Monday, November 28, 2011

Piling it on

..the weight that is, not the training.

Wednesday was a rest and too wet to ride in.

Thursday was an easy 7km joining in a few of the Gate to Gates at the back. No bike though as too wet again.

Friday was recovery from our client Christmas party.

Saturday was 6km picking the car up from the International Hotel Management School after another function (it's silly season) and 10 mins sweating it out on the spin bike doing a minute resistance and minute spin.

Sunday was another easy 6km and 20 mins on the spin bike doing 2 mins resistance, 2 mins spin.

Today was a very easy 8km with the HuRT Squad including MC, Kanser, Clyde, Mat K, Craig, James V, Indrajeet, Laura etc. Rode in and out too. Finally the weather is perfect again.

Have gained 4kg in 3 weeks and now weigh 70.3kg. My singlets feel snug. But good news is that the achilles feels heaps better. Swelling right down, no pain, have increased the weight on my back doing the eccentric loading and booked in to see the Butcher of Bondi tomorrow. So things are looking up.

Big shout to my eldest brother Jamie for running 2:49 in the Florence Marathon yesterday. Fantastic result. Plainly he's been listening to the wise counsel of his little brother.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The rot sets in

Saturday was a rest. Sunday was fulflling my duty as the ANSW rep (Mens) for the Striders at the ANSW Relays out at Homebush. After fiddling around with the teams for a week I found myself down to run in the 4 x 800m (160+) with Mat Kaley, Ray and Anna. Mat ran a great first leg in 2:09, Ray backed up with a 2:12, Anna got us into 2nd place with a 2:30 (first ever track race!) and I took over the last leg with Michael Doggett right behind me. I was a pussy from the start, running it like a 3000m race trying to conserve some energy. Doggett came past at 200m and just ran away from me. Eventually finished in 2:13 with my tail between my legs (and swollen achilles). At least we got a bronze medal. Jogged 6km in the 34C heat as a "warmdown".

Monday rode to work and back feeling good but didn't run as the achilles was sensitive. Took Voltaren last night just to try and blast away the swelling (it's already a lot more supple). Rode to work this morning then showed up to the HuRTS session today (45min fartlek) and just ran 6.75km very easy with Pete W, Sonya, Emma and James V. Will ride home in the rain shortly. I might become a cyclist. There's not enough gear to buy with just running.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday repeat

Same again. Run in 24:48. Saw Mark Green again - just after Clyde and just before Kanser. The HuRT Squad is keeping them in business. He said that runners shouldn't worry about climbing out of the saddle so happily did so on the way home.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Funniest show on TV.

Same as yesterday, ride in, 6km at lunch concentrating on technique (24:32) and a ride home. Bloody wet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's worse than childbirth

I don't know of any female who has returned to see Jean Pierre after a first visit. And yet women more often than not have more than one baby. Therefore seeing JP must be more painful. My calf is now pulp and swollen to twice its normal size. But I survived.

Rode to work in 39:41, did 6km easy at lunch then rode home very carefully in the rain. My tyres are almost slicks and I took a deep breath at every corner and going over every white line.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On ya Bike

Saw The Body Mechanic yesterday. Got to take it easy on the running for a while. Go back on Friday to get a plan. In the meantime I've booked in to see the Butcher of Bondi tomorrow. I'll take a leather strap to bite on and some tissues to wipe away the tears.

Today was a very easy 6km on grass wearing flats with heel raises. Concentrated on running technique which made time pass very slowly. Then rode home on The Orb this evening, feeling much stronger on the bike than I expected (managed to get up Battle Boulevard at a good pace without getting out of the saddle). I'll suffer tomorrow but will use the bike to commute to keep the weight off. Used our funky new scales to weight myself this evening - 66.6kg. Very appropriate.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nipper overload

There was no Part 2. Achilles issues and business put paid to that. Going to see a specialist on Wednesday morning.

