Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

Looked out the window before lunch and it looked cloudy and cold so put a long sleeve top on. Step outside and it's warm and humid. The top was drenched by the end of the session.

Fair crowd today (including AAR recruit Ali) but good upfront with Dicky H, Tucks, and new chap Quentin but with me doing all the work. Turned about 20m after the second speed bump on Hickson Road so a decent distance but slowed a bit with the effects of the humidity on the way back. Dicky dropped off just before the Opera House and my legs were gone as soon as we hit the hills with Tucks and Quentin pushing ahead. Got back in 45:54. Legs affected by the lack of a long run in training at the moment.

Good to see RMR justifying his Most Improved trophy for HuRTS with a 2.5 minute PB over the Half Marathon at the weekend.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Run home

Legs felt a bit heavy today but the breathing was good. Quick again, 15:41 at Ben Boyd, 29:05 at Toyota Garage, 47:02 with 2km to go and 54:10 all up. I've concluded that when you do no tough sessions (particularly the long run and intervals), the average pace of your normal runs quickens to compensate.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short Sunday again

Same as last week but a bit quicker - 41:03 at 10km and 61:59 all up. Perfect running weather - 22C but a slight drizzle. Thighs still sourish, they'll probably recover just before Wednesday's repeat session.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The pain was bearable

Suffered like never before from Wednesday's strength training. Couldn't even touch my glutes without being in agony. Not helped by two nights on the booze on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was the HuRTS Awrds night, where the following were annointed 2010 winners:

Best performance: JB (Gold Coast Half) with Heyden as runner up (Comrades and other ridiculous Ultras)
Most Improved: Mike Race with Laura as runner up
Serg Award: Conway. No one else got close. Enda got a few protest votes for constantly having a cold.

Thighs and glutes could just about stomach a run today so did the Manly 10.2km in 43:57. The only person I bumped into was my own daughter, which was a bit weird.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heavy duty Wed

Training with Carl at 6am where we've started a new program outside involving loads of bounds, squats and drills. Legs were shaking like jelly all morning as a result. Then went out at lunch with MC, RMR, LF Charlie, King James, Craig and others (Rob joining mid-route) for two laps of Centennial and back (19km). Longest run in a month and felt fatigued as a result. Saw my female nemesis doing reps around McKay Oval.

HuRTS Awards Night tonight. The big event on the annual runners calendar, after the Laureus Sports Awards.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Run to work

Another grey run. 26:43 at Spit Junction and 55:55 all up. Legs felt weary to start with, probably a bit due to last night but probably more because I hate morning runs. Until I finish them.

Very brief clip of my sprint finish at JPMorgan here. Confirmed as the winning Mixed team today so we're off to Singapore in April.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Run home

29:42 at Toyota Garage and 55:42 all up, last 2km in 7:30. One of those "grey" runs that all training guides tell you to avoid, neither too hard nor too comfortable, but sometimes it's just the pace you go at.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Steady Sunday

15km in a steady pace. 43:00 at the 10km mark. 65:02 all up. Will have to start doing some proper training at some stage.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Easy Friday

Easy 61 minute run with a big crowd at lunch including MC, Wildman, Dicky H, Laura, Luke, King James, Craig W and many more.

This was after my "executive health check" this morning where I was forced to do the fitness test, basically increasing the pace and gradient on a treadmill until I could stand no more. I got up to 30 minutes with my heart rate at 170bpm and blood pressure 185/50 before I pulled the pin. All cholesterol levels were very good, still a bit heavy (66.6kg, the devils weight) so there's more improvement with a couple of kgs to lose. Haven't done a long run in 4 weeks though. By comparison, when I did this check in 2008 I was 64.7kgs and in 2007 I was 64.2kgs. However, my "effective age" is 28 which made me happy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tri Tim put to the sword!

Those keen followers of Young Timmy's blog will be aware that the fella has recently been riding like Lance and swimming like Phelpsy so it was with trepidation that I fronted up to tonights ABC Pool biathlon for a sportsman's bet head to head with the all rounder. Those aware of my swimming abilities wouldn't have been too confident, but I reckoned that if I could get a minute on him on the run I might be able to hold on in the pool.

The biathlon involves a 4km run then a 300m swim (6 lengths of the ABC Pool). CT (recovered from last week's cold) set off quick and didn't let up. Some young kid went with him and I was struggling in third, thinking I'll come good in the second half. Slowly reeled in the kid by half way but he was stubborn until 3km when I finally gapped him. Finished the 4km in 13:03 (well behind CT in 12:43) but by the time I'd stripped off all my running gear (everyone else ran topless and in budgies) I was third in the pool. Managed 20m of freestyle before I switched to breaststroke. Seemed like an eternity of struggling up and down the pool with guys coming flying past whilst I desperately checked if any were Timmy. But eventually finished in 19:29 for 7th place. Not bad for a Pom, but best of all Young Timmy was chicked in finishing in 20:48. The poor fella was well ashamed afterwards, sobbing into his beers in the Woolloomoolloo Bay Hotel, dreaming of elaborate ways to eventually beat me in a bet.

