Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Quick update from an internet cafe.

Very pleased with run at ANSW X Country Champs. Started way too fast (was running alongside Jeremy Horne and Robin Whiteley at 1.5km and Chris Truscott only came past on the first hill at 2km). Felt great on the flat where I could open up but very average on the hills. Still really pleased to have beaten Tucks and Nick Bennett for the first time.

Looking forward to Gold Coast. Have run 8km easy each morning on hols.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Very easy early morning jog around the Manly 8km route. 33:21.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back to Hickson Road

Usual Hickson Road reps but taken easily saving myself for Saturday. Huge crowd of 15 today, including Ray, Tucks, Serg, Anthony, Chris G, Mike, Richard P, Peter, Andrew Wilson, Anthony, Phil, Chris E and Simon. A bit frustrating as Serg was in very good form and it would have been good to try to hold on to him. Times went:

3:47; 3:37; 3:46; 3:22; 3:49

That 4th rep time is not a typo. Just blasted it and tried to stay ahead of Serg. Following wind on the return legs flattered those times. Felt very comfortable, although when you're running 3:46 you wonder how you can knock off another 10 seconds.

11km in total.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Marathon Pace stuff

Usual 14km loop around Balls Head with the usual 3 marathon pace sections. Except I ran it with Serg, Durante, Anthony and Luke Austen so the marathon pace stretches were anything but. The 1km harbour foreshore section was run at about 3:05 per km pace. Each section was faster than usual with Serg pushing on so a bit more lactic build up than I'm used to. Still tried not to go crazy and hold it at bay.

Felt pretty good but will hold back tomorrow as 3 good sessions in a row may be a bit much before Nowra. Striders have got a good team for Nowra so I'll have to run well just to get into the top 6.

Average pace for the whole loop was 4:12.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

200th Post Pain

3km warm-up + 6km Pain + 4km warmdown.

Crowd today included Ray, Chris G, Tucks, Richard H, Durante, Phil W, Mike, Chris E and Dylan. No Serg and Michael was taking it easy so no crazy session today. I led the long rep all the way (and struggled as a result) in 1:57 - slower than usual but I guess that's the difference in sheltering behind someone. 25:47 all up.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Easy Monday

Very easy 14kms around Balls Head with Ray, Mike, Durante, Richard P and Richard's mate (another Mike). 62:27.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Missing Mini-Mos

Took yesterday off as I felt terrible - party a self induced hangover and partly coming down with a cold. So when I woke up this morning listening to the pouring rain I took the easy option and went back to sleep. Didn't think it would do the confidence any good two weeks out from Gold Coast to run a half baked Mini-Mos 10km.

Eventually headed out for a shortened Sunday run around lunch and ironically felt fantastic. One of those days when running is easy and you feel as though you could keep on going all day. Ran 20km in 1:23:47. Went around North Head and Little Collins beach via Queenscliff both ways and adding a loop around Shelley on the way back. Timed the North Head 2km just to see what pace I was running at and clocked 7:48 over that flat section so much have been averaging just over 4min KMs including the hills.

PS - Jamie, it is a girl. Very excited and nervous.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Easy around home

13km down to North Steyne, around Shelley, up to North Head (not adding Fairfax Track) and back home up Raglan St. Very easy - 56:45. Knee sore up Raglan.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

3km reps

3 x 3km (2.92 to be exact) with a 3 minute rest. Route is G-mapped here....

Times went 9:30; 9:27; 9:19. That third one is almost my 3km PB.

Great crowd today with Serg, Ray, Tucks, Richard's H and P, Andrew Wilson, Anthony, Tim C, Chris E and Christian. Intention was to take them slightly slower than 10km race pace and keep the times consistent without any drop off on the third. But with Serg on form, that was never likely.

First two reps ran with Serg and Tucks all the way, each of us sharing the lead. Tim C joined in on the second. Was feeling really comfortable - the marathon pace sessions make longer intervals feel so much easier. It's very different to Pain where the reps are shorter and quicker. We hit the lamp post at the 1.5km mark at 4:43 on each rep so the pacing was very consistent - always was going to be with Tucks running alongside. The difference in time was made on the hillier second half.

Was determined to keep the final rep consistent so pushed on following the 1.5km marker. Finished with just Serg and I pushing each other to the line. Very chuffed to have picked up the pace on each one.

Feeling much more confident about Gold Coast now. I've felt much stronger over the last 2 days so hopefully some of the kms I've been putting in recently have bedded down.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's a girl!

Actually, don't know yet. Will find out in about 30 minutes.

14km run to work this morning with the usual 3 marathon pace stretches. Felt fresh and lively from the word go - first time I've felt this way since last Thursday. Discovered that my foot injury has been caused by my new trainers - reverted to my old ones today and immediately felt better. So Mizuno Endura are out and Mizuno Waverider are in. Still pain in the back of my knee when pushing it uphill.

