Monday, February 28, 2011

Easy Monday

...with the body only just holding together.

Took yesterday off as I was just too tired and sore. Left heel bursar flared up after hills last Thursday and has been sore. Thankfully not the achilles itself (I can do the eccentric loading with no pain) so may just take some Voltaren to get the swelling in the bursar down and avoid hills. Until Six Foot of course. Both knees also feel slightly sore too though.

Today was the usual Monday route with a couple of variations with another cruise ship in dock. Crowd included Craig, Laura, Indrajeet and James but after about 2 minutes it seemed to be just me, Wildman, Rob and Springer with the others further back. I felt great after a day off yesterday. Pace gradually picked up on the way back. Rob stopped at CQ and Wildman around Farm Cove so I finished it by myself. 16.00km exactly in 68:34 (4:17's) but with the final 3km up the hills in 3:58, 3:58 and 3:49.

Should just say congratulations in order for Young Timmy who ran a great race at the Equaliser yesterday to finish on the podium in 3rd. Outsprinting Fats in the process and showing the likes of Dickyboy a clean pair of heels. The training all seems to be paying off. Hamburglar also looked to have had a good result.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bush run Part 4

Caught up with Quentin at 6.30am for the final bush run prior to Six Foot. We both agreed on just 2 hours today rather than the mammoth effort of last week. I was a bit worried about running in the bush without trail specialist Richard, and sure enough we took a wrong turn before we even got to Manly Dam. Entered the Dam via North Balgowlah, skirted around Manly Vale Public School then came back around the Western side arriving at the pipeline near Warringah Aquatic Centre. We then crossed the Wakehurst Parkway, came down to Seaforth Oval, down to Spit Bridge and ran the Spit to Manly. Lots of bush but we were running pretty quickly as shown in the splits (Garmin now fixed):

4:45, 4:17, 4:35, 4:40, 4:10, 4:14, 4:33, 5:22, 6:28, 5:23, 4:05, 4:06, 5:10, 4:14, 4:04, 5:07, 5:19, 4:26, 6:37, 5:51, 5:24, 4:30, 4:30, 3:54, 4:58.

25.00km in 2:00:43 averaging 4:50's. Much easier than last week. Quentin was dropping me on the technical uphill section of the Spit to Manly though. He'll go well at Six Foot if he runs it sensibly.

Left hammy pretty sore which I felt on the steep uphills. Right knee also giving me a bit of concern. Need Six Foot to arrive now so that I can give the body a much needed rest.

Last week was 110km despite not being able to get out on Friday due to work commitments. The day off was welcomed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cor Blimey Thursday - HuRTS Hills

Sent a late change of session notice to do hills. Was a late change of heart on my part. Last night the legs were so stiff I thought I'd better not do hills but then recovered pretty well overnight so thought, what the hell, I'm going to have to run up a few in 2 weeks time.

Jogged over to Darling Point with Wildman, Tucks, Clyde, Ray, Chris G, JC, Luke, Dom and Rob. Small but select group. I thought the hill was about 200m long so suggested 10 reps. Turns out it's 350m but we still did 10. It's fairly steep to start with, levels out then really kicks up again at the end. Every rep followed a familiar pattern. Ray would lead out with me behind and Tucks just behind me. Tucks would overtake me on the flatter section then we'd both overtake Ray on the steep section when the lactic kicks in. Averaged all the reps between 88 and 90seconds. Monstered at the end. Chris G very strong on the hills which is why he always does well at Six Foot. Ray also outperforms. Wildman looked buggered but it'll do him the world of good. I reckon I've got two more weeks before he overtakes us.

13.5km all up after the jog to and back.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holy cow Wednesday

Jogged 4km to see Carl this morning. Did a strength session including squats with weights, lots of lateral core work and calf strengthening stuff with 60kgs on my shoulders.

At lunch it was out for the usual 19km route with Wildman, Todd, BK, Andy and RMR. The latter were running very slowly and BK dropped off the pace going up Ocean St so it was Todd, Wildman and myself for the rest of the run. Felt really good today although towards the end my legs were just numb rather than tired. Pretty convenient as it numbed the pain. Wildman is getting stronger with every run, although he did cut slightly short going down the Argyle Steps. Todd is also on very good form. Got a shout from LF Charlie near the end and then who should we see but Young Timmy claiming he tried to run with us but got all confused with the meeting time. I think he did a 6km jog instead.

