Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost there

8.5km jog around the beaches, 5km with the kids. Almost there. In one piece for now. News from Macca is that a bandaged up bloke will haul his ass to the start line despite not having run in 11 days and running on a wing and a prayer. Would have expected nothing less form him.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

HuRTS Gate to Gates

Trotted down and dawdled around at the back of the reps with Ray. Put in a few 100m strides to stretch the legs. Ran the last rep at target marathon pace which was less comfortable than I was hoping for. Hey ho.

All post excellent massage in the morning courtesy of JSM's no.1.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daniel Batman

Easy 4.7km with the kids this morning and then 11.3km with MC, Mr Ace, French Jules, Jonathan and others at lunch.

4 days to go. Just want to be on the startline now, everything else feels like going through the motions.

RIP Batman.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More easy running

Just an easy 10km at lunch on my work 10km route, untimed.

Fucking annoyed with Athletics NSW not counting our Men's Over35 team result from the XC at the weekend. This was their response:

"Hi Tom,

Thank you for your enquiry and congratulations on a great run on Saturday.

The rules for cross country and team competitions in the winter running
events are on the web:

The process for calculating team results at the adidas Winter Series
competitions, including the NSW XC Championships, allows an athlete to run
up (for juniors) or down (for masters) an age group. The simple requirement
is that if an athlete is not going to be entered in his/her "natural"
age-gender, then the team manager must complete a form to modify the
"natural" age-gender and submit this prior to the race. These forms were
available at check-in on the day, and also available on the website prior to
the day of competition.

By looking at the Age Group results for the final event at 3:00pm, we can
see that you (Tom) were in the 35-39 age group; Nigel Wickham and EJ Davie
were in the 40-44 age group; Paul Bruning was in the 45-49 age group. Teams
are in 10-year categories i.e. 35-44 and 45-54.

If Sydney Striders were to have a team, Paul Bruning could have been
submitted as a change of age-gender and entered into a 35-44 team. This did
not happen.

I recall a discussion with EJ before the 3pm race where I explained that if
all the athletes were competing in their "natural" age group, then no
paperwork was required by the team management. EJ expressed his opinion
that everyone in his proposed team was within the natural age group for

We have tried hard to make the process clear, and I spent some time on
Saturday explaining to many clubs how to enter their teams. I hope that
this helps to explain the situation and I look forward to seeing you at
other events this winter.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday squad

Easy 16km with the Monday squad in I don't know what. Frickin freezing. Weather like this on Sunday would be ideal.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

NSW XC Champs - 13th in 43:42

Spent the early part of the afternoon cheering on Bec and Billy in the under 12's (getting a team bronze in the process which they were thrilled with) then Maggie and Charlie were up in the 1km fun run. Finally got around to the Men's Open race and, after thinking it may be a low quality race, saw Jeff Hunt, Nipper, Russ Chin and a load of other names front up.

I set off at a pace I thought was relatively easy but was surprised to be running with Robin Whiteley and, when we went through 1km in 3:08, realised that it must have been the excitement of running after 4 days rest. Sure enough on the first hill Robin pulled ahead and Chadi came past, followed by Jack Colreavy.

From then on I was pretty much running solo but aware that Richie Roberts was closing in. I felt comfortable on the flats and downhills but was losing time on the ups. Spoke to Richie who said he got within a couple of yards of me in the monster hill on the final lap but that I was pulling ahead on the downhills. Only scare was my shoelace (the one with my timing chip) coming undone in the final 1.5km. No time to stop to tie it but the tag was about to fall off on the final corner. Luckily limped over the line. Felt OK at the end as it wasn't a mad scramble to the line so hopefully no harm done before next week.

Only problem is stomach cramps since the race. I'm hoping it's due to running on no food all day other than a couple of doughnuts from the Berry Famous Donut van.

Nice to stand on the podium for 3rd place in the Over 35's with the kids cheering on. Unfortunately with Chadi and Robin in the same age group anything better than bronze was highly unlikely.

Here is the coolest video of the course which shows you a bit of what it's like, but not enough detail on the bugger of a hill at the back end...

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm being tested...

3 kids off school today sick. I'm put to but a Sars mask.

