Sunday, July 31, 2016

22 day push-up challenge

Just squeezed in 17km today up Allambie and back via Manly.  Was running along Sydney Road when some mad motorist came down a side lane and almost ran me over.  I was about to give the fool a serve when he wound his window down and it was Macca.  Plainly Timmy is paying him to try and take me out of City to Surf due to him getting cold feet on the 5mins he offered me.

4:29's today feeling much better than yesterday after an evening of pizza and hot dogs.

Have started the 22day push-up challenge today (raising awareness for the 22 ex-servicemen in the US who take their lives EVERY day as a result of PTSD - far outstripping the number who die in combat).  Holy crap.  I managed 10 + 8 + 4 with a healthy minute between each set.  Will see if that improves...

Saturday long run

The Manly Hardcore wanted to run long on Saturday and Barts was calling for a fast finish. Great turn out with Barts, Macca, Craig, Vonky, CT, Scotty, Ray, Toby, Ben and myself all in.  I tentatively planned to join them in upping the pace but decided early on I wasn't up for it.

Dragged my ass home with Ben feeling sorry for myself and wondering why I was feeling that way.  It's been a 113km week with lots of hills but didn't really explain feeling so flat.  Later realised I'd had no carbs the day before.  Grilled chicken and salad in the evening, a quiche at lunch and Mafia Eggs from Belgrave Cartel in the morning.  I'm pretty sensitive to nutrition these days and sure that didn't help.  Need a good Spag Bol before a long run.

Ended up with 29.2km averaging 4:26's.


8-9km jog around the city.  Much better at end than beginning.  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday HuRTS

Just watched the Obama speech at the DNC.  If he is not the best public speaker of all time then I don't know who is.  Spine tingling stuff.

Did a 5km warm up then met the HuRT Squad at the Park Hyatt and changed into my flats.  No Barts, Q, CT, Hoey, Nicky R or Crossy so I was solo up front today.  Decided to give it a crack in any case.  We split into 2 groups and ran off a rolling 8:30.  My rep times were:

6:13, 6:11, 6:14, 6:12

Nice and consistent but felt very bouncy and good on the first 2 reps but, to be honest, my legs started to feel dead half way through rep 3 so it was a case of just concentrating on form and turning them over.

5km warm down with Andy for 18kmmall up.

All the talk is on Timmy's form and his new found hill-climbing ability.  And now he's in the red centre running a marathon.  What the hell is going on?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hilly MLR

A run to work, wanted to do 20km so planned on a loop around Manly Dam before heading in.  Thought Allambie Rd would make it too far so decided on running past Gleeso's house, Manly Vale School, the Manly Dam trail up to Seaforth Oval and then in. 

However, got to Balgowlah RSL and realised I was going to be too short so decided on a "short loop" around Clontarf to make up the distance.  This short loop turned out to be the hardest 3km of the run.  Clontarf is the hilliest suburb out there.  It's also huge.  Plainly there are more wankers North of the Spit Bridge than I had thought.

Got tired near the Harbour Bridge but held on for 21+km averaging 4:29's.

I'm a big fan of the mid-week 20, 20, 20 if the body can stomach it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All went wrong Tuesday

First missed morning run so did 10km at lunch with Hoey.

Then, missed ES Marks in the evening due to work commitments so sneaked out at 7.30pm for a loop of the city including 4 x Pottinger hills to the HofW then 3 x Argyle/Observatory Hills.  The latter were much harder.

11km all up.

So bitsy training but got some kms in.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Home. Felt very bouncy. Quick hello to Matt running the opposite direction on the coat hanger.  Attacked the hills and took Banksy's Strava segment up Spit Hill.  Didn't realise it starts at the South end of Spit Bridge though so there's more in it.  He'll be aiming to take it back later this week...

15.2km in 4:20's.


Hilly 29km solo after missing the lads due to Maggsies soccer.  Felt good and went quite well (4:24's) which wasn't bad considering the 380m of elevation.

Friday plod

Hungover 11km with Big Jim.  A question of just getting through it.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

12 x 500m

Pitch black, pissing rain. What the hell am I doing heading out for a warm-up at 5:50am?  Did 4km knowing I had to get a bit of blood flow in the legs before attempting 500m reps.  