1:23:43 so slightly quicker in these cooler conditions. Achilles is slightly sore due to my calves being so tight. Need to get the Thera Roll onto them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

The HuRT Squad took a big leap forward today. All it needed was a drop in temperature to the low 20's and suddenly everyone is running all 14 reps (even Fenton, I say to audible gasps of breath) and doing them quickly at that.

Big turnout today but with the Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth docked in the harbour, the crowds around Farm Cove were massive. Amazed we had no stacks, but fortunately the rain started during rep 3 which dispersed everyone pretty quickly.

Everyone seemed to be going off at a rate of knots in the first few reps, with Wildman, Quentin, Bartles, JF, Jason, new young bloke John, Todd, Timmy and Andy all to the fore. I seemed to be way back for the first half of each rep then would pick my way through in the second half. Still, Quentin and Wildman were ahead at least for the first 7 reps. First Gate to Gate was just over 3 mins and then each one after that was between 2:55 and 2:59 (3:13 - 3:17 pace). The last four picked the pace up with the penultimate rep run in 2:52 (3:09 pace) and the final rep all out with Quentin in 2:41 (2:57 pace). With just 60s rest these are supposed to be run at Half Marathon pace so this was way too quick. I don't know about this session. JF was saying that if we're maintaining (or even increasing) the pace, then it can't be wrong but I'd always thought the intention was to train the body to run at that pace with relative ease. Even though I felt OK, 3:15 pace is not relatively easy.

Good to see such a big crowd finish and all on good form. The warm weather training has done us good. Wildman will be killing us all in 2 weeks if he keeps on training. So will Timmy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Monday

Standard Monday route but with deviations due to the open air cinema and liner in Barangaroo. All up about 15km. Wildman was out and is getting stronger each run. Andy and Todd were the only two to do the whole thing with me. Not sure what happened to the likes of MC, Luke, Indrajeet and Laura who had also started with us. Forgot to start my watch so no idea about time but it started very easy with the pace increasing the whole way. Felt very bouncy by the end so feeling confident. Had the pleasure of bumping into Mr Durante near the Art Gallery.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday recovery

Manly 10.2km route untimed, stopping at nearly every bubbler in the 33C heat but worse, humidity.

Felt shocking for the first 4km, then gradually started to feel more comfortable and was pleased to have got out by the end.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bush Run Part 3

Caught up with Dickyboy, Quentin and his mate Sam at 6.30am for what turned out to be my longest run yet. Had been a bit worried about how I'd feel but needed have as I woke up feeling pretty good today. We headded out to Manly Dam, then up to Warringah Aquatic Centre, then via Forestville Ferrets grounds crossing Warringah Road to Garigal National Park, then around to Roseville Bridge, then back along the Nosh Track all the way to Seaforth Oval cutting back the quick way home.

A hell of a lot of bush in there. Total time on legs 2:47:51. Probably only about 32km though given how technical a lot of it was. Absolutely farked now. Quentin is looking strong.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Easy Friday

Wow. Amazing how good you can feel after a few days rest and taking it easy all week. Still a bit tight in the chest and not completely over the man flu yet.

Today was the usual Monday/Friday route but cutting short up through the City when reaching CQ on the return. Rob, Marty, Craig, Indrajeet, Simon and BW were out. 53:44 for 12km.

Hoping to be well enough for a long one tomorrow morning. Dickyboy and Quentin each have plans for a long one early on, I'm trying to marry the two proposals...

45kms for the week. Bit of a step down due to illness but I probably needed the rest.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Photo

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The lurgy is about

Feeling slightly better again but not strong enough to cope with anything more than a jog. Did the 10km route running into the boys doing gate to gates around Farm Cove. Ran a couple of those with Timmy (i.e. eased up a bit from the jog) then saw Tucks running the other way so jogged back around Mrs Macs Chair to the office. 11.5km all up in 49 mins.

Sounds like Tucks has had the same lurgy as me, as have a few other lads in the squad. Good to see Page 3 Wildman upfront on the reps. He might need to pop down to Target and check out the bras though, he could have an eye out with those bouncing around.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tiger was right

He told me to take a day off whenever I had a hangover. I ignored him and got sick again. More Man Flu. Felt the slightest bit better this morning so jogged the 4km to Carl's for my personal training session. Just a load of stretches today with some core at the end. Hope to be feeling well enough for a proper run tomorrow. The 4km doesn't meet the CT test.

