followed by 5km tempo.  Actually felt quite bouncy but I think I was still drunk.  Nick R was smashing it out but I ran with Jerome on the hills then Timmy for the tempo.

The pictures:

Early on with the Bull & Bear regulars plus token female:

Pippa joins us for a beer:

Contemplating the flavour:

It's a thumbs up:

Birchy grabs himself a souvenir:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday commute

Got a lunch on today so ran in after walking to school and dropping the kids at Manly West (final day of the year).  Charlie and Maggie are still willing to hug me at the gates but Billy wouldn't be seen dead within 20 yards of me so I proceeded to run after him with my arms out wide shouting "give me a hug!" for maximum embarrassment effect.  It succeeded.  I was very embarrassed at the yummy mummy's looking at me strangely.

Felt very tired on the run in after the last few days training so took it very easy and un-timed.  But the body is holding together OK.  13km.  Can I count the 2km walk beforehand and pretend it was a trail 'run'?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday double

AM:  8.5km around and about and to the wharf.

PM:  Hurt Squad 14 x 3mins with a 60s rest.  Averaged about 3:18's (exactly gate to gates).  Felt tired running them but in the comfort zone.  Nice crowd (it's been a while since I've done a Tuesday set) but perhaps not as big as usual?  But the class was there with LJ in particular back in the fold and Hoey, Barts, Tongey, Nick R, JFen and a rapidly improving Jerome all pushing the pace upfront.

Jumped in the harbour with Barts, Charlie, Hoey and JFen afterwards.  Then a 3.5km cool down with Barts for 18+km total, 26+km for the day and 42+km within 20hours.  Except it wasn't a cool down as I proceeded to sweat like a pig post shower and freak out all my workmates.  It was very humid but plainly my body was struggling with the workload.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday solo

Too busy again at work so only managed to get out at 6pm.  Did the wharves run plus 4x80m Domain hills.  Nice to run in the cool of the evening.  16km total.

Bec did the Bold and the Beautiful this morning in 37mins.  I might try it soon.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday same old

Out with Barts, Craig, Ben and the Cap'n for the usual 29km.  Picked the pace up as usual towards the end to average 4:23's.

Bumped into Macca at the end and we tried a new breakfast joint post our dip in the ocean.  This is fairly momentous for us but the stale brioche rolls at Emporio have let us down one time too many (i.e. twice).  So Salt at North Steyne was chosen and the b&e roll was top notch and the belaroma coffee pretty good too.  A few too many cyclists for my liking but you can't have everything.

Sat - Curl Curl Parkrun

Saturday morning was a 2.5km jog to Parkrun with Timmy and Jimmy with the intention of pacing the former to sub18.  But with Ben Streck in the start line my job was done as he's been hovering around that mark for the past few weeks.

Scotty O was there and disappeared off like a rocket.  Ben went off quite quick while I followed Timmy through the first km in 3:24.  Pushed ahead to try to drag him back to Ben through kms 2 and 3 but he would only sit 5 yards off my shoulder content to smile at the cameras.  Drifted up towards Ben on the uphill between 3 and 4km so encouraged him home to a 17:54 with Ben strong over the final km.

Timmy just failed in his sub18 attempt and Jimmy ran well in his first race back to run a 19:12.

4.5km jog home with the boys and Julia Degan for 12km all up.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Another big night on Thursday for our client Christmas Party so a jog to Redleaf with Jimmy, Smolly and Liam, a dip in the pool and a jog back was perfect.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Caught up with Melbourne clients last night.  If my liver survives intact until Christmas I deserve HuRTS PoTY.

This morning was a run to the Tan, couple of laps, then back to the hotel for a lovely breakie.  Perfect morning in Melbourne - blue skies and cooler and less humid than Sydney.  

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wednesday short

Too busy at work then went to the STC production of King Lear starring Geoffrey Rush last night with Bec.  So missed my PM run and was too knackered to join Justin when my alarm sounded at 5.30am.  Got out at 7am for a very easy run to Shelley and back in 35:50 (4:28's).  

Usual crowd out there including Amelia (the future Mrs Cap'n) and Lewis who I high-fived in exuberant fashion.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Double trouble


6km tempo along the beachfront.  Erika, Jamie, Quentin and myself fronted up.  I told Quentin we needed to be sub20 and he duly obliged.  Km splits went:

3:13, 3:17, 3:18, 3:23 (turning at Shelley), 3:19 and 3:09.  So through 5km in 16:30 and 19:40 all up.  Mission accomplished.

Hard work that, but great to have Q there pushing the pace with me occasionally doing my share if he slacked a bit.

Saw the Cap'n pretending to smile on a see-saw.

3km warm up and 5.5km warmdown.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Sunday Special

The usual route with a returning Barts, Macca, Ben and Justin.  Stunning morning and we ran nice and easy but stretched our legs over the final few km.  29km in 4:31's.  Then a dip in the ocean (cold but perfect for the legs) and bacon & eggs at Emporio.  I challenge anyone to top that for a Sunday morning.  Saw Anna Fitz running around Narrabeen Lake.

Put up a new bed, chucked one out, lay down on the sofa to watch some David Attenbrough then wandered along to the Riverview Pde Christmas Street Party.  Lasted 30mins, just enough time to remind myself why I appreciate living at the povo end of the street.

Maggsie all dressed up for next week's ballet performance:

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Saturday cop out

Another missed session.  This time courtesy of the Annual Super Series lunch at North Bondi Fish.  But a top afternoon celebrating with CT, Q and Barts - us all buying the latter his lunch as a result of winning with 2015 season.