Easy 10.3km at lunch with MC, Springer, Mr Ace, Rob, BW and Emma. Now off to Gerringong for a weekend as close to Nowra as anyone dares go.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

10 more days

10.3km plod along the beaches in 55:30, first half with Bec.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last long 'un

4.62 km with the kids (24:30 for Bec, Billy up ahead) then a run to work with Dicky G via Queenscliff (taking the route via the playpark). 18.7km in 80:00.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HuRTS 45min Fartlek

No MC today so I mumbled some vague instructions then took off, intending to take it easy. Bartles and J-Fen pushed ahead while I ran with Tucks and Fats. Tucks and I started working harder around Farm Cove to bridge the 20m gap which we managed by the Stone Gates, with Tongey having jumped out from the bushes to join us.

Stayed like this until the Opera House on the way back. At times I felt good and pushed the pace, other times I just stuck in the group. I was starting to feel a bit tired at the O House though so deliberately eased off trying to chase a marauding Tongey, which would have been fruitless in any case. Bartles and I ran together from here to finish in 44:52. Average pace 3:30.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Today was a run with the Hurt Squad Monday crowd which I haven't done in weeks. Nice and easy 16km in approx 70mins. Beautiful day.

Got a new app on my iPad for Blogger. It's supposed to let me do funky things but I can't make head nor tail of it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Off the rails

Had a few too many beers in celebration on Friday (hence the fruity language in the last post) so Saturday was a write off feeling as though I was coming down with a fever. Went to Ben's 40th on Sat night and pretty much knew I needed the sleep and wouldn't race mini-mos early Sunday morning. Had plenty of rest, went to watch the kids (Billy recovering well after a stack on the start line) and slept watching the US Open golf in the arvo.

Headed out at 4.30pm with Bec and Charlie for the usual 14km route, feeling tired to start with but better as the run went on. 61mins for 14.2km. To be honest, I've been feeling pretty flat all week after the big weekend and a tough Tuesday run. But I've done very little since. Need to hold things together and manage the next 13 days carefully. Laying off the booze will be a good start. But Kirst did buy a nice bottle of Pinot for this evening...

Well done to Kanser on his 33:50 this morning. It's been a while since he's been sub34 so all looking good.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

City Mile Dash

4th in 4:37. Pushed Julian the Frenchman inch by inch but he had my by a puny chest.

Fuck I was nervous for this race. JB was standing by me on the startline and remarked on how his heart rate was going manic. I was exactly the same. We all set off and Bartles was the one pushing the pace. At 300m my legs were starting to feel tired and 10 people were in front of me and I was thinking what the fuck. I then found a gap on the left hand side and pushed the pace to suddenly find myself in 4th with Bartles (leading) 5m in front and Tucks and JB on my shoulder. At the dodgy hairpin I put some effort in and concentrated on catching the Bart. Tucks dropped off, Julian came on my shoulder and we caught Bartles with 300m to go. From then it was shoulder to shoulder with Julian taking line honours and a place on the podium with some saucy ladies from Cancer Australia. I had to make do with a Carlton Draught on the sidelines and $500 per person for retaining the team trophy.

Not bad for 4:37 mins effort. Having said that, the 4:37 effort made half of us barf and the other half taste blood for the rest of the afternoon.

Where was the Tiger!! That was the question of the day. He should have taken 3rd spot.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ran out of the office at lunch clutching my phone to try and fit in 10km amongst work. Wandered into the squad doing Gate to Gates and did a few with them then jogged a bit more with TB and Young Timmy to make up 10km.

Managed to cajole the lads into a group photo following the session. Got back to the office to a fair copping of email abuse from Big Sam and Young Timmy regarding yesterday's post. I think Sam wants me hung, drawn and quartered.

Top massage in the arvo to set me up for the Mile tomorrow. I'll be channelling my inner Bannister. Or is it Landy?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Aussie than Pom

Managed to squeeze an hour run in at 8pm this evening before going back to work. Just ran up to Bondi Junction and circumnavigated Queens Park and Centennial running very easy.

Was thinking about the TdF when running and who are the favourites. Concluded that I'd rather see Grumpy Cadel win ahead of Weedy Wiggins, which must mean I'm now more Aussie than English.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fast run home

Missed the lunchtime session with work calls (very busy at mo) and knew I'd have to do a hard run home instead. So it made for a miserable afternoon as I hate the hard run home. Not helped by a cold front moving through in mid-afternoon bringing back the persistent rain.

Anyway, the session was set. My run home is the run I do more often than any other. If I get under an hour it counts as something more than just a shuffle. Under 58mins is a fair effort. Under 56mins requires a bit of work. I've been under 50mins three times previously. April 2008 was the first when I ran 48:51, July 2008 (just before I set my City to Surf PB of 46:34) was the second when I ran 48:45 then in January 2009 (just before I took 8 months off injured) I somehow managed to run 46:21. Still not sure how I did this, especially when I compared the spits today. I must have been flying.

