Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hang my head in shame

Didn't want to race the Striders 10km this morning with only a week to go until C2S - memories of 2007 put me off. So decided on a fast 5km by myself instead. Wasn't up for it though, still had Thursday's booze in my legs. Did a 3km warm up then two laps of the Golf Course circuit in 17:18. First lap 8:33 where my heart sank, then gave up with a km to go to jog home in 8:45 for the second. Just felt dead. Not really much of a confidence booster for next week. Wish I'd done more tempo runs and hills.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

HuRTS 4 x 2km

Really didn't want to do this today. Had an excuse list as long as my arm. Yesterday was a big day with core strength with Carl in the morning, a long run at lunch and a massage in the afternoon. I then didn't drink enough water to flush out all the toxins and so woke up very stiff and sore this morning. I was tired, both physically and mentally after the last 3 weeks. So toyed with the idea of a jog, but then told myself not to be such a soft bastard and just get out there.

So rocked up (late) to join MC, Tucks, Dom, Timmy C, Milli Vanilli, Ray, LF Charlie, RMR and others for the tough 4 x 2km session. We split into two groups and our group took the 2 minute rest off Dom's finishing time so I was getting about 2:30 rest. Reps went as follows:


So another good consistent session in the end - I think we must have had a favourable wind on the return reps. Had Tucks just behind on rep one, Ray pushed reps 2 and 3 and gave the others a start on rep 4 to give me something to chase. That makes it a hell of a lot easier than running at the front by yourself - the 4th rep felt best. Dom was running well so will be interesting to see what he does at C2S.

Pleased to have run those times on tired legs. Need to be careful though as the last time I ran this session tired (then went out for drinks) I caught the flu and was out for 4 weeks. I've got an End of Financial Year drinks function this evening...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday MLR

Usual Wednesday route with Andy, JB, MC, Dicky H, Aus, chick called Laura James (6th in Sutho to Surf at the weekend), RMR and a couple of others. Wet and cold. Easy on the way out. I ran a bit quicker up Heartbreak Hill to find everyone else had turned early. Caught them up then ran back with Andy and JB. Much quicker on the way back (85:05 in total after turning on 44:50) and was quite tired.

Had a Tiger massage this afternoon and have put some money on young Timmy to show him a clean pair of heels at Lane Cove on Saturday. Gary then tried to bet me I wouldn't beat Keith at C2S, but I was far too sensible to take that one. Young Keith just has too much form at the moment.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HuRTS Progressive tempo

It's a Tuesday, 12 days until City to Surf and it wasn't raining so, as expected, the crowd was big. Intention is to increase the pace every 10 minutes by dropping 10s per km pace. In practice, you start quite easy, pick it up a bit, turn on 23.5mins and then go hell for leather to get back.

We took it pretty easy on the way out - chatting with JF with Tucks, JB, Andy, Dicky H and quite a few others also running with us. Turned on 23.5mins having reached 6.05km (3:53 pace). JB immediately upped the pace (it's difficult not to when there's a big crowd in front) with just Tucks going with us. We seemed to be going very quickly - once again I was struggling to hold on going around Circular Quay (where Tucks must also have dropped a bit). However, travelling around Farm Cove JB seemed to ease off a bit so I took my turn in front. Pushed the hills on the way back with JB dropping off somewhere on the hill up to the ABC Pool. Finished in 43:36. Very quick for the second half - 6.05km in 20:06 (3:19 pace) which includes all the uphills. 9:50 for the final gate to gate. All up 12.1km at 3:36 pace. Felt strong in the legs but the pace was tough. Ideally would like to do a 400s session on Thursday rather than the planned 4 x 2km - just to get used to some quicker pace running.

Good to see Tucks getting back to form despite still only running low kms. Also just noticed that Muz posted a late comment last week - good to hear from you mate. Looking forward to hearing about plans for your return home...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Recovery Monday

Usual Monday route in 68:11. Big crowd today including Ray, Tucks, Dougall, Andy, Kanser, Dicky H, King James, Indrajeet and a first time appearance for Timmy Rowe. Pulled up pretty well after yesterday's long one.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long solo Sunday

Dropped Billy off at a party in Brookvale and had 2.5 hours to kill so ran via Curl Curl to Queenscliff, did two loops of my 10km circuit then ran back the way I came. The two 10km loops were run in 43:20 and 42:20 and all up just short of 32km in 2:17:07 (4:20's). Felt much easier doing the long run today without having done a hard session the day before. Legs still buggered now though. Bumped into Dicky G and had a quick chat at about 25km but otherwise pretty uneventful.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Off the wagon

I was supposed to do a 15km tempo but a night in the 3 Wise Monkeys put paid to that. 8km Manly route in 32:30 instead and that was a struggle.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Easy Friday

12km running Monday route but cutting back at Circular Quay. Problem is I forgot to transfer the orthotics from my racing flats so had to run in my trainers with no heel raises, orthotics or inner sole. So my achilles got sore.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

HuRTS Mona Fartlek

Despite MC trying to hijack the session with some poxy long jog, we had a good turnout of JB, Kanser, Andy, Ray, Clyde, JF, Brendan, Dougall, RMR, Dom etc for one of the original sessions. Some suggest this session isn't tough enough so I stressed to everyone beforehand that the floats are not jogs or recoveries and that the overall pace for the 20mins should be 10km pace, so the fast sections are 5km pace.