Managed to get out in the late arvo for 10km around Nolan's running with the kids.  Charlie did 5km in 28:47.  I did about 45mins.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

4 x broken 6:30's

Different session today.  4 x (2:30, 1:30, 30) with 1min easy between each rep and 3mins jog between each set.  So it works out as a continuous 35mins.

Just Quentin, Macc and me this morning.  Wasn't looking forward to it as I was tired all of yesterday and convinced myself I'd take it easy behind Q.  We did ease into the first set (just 3:20 average for the first 2:30) but you'll see those times started coming down for each new set.  Nice session in the end - mentally easier as once you've done the first 2:30 then 1:30 and 30 reps can be blasted out.

9.3km in total for the 35mins (3:45 pace including 9mins of slow jog).

2.5km warm up and 3.5km warm down for 15km all up.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wednesday MLR

Same as last week with Emma - elongated it to 17km this time but with the same 4 x 80m hills which I'm finding really beneficial.

Emma's getting stronger.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

12 x 500m


It's now become my most dreaded session.  Hurts like hell and is hardly over and done with quickly either.

Big group out on Nolan's this morning with Macca, Jamie, Emma, Erika and the Cap'n all showing up.  Beautiful morning with mist over the fields but which meant they were pretty damp.  The shoes were heavy after the warm up.  Marked out 500m on the grass to keep the boss happy.

Reps went 1:33, 1:33, 1:34, 1:34, 1:34, 1:34, 1:33, 1:33, 1:33, 1:32, 1:30, 1:28

Took my shoes off for the final 3 which made a big difference as ever.  3-4s a rep slower than on the paths but made a difference when Jamie or Justin was on my shoulder.

3km warm up and 4km warmdown for 14km all up.


11km running at the back of the HuRT Squad 45min progressive tempo.  Canny warm like.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday get together

Strangely Monday is almost the most popular running day of the HuRTs week.  Big crowd today including MC, Charlie, Erika, Renee, Sonya, Enda, Birchy, Jacquie et al.  Achilles a bit sore again - need to stretch and get the magnesium in.  Too much beer and too much heat makes the body very stiff.  Out to Barangaroo and back around the wharves.  Finished up with 4 x 80m hills with Erika for 17km all up.  Legs and achilles felt much better after the 4th hill rep than before, as ever.

Plenty of banter and stories today with Charlie cowering inside his house all last night because he's forgotten how to fight and Mikey giving us his stock picks after telling us he did 7 hours of meditative silence yesterday.  He's unique, that fella.


Saturday was a wipeout.  Felt guilty.

Out again Saturday night to Jon and Jane's Shaggiversary in The Rocks.  Too tired Sunday morning so got out at 3pm after joining the Climate Change march.  26km around North Head and Manly.  Felt fine but Achilles was sore.  Got some abuse from Darren out of a car window up at North Head and, thankfully, bumped into Thamal at Shelley beach on the way back so ran the final 10km with him chatting the whole way.  4:29's.

HuRTS Beer Mile

So Friday evening was the scariest event on the HuRTs calendar - the beer mile.  4 beers (min 5% vol, 355ml), one at the start of each 400m lap.  Now, I'm not renowned for the swiftness of my beer drinking.  More like a chugging Diesel engine than a TGV.  So this is always a struggle for me.

Double the crowd from last year and I can see this event becoming more and more popular.  We had to split into two races due to numbers - I went in the first "fast" race only because all my betting rivals (Macca, Timmy and Birchy) were in this one.  I'd have been more comfortable in the B race (as would Birchy and Timmy as history will show - but more of that in a second). I had 3 bets on - head to heads with Timmy and Birchy and with Macca giving me a 29s head start - based off last year's result.

Timmy's done a great job in marking out the lap with his magical cones and laying out all the VB and New on the picnic table ready for us to grab each lap.  We line up, Birchy goes early opening his can before the starter gives the sign, someone cracks the obvious joke and then we're off.  At least everyone else is while I do my repeated gulps.  The leaders start the run and I'm only half way through. Everyone is now off bar Me and Nick Roberts.  Someone is as slow as me!  We eventually go, I burp for 100m then start sprinting.  Just catch Birchy by the end of lap 1 and the next beer awaits.  

Same again, everyone else slowing down now though.  Next lap I overtake Timmy and Birchy and, barring a barf, I know I've got $40 in the bag here.  Where is Macca.  Holy cow, he's challenging the leaders.

And so we get through.  Nick Roberts is with me the whole way, beer for beer and stride for stride but a barf on lap 4 consigns him to a penalty lap.  I run 7:44 (pretty much same as last year). Birchy is happy with his 8:00.  Macca takes $20 off me running an impressive 7:04 for 3rd place behind Nick Haines and Charlie Low.  Captain Grumpy was in the mix enjoying th VBs.  Funniest thing though was seeing a table of VBs lined up for race 2 with almost everyone in race 1 choosing the New.

I won't mention how Timmy went.

Then we watched race 2.  Great showdown between Durante, Darren and Greg(?) and then Jacquie, Sonya and Erika for the ladies champion.

Then we're all on a high so retire to O'Malleys in the Cross.  Never seen Macca so high.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

4 x 2km

Probably my worst session of the year.  Got up at 5.30am for the 6th time in a row and it showed.  Not helped by it being 28C at 6am and blowing a hot westerly wind.

Just me and Emma today.  Used the same 1km Nolan's route as Tuesday and did 2 laps changing direction each time.  That was the first mistake.  Clockwise was considerably slower than anti-clockwise due to the wind.

