Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not a long Sunday run

Too tired this morning, so went out just before 2pm. Half way around the first lap plodding along I started thinking, what the hell am I doing, I could be playing with the kids, spending some time with Kirsten and instead I'm plodding around at a ridiculously slow pace doing this selfish pursuit, worrying about how sore my ankle is and all for what - to be able to run a 10km about 20 seconds quicker than I otherwise - would which no-one but myself really cares about. And frankly, I'm not that bothered. It's safe to say I've lost my running mojo. In constantly trying to improve times, I'm always pushing in training and not enjoying my running an more.

I'd planned on three 10km loops again. I couldnt quite bring myself to stop after one (reached in a mightily impressive 43:53) so, one minute into the second loop, I decided just to run the rest of it as quick as I could. That way, I'd get back to the family quicker and it wouldn't be a totally lost cause of a run. Also had the added benefit that my achilles isn't sore when I run fast. Bit of a Northerly breeze on Manly beach but the second 10k was 36:54 running angry.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Coolrunning 5km

Perfect day for running - cool, no wind and crystal clear. A few of the regulars were at the start including Tiger, Action, Cam Arnold and Hamburglar. Set off on 16:30 but with the intention of running under 16. Gary was the only one near setting off on 17:00. It's just a question of running blind and hoping people will appear. Went through 2km in 6:27 and realised I'd be struggling to beat 16:00 but then caught Gary between 2 and 3km and reached 3km in 9:37 so thought I was back on track. However, lost it between 3 and 4km without anyone to push me. Put in a bit of an effort when I could see the end to finish in 16:11. So no new PB - the weakest one I have remains for another day. Gary looked disappointed with his 17:22 but HB was pleased with a PB in 18:50.

5 mins rest then ran back with Gary at a solid pace - 18:40 for the return 5km.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Recovery run

Very easy jog to work from home in the morning. 28:50 at Spit Junction and 61:09 all up. Achilles sore for first 2km then fine.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

HuRTS 12 x 400m

Left achilles has been constantly sore - only relief is when I'm running (when the pain disappears altogether) and when I stretch it thoroughly, including doing the eccentric loading exercises on it. For that reason, I'm not too bothered for the moment.

Headed out today still feeling tired from yesterday. Large crowd from Macquarie (including DC5 and KMK) plus Durante, MC, Scott, Stephen and Luke etc. Wasn't going to push too hard but it's tough not to when you have a front group of DC5, KMK and Durante pushing along. Reps around the marked out track at Rushcutters went:

70, 73, 70, 71, 71, 71, 73, 72, 71, 71, 71, 71.

MC reckons it's 2 seconds long for 400m. Solid start to my first speed session in a long while and a useful base point. Ran most with Durante, with DC5 in front and KMK dropping in and out. Pleased to be catching DC5 over the second half of the final 4 reps. Felt like giving up after 4 but the reserves kicked in.

[Yikes. Just checked out what I did on May 29. In fairness there was a strong breeze today, but I've plainly lost a bit of speed. Hopefully it's been compensated by some endurance. Need to get these speed sessions going more regularly if I want a good time in NY and at State 3km.]

POST SCRIPT: Very bizarre and sad coincidence. I wrote 4 weeks ago that I was coming back from a Tiger massage and saw a jumper on York St and heard him fall. Yesterday, I was walking back from a Tiger massage along Market St and saw that it had been closed off and loads of people were standing on side of the road with an ambulance crew and a fireman's truck with the extendible platform. I've just seen this on the SMH website. I was only watching the bloke get married on TV the night before.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Medium Long Wednesday

Caught up with Serg and MC for the usual Wednesday route. Serg has just come back from Portugal and been sidelined with flu and gastro so it was enjoyable watching him huff and puff up Ocean Street. No doubt I'll only have a couple of weeks of enjoyment before he's putting me to the sword again.

21:35 at Ocean Street before an easy run around Centennial and then a quick lap of 12:07 (quickest yet - 3:22's) mainly as a result of Serg pushing the pace early on. A bit windy in the first half but tailwind helped in the second.

Felt much better running home than last week (hard not to) and finished up in about 1:16:20 for the 19kms. MC getting stronger by the week, very strong on last rep and dropping me on the run up the the finish line.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HuRTS 4 x 3km

I'm getting slower. Not sure what's going on as the training has not let up and the race performances have been good. But can't believe how quickly I ran this session in June based on how I felt today. Reps went:

9:51; 9:25; 9:57; 9:31

It was pretty warm (at last!) but I don't think that made any difference to the times. Decent crowd with the Olympics over and people back from holiday. Charlie, DC5, Stevie T, Muz, Kanser (running very strongly again) and I were in the front group, Serg and Durante were easing their way back in after holidays and Ray, Tim L, MC, KMK, Pete W and a load of others were also around. Charlie, DC5 and Stevie T pulled ahead towards the end of the first rep and were well ahead for the rest. I seemed to start slowly on each one and then catch Kanser and Muz in the second half. The legs just felt lethargic today.