Worked hard the whole way today but felt heavy legged on the hills compared to Saturday when I bounced up them (i had to grab the handrail at the top of Spit Hill). 13:25 at the bottom of Ben Boyd (13:00 when I set my PB) - I gave up chasing the time at that point. 25:40 at the Toyota Garage and 48:51 all up. So equal third fastest and a fair go.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Holy cow. 36 hours hours of constant heavy rain and Sydney can't cope. Tried to run to Shelley Beach and back but the Quirk Road cut through was a no-go as it was a lake, so skirted along Roseberry Ave to Campbell Pde but that too was a one foot deep lake. So ended up running up to Seaforth and just gaining height. Massive torrents along what are usually babbling brooks. Took it very easy running with Billy on his bike and covered 11.5km.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back on the trails

Just Dicky and I again today with Sam a no-show. I think Dicky wanted to punish me for yesterday so took me on every hilly and rocky trail he could find, even random ones that didn't seem to go anywhere. We did a big whole loop of Manly dam then headed down to Spit Bridge to run the Spit to Manly. Dicky stopped at his place in Fairlight but I continued on into Manly, along to North Steyne and back home via Pacific Parade.

27km all up in 2:15:25 (5:02's). Doesn't even count as a run in the Easy Tiger rule book but felt like it. Not used to the trails and suffering the after effects of yesterday so I'm dead tired.

Finally, looks like Dibaba handled Defar (who has been neck and neck with last year's no.1 Cheruiyot) with ease last night. An afternoon on the sofa watching the athletics could be on the cards. For all the doubters, that is why Sally Pearson won the IAAF female athlete of the year last year. Cheruiyot's main opposition was missing.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hilly tempo

Caught up with Dicky Green on another beautiful day. Absolutely perfect running conditions - clear as a bell, completely still and cool. We decided on the hilly 20km up to Seaforth, through Balgowlah Heights, around Tania Park and back the same way finishing with a loop of Manly Golf Course. Long drag up to Seaforth, a few steep hills in Seaforth and plenty of false flats in Balgowlah Heights but equally you get the benefit of running back down them on the return. I did a few hills twice circling back to pick up Dicky.

Full of running today and all up 20km in 1:11:26 (3:34's). Bit of a confidence booster.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Another perfect day

Ran to work. That's 13km every day since Sunday. Beautiful day today and it was a pleasure, especially feeling much better the further from Sunday I run.

55:30 today. 118km for the week.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sydney weather

Too busy at work to get out for any of the HuRTS sessions so squeezed in a 10km tempo around the foreshore. 34:54 with the kms going 3:26, 3:28, 3:32, 3:28, 3:38, 3:27, 3:25, 3:27, 3:31, 3:28.

Beautiful Sydney winters day and felt great running controlled until the final 2km up the hills where I had to work hard. Said hello to Fast Charlie, tried to high five Bartles and slapped Lisa's bum.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hexham weather

Too busy at work to squeeze in 22km this morning so just ran straight to work in 58:09. Planned to run home to make up the kms but in the end I couldn't be arsed.

Oooh, 2 new bets with the Tiger:

1. $50 on him not going sub 34:10 at Gold Coast.
2. $50 on Mo beating Lagat in the 5000m at the Olympics. Wasn't discussed but I'm declaring now that if Lagat fails to qualify for the US team I win.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

HuRTS 45min tempo

The cold front held off until 2.30pm thank god so we managed our session in sunshine and relative warmth.

Bartles went straight to the front and disappeared out of sight running very quickly. I ran with Macca and a resurgent Clyde still going pretty well as we hit the Stone Gates in 10:11 but my legs were like lead weights and I couldn't have turned them over any quicker. This was shortly proved when my cap blew off approaching circular quay. I spent 10s chasing it to pick it up and, try as I might, I couldn't bridge the gap back to Macca and Clyde. Turned just before the second speed bumps and ran back with M&C, me doing most of the work. Kept on trying to drop them but to no avail. Clyde played a Get Out of Jail Free card by claiming he was going to stop at Mrs Macs Chair but then just continuing on. Eventually pulled ahead up the hills to finish in 44:22, big negative split and 10:00 for the final gate to gates. 3:32 average pace for the 12.5km.

Clyde finished shortly after. Macca (who has never met Clyde) looked dazed and confused, wondering who the 80kg bloke was who had just dropped him on the hills! Bartles came in on 45:00 running very well. Good to see Tucks back out and MC (running 12km at a pace quicker than his North Head 10km) impressing all the ladies with his injured hand.