Then had to practice what I'd preached so set off hard with the intention of reaching the Stone Gates. JB and Ray went with me. We almost got into the virtuous circle of reaching the top of the hills on the floats. Ray dropped off at 7mins to run back with Kanser leaving me and JB to carry on. We reached the Stone Gates with 8secs to spare and set off back. I was just holding on to JB on the final two 60s sections but felt better on the 30s intervals. JB dropped off half way around Farm Cove and I ended up half way along the side of the Opera House.

Another good, hard session. I've only reached the Stone Gates when I've been really fit (June and September/October 2008) so it's a good sign. It was quite blustery out there today too. I think it works out as averaging 3:22's for the whole thing. 3km warm up and warm down for 12km all up. 220km for the past 2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday MLR

Usual Wednesday route with Kanser, RMR, Rob and Simon. Very easy pace today. Legs were a bit sore - need a massage. 1:30:05.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

Felt tired again starting this session so took it deliberately easy for the first 6 reps running with the group. Then started my reps behind them to give me something to chase. Felt better as the reps went through and really enjoyed the last 4. I'm a complete pussy when it comes to doing each one though - always take it easy for the first half, usually giving JB about 20m then pick it up over the second half when I realise there's not that much further to go. Was averaging about 900m for most reps (3:19's) and 935m for the final 4 (3:12's).

Another huge crowd out there. Kanser was giving young Timmy a fright shadowing him for all the reps. Poor Timmy was shattered after 12 and couldn't finish off the session. Doesn't bode well for him over the final 2km of C2S.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Easy Monday

Usual Monday route with MC, Dougall, King James, Rob, LF Charlie, Kanser, Dicky H, Gerry and others. Very easy today covering the 15.8km in 1:10:36 (4:28's). Quicker in the second half. Legs very tired though.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Balmain Bungle Star

31kms in 2:24 (about 4:39's).

Easy run today on a cold morning. Set off in the 6.20am group with Dennis, Flakey, Nick B, and a few others with Cam Arnold and Steve Hume joining us for various parts. Very easy pace for the first 12km (about 5:00 per km) then it picked up a bit running along the Cooks River. When we got to the end of the Coolrunning 5km course I decided to run that in reverse while the others took the slightly shorter route back. Did the final 5km in just under 20mins, bumping into Travis at the end. Tired now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ANSW Short Course X-Country Championships

22nd in 26:22. But, 3rd in the 35-40 age group, so I got to stand on a podium and receive my first individual ANSW State Medal! Looking over the results, I finished in about the position I was expecting based on how I've been going recently.

Went off pretty quick and wasn't far off the leaders for the first lap as they were taking it very easy. It's the sort of course that creeps up on you though. Lots of little inclines and gradual rises in thick grass that saps the strength from your legs. Exactly what I was looking for today. I was trying to hang on to Greg Graves for the second lap and gradually reeled him in on the last finishing strongly. I ran 8:32 for the first lap, 9:01 for the second and 8:49 for the last.

Good to see Tucks out there again. I'll claim a scalp over him while I can even though he's recovering from injury. Nice also to catch up with Nick, Flakey and the Tiger who was watching. Smashed by Chadi who ran an impressive 25:01 in beating some very good runners.

It's a beautiful course and today was perfect weather, clear blue skies and cool. Will definitely be back.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Easy Friday

Very easy 12.5km run around Balls Head with MC and Dougall. 62 mins.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HuRTS Gate to Gates

8 of them off 2 mins rest. Actually, it was a rolling 5 minute start so I got a little over 2 mins rest. Reps went as follows:


Gate to gate is 909m so 2:46 works out at 3:02 per km. Good solid session. Always struggle a bit mentally with the speed sessions as they hurt from the word go, so good to get through it and keep them consistent. From rep 5 onwards I was hurting. There was always someone there to push them along though. Ray went hard on reps 3 and 4. The Judge showed up today and was on my shoulder for reps 3 to 5 and ran a 2:42 on rep 6 (his last). Brendan from work was doing each second rep hard before the Melbourne Half Marathon this weekend so pushed reps 5 and 7. Even young Timmy popped up on the final rep to give a good showing. JF was also just behind. Good to see Tucks, Kanser, Dicky H and Enda out there - almost felt like old times.

Have decided to run the ANSW Short Course X-Country this weekend which I'll do as a hard training run given how solid this week's training has been. Last minute decision based on how much better my achilles is feeling (feel confident enough to test it on soft, hilly terrain) and the fact that Sean is away for the Sat morning session. Will be nice to race at a sensible time of day for once as well.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday MLR

Usual Wednesday route with a big crowd including MC, Kanser, Dicky H, Tucks, JB, Andy, LF Charlie, RMR, King James, Russel and Benny St. By half way it was only me , Benny, Kanser, Russel and JB with the latter two pushing ahead. Kanser split at Darling Point so ran back with Benny. Will be great to see how he goes at C2S with Shelley, Dent and Hunt all running.

