Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Medium Long Wednesday

Centennial Park route with Tim C. Beautiful day for running - cool and crystal clear. Went a bit quicker than I had intended - 63:40 for the 15km. But that's running with Tim C for you. It's like running with a Kenyan, he suddenly puts in these surges of speed and twice dropped me going around Centennial.

Injuries have cleared up nicely (even top of left glute) but feeling a bit sore around the shoulders so hope I haven't got a virus coming on. Whinge, moan, whine etc...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 x 3km

Originally 4 x 3km was scheduled but decided to drop down to 3 to avoid killing ourselves before Saturday. 4 x 3km is probably the hardest session we do. Had planned to take them easy but with Fats and Tucks around that was never likely. Other attendees were MC, Tim C, Adam, Pete W, Enda and the Irish contingent. Notable absentees were Kanser and Durante, putting in some secret training tomorrow instead.

Fats ensured the pace was honest from the start, with Tucks and I just behind him. We ended the first 3km rep at the lamppost just short of the stone gates (i.e. further than ever before) but given we were only doing 3 I thought that would be OK. Probably averaged about 3:28s. On the way back, he picked up the pace even more so that we returned to the Opera House gates in 9:21. Averaging sub 3:20s. Having been conditioned to that pace we just continued on in the same way on the third. I pushed the hills near the Boy Charlton and then up to the Art Gallery. Fats finalled dropped off on that second hill, leaving Tucks and I to go beyond the stone gates to just short of the road outside St Mary's. That's as far as we've reached in our best Mona Fartlek session.

A real confidence booster before Saturday as I didn't feel so shattered that I couldn't have done a fourth. Tucks looked like he was cruising as always but Fats is plainly in sparkling form and I'm likely to be running with him on Saturday. MC also seemed comfortable and is getting back into form.

About 14km all up.
Have added some photos from Seal Rocks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Medium Long Run

Decided against 2 hours today in light of a mini-taper for Saturday instead doing 1.5 hours. Ran Serg's Centennial Park route in about 63 mins (picking it up in the second half in order to get back in time to catch up with Kanser) than ran about 5.5km around the Opera House with Kanser in 25 mins, bumping into Durante on the way around.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back from Smiths Lake

Headed up on Thursday evening in the pouring rain. The rain didn't stop until Saturday when it turned out pretty nice and had a great time in the Lake and in the surf at Seal Rocks and Blueys. Managed 11km in the pouring rain on Thursday feeling great and running quickly over a hilly course - 44:42 (measured it in the car). Ran the same route in the sun the next day but turned around sooner as I was struggling - 44:12 for about 10.5km. Rested today.

Some interesting results from Novice. Times look about a minute slower than where I expected people to be so the ground must have been pretty tough on the legs. Will be interesting to see how people pull up next week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mona Fartlek

Caught up with the HuRTS squad to run 90, 60, 30s on the usual route. Crowd included Kanser, Serg, the Judge, Fats, MC, Durante, Greg, Phil W, RMR and Clement. A few were taking it easy with Novice on Saturday, so found myself in a small group with Serg, the Judge and Fats after the first 90. Serg and the Judge then really pushed the second 90 and I was just trying to hang on to Fats. Really struggled up the hills - felt lots of beer in my legs after last night. Turned 20 yards short of the Stone Arch (closest I've got to it other than the reps prior to JPM) and about 15 yards behind Serg and the Judge. Immediately Fats started to drop me on the 3rd and 4th 60s and Serg and the Judge caught me. Then we hit the 30s and I seemed to get a new lease of life. Caught up with the other three and then dropped Serg and the Judge coming around Farm Cove with Fats just holding on. Finished the final fast rep at the Opera House gates and the session half way around the Opera House.

Fats is in great form. My bet with the Tiger is safe at this rate. Serg is also coming back into form (again). Off to Smiths Lake tonight so good luck to Kanser, Durante, MC et al running Novice on Saturday.

Long Wednesday

Headed out at lunchtime with Serg and MC for 18km around Centennial Park. It's been really wet over the last few days (including this morning when we set off) so there were puddles galore. Got soaked. Had to run on the road around Centennial due to the puddles. Did the 18.2km in 1:22:49 averaging just over 4:30 per km so nice and easy. Had a discussion half way around about what constituted a "good runner". MC seemed to get quite upset when Serg said it was anyone who could run under 32 mins for 10km. The only consensus from this question seemed to be someone who could run about as fast as our own PB for the distance.