Anyway - run itself was great. Lovely conditions. Good fast bits feeling fresh each time although the Military Road section was probably not as fast as previously.

26:50 at Spit Junction and 56:26 all up.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fast Pain


3km warm up + 6km Pain + 4km warmdown.

Another strong turn-out for Pain today with Ray fresh from his weekend marathon, Tucks, Serg, Durante, Chris Graham and Anthony. Serg and Durante pushed it from the very start. Came to the long rep and I was up for a quick one but they had 10 yards before I knew it. Drafted in behind Tucks and pushed on after the mosaics to run 1:55. I was still way adrift of Serg and Durante who both ran an amazing 1:49.

Still felt OK for the final reps (Serg was still pushing on and looks to be in great form). Easy warm down with Tucks, Serg and Michael. 25:10 for the whole session - we didn't rest much after each rep.


Rest. Feeling weary and with a few niggling injuries (right knee and left foot) after 111kms over the past 7 days.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend wanderings


Willoughby Winder STaR. Horrendous weather, really wondered what I was doing getting up at 5.30am in the dark with torrential rain and wind to match. Part of the course was cut off due to weather damage. Ran with Superflake, Peter Truscott, new fast bloke Tim Rowe and others. About 25kms in 2:02.


Very easy 5km wandering about around Manly Vale.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Back to reality

14km run into work. Terrible weather - blowing a gale over the harbour bridge such that I could barely stand upright. Had to carry a heavy rucksack with my boots and mufti clothes too. Add that to last night's efforts made for a very sluggish run. 28:50 at Spit Junction and 61:59 all up. Last night's prediction of ten minutes slower was optimistic...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's not Hickson Road

Missed reps on Hickson Road due to damn client meetings. Very disappointed as it sounds as though Durante was flying.
Decided to try and make the most of it by doing a tempo run home (14km). Set off at a cracking pace and just tried to maintain it. Chuffed to bits with the time - 26:45 at the Toyota Garage (a PB in itself) and 50:47 all up (a PB by over 4 minutes). Having said that, I've never really gone all out on this route before. I'll probably be about 10 minutes slower reversing the route on the run in tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back to Balls

Balls Head 14km with the usual 2 marathon pace stretches. Pushed the first one a little too hard so struggled on the short stretch along the Luna Park foreshore. Recovered for the stretch over the harbour bridge. 53:55 for the section I time.

Bumped into Tucks on the Harbour Bridge on the way out - good to seem him back in training again.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Return to Pain

1km warm up + 6km Pain + 4km warmdown.

The first group in Pain just gets stronger and stronger. David Clark and I were bemoaning this at the top of the hill after the penultimate rep. Great crowd today - Ray, Richard H, Durante, David Clark, Steve Thurston, Mike, Tucks (back from injury), Phil Woods, Anthony Murrell etc. I led the group around in 25:27 - so pretty quick. That didn't stop Durante running 1:52 on the long rep, followed by David in 1:55 and me in 1:57. Tried to push on between the mosaics but still had yesterday's long runs in my legs. Pushed ahead on the two reps at the top of the hill but over the final two reps I'm finishing half way down the field.

Warmdown of 4km with Durante due to not having sufficient time to do a proper warm up. If he doesn't run under 2:50 at Gold Coast I'll eat my hat.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Substitute Sunday

Results showed I ran 13:04 at the State Relays. About 15 seconds down on what I hoped for (Chadi E ran 12:48 and Adam Laughlin 12:52. Ray ran 13:04 too and then backed up with a 13:11) but probably what I expected given how I felt on the day.

AM - 14km run to work. Back very sore for the first 7km - affecting the breathing so that I could only take shallow breaths. Otherwise very easy. 28:14 at Spit Junction and 59:39 all up.

Lunchtime - easy 14km run around Balls Head with Mike, Richard P, Ray and Tim Lindop. 59:48. Popped two Voltaren beforehand and the back felt much easier.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

State X-Country Relays

Ran 4th leg for the A team with Glenn, Ray and Ewen. Really like the atmosphere at these ANSW events (I went on about it in detail posting following Novice) and particularly where it's a relay. But from a competitive point of view, running 4th leg is like running a 4km time trial. Felt as though I pushed it as hard as I could but with no-one to chase and no-one chasing, it's tough. You see that from the times in interval training when you have a good bunch to run with.

No individual results yet but we came 6th - maybe 5th Open team as one of the teams in front looked as though it was an under-20 team. I had a really sore back all the way around - particularly trying to accelerate after the tight corners. It was caused trying to shift my old TV down 2 flights of stairs last night. Will be interesting to see how the individual times compare as most of the people who ran Novice were there.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Easy Friday

14km easy run to work. Lovely cool conditions. 27:30 at Spit Junction and 58:35 all up. Knee still a bit sore on the uphills.

BTW, if Tim Ashby is reading this, it's tomorrow or never for the Striders 10km win. With the State Relays in the afternoon and Tucks and Uncle Dave out injured, it's all yours. No pressure.