Wednesday, November 30, 2016


A run to Redleaf and back with Ninja Warrior Crossy, all new Cap'n Grumpy Worswick, Renee, Elle, Renaud, Bruce and others.  Nice and easy.  Jumped into the pool just to remind myself how to swim (it's been a year) before tomorrow's big showdown at the ABC.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Morning sess

Off to Melbourne today so had to squeeze a run in this morning.  Darren was doing 90s reps starting at 6am at LM Grahams so decided to join him.  Off course I was late and he (with Erika) was already half way through so only managed 6 in the end.  Nice to get the legs moving and the surface was perfect.  Here's a photo Erika took on the final rep:


Finished with a long cool down to South Steyne then home where I seemed to bump into half of Manly.  'Twas packed.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Long run

Haven't run long in a month so I was a bit apprehensive, particularly as I've been suffering from a bit of OP recently.  Massive crowd though (Barts, The Cap'n, Lewis, Scotty, Jerome, Eoin, Toby, Elle, Erika, Darren and graced with the presence of the Shire's finest with LJ marking her Hardcore debut.  Hell, even Jeet appeared from some bushes at some stage telling us he'd just seen a large snake.  We didn't explore that conversation any further).

Did about 28.5km in about 4:25's or thereabouts.  Survived.  Almost didn't survive the bodysurfing at Queensie when I got tumbled and ended up on top of Darren with my shorts around my knees.  

Nice lunch at J-Fens yesterday and old mate Quentin went out of his way to honour our C2S head to head.  Top bloke:


HuRTs Beer Mile

Fast becoming the most popular event on the HuRTs Calendar, this was the third running.  And we've now had 3 different winners.  Which proves what a leveller this race really is.  I think about 33 people showed for this one.  In the mid-afternoon some big money came in on Barts at 12 to 1, so after a brief discussion, seasoned bookies Timmy and myself decided to take the bet.  So the rest of the afternoon was spent worrying about whether we had misjudged Barts' poor drinking skills and would find ourselves $1200 poorer by 6.30pm.  Fortunately, 10s into the first beer Timmy and I knew that our money was safe.  He took even longer to finish his first beer than me.

Leaders (in a close race) at this stage were Fast Charlie, the Cap'n, Toby, Renaud and Killa.  The latter would go on to win it based on drinking time alone.  My dark horse Toby lived up to expectations finishing 2nd, with Fast Charlie, the Cap'n and Renaud rounding out the top 5.  Meanwhile, back in the mediocre pack I was having a head to head contest with Fats having dropped Barts early on.  Finishing the last beer and getting my burps out of the way, I could see Brendan and Darren up ahead and decided to try to sprint them down.  Darren turns around after 200m and starts laughing saying "ooh, here comes Tommy!" in a mocking tone so it was all on from there.  I think I ran my fastest 200m in 30 years but edged out by Brendan on the line.

Spent the next 5mins on all fours.  Then started abusing the officials during the presentation (plainly the alcohol was kicking in).  Then a great night at O'Malley's ensued.  

Hats off to the girls relay teams who showed us how to drink.  The Irish plainly can't hold their booze with Enda and Jac both having to run penalty laps.

The winners:


The Participants:


Taking sweet winnings:


Telling one of my funny jokes:


Richie High!!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

HuRTs 1km reps

Had an unexpected lull in work today so jumped at the opportunity for a run in perfect weather conditions.  And the surface at Rushcutters was perfect too.

A good crowd including Enda, Brendan, Hipster Mitch, Branagan #2, LJ, Elle, Erika, Renee, Darien, Jerome and quite a few faces I don't quite recognise (but do my best to introduce myself to).  I'm just crap with names.  Always too concerned about telling people my name.

Schedule was 8 x 1km reps but I called for 6 followed by 4 x 200m.  Took the first 4 easy running with Enda then pushed ahead with Darien on the last 2 running barefoot.  Then got schooled in the 200m reps with the younger blokes puffing their chests out and flying ahead.

Great session on a beautiful day in a lovely spot.  Only downside was the realisation that I would be back here in just over 24 hours facing the prospect of downing 4 beers and running a mile in the space of less than 8 minutes.

News on the home front - my eldest is now in gainful employment having secured a job at Maccas at Manly Wharf.  1 down, 4 to go.  Then I retire.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday mutterings

Huge crowd today in the heat (must have been 20 of us) but I was stuck between the bickering of Enda, Timmy and Kanser.  All talk concentrated on the Beer Mile on Thursday and a massive amount of pressure is building on Timmy to avoid being "treble chicked".