Buggered afterwards. The run was tough and there's no way I could have gone with CT but the swim afterwards just fatigues every bit of you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bruising Wednesday

Training with Carl at 7.30am so rode my bike to him for the first time in 9 months then on to work. It was slightly damp and coming through the Mosman cut through I took a stack after my rear break locked up. Hit the ground hard and badly bruised and grazed my right hip and right elbow. Bit shocked for five minutes then rode on to work. Out for 71mins at lunch by myself to Rose Bay and back feeling a bit sore. Then Tiger massage and now not looking forward to a ride home feeling very sore.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HuRTS 5min reps

Lovely sunny day. Been lazily recovering from last week and trying to shake this cold so no running over the past 2 days. Rocked down to the squad session today with the intention of taking it easy. Although Tucks and Fast Charlie were there, I actually stuck to my plans, letting them push off into the distance especially in the second half. Was still running about 3:26 pace but it felt nice and easy.

Worked up a bit of a sweat by the end though so me, Todd, RMR, Tucks, Laura, Rob and a few others jumped into the Harbour afterwards to cool down. Happy days. Young Timmy was watching jealously from the shoreline because he didn't want to stain the nice new leather seats in his motor.

Great video of the State 3000m C Race here. Can't believe how slow we look running sub 3 minute kms. You can see my pitiful attempt at trying to overtake Tucks on the final lap.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

State 3000m - 15th in C race in 8:59.7

Bloody hell, 3000m races are just the toughest. Been feeling pretty crap again during the day, not helped with it being a scorcher (33c and humid). But given it didn't appear to affect me on Wednesday I wasn't too fussed. Warmed up with Tucks, got really nervous, watched the earlier races (supposedly lower grade but they looked pretty quick to me) then we were off. Didn't want to kill myself in the early pace but it's hard not to get caught up in it all. Plan was to try and keep Keith and Tucks in sight and see what I had left in the end. Well, the plan worked perfectly until the end bit. Went past Tucks with 300m to go and was closing in on Keith but then the legs went wobbly and I could only hold on.

Great result by Keith to run 8:56 and set a world best for M55. Pleased to hold on for a sub9. Matty B, you were right! Results and split times here

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Easy recovery

Very easy 10km around and about bumping into and running with Tucks and then Wildman and the Stallion. Felt surprisingly OK so keen to run Saturday night now, despite the fact it will be hell.

JPMorgan 2010 - 3rd in 17:52

Photos above are:
1. Me and Tucks
2. Travis, me and Fast Charlie
3. Enda, Craig, JF, Dicky H, Me and the Saint
4. The Saint and me

This was just one of those races when everything went right. Felt like shit beforehand. Last night, I wasn't going to run. Felt marginally better this morning but was still giving everyone all the excuses I knew. Rocked up thinking I'll give the first 2km a hard push and if I feel OK then I'll give the race a fair shot. Everyone from HuRTS seemed to be there. Added to the start line was Truscott (but genuinely poorly with a cold), Crasti and the Saint. Set off pretty quick at the front watching the Saint and Crasti drift away. Pretty quickly a group of Fast Charlie, Tucks, Andrew Cross, the Chairman, Travis and me formed and we stayed together as a group for 4km. The km were haphazard but 4km was about right reached in 12:48. At this stage I was struggling. At the Fox Studios Gates Tucks pushed on with the Chairman and Fast Charlie following him, all gapping me by about 5m, and I was just thinking about keeping Andrew Cross at bay. Then I see the turn for the finish and thought I'd put a final effort to keep in touch with that three. I caught them at the final turn and thought, feck this, lets just start sprinting and see what happens. Only Tucks came with me about 2m behind but I desperately managed to hold him off. And what do you know, I finish 3rd!! Outsprinting Fast Charlie - how good is that! Revenge on Tucks - how good is that! $50 from Kanser for beating the Chairman - how good is that! Needless to say, I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat and consumed many beers. Happy Days! Great chats with many friends afterwards. Lots more pictures to post soon. To bed.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More easy stuff

Out with the HuRT Squad (including MC, Tucks, Wildman, Pete W, Jamie, Marty, Ray etc) for 45 mins very easy jog. Still got a sore throat but not getting much worse. Too late to worry about that now in any case.

Monday, November 08, 2010


3 kids ill, got a sore throat and is getting worse. 60 mins today around and about.

Congrats to Andy and Tim in the World 100km Champs, top runs guys you bloody nutters. Also well done to Kanser for braving through NYC marathon despite his injury the poor little soul. Sounds like a great event though.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Run for Fun 10km

Rocked up a bit late (but didn't cut it as fine as Richie P!), waited for ages for the toilets, put my bag in the baggage area, went for a jog in the new flats, realized I'd left my orthotics in my bag, panicked, recovered bag, by now had 5 mins left. Posed for a photo with Benny St, Tucks and JF (Timmy, that's one for the pool room) and then lined up next to Tucks and JF. Fenton tried to chat up Clare Geraghty on the start line and, when she showed no interest, out-psyche her with tales of his recent training exploits.