Mentioned to Serg that I quite fancied pushing tomorrow's session. He suggested this wouldn't be wise after the last three days running. I've been out with Ken, John, Phil and Craig this evening, entering my favourite pub (the Boatshed) at about 9pm. Ken mentioned then that we rarely leave the Boatshed before 2am once we enter. I've just about beaten that but not by much. Serg's advice now sounds wise.

Had a magnificent run on the pool table in the Boatshed - 6 games unbeaten before we started doubles again. I'm the king of pool. I challenge you all....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday long run on Tuesday

Becoming a little obsessed with fitting a long run in each week so today it was. Ran the North Head route (Pacific Parade and Fairfax Track) then straight down Darley, left onto Ashburner, along Manly to Spit walk but cut up through Balgowlah Heights then into work. About 27-28km. Started too quick for a 2 hour run, not on purpose just feeling good and probably with a little enthusiasm from last night still in the legs. 47:11 at the Stone Arch (4:14 and 4:09 for the last 2kms of the North Head route), 1:28:10 at Spit Junction and 1:59:30 all up. Struggled a bit from Parriwi onwards paying for the faster early pace and no doubt with last night's run in the legs.

Disappointed to be missing HuRTS today due to a bloody client lunch. Why do people organise work lunches? Just means you sit at your desk all afternoon feeling bloated and knackered. Only worth doing if you can sit in the pub for the rest of the afternoon. Then they're great.

Niggle count: Back of right knee (particularly on the uphills (of which there were plenty this morning)), top of left glute and, worryingly, muscle coming around the left hip.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tempo run home

Training schedule is all over the place at the moment with being busy at work and holidays. Planned a long run today but couldn't get out all day and felt it was too late at 7.30pm when I finally left for the evening. So decided to do a tempo run home (about 14km) and will do 2 hours running in tomorrow (client lunch so am missing HuRTS) .

Looked back in my blog to see what my PB for this route was and saw that I ran 50:47 nearly a year ago (June 7th) shortly before setting my 10km PB at Gold Coast. Surprised I haven't done this run more often as I think the long tempo runs are pretty useful. Given I think I'm now in better shape, I psyched myself up to set a PB. Really pushed the pace from go to whoa. 25:18 at the Toyota Garage (1:17 ahead of the red line) and 48:51 all up - a 1:56 PB. Chuffed to bits with the time. Still think there's more to come as I eased off a little from Spit Junction to Spit Bridge. Having said that, I really pushed the uphills.

Flake - I'm back up to Smiths Lake on Thursday night so will be missing Novice. My money's on Harry Summers. Expect a big improvement from Dave Kane too. Given his recent Hickson Road rep times and the fact that he's equally as competitive as those gun 18yr olds, I'm predicting he'll run 34:27 and kick himself for not getting a PB before agonising over whether it's a full 10km or not. I'm just throwing everything at the State 10km. Saw a recent thread on Coolrunning which suggested DrJH would be running. To beat him would be the dream scenario.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Running and camping..

..don't mix. Had a fantastic time at Seal Rocks (at Smiths Lake now having just dropped Kirst and the kids off) but sleep has been hard to come by - Charlie doesn't like the "flapping" noise a tent makes. As a result, I've woken up stiff every morning and felt like c**p when trying to run. Beautiful surrounds though. Rested Thursday, ran for an hour on Friday and Saturday and 45 minutes this morning. Had to dodge a pack of dingoes yesterday (if you can call more than one a "pack") which got the heart rate up at least.

Stiff as a board now. Can't wait to sleep in a bed again. Will download some photos soon.

Niggle count: top of left glute, back of right knee, hamstrings, back in general, achilles a bit sensitive.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Medium long Wednesday

18km around Centennial (including an extra internal loop) but cutting short back down the steps from Macleay St. Ran with Serg and Tim C. 1:18:03, average pace 4:20. Very easy to start with but picked up the pace a little from 7km onwards.

Niggle count: Top of left glute. Outside of right foot.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

45 mins Fartlek

The inner child inside me still stifles a chortle when I write the word "fartlek".

Great crowd today including the Judge, Serg, Phil Dove, Kanser, MC, Durante, Tim C, Enda, Richard G, Richard M (first time in a while), Clement, Greg, Stephen C etc. Set off at quite a quick pace with the Judge, Serg and Phil. We all stayed together until just before the turnaround point when Serg dropped off. Phil then stopped (only to reappear later) at the turnaround point leaving me to try and stick to the Judge. Turned at the top of the steep short hill just before the Art Gallery. The Judge helped me catch up with some of the pack before he dropped out worrying about a leg injury. Picked up the pace a bit coming home running with the rest of the crowd again.

