Tuesday, June 30, 2015

7, 5, 3

Down to HuRTs at the OH gates but not the 14 x 3mins for me or a few others running Gold Coast at the weekend.  We did 7, 5 and 3 mins off a 3 min rest.  

Went off quite hard on the first rep with no one with me - 3:09 for the first km, 3:17 for the second (up the hills) and average 3:12 at the end.  Ran with Barts and Tongey for the 5mins averaging 3:05 back down the hills then 3:07 for the final rep.

Short, sharp and session done.  4km warmdown with Enda, JC, J-Fen, Heet and Barts.

Massive crowd today doing the longer session, with those mentioned plus Timmy, CT, Q, Macca, Andy (the boy's found some form), Skins and a whole host more.  Fewer of the ladies in attendance with wannabe HuRTS #1 Renee fronting up whilst erstwhile #1 LJ decides the pressure of the squad is too much so has joined CanToo.  But she is promising an appearance at Goldie if the worlds tightest hamstrings can climb the JetStar steps.  The news just gets better and better for TKS.

5 days to go.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Taper time

14km around Nieth Head in 59:53.  Felt very lethargic and with a few niggles in the first 5km then much better later on.

Heard this booming voice at Queenscliff Playpark to see Barts rushing over ignoring his kids.  Then Jamie with his family about 100m further on.  

All enjoying God's Country.

7 days to go.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Not Parkrun

Couldn't get out for Parkrun due to Charlie's soccer (plus friends coming over last night) so emailed Jamie knowing he'd missed it too and suggested a 5km hard at noon.  Did two laps of the golf course which I've measured at 2.5km on Mapmyrun and the Suunto measured it at exactly 5km too.  Which probably means it's short.

First lap in 8:02 and second in 8:18 for 16:20.  Struggled on the hills a bit on the second loop.  Warm down with Jamie (who ran 17:44) for 15km all up.

Still coughing up crap and chest a bit tight.

8 days to go.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

RunCrew 1km efforts

Up at sparrow's fart to meet Quentin, Jamie, Macca and Amy at 6.10am for 6 x 1km off a rolling 5mins.  It was still pitch black at 6.10am so we had to do them around Passmore where we had at least the tiniest bit of light.  Mainly from the toilet block which I had frequented in my usual fashion.

Ran the first rep with all my extra layers on not feeling at all up for it.  Then eased into them but to be honest never felt particularly comfortable this morning.  1km was just over 1.5loops of Passmore and I'd just concentrate on getting a loop done before pushing home the final half a lap.  Ran them all sharing the lead with Quentin who kept me honest.  Was pretty rooted on the final rep.  Times were:


Long warmdown with Macca for 12km all up.

10 days to go...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wed easy

16km solo around Centennial with a loop of MMC thrown in.  Then did 4 x 100m hills as per coache's orders.  Felt better at end than I did at beginning.

11 days to go.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

HuRTS 4 x 10mins

Nice turnout today with CT, Barts, Enda, Colin Hunt, Hoey, Fats and Andy all running upfront and the likes of Timmy, Jimmy and others making welcome returns.

Plan was to run within myself a bit quicker than marathon pace.  Did the gate to gate reps (starting from St Mary's Gates) in:


So nice and consistent although I had to work hard up the hills on the last rep to keep the time the same.  Long warmdown with Barts after for 18km all up.

Still coughing up the lingering effects of the cold.  But Bec now has a secondary flu type thing (off school today with a temperature and the shakes) so I'm avoiding kid contact as much as possible.

12 days to go...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Easy recovery

Turned up for a Monday HuRTS run for the first time in ages.  But they were too quick for me so Jacquie, new chap Andy and I dropped off the back.  Then around the STC wharves I saw Mr Ace and MC running the opposite direction so ran back with them.  

10km slow.  Back of left knee a bit sore.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Long run

Out in the arvo for various reasons.  Quentin and Justin thankfully joining in.  36km on the cards with some sort of fast finish.  But because it wasn't 6am we were pretty quick from the start.  Q dropped off  after 17km and Justin and I picked up the pace too early (at around 20km).  We'd been around North Head, up to Fitness First then back around the golf club.  Did 2 loops of the golf course averaging mid 3:30's, but having been doing a few mid 3:40's before that it was enough for me.

Eased off for the final 5km around Nolans and the blood sugar levels got very low in the final km. 