Today was an easy 11.5km in 49:07 (4:17's) on the Manly 14km route cutting straight back from Queenscliff. Achilles was OK but aware of it the whole way.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Hong Kong Part 1

Met up with the lovely Aine (who true to form was off the back of consecutive 12 hour benders) and her work colleague Nick for one of the most interesting training runs I've ever done. Hong Kong is nuts. We ran through the busiest metropolis in the world, up the steepest longest path I've ever seen, through rainforest seeing fireflies, along a ridge with the most spectacular views, once around Happy Valley Racecourse and back to Wan Chai. 1:21 but very slow. Fantastic run though.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lane Cove 10km - 3rd in 33:40

Got picked up by Ben, Dickyboy and the Hamburglar and arrived at 6.30am to park next to Andy with his personalised number plated BMW X3 and walked over to meet a beaming Timmy. CT was getting the excuses in early, something about Greta making him clean the apartment this week. Thamal was looking confident and the Horne was looking mean.

Set off and I felt great for the first 2km, just tracking whoever took the lead. CT took some of the pace, then the Horne (who seemed to have splashed a fair bit of Old Spice on this morning) and then Thamal. Then we hit Scribbly Gum. Pushed quite hard going up it to stick with Thamal but then coming back down my legs were struggling and Thamal and the Horne gapped me. They were about 3 seconds ahead at 3km but over the next 2km up the hills they must have turned it into 20s. I was on my own from here. CT was about 10s back so it was a time trial. Occasionally I'd feel I was slowing so would try and count to 100 to keep the pace up. But otherwise it was a bit dull. A bit like an Ultra to be honest, just running through the bush with only myself for company. Tried to keep the pace honest but was a bit disappointed to cross in 33:40. I was expecting something sub 33 today and had the runners who did that (the Horne won with Thamal second, both just under 33) but I just didn't have it in the legs. Sole consolation was beating CT, but given he had an off day it's a bit of a hollow victory.

Perhaps it's a lesson that if you want to run a good 10km you've really got to be putting in the mileage and the big Sunday runs. I seem to do best over 10km when I'm doing the big Sunday run and backing up with a tough Wednesday run. The speedwork is great for the shorter stuff. Interestingly, I ran a very similar time at Lane Cove in November 2008 before backing up 4 days later with 17:23 at the JPMorgan CC, again off the back of more speedwork.

Timmy took $20 off me nudging under 36 with a gutsy 35:45. Binfield ran pretty well for 5th place but otherwise the times weren't great. Conditions were perfect at the start but pretty warm by the time we finished.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Not a bad day for a run

Very easy 10.5km today with MC, King James, Craig, Brendan and a few others. About 4:40 pace. Perfect running conditions. Hope it stays like this for tomorrow. Photo taken from office window just now. Looks like a bit of a jam going into Wooloommooloo.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bummin' about

Rocked up late to the 4 x 2kms, bumped into them half way down Hickson Road so ran back with Clyde and Andy. They were going a bit quick for my liking so did the next rep with MC in 7:00, then ran the final rep with Clyde and Andy pretty quickly in 6:28. Took some Nurofen Forte this morning for my burned throat which left me feeling a bit lethargic. About 10km all up.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cup Hangover

It bit hard.

Managed to get out this evening for a lazy 12.5km in 55:53 (4:28's) feeling pretty good by the end. Usual Wednesday route but cutting back to the office from Fox Studios gates. Looking forward to Saturday.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Race that stops a Nation!

..and I lost out on $1,250 by 1mm. Red Cadeaux was in front before the line and after the line, but got his head dip wrong.

Was stuck in a meeting in North Sydney when the boys were doing 400's, and still when the rest of the squad were doing a progressive tempo, but managed to sneak in a quick run just before the Melbourne Cup. Decided a 10km tempo was the best way to complete a decent run in the time available so did my measured route from the office. After a slow first 1km (3:52) I basically gave it full effort. Ran in the Brooks T-6's with orthotics in as my achilles has been giving me gyp. Reached 5km in 17:37, was expecting to run back up the hills in 18:00 but managed to finish in 34:59. The negative split was mainly due to a 3:10 final km trying to get under 35mins.