10km nice and easy.

Catch up

Well, I've been taking it very easy since JPMorgan just getting out for a run when I can (not very often due to work) and enjoying it.

Friday 12th was an easy 10km jog around the City with Jac, Brendan and some other HuRTs members, Tuesday 16th I headed down to HuRTS and did 6 x 3min reps.

Thursday 18th I did the Timmy hills and Tempo set (all at 3/4 pace at the moment) before the big HuRTs awards night at The Hero of Waterloo.  Have to say, I thought the night was a real success.  Enough space (including a stage to present from) to house all 60+ of us, whilst being cosy enough to create a great atmosphere.  Highlights were the chants of "Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio!" to any of the early leavers and the excellent PowerPoint compilation of 2016 photos put together by Renee.  

I was genuinely shocked to win the Male PoTY against the toughest competition in years given Hoey's 2nd place in Canberra (2:29 low) and Barts' London result (2:29 low) and GC Half time (69:25).  Other winners were:

Female PoTY:  Renee (well deserved, has really stepped up in class this year)
Improver: Brendan (amazing gains, just has to consolidate now)
Ultra: Erika (our first female winner of this award)
Triathlete: Pete W (back where it belongs)
Spirit:  Timmy (for his cones)
The "Serg" Award:  Kanser (richly deserved)
I Gave it Everything:  Jeet

Some photos from the night:


More winners:


Late night celebrations:

So Friday was a bit of a write-off.

Saturday I did 14km around the Dam - usual route but legs getting soft already.  Then out for another party with Kirst's friends that night, but ''twas a good one with the likes of Ben Streck and Charlie Brooks also there.  Here's me getting ready:

So getting up for a 2hr run at 6.15am was always going to be a struggle, but fortunately Erika had also had a big night so we met up at 7.15am and met Barts, Darren, CT, Toby, Lewis, the Cap'n and another East-side deserter in Jerome for the last half hour before a beautiful dip in the ocean at Queensie and brekkie at Emporio.  Can't beat that for a start to the day.

Monday, November 14, 2016

JPMorgan - 2nd in 17:25

Well, another one done and dusted.  I think that's my 17th JPMorgan and my best ever position.  But slightly disappointed all the same.

Had a manic day, culminating in a meeting at Moelis (Enda's place) at 3.30pm where I started checking my watch every 30s once the clock ticked over 4:15pm.  Eventually, one of the chaps on the other side said something like "I understand you're keen to leave Tom, Enda mentioned you may get like this.". So I made my apologies and left.  Got to Martin Place station and met Jeet, LJ, Jac and Birchy.  I can't get the official bus anymore, I get too nervous being stuck on it.  Arrived at Centennial is light rain so we all huddled nervously in the Allens tent.

What I love about this race is that everyone from HuRTs is there, whether going for it (as most are) or just soaking up the atmosphere.  You warm up and see all your training mates plus some blasts from the past (Richie Palmer, Charlie Low, etc.).  We're then held on the start line in the coldish rain by none other than Benny Saint acting in an officiating capacity.  The bigwigs from JPMorgan obviously couldn't find sufficient umbrellas as they were late to make the pre-race announcements leaving us more nervous and miserable than ever.  Here's a photo of me to prove it:

Finally, we're off.  Plan from the start was to sit in a pack and attack the final km.  Easy.  Didn't quite work out.

Going up the hill I follow CT and Crossy at a quickish but manageable pace.  Turn the corner at the top and Crossy drops a bit leaving me and CT to lead.  We head towards Woolhara Gates and have we got a lead?  Feels that way.  Hey, it's a showdown between me and CT!

Then down the hill and someone bolts past us like we're standing still and immediately puts 30m on us.  Far out, it's Holt Hardy!  I was only talking to him in Monday.  CT turns and asks me "Is he in the race?" Then Neil suddenly comes past so I jump on the back of him with CT seeming to drop a bit.