Final 18km (when Q gave me his watch after mine bombed) averaging 4:00.  All up 36km I guess in 4:10's.  Solid but worried about bonking in the marathon.  Nutrition will be key.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Curl Curl Parkrun - 1st in 16:44

Woke up at 6:45am having slept through my alarm.  Was touch and go to get there so jumped in the car.  Arrived with 2mins to spare.  Just Jamie there to keep company this morning.  Felt average in the first km, struggled through the mud after the recent relentless rain so just tempo'ed it through to the end.

Then a short break before Jamie and I ran the course again doing a 10 min effort and a 5 min effort off 3 mins rest.  Averaged about 3:30's.  Still not feeling magic.  But session done.  11km all up due to a lack of warmup.

Great to see Elle out there running again!

It was touch and go

Sick with a cold Wednesday and Thursday.  Ventured out Friday lunchtime and did a lap of Centennial looking a bit like this:

12.5km in 55:30.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Easy from home

Worked from home today helping Kirst out and still not feeling 100%.  Felt well enough to head out around North Head in the late arvo.  16.5km averaging 4:20's.

Forgot that I put a bet on against Barts head to head at C2S for $100.  Never betted against him before.  Should be interesting.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Launceston 10km - 18th in 32:06

Crap night sleep on Saturday night.  Coughing all night and felt as if I barely slept.  At 5am I decided I wasn't going to race.  Then got up later and felt a bit better.  Also realised that I wouldn't be able to enjoy a few beers later if I hadn't run so decided to do it.

Freezing morning - 2C at 10am.  Did a warm up with the boys with a few run throughs and we were lining up.  Church clock struck 10am and we were off.  Had decided that I wouldn't sprint out of the blocks preferring to work my way in.  Bart's had the same plan.  Dozens were in front of us but we still went through the first km in 3:07.  Started moving through the field here and suddenly it was just me, Barts and some young chap.  Dave C was about 50m in front.  Overtook Master Sweeney at about 2km so he'd gone out very quickly.  We just shared the pace until 5km (15:50) where we caught a couple of other chaps.  Turning back for home realised that we had a bit of a headwind.  The 2 young fellas we'd caught were a bit annoying as one of them kept on clipping my heels as I tried to tuck in behind Barts into the wind.  So I'd get frustrated and try to push the pace on, before Barts would then resume.  Couldn't drop them though.

Between 6 and 8km we slowed a bit to 3:16kms which basically cost us the sub 32.  Coming past Macca's and at 9km there's only 4 of us.  We hit the little bridge over the river and I realise everyone must be hurting as the pace drops on the little rise.  So I wait until we turn the final corner and then just kick past for home.  I seem to be clear!  Could it be this easy?  I see the clock ticking towards 32mins and realise I'm going to just miss.  But he comes the line and at least I've beaten Barts. But oh no, who is this white ghost drifting past me with 10m to go?  Noooooooooo!!!

So a little disappointing but with a final km of 3:07 the strength was there so all good for GCM still.  

Then we went in search of brekkie.  Wandered into what looked like a Nighclub where the lady greeted us by saying they didn't have a breakfast menu and could only serve us a stack made up of hash browns, bacon, eggs, beans and some healthy stuff.  Duh.  'Twas magnificent.  This photo is for Hoey:

Matching socks and shoes:

Then we did a Boags Brewery tour where somehow LJ got a special hi-vis singlet:

And we ran into Master Sweeney!:


Didn't realise he was so close:

The Blog's Most Valuable Reader:



Sat - arrive in Launnie

Very easy 6km with Dave Criniti on arriving at our luxurious accommodation.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

No pop culture refs for this session

Shortened session today with Sunday's race in mind.  Up early and down to the beachfront as it was too dark around Nolan's .

Session was 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 off a 1min float recovery.  Hard to get going this morning and was counting the seconds down on the 3's and 4.  All up managed 6.38km in the 22mins (3:27's).

RunCrew Northern Beaches Chapter all over the place this morning running variously past Erika and Amy going quickly in the opposite direction.  Then bumped into Macca at the end so did the final 3km warmdown with him and Sweden bound Erika.

Just over 13km all up.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Easy peasy

10km easy in the late evening from the office including 4 x 100m fast strides towards the end.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

2km TT with RunCrew

Out of work early and down to ES Marks.  Bit of a warm up and then some strides (actually, quite a few) before toeing the line for the TT.  A rolling start with Benny St Lawrence at the front, then me and Alex R sharing the pace with Tom do Canto (running 3 x 2km) behind us, then Gary, Lucy Starrat, Nick Walker and the other girls.