Felt very comfortable today - halfway in 44:40 and back for the 19km in 1:26:37.

Tiger massage this arvo and saw Carl this morning for a busy day. Collected my $100 from the Tiger. Hope he has enough in reserve to feed his kid who is looking like a Mark Schwarzer clone. Kanser has a new look of determination about him. Timmy L should start saving his pennies for another Highnam payday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

Huge crowd today including Dicky H, Kanser, Timmy's L and C, MC, JB LF Charlie etc. Set off quickly with JB and a chap from Brats called Andy McFarlane. Turns out he's a decent runner who ran 46:34 for C2S last year - exactly the same time I did the year before. We were pushing hard from the start and reached the Opera House stone gates in 9:55. Turned at 22.5mins past the second speed bumps opposite the stone building - the same as the furthest I've reached before. On the way back, particularly under the Harbour Bridge, I was just trying to hang on to JB and Andy, only really catching them during the floats as they extended on the fast sections. Then coming around Farm Cove I felt good again and kept it going strong back home. We pretty mcuch stayed together until the very final rep when I pushed on a bit.

Back in 45:15. 10:20 for the final stone gate to stone gate. John had it at 8.1miles odd (he's old skool) which I think is about 13.1km - i.e. averaging 3:27's all up including the floats.

Buggered at work this afternoon - slight stomach cramps so I obviously pushed it very hard, but that's the plan for the rest of July. C2S beckons.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Need sleep Monday

Up at 4am for the flight from Cairns and headed out at lunch for the usual 15.8km. Good crowd today joined variously by Timmy C, Kanser, Dicky H, Ryan C, JB, MC etc. Very easy to start with but Timmy picked the pace up on the way back and we finished in 66:30 (4:12's). We probably averaged under 4:00's in the second half so too quick for a recovery.

A few photos from the GC of Timmy, the Tiger and Andy attached...

Gold Coast 10km and FNQ Holiday

Got what I was looking for at the Gold Coast. Arrived in plenty of time and soaked up the atmosphere. Caught up with Dave Sweeney beforehand and had a quick chat and admired the likes of Shelley and Troop doing their warm ups. You get plenty of space as a preferred starter at Gold Coast - another part of their top organisation. We were held for a while which just heightened the nerves and then were off. As usual, the pace was frantic to start with. I tried to calm myself early on and saw Dave up ahead. Passed Dave just after the 1km marker and found myself in a group of about 6 who all seemed to be going the same pace. This was perfect. I caught splits of 6:24 at 2km, 9:40 at 3km and 13:01 at 4km so the pace was perfect. However, it seemed to be floating to the front of the group between 4 and 5km so the pace was obviously slowing a little but was too scared to take it on myself so just settled in. However, I turned the U-Bend at 4.8km badly and this was followed shortly after by a small hill where a group of 4 gapped me. I was then by myself but just concentrated on their backs to avoid the elastic snapping.

This being the Gold Coast, we then started to have a procession of talented younger runners who were being chewed up and spat out having gone off too quick in the first half. I passed one and we almost caught the group of 4 in front of us (within 5 yards) before they slowly drifted off again. I was just digging in now. 5km had passed in 16:25 and given the fast start I knew a sub-33 was unlikely but concentrated on maintaining the pace to make sure I was under 33:30 - my original aim. From 8km onwards I was passing quite a few and starting to gain on the group of 4 again. 9km in 30:02 and I knew the sub 33:30 was in the bag so just put my head down. The final straight before you turn into the finishing chute seemed to go on forever. Finished up in 33:21 (33:19 net). My 7th fastest 10km so I'm getting back on track.

Caught up with Dave and the legendary Ronnie Peters (not just for his running performances for his age, but his honest coolrunning comments too) afterwards. Dave seemed a bit disappointed with his 34:32 but to run that time so soon after injury was very impressive - I didn't think he'd get under 35. Shows what natural talent he has.

Was planning on running the Half the next day but woke up too sore and decided it wouldn't do me much good for the rest of the season. All eyes are on C2S now. Some great performances though, in particular JB who ran a fantastic 1:11:49. Gary owes me some cash but still put in a credible 1:16:04 (gun, we only count gun, so that will be $100). Timmy had a gutsy run in the marathon off the limited training he's done to run 2:50, although he did manage to let a grey haired chap pip him on the line. I've got a couple of photos that I'll post this evening.

Took Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off while travelling North and was itching to get out by Wednesday. Did 10km each day (Wed - Sat) in Port Douglas in 39:52, 41:07, 38:24 and 42:58. It's dead flat and you you can't help but run quickly in the warmth. Then did 24km yesterday in 1:46:02.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another easy 10km

Itching to get out there now. Another very easy 10km today around the Botanical Gardens on a beautifully clear but cold day. Threw in five 30s sprints here and there. 44:50.