And we were off. 1km in 3:08 just behind Tucks, Chadi and Thamal. 2km in 6:17 with Tucks having gapped me and running with a chap in an Australian triathlon vest (who I didn't get a chance to recognize but who said after the race we'd resume hostilities on Wed). 3km in 9:38, 4km in 13:10 (long drag of a hill), 5km in 16:30 and I can hear the familiar quick footsteps of Lara Tamsett closing in on me quickly. 6km in 19:53, Darren Moyle having gone past with Lara and dragging Aus Tri guy with them, 7km in 23:20, then the drag of a hill comes that I hate in the Striders 10km course but I put an effort in and catch Aus Tri guy, feeling really good now. Pass Darren and try to close on Tucks on the log straight of Australia Ave, turn for the stadium, see my 9km split of 30:11 and realize I have to run a 3:16 final km to win $100 off the Tiger. Head down, now some unknown Strider over takes me! (Quentin Reeve), sprint in with him into the stadium and he pips me on the line. 33:25. Not a sub 33 but pretty pleased as I haven't raced properly in a while. Feel much better now and more confident for Wed/Sat.

Good to catch up with all the lads afterwards. Tucks finished on 33:23, Chadi just under 33, JF on 34:22 having taken a wrong turn (!), RP, Enda, Jamie and cheers to Young Timmy for the shouts from the sidelines.

Should particularly mention a great PB by Mike Race smashing through 37mins to run 36:30.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Easy jog

22mins around and about with a few strides thrown in at the end. Still feel slightly dodge but it could be nerves so I'll race tomorrow.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Easy Friday

Just an easy 51mins around and about by myself. Bit worried about feeling fluey, like I did a few weeks ago - just got sore shoulders and a slight headache and a dodgy tum. Hope to knock it on the head in the next 24 hours before Sunday.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tamed by the Tiger!

Headed out with the Tiger to Centennial where we saw Young Timmy who offered words of encouragement and then jogged over to ES Marks joined by Tom Hurley for the 2000m time trial. The track wasn't as bad as I remembered it but there was a bit of Sydney afternoon wind down the back straight so conditions weren't ideal.

Plan was to go out and run 70s laps and see how we felt. Tiger would do the first, me the second, Tom the third and then whoever had the legs. Was feeling a bit nervous by now but Tiger took us out in perfect timing of a 69.8 first lap - felt very comfortable as if I was clipping his heels. Then I took over and it wasn't so comfortable. Went through 800m in 2:21/2:22. Stepped aside and Tom took over and by this lap I was starting to feel it. Went through 1km in 2:56/2:57 (at which point I was thinking I'm going to struggle to get under 6 mins), Tom then stepped aside at 1200m and Tiger took over and I was starting to hang off the back. I used a lot of effort getting around Tom just before 1400m and on to Tiger's shoulder but he then upped the pace into the wind and gapped me. I think I must have gone through 1500m in 4:25 (not too far off my PB!) and by now was just trying to maintain the gap with the Tiger and hold off Tom. Stayed this way over the whole of the final lap to finish just in front of Tom in 5:51. Tiger ran 5:47.

Felt pretty good after so feeling more confident for the State 3000m next week. Having said that, McMillan gives a 5:51 2000m a 9:10 for 3000m. Pretty sure I'm in better shape than that. But we shall see.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Easy Wed

Rocked up for the usual run to Kincoppal and back to find Wildman showing up for a run. Select crowd alongside him including Simon, Brendan, RMR and a couple of others. Turned around after 30:30 and got back in 61:05 as I'm still keen to drop the mileage this week. Very easy. Hardest thing was coping with the hangover after celebrating yesterday's big win in the Melbourne Cup.

Tiger's lined up a 2km time trial for tomorrow afternoon at ES Marks which should be interesting. We've got $50 on the head to head after choosing 2km as the point of equilibrium between our respective running abilities.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

HuRTS Gate to Gates

Melbourne Cup today so headed out early for 6 Gate to Gates (909m) with Tucks, JF, Todd, RMR and Mike Wingram. 2 mins rest based off Todd. Felt great this morning despite a bad night with Claudia so planned to take them out hard and see how I felt. Did the first rep, got scared by the time and felt as though I was already going lactic. Did each other one feeling the same way telling myself "if it's any slower, I'll just stop there". But having Tucks alongside meant they didn't get slower. Reps went:

2:41; 2:40; 2:40; 2:40; 2:41; 2:40

2:40 is 2:56 pace. I think that's the fastest pace I've ever done them, but having said that we normally do 8. Really pleased with the session and a good confidence booster.

Anaerobic/VO2 max training really is the hardest training you can do. I dread 10 x 400m more than 32km.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Easy Monday

Lots of easy days of late. Usual Monday route with a big crowd including LF Charlie, Luke, Laura, Springer, MC, Simon, Russell etc. Felt very sprightly from the word go after an easy weekend. Very slow to start with but picked up the pace quite a bit from the turn. That's shown in the first and second half splits - 36:00 (4:33's) and then 31:28 (3:59's).