I need a rest soon. Constantly tired when running at the mo.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Easy recovery

Just an easy run home in 58:53. Stared at a lunar eclipse running down Parriwi Road.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Final long one?

Out at 5.45am this week with Big Sam, JB and Macca for what could be the final long run prior to GCM. Legs felt very heavy this morning after yesterday and, to be honest, it was just a question of putting one foot in front of the other for the first few km desperately waiting for Narrabeen where I could take the first gel. Felt a bit better after that. Pretty damp around the lake and we had no plans to pick the pace up over the final 10km but of course we did out of instinct - the first 5 of them being just over 4:00 per km and the last 5 just under. Good chat all the way though even when picking the pace up with the boys all running well after tough races yesterday. All up 36.8km in 2:38:33 (4:18's).

Came back to see some great results from Eugene in the Prefontaine Classic. Mo winning the 5000m in 12:56 and beating Bekele and all the Kenyans in the process. Collis ran a great PB of 13:10 with Mottram well back. My favourite female athlete, Tirunesh Dibaba, also won the 10,000m by a whisker - no doubt relying on her kick. Can't wait to see the races.

Bad news was that I got an email from Dad yesterday claiming that he was checking his old running diaries and discovered he ran a 10km in South Shields in 1988 (aged 46) in 32:04. All sounds very dodgy to me but I guess I have to trust him, given he's my Dad.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Big Saturday

First up an early rise for the North Head Striders 10km. I'd had a few beers at Friday night work drinks and wasn't the best at 5.45am. Felt fine when I got there though doing a warm up with MC, Mr Ace, et al. I was pacing Rob C and we had a few others along for the ride too, including Liz Miller and John Bowe. Had fun shouting at the front guys and there was the usual battle between Bartles, Scotty, Bleasel and Tongey. The aim was to get through 10km in 38 mins and we set a course for that. We seemed well up in the first 5km going through each km in about 3:41/3:42 but I noticed the Garmin was increasingly beeping shorter of the official km mark each time. It was muggy today and the second 5km slowed but still on pace overall according to the Garmin. Unfortunately, the Garmin measured the course at 10.2km and Rob missed his target running 38:35. I think Action may need to get his measuring wheel out as everyone came back with the same measurement. Still, it was a nice start to the day.

Then on to Miranda after watching Billy's team sneak a 2-2 draw against Brookvale in a thriller. The kids were on at 12noon in light rain. It then got heavier and heavier. By 3pm the course was well churned up and runners were slipping over on every tight corner. I ran 3rd leg of the 4x4km relay for the Open team. Went off a bit too fast chasing down the two runners in front of me and paid for it on the hills on the second loop. Ended up with 13:39 which was OK but nothing special. Great news though was that a strong final leg from Tongey brought us back to 3rd place overall! This is the best result the Striders have ever achieved. We'd have won the Over 35's if we'd entered that team (we're all over 35 - our average age is a scary 44) but our official Over 35's team (consisting of Timmy, Nick B, Andrew Wilson and CT running a second leg) was 3rd too.

Some other sporadic results were:

Chadi: 13:20
Tongey: 13:23
CT: 13:29
Nick Cope: 13:34
Richie Roberts: 13:40
Chamkaur: 13:44
Keith: 13:49
Sean Williams: 14:12
Tiger: 14:42
Timmy: 15:27
Laura: 15:34 (Oh Laura, why couldn't you find 8 more seconds and make my year!)

Love these events. Great atmosphere and a smattering of world class athletes too. Harry Summers (a 28:13 10km runner) ran 12:22 looking very easy but fastest time of the day was James Nipperess (an 8:35 3000m Steeplechaser) who ran 12:13. I guess the course and distance aligned with his pet event.

Finally, many thanks to Laura's mum for her fantastic scones with jam and cream. A perfect post race recovery. Unfortunately Timmy had drunk all the tea before I arrived.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday amble

Easy run in to work in 57:53. I reckon part of the reason I'm feeling better in the mornings is my improved nutrition. Last might was a Crust Supreme pizza (less the olives and half of the final slice) followed by a large heaped bowl of rhubarb crumble and ice cream, swilled down with two Coopers Pale Ale. Tiger, do I win?

Ran up Parriwi Road where this cyclist overtakes me and slows down to start studying my running form. Thought it was a bit weird until I realised it was Mark Green from The Body Mechanic! Good chat with him for a few minutes before he rode on.

111km for week. Solid off only 6 days. One more big one before I start to wind down.