Fast sections were probably between 3:10 - 3:15 per km and averaged close to 3:30 per km for the whole thing. 1.5km there and 2.5km back for about 17km all up.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Recovery Monday

Serg's 15km Centennial Park route run with Serg. 66:11. Slightly quicker than I'd normally do a recovery run (I was running with Serg after all) but nice nonetheless. Managed to run out a few aches around the left glute I'd had from the weekend. Perfect running conditions - cool and rainy. Some people were complaining about the cold running in the Canberra marathon yesterday. I didn't realise it could be too cold for running. They should try running the North East Cross Country Harrier league at Prudhoe in January.

Congrats to Tim L for his 2:47 in the London marathon yesterday - great run mate.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Long Sunday run

Caught up with Fats and the Tiger in Centennial and basically meandered about - a couple of laps around the outside and a few more in the middle. Ran parts with Dimitri and Caleb. 2 quickish inside loops at the end. About 30km in 2:13:34. Beautiful morning.

Some great preliminary results from Canberra - Uncle Dave second in 2:27:40 and Tucks 3rd (beating Jeremey Horne) in early 2:29. I think my days of being competitive with Tucks are over.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Campbell Parade stuff

Was planning on the usual 7.5km tempo run but needed to get the kids out so took them down to Campbell Parade with their bikes. I ran 13 loops of the 650m circuit, one float then one fast etc. Map is here: Loops went as follows:

2:26; 2:12; 2:21; 2:10; 2:23; 2:09; 2:21; 2:07; 2:21; 2:04; 2:22; 2:05; 2:21

Works out at averaging about 3:36 per km for the floats and 3:15 per km for the fast sections. Overall average of 3:29 per km for the 8.45km. Great session in the end - felt as though I got more out of it than the usual tempo run. Interesting how the faster sections get faster but the floats remain consistent.

Billy did 13 loops on his razor (over 5 miles) and was complaining at the end that his leg was sore. He only ever stands on his right leg. I've got high hopes for him.

Good luck to Tucks, Springer, Superflake, TJA, Uncle Dave, Chris G and all the others running Canberra tomorrow and Tim L in London.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sore recovery

14km North Head route early in the morning. Felt very stiff and sore so very slow, especially to start with. 49:26 at Stone Arch and 62:48 all up. Top of glute very sore this morning. Nice and cool and great views from the Fairfax Walking Track.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Caught up with Tim C, MC, Fats, Dickyboy (first timer), Clement, Pete, Stephen Cox, Greg and one other and headed over to the Reg Bartley oval for the usual 400s going off every 2 mins (ie about 50 seconds rest). 12 this time rather than 10. Ran the first 7 with Tony then he headed back to the office which is when the times started to suffer. Then managed to pull them back together, with Tim C putting up a fight on the final rep. Times went:

70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 71, 72, 70, 70, 67.

Compares favourably with December 20th and March 13th (the other times we ran them over this measured section - times before were over a shorter section). Beautiful day and a nice session. 3km there and back for about 11km all up.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back to marathon pace

AM: Run to work from Redlands House incorporating the usual 3 marathon pace stretches. Cool and wet, felt great this morning. 53:50 all up (24:19 at Spit Junction). Might try and fit in an easy 10km over lunch.

Lunchtime: Very easy 7.5km run around the Opera House with Kanser in 32:10.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

8 x 5mins

Crowd today included Serg, Muz, MC, Kanser, the Judge, Tim C, Enda, Durante, Mike Race, Greg and Phil Woods, with Springer appearing after the first 2. Usual session of 8 x 5mins off 90 seconds rest, although only Tim C and I actually did 8. Lots stopped after 6 and MC, Enda and Muz did 7.

Felt really good today. The judge was pushing ahead as usual (running 3:10s looking like he was going for a jog in the park) while Anthony and I were probably averaging just under 3:20s. Still felt comfortable after the final rep. I think I need more speedwork at the moment. Kanser and Durante would wait until Muz and I caught them on each rep (starting from behind) and then run off so they must have upped the pace midway through. Kanser seems to have taken another leap forward recently.

Rest yesterday. Had a client lunch then just couldn't be bothered. That's probably why I was feeling fresh today.

PB - great to hear you're making plans for races in the not so distant future. Don't get injured. Try and organise a race in Sydney when you're about 80% fit and I might have a chance...