Through 3km and there's Gary telling us to work together and we'll reel him in for sure. I'm not so sure.  He's looking comfortable.  But then he's proved right and we're cutting into his lead.  After 4km (towards McKay Oval) we go past and I push on a bit, into the lead.  Fuck me, I'm in the lead and I'm going to win JPMorgan!  Then some fella (Brett Halls) suddenly breezes past like I'm standing still.  I can't match it.  Fuck it, I'm gone. Turn Fox Studio gates and someone comes up to my shoulder, argh fuck it again it's Neil. Maybe 3rd will do, it's a podium after all.  No.  Can't let him beat me. Barts would be too disappointed. So on the rise from 5km to the Cafe I just nail myself and get a gap.  This is the gap on the final turn (photo courtesy of Greta):

From then on, I sprint for the line.  Congratulate Brett on the win (he seems non-plussed), turn around and see everyone coming in.  Holy moley Barts is 3rd.  Where the hell did he come from?  A great result considering his recent return from injury and just goes to show how much racing depends on belief and determination.  Then Neil.  A great run by him and he really is an all-rounder.  We know how good at the marathon he is but obviously has plenty of speed as that's the second great JPM he's run in consecutive years.  Then bloody Toby stumbles across the line, pipping CT in the process.  A massive run by him and my vote for HuRTs Improver of the Year.

We get ushered along but not before I see Erika coming in second in 19:41.  Holy crap, another huge performance with a time that's within 11s of LJ's PB and a time that would have won her the race in the majority of the previous 10 years.  

Then follows plenty of beers and chat in the Allens tent before we head to the Light Brigade.  Jeet and Bruce attempt the worst smokebomb in history along Oxford Street, while Macca, Hamish and I end up in Maisy's for the second round of burgers and milkshakes at 1am.  Another perfect night.  Apart from Donald Trump being voted in as President.

Serious talk:

The crowd:

HuRTs Ladies:

The Light Bridgade:

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The day before

20min warm up session from the ferry to home.  

Have a manic day at work tomorrow but have cancelled all appointments from 4.30pm onwards (fortunately one meeting was with JPMorgan so I think they understood).

Monday HuRTs

Huge crowd today with a final tune up before JPM.  Ran with Enda, Kanser, Hoey & co before being joined by Holt Hardy.  He's doing a lot more on the bike these days but always pops out for JPM and will likely knock out a low 18.  Wouldn't want to leave anything to a sprint finish against him though as a 1:47/3:38 guy.

10km all up in 4:50's.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Taper session

Beaut of a day. Started with a walk up the coast with Kirst and brekkie at Splat. Bit of cricket with the kids, lunch at Ruby Lane, another episode of Stranger Things in the afternoon (awesome new series - it's scaring the bejaysus out of Charlie) and dinner at the Cogleys.  Managed to fit in a taper session locally in the late afternoon which consisted of a 5km warm up, 5mins hard (3:08 pace but first km (3:13) into the wind), then 4 x 30s on Nolans.  Followed by 4.5km cool down.

Ribs a bit sore when huffing and puffing through the 200's.

Happy days.  Could have killed for a beer though.


Allambie Hill/Manly Dam route making up 14km.  Felt fab today and really enjoyed it on a beautiful day.  Made up just over 14km in 4:17's.  

Ribs still sore (still can't sleep on the left hand side) but better each day.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Breathing through a straw

Met up with Barts.  3km warm up around Mrs Macs Chair.  Session was 6 x 1min hills then straight into 10mins hard.  Couldn't find a hill long enough so we did 10 x Domain hills followed by a Mrs Macs loop.

Hills went fine with the legs feeling pretty good and getting into a good rhythm but could only manage to breathe shallowly due to the ribs hurting.  Then straight into the tempo, 3:11 first km was good with Barts just behind, he catches me at Mrs Macs then pull ahead a bit up the hills but the legs were dead and my stomach was sore due to breathing shallowly.  9:40 for the Gate to Gate loop.  Not bad in the circumstances but need to sort out the ribs to give JPMorgan a good crack.

3km cool down.

Girls this am.  Another 120km of commuting for sport.


Aborted run home with my ribs too sore. Picked up a beer injury on Tuesday evening.  Just couldn't breathe properly.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Melbourne Cup session

With the race that stops a productive afternoon on today, got out early with Darren and Erika for 12x500m on The Nolans path off a rolling 3mins.  Actually bumped into Jared for the warm up and cool down but he was doing a faster session on the grass.

First 3 reps were torture as they always are at 6.15am.  Rep 3 was a 1:32 which produced an expletive.  All the others were 1:30 apart from the last two in 1:29.  Very happy with that as I felt good this morning.  Nice and lactic over the final two reps which showed I judged them right.

14km all up.

Put your money on Jameka.  You heard it from me first.

Monday cruising

Jog home.  With a session in the morning took it as easy as I possibly could.  1:08:47.  Next year when I up the mileage this will be become a regular commute so 1:08:47 is the easy jog benchmark.