Reps were ugly.  When things got really bad, I just concentrated on form.  Reps went:
Last rep was barefoot finally feeling vaguely ok.  Otherwise I was heavy legged and lacking desire.  Emma was the same.  We decided not to ever talk about that session again.

Long warm up and down for 17km
all up.

Beer Mile tomorrow.  I don't think I've ever wanted to beat anyone in a race as much as I want to beat Timmy in this one.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday MLR

16km easy with Emma, Erika and Dicky followed by 4x80m hills.  Beaut of a morning.  Then onto Claudia's Christmas concert where she was a Japanese dancer.  Not sure what it's got to do with  Christmas but she got to dance with a parasol so she was happy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday 3 x 1km

Short and sharp today.  Up at sparrows fart as usual and managed 3km jog before meeting Erika and Emma for the session.  Decided to finally obey coach's orders to run on grass and so got my cones out and marked out 1km around Nolans.  Grass was fairly long and dewy so was expecting the times to be down a bit.

Km reps went 3:03, 3:00 and 2:57.  Happy with that on the grass.  Took my shoes off and ran barefoot for the final rep which feels magic in longish damp grass.  Anything to take concentration away from the lactic build up in the legs.

Girls going well running under and over 3:30.  5km warm down and all done before 7am.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday morning starter

Manic morning with Kirst held up in Melbourne overnight.  Managed to get out at 6am for 12km to Shelley and back.  Ran fast up the hill behind Shelley just to get the blood pumping.  High fived Lewis running back along Manly Beach and chatted to Macca after bumping into him on Riverview Pde.  How very social.

4:24's.  Left achilles sore after the weekend.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday similar

Just me, Craig and Rich Mullaney this morning.  Slightly different route going around the back of Narrabeen Caravan Park and the West side of Narrabeen Lake.  28.5km averaging 4:24's.  Bit quicker as Craig was down to do the final 8km in 4min clicks.

Tom B has got Craig into shape nicely for the 50km World Champs in Doha.  He's put in some big blocks of mileage, has been sickness and injury free and now just has to taper nicely for the race in 2 weeks.  I sense Craig's biggest worry is whether to ease off at the start and run his own pace or whether to go in a pack with someone like Brendan Davies.  I think he should just see how he feels on the day.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Manfred Mann and Parkrun

Busy morning on kid duties with Kirst away so had to do the 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1min reps (off 1mim jog) before Parkrun and under strict instructions to do it on the grass.  So did 3+km warmup then the set on the fields adjacent to the Parkrun start.  Found it tough going on the grass.  Got through it averaging 3:30's (inc. the jogs).

Then 5mins jog and rest before starting Parkrun.  Recognised Gary Mullins but didn't realise how fit he was.  First km was comfortable in 3:17 (having been fully warmed up), then 2nd km in 3:17 and he's still there.  Third km in 3:23 and now Gary is in front, 4th km in 3:16 and we're side by side, final km in 3:05 after being urged by Gary to keep going with 500m to run and I get the win by 5s.  Pretty bloody tired at the end of that.  3+km jog home for 17.5km all up.

Charlie at cricket this morning.  His batting is improving:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

London bound!

Session this morning was 75mins continuous - which is 15mins jog, 20mins fartlek (2mins on, 1min off), 5mins jog, 20mins tempo then 15mins jog.

Ran with Erika and Emma around the usual loop of Nolans and Passmore.  Longer warm up of 3.8km then into it.  Always find the fartlek harder than the tempo and I usually run the tempo at a slightly quicker pace.  But not today as its the first one i've done since June.  5.81km for the fartlek (average pace 3:26) then 5.75km for the tempo (3:28's).

All up it's over 19km which is why it's such a solid session.

Erika and Emma averaging just over 4:00mins per km for both.

Congrats to my eldest brother on his new job.  Looks like he's about to become a pom again!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Saw this graph on Twitter this morning:

I was surprised to see so much red towards the top of the map.  It seems that Americans have become hysterical about settling 12,000 "widows and orphans" (as described by Obama) on the basis of the Paris attacks, when something not too far removed from the Paris attacks seems to occur in an American school or university with depressing regularity.

But back to running.  Today was a very nice slow run to Redleaf Pool in mid-30's heat with Mikey, Charlie, Hoey, Andy, JW, Tym, Nathan and others.  7km there, lovely dip in the cool water watching the rich socialites before running 7km back.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Have You Been Paying Attention

12 x 500m again this morning off the usual rolling 3 minutes.  This is rapidly turning into my most dreaded session.  Hurts like hell and if it doesn't you ain't running fast enough.  This morning it was Erika, Emma and Jamie with me on the pain train.

1:31 on the first rep, then a series of 1:30's with me wondering how I ran 2s per rep quicker when chasing Quentin.  Then after 6 reps Jamie woke up and started pushing harder on my shoulder, so I pushed harder thinking I was slowing.  A series of 1:28's finishing with a 1:26 followed - the last was eyes closed, pumping the arms waiting for the lags to buckle.

3km warm up and 5.5km warmdown for 15.5km all up.  Solid and legs comfortably numb all day.

Today's title is in homage to my favourite program on the box at the moment.  Sam Pang's dead-pans are priceless.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday commute

Too hungover yesterday to do anything other than yoga in the late arvo.  Big curry night Saturday night which unwittingly ended in The Old Manly Boatshed.

Today was a slow commute to work in 69:26.  Made the mistake of running across Passmore Oval which soaked my feet from the off.  Traffic was a bitch today so was very satisfying overtaking all the buses.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday long

Usual route with Macca, Craig, Rich M, Darren and the Cap'n.  Nice and easy but picked the pace up to sub 3:40's over the final 4km.  28.5km averaging 4:33.