Couple of photos added from the weekend.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Long Bay run

Caught up with the Tiger and ran three extended 9km loops of the Bay Run. Times went 43:00, 41:30 and 41:51 for 2:06:21, plus 1km warm up for 28km all up. Lovely cool and still morning. Good chat with the Tiger in between him saying hello to virtually every runner going around the Bay.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Striders 10km Lane Cove - 7th in 33:16

Picked up Richard Green on the way (shortly to become a Dad - good luck mate) and caught up early on with Tim C who I ran a 3km warm up with. Then did some quick strides to get the heart rate up and feel less shocked when starting the race. My worries about no-one turning up were quickly dismissed on seeing Tom Crasti, Colin Johnston, Robin Whiteley, Guz, Chris T et al. Quick chat with Tucks, Kanser, Timinerko, Darren and Pete and then we were off. Or at least the front crowd were. The first 8 shot off like rabbits. I ran through 1km with Guz and Ray (who was just on a run from home but decided to join in the race) in 3:14, 2km in 6:30, 3km in 9:49. At that point I was by myself, with James Swadling and some visiting runner from Belgrave Harriers about 80m in front. I could see James was slowing so just tried to reel him in. 4km was 13:19 and 5km (when I caught James) 16:46. From then on I was by myself and just trying to push as hard as possible to get close to 33 mins. I think 6km was 20:08, 7km 23:30, 8km 26:48 and 9km 30:08.

Felt great all the way back - the kms were just ticking by. Probably more suited to a half than a 10km at the moment though as I need more speed in the legs. Finished with a 3:08 final km in 7th in 33:16.

Good to Kanser back on track, running a 35:19 despite still recovering from a cold that has sidelined him for the past few days. Good runs also from Pete W, Darren and Timinerko. Chris T is obviously in great form running 31:52.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday meander

Very easy jog around the flat 10km route but finishing straight back to the office from the Art Gallery. 8km in 36:29. Much cooler over the last couple of days so should be good conditions tomorrow provided the wind stays down. Back still sore but I've always got to have something to moan about.

Sounds like Tucks and Chris Truscott are running (although Tucks claims to be only going for a 35min - we'll see after the race starts - he's even more of a competitive bugger than Kanser).

Dave - Lane Cove is hilly and am very flattered by your predicted times but feel they are a bit ambitious...

Looking forward to my pre-race junk food loading tonight.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

8 x 909m

Originally planned 8 x 800m at Rushcutters Bay but the lack of interest and my workload resulted in a last minute change to 8 gate to gates around Farm Cove, off 2 minutes. I did the odd ones fast and the even ones easy. It was the founding members of HuRTS (Tim C, Ray, Chris G and myself) plus Durante for the first 4, Pete W and Tucks (jogging) for the last 3 and Mike Race, Dave Le Banh and Stephen from JPM.

Reps went:

2:54; 3:02; 2:45; 3:04; 2:46; 3:01; 2:43; 3:02

Felt good running the quick ones. Almost harder work running the "easy" ones. Works out at an average of 3:00 per km for the quick ones and 3:20 per km for the easy ones.

Back still sore and doesn't seem to be improving.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Easy run home

No suit at work so couldn't run in. Busy day at work, couldn't get out all day so ran home when I eventually finished at 10.30pm. Nice way to unwind. 31:05 at Toyota Garage and 58:27 all up. Things still OK for the weekend:
(a) chaffed groins have healed;
(b) seem to have avoided (to date) all the colds/flu going around at work and home; but
(c) back is still sore on the downhills.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4 x 3km

Perhaps it should be retitled; "Getting used to running 3:25s".

Really good crowd (to start with) today, including Fats, Ray, Kanser, Durante, MC, Springer, the Judge, Anthony, Tim L, Mike Race, Enda, Darren and Pete W. Started off with a big crowd staying towards the front and ran through reaching the second lamp post short of the Stone Gates in the 10 minutes. This involved a detour up to Art Gallery Road as the open air cinema section of Farm Cove was blocked off. Picked up the pace on the way back running with Charlie, the Judge, Tony and Fats in 9:21 (about 3:23's). Pace picked up again on the third rep with Fats really pushing on such that we reached the Stone Gates. Then on the final rep the Judge took it out and pulled me around - dropping me while coming around Farm Cove. Still managed 9:23 over the longer distance.

Chuffed with the session. When we last did this 4 weeks ago I was shattered on the last rep. Felt great out there today.

Fats is looking in great shape, as is the Judge who plainly took it easy to start with so he could finish the session strong. Tim L also looked good again, peaking at just the right time for London. A few are crook or coming down with colds, including MC, Kanser and Durante.