Wasn't surprised to see the dedicated Lewis waiting to start but was to see Ben and Charlie lining up in the conditions.  Off we went with me just trying to hold on to Lewis.  I think the 500m marked out was a bit long (perhaps 3s) but we just ran the same consistent length.  Agreed with Lewis that we would each lead alternate reps which I find is a much easier way to get through them - you can turn off while you're following and just be dragged through.  Seems as though I nominated him to lead the reps into the wind though!

All reps 1:33-1:34 with the last at 1:28.  Solid session.  Legs comfortably numb now.

5km warm down (bumping into Macca) for 16km all up.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday miserable MLR

Pissing with rain.  The beautiful weather on our return has come to an immediate halt.  Up (jet-lagged) at 5am again so decided just to get it over and done with and meet the Manly crowd.  But where the bloody hell were they?  No Cap'n or Lewis.  Fortunately bumped into Q on Manly beach so ran and chatted with him.

16.1km including 4 Oliver St hills.  Dead slow - I was knackered from last night. Achilles fine but OP giving me a bit of gyp.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday double

AM:  9km easy with Justin and Jamie along the beach and around the golf course.  

PM:  Jogged to ES Marks after work.  4km hard in 12:24.  Just sat behind Alex R for the first 7 laps until Gary shouted to go ahead.  Then started catching Keith Mc on the final lap finishing just behind.  Felt pretty good.  

Then a bit of a rest before 200m fast, 200m jog x 6.  I may be able to hold on for 4km but I'm woeful at sprinting, being about 10-15m behind Alex, the McPhersons and Matt for each rep.  Basically my 200m reps are run at the same pace as my 4km rep.  I think only Neil P has a worse conversion.

13km all up.

Back in Syd

Easy 10km around the City solo flushing out the jet-lagged legs.  Nice to be back and a lovely day.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Final day

Head back this arvo so set off at 7am for a long run.  Much more pleasant this morning only at 29C.  Headed straight down the Pinellas Trail for 13.5km then returned.  Felt great this morning and ended up averaging 4:13's.  Finally seem to have acclimatised.

Must say the Yanks are really friendly.  3 of them stopped to talk to me this morning - 2 on bikes and 1 at a water stop.  One of them passed on a bike and shouted out "wow, you must be running at 6:30 pace!" and sure enough I'd just done a 4:03 km (6:31 mile) so he knew his stuff.

Headed out after the run to an old-school diner for brekkie where I had the "Country Skillet" which consisted of loads of stuff covered in sausage gravy (essentially lard with sausage bits in it).  Couldn't think of a better long-run recovery meal.

Florida has been much better than I expected.

Weeki Wachi

Out early to Weeki Wachi Springs Park so no early run.  Awesome place.  Old school American place.  Basically a deep water spring in Florida so deep pools with cold water (massive relief from the warm sea).  But the Yanks of course add a few slides and an underwater mermaid show.  

Loved it.

Got back and headed out at 5pm when it was still 33C.  Despite that I felt like adding some speed which I've been neglecting.  Did 2km hard (6:38) then 1km hard (3:07) during the 10.5km which ended up averaging 4:05.  Felt good today.

Friday, July 15, 2016

No speed

Just the usual route - 13km this morning in 4:32's.  Did some strides towards the end.  Then to Busch Gardens which were brilliant - best roller coasters in the world.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Attempt at some speed

Out in the am again (only time it is feasible to run - too hot any later and I've cracked open my first holiday beer by 4.30pm each afternoon in any case).

Decided I needed to try some speed this morning.  Kept on delaying when I would actually try it.  Got to 7km on the Pinellas Trail, turned for home and decided to run back quicker.  Did 5kms under 4min km pace then almost expired with heat exhaustion.  

All up 14km in 4:14's.

Tuesday - Pinellas Trail

Why didn't I find this earlier?  A disused railway line turned into a bike/running trail that runs for 33miles from Tarpon Springs to St Petersburg.  I did 10km in 4:34's.  Slowly acclimatising.


27.3km in the hottest conditions I've run in.  It was just an exercise of body temperature control - running easy enough so as not to overheat but not so slow that I was out in the heat too long.

First water at 19km, dip in the ocean at 22km (felt like a bath - we're spoiled in Sydney) and dragged my ass home over last 3km.  4:43's.