Breakie in Emporio afterwards which is cementing its reputation as the finest b&e establishment in Sydney.  They've gone brioche with the rolls which is slightly inner-west hipster wank but I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.  I could tell it was a step too far for Macca though.  Here was mine - 10/10:

Then Rich M arrived and shunned the protein for a sugar burst.  Here is the over-elaborate Muffin with Richie showing us that it has no impact on his fine figure:

Friday, November 13, 2015

National Walk to Work Day

So I ran in.  Legs were smashed in the first few km following Wednesday night's exploits, but then felt pretty good after that.  Deliberately took it very easy and it was a beaut of a morning.  Had a cyclist slow down and start chatting to me going down Spit Hill and turned out to be Mark Green - he was impressed by Quentin's run on Wednesday.

67:06 all up.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

JPMorgan CC - 4th in 17:16

This is just the best race.  Everyone in the HuRT Squad does it.  Everyone wants to look good in front of their fellow employees so lays it down.  Throw in a tough but fast course and you have the recipe for an awesome night.  I think I left the Cross, pizza in hand, at about 1am.  Actually, not sure about that.  Ask Birchy.

Spent the whole day as a nervous ball of energy.  Couldn't sit down for more than 10 minutes a pop.  It's always my second most unproductive day of the year, rivaling only the day after JPMorgan.  We had a bus laid on to take everyone from work but I just jumped on the train to Bondi Junction.  Couldn't face being trapped in there in traffic crawling down Anzac Parade.

Did a warm up with Barts, Emma, CT and Muz.  Then headed over to the start line for the warm up (including a few strides up the hill) and to meet a mass of HuRT Squad members.  You stand on the startline and, every direction you look are more members of the squad - acknowledging each other with nervous smiles and wishes of good luck.  Here's the front row:

We're held there for ages and I'm getting more and more nervous, just trying to collect my thoughts.  Here's me, Crossy and 2:28 man Darren Moyle taking it very seriously:

And then we're off.  I try not to blow my legs too early by sprinting the hill, but you do have to commit early in this race as there's limited time to recoup any early losses.  My plan from the start was just to stick to Barts.  I figured Jeff Hunt would be way ahead and that Barts would be leading the charge.  I hadn't figured on Quentin.  Anyway, by the top of the hill (it always goes on a bit further than I expect it to), Quentin, Barts, CT, Alex Rogers and myself have formed a little group behind Jeff who has put a big gap in early on.  This was at the bottom of the hill, I'm hidden behind Crossy:

Alex drops off around the 1km mark (3:05) so the group going around the Woolhara Gates is the usual CT, Barts, Quentin and myself.  Going down the hill we're side by side.  Through 2km (another 3:05) and CT starts to drop off.  I'm just tucked in behind the two big guys all the way to 3km (3:02).  At this stage, Quentin mutters something to Barts which I found out later was words to the effect of "C'mon, let's drop him".  And drop me they did.  Just as we're running past Coach Tiger.  Between 3km and 4km Quentin runs a 3:01.  I must have done something like a 3:08.  At 4km it's really starting to hurt and my brain starts scrambling.  I look ahead and see a white singlet running ahead of a black one.  I think to myself that I'm sure Barts was wearing a black singlet, not a white one and can't quite comprehend what's going on.  What is going on is Quentin continuing to apply more pressure and drop Barts.  He's run an absolute stormer and is now closing in on Jeff Hunt.  Meanwhile, I'm desperately trying not to fall apart.  Kick again I'm thinking at the Fox Studios Gates, attack this hill.  Not long before the final turn.  I see Barts running on the wrong side of the road and realise that he's goooone.  But too much to make up and too close to the finish.  Here I am at the Fox Studios Gates:

Finally turn the corner and try and lift for the line but I am knackered.  But dead chuffed.  Just nice to be back in the mix again after injury.

Then turn around to see everyone finish and the usual fantastic tussles.  Surprised to see Neil next in 14s behind me.  I didn't think the shorter course would suit him but he's run a great race to beat CT, Crossy, Hoey et al.  Then 18 minutes clicks over and these two come sprinting in, eyeball to eyeball:

Then look out for the girls.  Lucy Starrat wins it in a very quick 19:08.  Lexy Gilmour next, then Kirsten Molloy just ahead of Erika in 4th for the second year running, like me.  Just behind is Emma who had been in 3rd until 4km when she blew.  LJ was there at the end (in active wear) screaming at us all.  If there's anyone who loves this event more than me its LJ.  Love the fact she turns up regardless to support us all.

Behind Quentin my run for the evening goes to Charlie dipping under 21mins (20:58) and smashing his PB, taking some big scalps in the process.

Back to our marquee for the beers and banter.  The best bit.  The girls:

Then we have the boys:

The rivals:

Super Elle made a stunning sub22 comeback:

Some of my banking team at Allens:

Larger group of reprobates:

And now it's starting to get a bit loose:

And some real old timers reliving the good old days:

And today, 'Beckham' paid up on his bet:

And my favourite, Barts looking nervous and Quentin knowing exactly how it's going to go:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The day before JPMorgan

Busy all day in meetings.  Finally got out at 6pm for 30mins very easy followed by the same 4x80m Domain hills as last Friday.  Felt the same - crap on the first but moving much better by the 4th.