Still, a session's a session and I'm still pretty confident of the overall fitness.

Note: Tried to run to work yesterday but gave up after 2km. Was knackered and the left achilles was very sore. Iced it all day and did some exercises last night and it felt much better today. Need to keep an eye on it though.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday 10km loops

Haven't run a two hour run for 4 weeks with taper for City to Surf and illness so was keen to do 10km looops so I could see whether I'd slow towards the end. Loops went 41:30, 41:37 and 40:22. Felt good on final lap but actually thought it was quicker. A strong Southerly made running down Manly beach tricky, but coming back was a dream.

31km all up.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

13km Manly Fartlek

13.3km - GMap attached:
1 minute slow, 2 mins fast. I've done this once before, on 26th October last year, when I ran 51:43 but was doing 2 mins slow, 2 mins fast. Ran 49:25 today, which averages out at 3:42 per km. Tried to keep the quick sections consistent which meant the slower sections slowed towards the end. Blustery conditions so a good run.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Easy run home

Another easy run home with the backpack but another time I would have classed as quick 6 months ago - 55:45 after 29:36 at the Toyota Garage. I think I'm just very used to the distance now.

Just watched the women's 5000m. Fascinating race, can't believe how slowly they could take it out. How come no-one just bolts? They must have so much nervous energy. I think I'm in love with Tirunesh Dibaba. She's a beautiful looking runner, a complete natural. 2:03 over the final 800m would have had Tamsyn Lewis struggling to stay on.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Argyle St Hills

10 x Argyle St Hills starting from the corner of Harrington St and ending at the lamppost before the entrace to the tunnel under the Bridge. Jog down the short way back as recovery. Again, another smaller turnout but good to see Serg back. Also there was Muz, MC, Hamish, Scott, Tim C, Eoin, plus a couple of others.

Ran the first couple with Muz and Serg, then Serg went off for an easy run coughing and spluttering - sucking in the Oxygen doing hills does no good for a cold. I then tried to hang on to Muz, failed from rep 5 onwards. He then ducked out after 7 resting for Saturday so ran the last 3 by myself. Times went:

1:38; 1:37; 1:37; 1:37; 1:40; 1:38; 1:40; 1:41; 1:39; 1:39.

Disappointed that they gradually got slower (I don't normally do rep sessions this way) but I'm starting to feel a bit stronger after each session so hopefully this cold is going. Looking forward to getting some more sleep some time soon too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Medium Long Wednesday

19km Centennial Route run with MC and (for the first half) Ben. Usual 3 marathon pace stretches. Felt very comfortable today (although low on energy as I felt starving) which resulted in a quick 12:19 (3:25's) for the Centennial lap (finishing in 49:02) MC was keeping the pace up in between the faster stretches. However, I suddenly felt disorientated and bereft of energy coming up to Bilyard Avenue. Just wanted to eat a jar full of sweets and overload on sugar. MC pointed out it was probably the effects of lack of sleep (haven't had more than 5 hours sleep per night over the past 5 nights due to the Olympics). Seems to make sense as I was knackered over lunch - couldn't think of anything but sleep.

Anyway, struggled to keep up with MC over the final 3km, finishing in 1:16:25. Still a very respectable time averaging 4:01's per km all up.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurts Progressive tempo

Beautiful day but numbers are still down, maybe due to the Olympics. Group up front was DC5, Charlie, Muz, Kanser and myself, with Tims L&C, MC and Ray in the next group. Felt comfortable for the first half, turned in almost exactly the same spot as last time and upped the pace but started to feel tired on any hill in the second half. Was dropped by Charlie, DC5 and Muz along Hospital Rd and finished about 20 seconds behind them in the end in 45:10. Well down on last month and most was lost in the final 3km (turned onto Art Gallery Road in 35:17). I'll put it down to the after effects of the cold for now (still got the headache and funny bogeys) ratehr than a loss of form. Muz is looking strong again - expect he'll go well in the Sutherland Half on Saturday - and Kanser is obviously getting stronger by the week hanging on well after a super-long run on Sunday.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Easy run home

Intended to run home very easily in about 60 minutes. There was lightning flashing all around and I was bloody scared coming over the Harbour Bridge as you could feel the charge in the air. Anyway, must have had a good tailwind all the way (I could feel it on the bridge) as I was at the Toyota Garage in 29:57 and home in 56:43 despite it feeling much slower.