Monday, July 11, 2016

More treadmill crap

Saturday:  14km odd on the treadmill averaging 4:12's.  Always run too fast on the treadmill.  Just get bored and keep on trying to up the pace.  Ends up as grey running.

Sunday:  Could only survive 12km this morning before dying of boredom.  4:14's.  This sort of running doesn't suit my achilles.

Me and my dream car:

Diagon Alley was awesome:

Me and my dream van:


Sunday, July 10, 2016


13km in Tarpon Springs in the am feeling crap.  Legs stiff and sore, dehydrated in the 95F heat.  Need to drink more and roll out.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Farewell NYC

Last run and back into Central Park (just too handy).  

Did 2.5 loops in the scheduled 1hr 45mins.  In the first km I had a bloke run past while training a girl he was trying too hard to impress.  They gained 20m so being a competitive twat I didn't let them get further ahead and then ran past on the big hill at the Harlem end.  This meant I was running 4:12's, which was a bit silly.  It was very warm (20+C at 6am).  

Continued on for 24.4km getting more and more tired and dehydrated.  Need some good sleep as I'm still slightly jet-lagged.

Kids in hotel room:

Maggie top of the Rock:

Bogan Mags buying a hot dog on the streets of NY at 10pm:

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Tuesday same but different

Another shocking night's sleep but, due to the power of social media, I had arranged to meet TB at the Apple Store on the corner of Central Park at 6am.  But wet overnight so more humid this morning.  Great chat to Terence while running 13.2km around the Park nice and easy.

Top of the Rock:

Independence Day

Woke up after a fitfull jet-lagged sleep and did 13.8km around Central Park on a beautiful (Northern Hemisphere) summer's day.  Meaning it was green, lush and cool but warming up.  God I miss home sometimes.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Gold Coast 10km - 21st in 31:35

Well, everything went to plan for once.  Arrived last night (being put up, very kindly, by Jeet and Birchy in a fantastic ocean view apartment in Main Beach), got some food and an early night's sleep.  

Had been feeling great in training over the past 2 weeks and woke up feeling good again.  Achilles has been no concern and all the rolling out has done wonders to how I feel in the early am.  Jogged to the start, got intimidated in the (very plush) elite area seeing Australia's two greatest distant runners milling about (Mona and Benita Willis).  Got to the start area and only mistake was not to jump onto the start line straightaway.  Found myself 4 rows back.  But told myself it was a good thing as I'd be able to accelerate into the race.

I didn't wear a watch.  I told myself I was in good form and would either be scared by the pace of the splits or would stress they weren't quick enough.  So ran on feel just trying to hold on to packs of runners for as long as possible.  Chadi was leading a big group early on so tagged on the back of that.  A smaller group started to pull ahead so tagged in to them until 5km.  Knew things were going well when, looking for the 4km mark, I suddenly saw the 5km mark.  That's a free km in the bank!  Clock said 15:32 as I passed but I was falling off the group of 5.  But, like Gold Coast resident Big Kev before me, I was excited.

Best thing about this race is the strength and depth of field.  As soon as I dropped off I had runners catching and coming past me.  John Dutton came past at 5km and I got a km out of him. So I just jumped on the back of each one to drag me through just one more km (as I told myself).  Massive shout from Coach Gary at 8km which was a great lift and I was closing in on John again.  

The long straight before the final finish tunnel seemed to last forever (but at least not as bad as last year's marathon and I probably covered it in half the time), then I turn and hear the announcer saying something like "Jacob Cocks in 30:40" - does that mean he's sat down eating a b&e roll or has he just finished?!  I turn the corner and see 31:10 on the clock.  Fuck yeah!!  Sprint for the line and do some mad fist pumps and crazy arms aloft.  I think my fellow competitors are a bit bemused.  But I don't care.

So stoked.  Biggest jump in my PB ever. Thanks so much to Coach Gary.  And thanks so much to Birchy and Jeet for the hospitality and brekkie.  A perfect start to my holidays.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow in the Full and Half.  It's perfect up here.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Friday jog

25mins early doors along the beach with a few strides.


Started the day by meeting Eljay and Elle for coffee to talk racing tactics for the weekend.  Eljay very kindly said that I was impressively erect.  She claimed to be talking about my running style but I'm not so sure.

At lunch joined the squad at Rushcutters but did 5min tempo followed by 4 x 30s before jogging back with Timmy.