All manner of bollx being spoken about tomorrow's race.  I've got a feeling Jeff Hunt is going to be out on his own, Barts is going to be chasing on his own, Quentin and CT will be duelling next with Alex R, Brett Halls and Miles Waring thereabouts and with me, Hoey, Crossy and JFen in the subsequent chasing pack.  And I've probably missed a few there.  So a top 10 finish would be a bonus.  You read it here first.

Monday, November 09, 2015


3km warm up, 11mins Fartlek (1min on, 1min off), 3km warmdown.

Headed down from work in the late afternoon after 5 hours of meetings (only marginally better than yesterday's 7 hours - remembering it's Monday today) to a freshly mown Rushcutters in the warm sunshine.  Was pretty magical and made the fartlek almost bearable.

Barts ran a super 8:46:00 in the State 3000m in Saturday, a seriously quick time.  He was only 10 or so seconds behind Jeff Hunt.  The lad is in fantastic form.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Curl Curl Parkrun - 2nd in 15:54

Got a bit nervous for this one.  Realised yesterday that Quentin was running as a final tune up before JPMorgan.  The Tiger had it down for me.  I was a bit worried I'd run an average time and lose confidence for Wednesday.  But with Q running, all I had to do was hang in for as long as possible and be dragged around.

Did a 4km warm up.  Changed into the Fastwitches. Bit of a chat with Macca, Bindi and Q and then we're off.  Feels quick but I'm not going lactic so just go for it.  Through 1km with Q in 3:02, push ahead for a bit and through the second mm in 3:08, then the third km in 3:19 exchanging the lead but starting to feel the pinch.  Up the hill, still holding on but waiting for Q to pile the pressure on.  But we're still together at the bridge and it's only in the last 400m that he puffs he chest out, extends those long legs and pulls ahead to win by 3s.

Very happy with that.  I wanted something sub 16:20 so to get within 1s of my course PB was a huge bonus.  4km warmdown with Macca bumping into Emma who surprised herself over a 2km time trial.

Now to rest up for Wednesday.

Maggie's party this arvo:

Friday Fastwitch

So with just 40mins easy with a few hills on the cards, I jogged over to The Running Centre in Edgecliff and settled on a pair of Saucony Fastwitch's as a racing flat.  Haven't raced in anything but my Mizuno Wave Rider's - including 5000m on the track - for the past 2 years.  But in a fit of desperation and clutching at straws for a boost in performance at JPMorgan next week, I decided a lightweight flat was the way forward.  There's a teeny bit of science here in that I seem to run my reps quicker barefoot.

They felt great, so bought them and ran back to the office.  Stopped at the Domain and did 4 x 80m hill.  First one was shocking.  Last one felt great. I guessing Tiger put them in to activate the glutes.  If so, it worked.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Remember remember

Well, that session this morning was as average as they get.  Just me and Emma in rotten conditions.  Did 3 x 1 min hill (over Queenscliff bridge and up the path).  Then 4 x 5min efforts along the beach.  First one was OK averaging 3:18's.  Then turn around to realise I'd been running with the benefit of a huge tailwind.  Almighty struggle to get back on the second rep where the Garmin was reading 3:50's at one point.  Ended up averaging 3:42 for that.  Then it died, obviously in sympathy for me in avoiding having to record any more piss poor performances.

Just felt really tired again today though.  Need a good night's sleep tonight as I fell asleep and was dribbling on my Fast Ferry morning commute.

Longish warm down bumping into Macca a couple of times for 15km all up.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Post Melbourne Cup hangover

No Justin, just for the win.  All or nothing with me.  There was plenty of shouting at the TV.

16km today with a bit of a hangover but with Andy to chat to and drag me around.  Saw Hoey and Gleeso, then - bizarrely - Mikey C running solo.  Normally he has more hangers-on than Floyd Mayweather.

Untimed, unmeasured and unsightly.  It was just a case of getting it done today.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Melbourne Cup

Out early again for 12x500m off a rolling 3mins with Quentin, Macca, Jamie, Erika and Emma on the path through Nolan's.  

Really pushed hard today trying to stay close to Quentin.  It may have been a touch short of 500m as I averaged 1:29's to start and 1:27's for the last 6.  But it certainly felt like 3min km pace.  Q was 1-2s in front for each rep.  Was running through treacle on the final rep so hope it does me good.

2.5km warm up and 4.5km warmdown for 14km all up.

Gleeso says to bet the house on his top tip and, as a fellow lawyer I trust that fella.  But I'm going to put $500 down on Max Dynamite instead.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday moaning

Out on a very warm (29C when we set off) and muggy day which wasn't conducive to feeling sprightly.  But for some reason the pace was quick - running 4:20's around the wharves.  Massive group but I was mainly chatting to Enda, Hoey, Kanser and James Lambert.  Well, I say chatting, more like grunting and complaining at the pace.  14km.

Sunday easy

Tired.  3km then yoga then 6km.  Legs very wobbly post yoga.

Saturday Parkrun and long run

Out at 6am for 11km solo before meeting Macca, Andy, Ben, Paul and Chris Yates at Curly for Parkrun.  Andy was dressed in a full length skeleton suit including mask so sole aim of the morning was not to let that joker beat me.  But general intention was to run with Macca and push him around.

Set off easy, caught Macca between 2 and 3km, would feel him slow a bit on the hills then come past me again on the down.  He pushed hard with 600m to go but just failed to get under 17mins.

Then did a warmdown with Macca and Andy before taking Charlie to cricket at Seaforth Oval and doing my final 7km from there - pretty tired at this stage.

27km all up.  Average 4:31's.  16:59 Parkrun.