More turmoil in the Australian legal market as of today's news. I'm waiting by the phone for my call...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

By Jove

CT once said he counted anything over 30minutes as a run. On that basis, this one just sneaks in. Manly 7.5km route in 33:32 after a morning on the Golf course at Elanora. Wanted to end it from the first step. Worst run of 2011.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hungover Manly 10.2km

It was always going to be a struggle after a night out with the HuRTS boys. Wildman lived up to his reputation, Kanser didn't mention the injury once, Timmy disappointed us on the Pool table, Fast Charlie flew in from Vegas and MC lasted all of 20 minutes. I could script these things.

Today was a steady 10.2km Manly route. I say steady but about half way around I realised I'd have to work hard to get under 40 minutes so started to push it. 15:45 at Queenscliff, 21:59 at Manly SLSC and 39:54 all up (3:55's). Bumped into Thamal and had a quick chat. Sounds like he's recovering from something similar to JB - a virus brought on by over-training.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Easy Friday

Usual route with the detour due to a boat on Barangaroo. 35:08 out and 34:07 back. Easy run with Craig, Coops and Marty but felt shattered this afternoon, probably the delayed effects of yesterday.

103km for the week (due to the missed run) but high quality nonetheless.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

HuRTS Hills

Made a late change to the Hickson Road session but still had a fair turnout including JF, Brendan W, Rob, Marc, Ray, Ali, Todd and the fastest man in Erskineville.

We did some hills. Plenty of them. Followed a Sean W suggested session and marked out a 100m in the Botanical Gardens and ran 30 of them. The first 10 at 80% effort, the second 10 at 90% effort and the final 10 at 100% effort. Quick jog back down after each and a 2 minute rest between each set.

All worked out well. Pretty much all the first set were in 24s. The next set were in 22/23s and the final set in 21s with a couple of rogue early 22s. Struggled over the last final reps with Ray, Young Timmy and Todd showing me a clean pair of heels. The burglars. Where were they in the first set and a half I ask you?

Nice day today with a cooling breeze. 4km warm up and down for 14km all up.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In like Flynn

Ray Flynn that is. Finally got my confirmation of entry into Six Foot.

Very easy 19km route around Centennial Park today with RMR, BK and Andy doing the whole thing and various others dropping off beforehand. 1:25:45. Felt pretty sprightly towards the end so pushed on a bit.

Achilles has been stiffening up a bit recently so need to watch that but right groin/sartorius issue has gone after lots of work on the glutes.

Good summary (Part 1) of racing in 2010 from Benny here

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

HuRTS 4 x 3km

Good session today. Was a bit worried backing up from 30km yesterday but legs felt OK running down Macquarie St with Laura and the UBS boys.

Ran in the front group with Quentin, Bartles, Dicky H and Andy. Quentin and I pulled ahead a little going up the hills on the first rep to finish the 10mins at the final lamppost (15m short) - 3:26 pace. We all regrouped after 2 mins to start from the Stone Gates for the return leg downhill and finished the 2.92km in 9:37 (3:17 pace). I was determined to get to the Stone Gates on the tricky third rep so pushed the pace up the hills and finished strongly with Quentin just missing out in getting there in 10:01 (3:25 pace). We had a bit of a headwind on this rep too. The last rep was just a question of holding on. Legs started to feel a bit numb but was pleased to finish pretty strongly in running the 2.92km in 9:34 (3:16 pace).

Good confidence builder as it was a solid session. Dicky H and Bartles both going well. 14km all up.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Comeback of the Century!

No, I'm not referring to my race result. But the mighty Toon's response to being 4-0 down after 26 minutes (and still at 68 mins) against Arsenal. There would have been a few celebrations in the Bigg Market after Tiote's Goal.

Queenscliff Nipper champs early yesterday with friends coming around in the afternoon (and an early start on the beers) meant no run yesterday. First day off in 2011 and my longest continuous running streak - 36 days. Made up for missing the sacrosanct long run today by doing the usual loop early by myself then joining the group (MC, LF Charlie, Bartles, Ray, Dicky H, Indrajeet, King James, Craig etc.). Very easy pace the whole way. 30km in 2:14:30.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sun Run

7th in 22:05(ish).