Cold is turning into sinisitis as I've got a cracking headache and luminous orange snot.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fitting in

Kirst was off for an all day course so had to fit in my run before 7.30am. Just 10km (7.5km Manly route but with an extra bit around the eastern hill) at a reasonable pace trying to tire myself out due to missing the long run. Wasn't hard to tire myself out after yesterday.

Still in shock over Usain Bolt. Remarkably reminiscent of Flo Jo but at least he looks a bit more like a natural.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quickish 16km

Campbell Parade (but back to Kenneth due to bridge still being repaired), Queenscliff, Shelly Beach, North Head and straight home. 65:24. Probably a bit over 16km as I was averaging under 4mins per km. Started off quick, got tired climbing up to North Head (tried to push the hills), 3:57, 3:48 and 3:43 for the measured 3kms around North Head, pretty tired by Manly but pushed Fairlight Rd hill.

Pleased with the run. Beautiful day. Won't predict Spring having arrived yet but it was at least 3-4 degrees warmer than last weekend.

Predict Usain Bolt will win tonight - he's looked awesome in qualifying. Dibaba last night was incredible. She looked as though she was barely puffed running a 60 second final lap to go under 30mins. I reckon she'd be competitive in the 800m on that form. GO PAULA!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to it

Caught a vicious Man Cold after City to Surf on Sunday and have been feeling feverish all week until today. Still totally bunged up but felt good enough to venture out today. Caught up with MC and happened upon Kanser half way through. 10km in just over 45 mins.

The good thing about complete rest is how well the body feels. No achilles issues over the last two days and feel great when running for the Jet Cat (as I always end up doing) in the morning. If only I could feel like this all the time. Corollary of complete rest and Man Flu is that I've eaten a bucketload and put on a kilo. But it's been fun, especially sprawled out on the sofa watching the Olympics. I think I may finally be ready for Aussie citizenship after getting genuinely upset over Libby Trickett failing to hold on for 100m Freestyle Gold today. Having said that, Rebecca Adlington looks great for the 800m tomorrow and I'll be screaming her on.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

City to Surf - 37th in 46:34!

46:29 chip time.

Finally done this race justice after years of trying! Plan from the start was to attack the hills, both ups and downs, and it really paid off. Caught up with Tucks, Tim C, KMK and Ray beforehand then met all the other HuRT Squad on the start line. Also caught up with Dave Sweeney which added to the nerves as I was keen for revenge from Gold Coast. I was still chatting with Robbie and Mark Warren when the gun went which seemed to surprise everyone. Ran down the hill startled more than anything else, felt breathless up to the tunnel as usual, pushed the downhill to Edgecliff then tried to push up the Edgecliff hill. At this stage I was running with Tucks and Charlie. Felt OK for the first time ever in Edgecliff which gave me a lot of confidence. Pushed the hill down to Double Bay to edge ahead of a group containing Charlie and Tucks but struggled a bit up the hill from Double Bay to Rose Bay. Tucks and Charlie edged ahead here and I didn't have the legs to go with them. Clocked 5km through Rose Bay in 16:02 (a PB). I was struggling on the flat sections (opposite to normal) until I could find a rhythm - eventually did just before the start of Heartbreak Hill. I was running with Nick Bennett at this stage. Again tried to push Heartbreak but was a bit crestfallen when Chadi came flying by - he ran a stormer up the hill. Some bloke on a bike seemed to be shouting instructions to Nick - first to latch on to Chadi but when he disappeared to latch on to me. This actually gave me a bit of confidence as I've never been someone who anyone should think of latching on to up a hill - it's a bit like drafting a toddler on a trike.

From here I was just trying to keep pace with Richard Gardiner and Peter Mitchelmore. We went through 10km in 33:43 so I knew a sub-47 was on the cards. They both pulled ahead slightly on the long downhill to Bondi then, out of the blue, so did DrJH (Jamie Harrison). At the bottom, Jamie had about 15 yards on me and Mitchelmore about 25. Richard Gardiner pushed the slight rise over the bridge so I just tried to stick to him. Rounded the corner on Campbell Parade and thought, this is it, let's just put on a sprint to see if I can catch DrJH. I did with about 100 yards to go and continued the sprint to pip Richard as well (although the results would suggest not Peter as I had originally thought).