Then on to Oktoberfest:

Friday, October 30, 2015

Aberdeen Asset Management

So after 600m I was writing my CV and tracking down my P45, Barts nearly got run over while Statto, MC and New Boy Tim remained diplomatically silent.  All after seeing Andy "training" with his fellow employee.  And Andy had no intention of joining us for the run and spreading the joy. Oh no.  We were brushed off summarily with a very clear indication that    he was not to be disturbed.

13km very easy with the above mentioned plus Kanser and Ronan.

113km for the week. 

Thursday early sess

Again just the hardcore of me and Emma for another early start Thursday.  Session was 3 x 2.36km for me (figure of eight Nolan's circuit) with Emma doing 3 x 2km.  I ran 7:43, 7:37 and 7:36 putting some real effort in.  Another confidence builder.

4km warm up and 4.5km warmdown for 15.5km all up.

Will be interesting to see how Emma goes at JPMorgan.  Chatting to her you realise there's a competitive mongrel in there..

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday MLR

Out with Iain, Macca and Quentin this morning for a very easy 16km in 4:47's.  Hammy a bit sore. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hills and decreasing hard tempos

Just Emma C and me for the session this morning.  First up 6 x 30s hills beside Mackellar Girls, then 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 mins off a 2min jog.

Felt strong today and able to hold form.  10, 5 and 3 were all at 3:18-3:20 pace then 3:09 and 3:00 pace for the 2 and 1. Although feeling good while running I started to feel really tired on the long warmdown and the glutes in particular were aching.  Only issue was hammy was a bit sore at the end.  Tough session to test it out though.  Was pretty blustery out there so at times had to work very hard to maintain pace.

Emma got stronger on each hill but was complaining of lack of speed on the reps. Great to hear she's entered for JPMorgan though - another girl to add to the mix.

15.5km all up.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday morning

Out early for a very easy 4km with Bec (couple of faster loops of Passmore for her) then carried on for another 11km for me.  Ran past Lewis and his unmistakeable bouncing stride along Manly Beach.  Pretty tired towards the end.  These early mornings kill me.  Another tomorrow.  But also affected by an hour of yoga last night.  Yes, you read that correctly.

15km averaging 4:49's.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday shock!

Poor Ben was beside himself.  It had taken him 48hours to adjust to the idea that we wouldn't be running Narrabeen Lake back via Cromer, only for Macca to head up Pittwater Rd on the usual route. Dicky was quietly seething that his planned route to Tania Park had been usurped.  The rest of us (Quentin, Rich Mullaney, Erika and myself) were just enduring the pain of low 4min kms while Macca and Dicky fought for who would be leading and therefore determining which way to go.  The problem, you see, is that Macca can't face hills, at least for the first 15km of a run.  On the other hand, Dicky doesn't like the flat.  It's all too stressful.  We'll be reverting to the usual route next week.

Another cracker of a morning.  I was a bit stiff after too many red wines last night meant I neglected the stretching.  With the hilly route on top of that I was feeling the hammy a bit towards the end.  All up 28.5km averaging 4:36's.

Cop a load of that Hoey.  Emporio's Big Breakfast.  Macca and I are in food heaven.  10/10.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday fitting it in

All day outside first at cricket then at the Manly West Carnival bumping into half of the HuRT Squad including Jimmy, Darren, Erikakaka, Dicky et al.  Managed to offload Claudia onto Bec for an hour to sneak home and fit in the scheduled 40min run.  Felt good today so just got quicker throughout - as the splits show.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday rest day

So I did 8km very easy to Shelley and back instead.  Bit of a hangover after a full house at the Bull & Bear and an ISDA members dinner.  37:36 (4:34's).  

106km for the week.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

HuRTS 8 x 800m

Small but loyal crowd.  Each one will PB at JPMorgan. The rest of youse are gooone. 

Ran with Tongey on the first then alone but with JFen dipping in and out and Timmy doing 400's so helping me on the first lap of each alternate rep.

2:30 to start with and 2:20 to end off the rolling 4 mins.  Average was 2:26.50.  2-3s per rep slower than earlier this season but very happy with that as a first speed session in 3 months.  Took the shoes off after 5 reps and made a big difference.  Take away is to buy lighter racing flats for the race.

Told JFen (who was flying on the few 800's he did after his solo 10x400m set) that my sole aim was to beat him at JPMorgan so the cat is out of the bag.

14km all up.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday MLR

Caught up with Iain early doors for the North Head loop.  Bumped into Quentin on the way to Shelley who then joined in. Beautiful morning for it.  Can't beat Manly.  Legs fairly cactus again but slow sign of improvement towards the end when I picked up the pace a bit.

16.5km in 74:36 (4:30's).  

I'm hoping at some stage things are going to click.  But it ain't happening yet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HuRTS - Progressive Hurt

Got a chance to pop out at lunchtime for the progressive 45min tempo in the heat.  Wasn't what was scheduled but given the chance to run hard with a crowd I took that over running by myself.

Set off with World Silver Medallist Crossy, Hamish and Clydesdale Jono.  CT and Barts went off ahead.  That said, when we picked up the pace every 10 mins we started to catch them as they dawdled around, such that on the turn at 23:15 at the entrance to Barangaroo we were right behind them.

Crossy pulled out at CQ and the others had dropped off by then.  CT and Barts had gone past me even before the Harbour Bridge so it was a lonely struggle back home.  But managed it with 2 seconds spare in 44:58.  LJ should take some pacing lessons from me.

Thighs were wrecked the whole way around and my legs just felt lethargic and tired throughout.  Some nasty virus toxins still in there I reckon.  But the breathing was fine and I haven't passed out at my desk this arvo which is a plus.