Early morning start a 6.45am kick off so Tiger picked me up at 6.00am before we picked up Quentin and Hamburglar, parking at Curl Curl before jogging the 2km to the start line. Queued for ages for the only toilet in Dee Why before lining up. It was hot this morning (again, sounding like a broken record) and very humid. I was sweating on the start line. Timmy Rowe and Vlad were there so that sorted out the first two places, but it didn't stop a load of young pretenders sprinting off the start line. I thought my legs weren't working as there were loads in front of me but started to overtake them going up the hill.

Went down the other side pretty quick but Quentin and another chap came past at the bottom and immediately gapped me. Overtook a young lad around South Curl Curl SLSC but that's the way it stayed for the rest of the race. It was bloody hilly and I just couldn't get the legs turning over fast enough. Quentin ended up in 5th about 20s in front.

First race since November and I need to do some more. Also need to do some hill work and more tempos. But generally all on track.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Old Stomping Grounds

Very slow 14km around the old stomping grounds of Balls Head (including the bush track). Team included MC, Ray, Craig (new blog referenced), Brendan, Adam Conquest, LF Charlie and Louis. 69:18.

121km for the week.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

HuRTS Pyramid

2km warm up jog to Art Gallery. Singlet and shorts soaking despite only running 5 min kms. Bloody humid and it's 37C out there now. Wouldn't fancy doing the 5000m in these conditions tonight. Jog over to Rushcutters with Tucks, Ray, Todd, Phil W, Coops, Chris G, John C and a few others for the pyramid. Decide just to cruise it today because:

(a) had the Allens swimming carnival last night followed by a few too many Coopers Pale Ales at the Tilbury; and
(b) wanted to save something for Saturday morning.

Did the first lap in 89s (3:19's) so decided just to run them all at that pace. Reps went as follows:

1 lap: 89s
2 laps: 3:02
3 laps: 4:35
4 laps: 6:00
3 laps: 4:28
2 laps: 2:57
1 lap: 84s

Felt not quite comfortable but not too hard. Beautiful running surface, mown green grass with plenty of bounce.

I performed with distinction at the swimming carnival:

50m Backstroke: Last.
Partners race (freestyle): Last.
4 x 50m freestyle relay: My team last.
50m Breastroke: 3rd in the A Division.

My 50m breastroke was faster than my freestyle (and I almost had to be fished out of the pool in the backstroke). Had a good chat with Libby Trickett who was lovely.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Steamy Wednesday

Not quite as hot as yesterday (33C) but a slight breeze today which made a huge difference. Last night was a shocker. Not a breath of wind so just lay sweating all night in a 28C sauna.

Just MC, a mate of his I'd not met before, RMR and Big Mikey H today, with MC and his mate peeling off at the first lap around Centennial. Took it very easy due to the heat just trying to get the kms into the legs. Having said all that, I felt better today than any day this year. Not an ache or pain to speak of and felt pretty sprightly. I'll put it down to the Tiger massage yesterday.

All up 1:25:38 for the 18.7km (4:34's). Good to see Big Mikey H out again. At one point he asked whether we were going to do marathon pace stretches (like the good old days). I quickly hosed down that idea. I once did this loop with him in 1:14:43 (July 30 2008).

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

HuRTS 5min reps

It was carnage out there today. With scenes reminiscent of Passchendaele, grown men were left weeping spead-eagled around Farm Cove in the 35C heat. Wildman (2 reps) - goneski. Dicky H (3 reps) - kaput. Fast Charlie (4 reps) - au revoir. Big Mikey H (6 reps) - auf wiedersehn. JF (6 reps) - ciao. It was left to the hard men of running to see this session through. Jason I, Young Timmy, Tucks, Quentin, RMR, Ray, King James and myself - all runners schooled in the University of hard knocks with diplomas in perseverance - finished all 8 and rewarded ourselves with a dip in the harbour. Best way to spend a lunchtime. There's not many cities in the world you can do that.

In truth, we started pretty easy. Big Mikey H pushed reps 3 and 4 which were our quickest. Normally we pick the pace up as we go but we were just holding on to the original pace for the final reps just trying to deal with the heat. The 90s rests would either be spent jogging to the bubbler or hiding under a tree. Massive crowd despite the conditions and great to see some old familiar faces returning.

Quentin is running on Saturday which should give me something to aim for. Only 8 promoted from the Vets waitlist for Six Foot this morning so I'm now number 9 on the list...