Went off way too quick following Benny who looks like he's jogging.  Through 200m in 31s (almost a PB) before easing up a bit.  Then stand aside for Alex and he pushes the pace again.  He starts to step aside at 650m so I go through but Tom DC immediately jumps in front.  So I just jump in behind him.  He drags me around until (running very wide on the final corner) I sprint down the final 100m.

Happy with 5:50.3 (not even in the home straight when Ben finished in 5:32).  Had enough for a sprint on the final lap after almost going lactic at 200m.  But, as Gary says, it's the benefit it does for you that is most important.  

Then did 5 x 300m - upping stumps after 5 instead of 10 like everyone else - as I was starting to labour them.  All between 50s and 52s (other than an easier first one).

Long warmdown chatting to the friendly squad for 14km all up (which somehow takes 100 mins?).

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Longish run, hard finish

Out with Macca, Craig and the Cap'n this morning for the usual loop.  I had a hard finish scheduled, but only the last 6km.  Pace was thankfully nice and easy to start with as I was feeling the effects of yesterday's session.

Picked the pace up at 24km (just before the top of the hill at Dee Why so nicely timed) and ran 3:24, 3:28, 3:25, 3:29, 3:27 and 3:21 feeling pretty good finishing halfway between North Steyne and the Corso, then jogged back to Emporio for breakfast to finish with 31.25km in 2:16:20 (4:21's).

Saturday, June 06, 2015


Coach said no Striders because of Launnie next week, so Parkrun followed by some 1min reps.  Met Quentin early doors to jog over.  Was pretty impressed with myself for getting up and if Q hadn't arranged to meet me I reckon I'd have rolled over and told myself I'd do the session in the afternoon.

Arrived to find Barts and J-Fen also there so a quality line up for a Parkrun particularly with North Head Striders on the same day.  Did some warm up strides and noticed quite an Easterly headwind.

Ran with Barts and Q until 2.5km when Q fell off.  Barts pulled ahead gradually from 4km but I felt good today - in control and not scared by the pace.  Was pleased to end in 15:56 - second fastest ever and a good sign for next week.  Bart's won in 15:50 with Q in 16:20 and J-Fen running well solo on his Parkrun debut for a 17:07.

Then did a 3km jog back around the course before starting the 10 x 1min reps off 1min recovery.  Did them around the fields next to Parkrun start/finish with Barts and Q, being replaced by J-Fen after rep 3.  Then a jog home.  So about 20km all up for a solid session.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Easy Friday

12km very easy along the beachfront and around the golf course.  Randomly bumped into Macca at 5km and finished the rest off with him chatting about the dirty scoundrel Salazar but how Mo has sailed through unblemished and should ditch his coach.

55mins or so.  Heel getting better after spreading on the Betadine.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Tan session

Out of the hotel and 3.5km warm up before starting the Manfred Mann session  (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) off 2 min float recovery.  Managed 6.48km (3:35's) but struggled to get going at the start.  Better by the end.

4km warm down for 14km all up and a beaut start for the day on a clear, crisp Melbourne morning.

Only problem is the blisters sustained on my heel post tempo session on Sunday.  Ouch:

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

In Melbourne

10km on the treadmill this evening after a super early start and arduous day.  Added a bit of gradient to make it feel more comfortable.  44mins.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

20km easy

Turned up to HuRTS to amble around towards the back just for some company for my 20km.  Ended up running roughly with Pete Walkers group - I'd catch them on the offs while they pulled ahead on the ons.  After that did another 8k and was fortunate enough to bump into Barts and we ran and chatted the whole way.

20km in 85:00 and feeling fine although calves still stiff.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Marathon tempo

Over to the Bay for the marathon tempo. Alex R and Barts would be running 20km with me (well, Barts originally said 18km but I knew we'd be able to guilt him into 20) and then I had to do the final 7km lap solo.  Gary was riding his bike alongside (Benny St was doing the same to a couple of others in RunCrew doing a similar session) handing out water and gels.

Plan was to hold 3:30's the whole way.  That's pretty much what we did - a bit faster a times and marginally slower on the hills at the end of each lap.  Felt pretty good early on and only started to feel my legs tightening a bit near 20km when Barts and Alex seemed to lift the pace marginally.  Had to dig deep running solo on the last lap but all in all I was pretty happy.  27km in 1:33:54.

Concern is how much longer I could hold that pace before it would all fall apart.  I remember Tim Rowe running an effortless 30km time trial a few years back before the Canberra Marathon but it all going wrong when the big day came around.

With warm up and down it was 31km.  Massive thanks to Alex and Barts.


3 dead easy with a few strides.