4km warmdown with Charlie and Barts for 16km all up.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Run home

Ran home.  Felt shocking.  Still feel as though I've got the virus in my legs.  The Ebola virus.  Maybe due to the Tiger massage this am stirring things up.

68:49 via Burnt Bridge Creek.

Solid run by the Cap'n in Amsterdam running 2:46.  Sensational run by Milly Clark in 2:29.  She could be on the way to Rio with that.  The Cap'n went through the Half in 1:19:06 feeling great, so what is it about our marathon prep?  Too few kms?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday with the boys

27km with Macca, Ben, Craig and Rich Mullaney.  We extended the latter an invite to the exclusive Northern Beaches long run/breakfast club on the basis he's English, lives NOTB and has some talent. Few have the trifecta. 

Slow (4:38's) but I was still struggling my way through it still suffering a bit from last week.

Forgot to mention that we saw the who's who of the Northern Beaches on this morning's run.  First up was Elle enjoying breakie in the cafe at North Narrabeen.  Then another talented female athlete in Melinda Gainsford-Taylor jogging around Narrabeen Lake.  All the stars are NOTB. 

Also didn't mention that Charlie's cricket team smashed Peninsula yesterday (4-117 versus 20-74) with Peninsula managed by none other than Michael Slater.  Here he is imparting advice to his outgoing batsman.  Made Charlie even happier with his 2 wickets off his final 2 balls:

Great runs by Barts, Q and JFen at Curl Curl yesterday.  Mixed performances at Melbourne.  Jess Trengove stunned with her 2:27 but Erika will be a little disappointed with her 2:57 after struggling from not taking enough water on.  A PB is a PB and it shows her strength of character to fight through but there's definitely a low 2:50 in her.

Saturday return

Avid readers of my blog will have noticed an absence of a few days.  They will both be wondering what had happened to the 16 day consecutive run.  Well, on Monday night I can down with gastro (which probably explains why I felt so average running on Sunday and Monday).  Tuesday I was bed-ridden - couldn't even crawl to the sofa to watch TV.  Back at work on Thursday but couldn't really stomach anything until Friday night.  Only plus is that I lost 2kg which I'll try to keep off until JPMorgan.

Did 10km on Saturday evening.  First 2km were a shocker (so lethargic probably from lack of food) but felt better as I got into it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday moanings

Jeez I'm tired.  Like, marathon training tired.

Fronted up today with a big crowd in attendance including Enda, Kanser, Hoey, Worswick, BW, Renee, Jerome, Happy Hammer, TKS et al.  Plodded around feeling uncomfortable.  Felt a bit better after Enda and I stopped for water around Barangaroo and started running 4:00min kms to catch everyone.

Plenty of chat between Kanser and Enda.  I understood about 20% of it.  Enda pretty psyched up about beating JFen at JPMorgan.  It'll be pretty close between these two but I'll plump for Enda in that he always seems to perform well at this event and is looking lean after a 3 week break in China.  I'm just hoping to keep them both in sight and, who knows, if they fight each other hard enough I may be able to reel one in over that tough final 600m.

15.5km in 70:26 (4:32's).

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Busy all day walking, at Nippers and lugging stuff around the garden.  Got out at 6pm for 40mins but was shagged.  Just couldn't get going.  Some days you just have to accept you haven't got it.

About 8km.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday long

Out early doors with Barts, the Cap'n and Macca (the old team) for 27.5km up and down the beaches.  Finished with a dip in the ocean at Queenscliff and bacon and eggs at the Grumporio.  Absolutely magic.

4:34's so nice and easy.  Massive stretch of my quads last night and the hammy is better than ever.

Friday holy cow

So I was schedule a rest day.  But then Erika said she was running at lunch so decided to head out for an easy run and chat about her upcoming marathon.  Then she says she needs to run 6km at 4:00 pace so I think, OK that should not be too tricky.  Then we meet and she says that Gary has instructed her to run quicker.  So I think, well, I'll just run and see how it feels.  So we so 3km warm up before, BAM!, there goes her first km in 3:30 and BAM BAM!!, there's the second km in 3:24.  I kid you not, I could not hold on.  She has a 15m lead on me and I start thinking I can kill myself to bridge the gap or I keep running the same pace and surely she'll start to fade soon.  I catch her by the end of the third km (3:35 for me) and then into the wind around Barangaroo we run a 3:51, then a 3:48 and a 3:45 to run the 6km in 21:20 or thereabouts (3:38's).  Gary has got her into fantastic form for next week's marathon and I hope she smashes it.  I'm predicting a 2:53.

12 all up and 100km for the week.  Haven't had one of them since June.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Tiger Woods, eat your heart out

Out at 8am in Manly for 10 x 1min hills plus 10mins hard.  4km warm up to the hill at Shelly Beach. Didn't thrash myself on the hills but solid and was tired towards the end.  Then did the 3km back towards Queenscliff running 3:21, 3:20 and 3:14. Happy with that with the legs feeling comfortably numb at the end.

Then down to The Lakes for a day of corporate wanker golf.  Had a top day playing Ambrose.  I was the weak link as usual but got my 3 drives in early including my best drive ever on the 1st.  And we won!  Nice bottle of vintage bubbly to crack open next time we have something to celebrate.  So it will be very vintage bubbly when consumed.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

MLR, kinda

Well, just coming home now at 9pm so my deal didn't quite sign at 10am but at least 'tis done.  Managed to get out at 2pm for 16km around the wharves and Barangaroo in 1:12 nice and easy.  Been taking Voltaren last 2 days for this troublesome glute insertion and feels much better.