Good to catch up with DrJH afterwards - nice to have one of Australia's great distance runners tell you he had his eyes on you the whole race and then to outkick him. OK, he may not be the same runner he was 20 years ago but still a tough bugger. Dave Sweeney ran low 47's which I'm sure he'll be disappointed with but he'll bounce back when he sorts his knees out. Fantastic run by Tucks - 45:46, just behind Tom Crasti (a low 31 10km runner) and beating Chris Truscott (45:5X). Charlie is getting back to top form with a 45:36 and Chadi clocked 46:00. The other great runs were Rob Lansdown with a 47:10 and Kanser pulling a great run out of the bag to clock 47:51 despite being sidelined with a heavy cold all week. Shows he's developed some great strength which will serve him well in Berlin.

Nice chat with all the HuRT Squad after - there's quite a few of us. Congrats to Rich P on impending fatherhood - joining the 4 kid club!

Love this event. Another beautiful day. And the achilles' aren't too sore! For now.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Easy stuff

Very easy 10km running to Glebe to get my IPod fixed then back via Hickson Road. 42:48. Woke up with a sore throat and feeling slightly under but I think I'm beating as I'm feeling a lot better after a hearty lunch.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

HuRTS Hickson Road

Smaller crowd today with a lot of people resting up for C2S. At the front end it included Muz, KMK, MC, Ben, Derek and a few others. Decided only to push 3 of them and run through the final 2 so reps went as follows:

3:38; 3:33; 3:31; 3:55; 3:49

Remembered after the first that you have to run flat out to record fast times on Hickson Road. Felt quick but with only Muz keeping up before dropping off slightly towards the end the times were down on last month. KMK did his usual thing of starting off easily then running a blinder on the 5th - 3:22. He has a huge stride in full flow.

Caught up with Gerry outside the changing rooms and he posed an interesting question - who will be the first HuRT squad member home on Sunday. If we discount the prentender Big Mikey H (who I think would be first), I reckon it's a toss-up between Charlie, Tucks and Robbie. Charlie ran a good 10km at the start of July but was off for 10 days after. Tucks has had a couple of niggles from the marathon as well as coming to the end of a training pattern culminating in the marathon so my money is on Robbie. I expect KMK and Kanser will have strong runs too as the course will suit them.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Steady 10km

Flat 10km from work run at a steady pace. 39:17. 19:45 at 5km.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Attack the Hills!

No HuRTS at lunch due to a date with Penny Wong so ran home instead. Decided to attack the hills (both ups and downs). Given the topography of my run home, that's basically a tempo. 27:49 at the Toyota Garage and 51:49 all up. Again felt great.

Achilles was fine all day until I started my run (opposite of yesterday) but then eased up half way through.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Quickish Monday

Flat 10km route from work. Aimed to run consistent 4min kms but I've got no idea about pacing. Thought that 4 min kms would be slightly less than comfortable running. Reached the 5km turn in 18:58 and given I was ahead of schedule I just maintained the same pace back but increased the pace over the final 2km to finish in 37:38. Felt good today concentrating again on the core.

Only concern is that the left achilles has been sore since Saturday's race (I need heel raises for my flats) even when walking. The only time it's not sore is when resting or when I'm running.

Bumped into a load of people out there today - Muz, Charlie, Travis, Dave le Banh and Scott to name a few.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

State Relays and Sunday MLR


Intended on running the usual Sunday Manly route but got to about an hour and was feeling a bit fatigued so decided to cut it short. 91:06 for about 21kms. 3:54 and 3:45 for the North Head route kms - I was concentrating on pushing all the hills.


State 4km relays at Wollongong. Ran first leg with Jeremey Horne second, Rob Lansdown 3rd and KMK final. The usual top crowd - my leg included Tim Rowe, Russell Chin, Ryan Gregson etc. Set off quick as usual then struggled into quite a headwind heading out to the stadium. Managed to form a group with Richie Roberts and Brad Milosovic. Basically, we then stuck together all the way around - Ritchie pushing ahead slightly towards the end and with me just outsprinting Brad. The legs felt very wobbly in the final 300m so it was a solid performance. 12:19 after a 6:03 first lap. 1 second behind Ritchie and 9 behind Robin Whiteley. Jeremey ran 12:15 so I was pleased with the time - haven't lost as much speed as I had thought. KMK ran a great last leg to clock 12:25 by himself and bring the Striders home to 4th overall.

BTW - top run by Durante to run 33:01 at Lane Cove this morning. Grave doubts as to whether I would have bettered that. Also huge congrats to Tucks and Big Mikey H for being selected to run for NSW in the National X-Country - Tim Rowe and Benny St L are only reserves!