Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Lull in Blog updates over the past week or so having travelled back to the UK and being busy. Caught a cold on the flight back (not surprising given the temperature in the UK and the busy itinerary). Did 3 runs in Hexham, each on the same route around Warden (about 9km). All run quicky - on or just over 4mins per km. The final one was with Jamie on a very frosty morning of Dad's wedding. He made me keep the pace very honest all the way before we caught site of Laurence just before Hallstile Bank (thank God).

Today was the first run in a week and running off the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day drinking. Quickish again for 8km (my 7.5km Manly route but extended through to Campbell Pde finishing at the Mola's where we were for Christmas Day). Plan to run more frequently in Tassie and then pick it up again in the New Year. May even make a HuRT session in January. Hip and achilles are pain free. Only become aware of my hip when I slow down and "sit back" into my stride, hence the quicker running. I've been slack on the exercises recently though which make a huge difference.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Good start

Carl blew me out this morning (after just paying for my new set of 10) so rode to work angry. Albeit not very fast. Just haven't been putting the time in on the bike recently. Went out over lunch for 7km, first 5km quick (19:14) and the last 2km slow (10 mins). Felt very bouncy again, this glute work is doing wonders. Achilles good. Hip good.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday fun

South Steyne and back from home. 30:14 (about 15:07 at South Steyne). Very warm but felt great and bouncy. No probs with the hip although achilles has stiffened up a bit since Thursday. Spent the morning watching Bec in the Nippers Carnival at Queenscliff where she just missed the final of the beach sprint after looking across in the final 10m. No wade due to the heavy surf which was a shame as it's her strongest event.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Sore after first run so will try again tomorrow.

A few recent photos....

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tentative return

Very easy 5km today testing out the hip (the MRI for which showed a bony spur on my femur head and torn cartilage). No pain although I "became aware" of it in the final 500m. We'll see how it is tomorrow. Been doing a stack of exercises on my glutes which has made a big difference in the past week.

Very unfit though. Felt great for the first 2 minutes then the heavy breathing started.