In at 8.30am, out at 1.30am.  Massively busy day but somehow managed to get out to do 60% of a HuRTS session.  Session was the 3, 2, 1 fartlek x 5 but I just did x 3.  Very hot but surprised myself in running pretty well turning not far behind Barts.  But I couldn't have gone much further.  

Hoping this deal signs tomorrow so I can get some kip.  May come home early if it does.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Monday long run

Out for the Sunday run on Monday with Ben, Banksy and the Cap'n.  Up to Narrabeen Lake via Cromer, one loop then home the same way.  27.5km in 2:06:12 (4:35's).  Longest run I've done since the end of July and felt it at the end.  Hammy ok but the insertion to the glute was a bit sore (which I think has been the issue all along).

Then rode with Claudie, Mags and Charlie to the Grumporio for breaky with the Cap'n and his boy Toby.  Beaut of a morning.  Think I'll have a kip now.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday scorcher

Scorchio today.  Early start heading down with Craig to the Wharf Bar to watch England humiliated at home by the Wallabies.  With the clocks going forward last night it was a super early start so had a bit of shut-eye watching Paw Patrol with Claudie over lunch.  Headed out in the early evening (when it was still in the high 20's) for 10km easy feeling pretty good.

Saturday canter

Easy 12km in the afternoon.  54mins.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Recovery Friday

Out for a very easy 11+km with Kanser around Barangaroo.  Felt pretty tired today for the first time on the comeback trail - must have been yesterday's reps after Wednesday's tempo.

80km for the week.

HuRTS 6 x 1km

Back out with the HuRTS crew.  I'd woken up in the Daintree at 4am before a 6.45am flight from Cairns so was pretty tired.  Eased my way into the session running with Macca and Bruce. Good crowd with CT leading the way, Timmy falling further back in each rep, JFen and Hoey looking controlled and our three leading ladies (Erika, Greta and Renee) all looking strong.

Times went 3:26, 3:21, 3:19, 3:16, 3:06 and 3:13.

Then did my glute stretch on the grass only to have Mikey G come over and say "you don't want to do it like that, you want to do it like this!", and then proceed to show me an eyeful of one muscle of his body which certainly wasn't his glute.

10km all up.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tempo time

Final day here in Mossman.  Felt good after yesterday so planned a tempo today.  Did 2km warm up jog, then 10km tempo, then 2km warmdown.

Set off at a solid but relatively comfortable pace and just tried to hold it and keep consistent.  Had to work a bit between 7km and 8km in the full sun but generally pretty good.  All km splits were between 3:42 and 3:47 apart from the final one pushing on a bit to finish in 37:02.

Been a great holiday.  Haven't been as relaxed or slept as much in a long time.  Some pics of our house here:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Holiday running

Another 12km in the morning - pretty quick again (seem to do perennial tempos when in on the comeback trail) but Suunto lost batteries after 6km.  Hot and humid.  

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cairns Parkrun

I'm Up nice and early and cajoled the family out of their beds for the short hop down to the Esplanade for Cairns Parkrun.  Did a 2km warm up then listened to the bloke try to explain the course route.  He did so FNQ style, so I was none the wiser at the end of his talk.  We had a load of visitors given it was school holidays - must have been 150+. 

Decided just to sit behind whoever was in the lead.  Did so for 1km but then couldn't help myself but drift to the front. All was good until 4.5km when I was about a minute ahead of the next chap and started looking out for the turn to the finish.  At 4.8km I knew I'd missed it and saw a random volunteer packing up from the first lap who told me I had run well past it (thanks mate).  Eventually got back with 5.8km in the watch.

Chap who won was on his 100th Parkrun so nice for him to get a win.  I jogged afterwards to pick up Charlie, Bec, Kirst and Maggie and all loved the occasion.  Then out for breakie.  No pan-served breakie or brioche in FNQ.

Splits were 3:21, 3:23, 3:24, 3:28 and 3:45 (becoming frustrated).  Hammy held up well so will try 90mins tomorrow.

How we felt after:



11km straight out from the property, turned around and ran back.  22km in 1:33ish (4:14's).  Felt it towards the end in the heat and humidity.  Basically ran through sugars cane fields alongside the cane railways on quiet roads.  Amazing scenery.

Having said that, doing a long(ish) run solo on holiday is one of the hardest things for me.  Need company on the long runs and when on holiday it just feels unfair.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Nice and hot here.  Did 10km along the Esplanade in the evening.  Move to Mossman tomorrow but not before Cairns Parkrun which starts less than 1km from where we're staying.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bit of speed

So the toe made a bit of a recovery overnight so I ventured out with Timmy, Mikey, TKS, Renee, Ray and a host of others for a very easy run around the usual route. 

It was 3 old school HuRTS Warriors fighting back from injury who turned at 5.5km to head back in anticipation of a quick OH Gate to St Mary's Gate (2.9km).  Got a bit of help from Ray around Farm Cove then hit by hurricane force winds up the hills which had us all at a standstill.

Pleased to get 10:14 under the belt with the hammy feeling tight early on but no issues in the warmdown jog.

11km for the day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gammy toe

had to type this heading 3 times because it kept on auto-correcting to "hammy", which is ironic.

Anyway, hammy fine today and was going to try my first speed work.  But I was picking my toe-nails last night and managed to yank off half my big toe nail and now it's infected and too painful to run.  Take a look:

In other news, here's me next to a monster truck earlier today:


I've had many requests for an afternoon update on the toe which has continued to deteriorate and has prevented any running.  In fact, I can barely get my foot in my shoe.  So here goes: