Thursday, January 31, 2013

HuRTS 10 x 400m

Or, the Return of Inside Lane Kane.

But to be fair to the big fella, he was flying today and seems to have hit a rich seam of form.

Big turnout on a lovely day, if a bit humid. But for this sort of session and bit of heat and humidity is actually beneficial as it loosens the legs. Vlad, Barts, Kanser, J-Fen, Big Blue John, MC, Enda, Timmy, Killa (last session before emigration) and Dicky G all in attendance. I led the first two, tucked in behind Vlad and Barts on the third (when I thought - here we go again) but they quickened the pace a bit and it was much easier following. I should do it more. We took turns like this for the rest of the session with Kanser and Big Blue John also sharing the pace. Times were:

69, 68, 67, 68, 67, 68, 67, 67, 66, 66.

All off a rolling 2 minutes. MC told everyone off for running too fast after the second rep, which gave us all a good giggle. It's not like anyone (including himself) slowed down.

Long warmdown to Darling Point and back with Barts after. Planning a 2km time trial for next week.

Also 4km with Billy very easy this morning for 15km all up today.

Ran in my new Elixir 8's which I'm disappointed with. Aggravated my left achilles. Over the past 12 months I've gone from Elixir 6's, through 7's to 8's. why do they mess around with a good formula?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday MLR

Strength with Carl early doors this morning. Legs a'wobbly again.

18.6km usual Wednesday route nice and easy with MC, JW, French Ben, Jeet, Glenn and Elvis. Had some pest loitering around us when circling Centennial and I was ready to call the cops but MC said not to bother as he reckoned we'd all easily outrun him if things got dicey.

Bianca massage late arvo. Forgotten how good she is. Brought tears to the eyes.

Now working late to catch up...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HuRTS 4 x 10mins

Typical Sydney turn-out in a damp day. Irony was most of those missing were English or Irish.

Didn't want to go full-bore on a Tuesday again and Fats, Macca and Barts obviously had the same plan. Ran with James E on rep 1 to the footpath short of Rabbie (3:38's). Back in 9:25 (3:29's). Bit further going past Rabbie with Barts on rep 3 (3:33's) and back in 9:52 (3:30's).

3km warm down for 15km all up.

Monday, January 28, 2013

And the heavens opened

Pissed down in the Blue Mountains so we came back early. Headed out for a large loop around Manly before picking up chocolate, milk and bread in the Fairlight shops (we feed our kids well). Quietest I've ever seen Manly seafront on a public holiday. But although teeming with rain, it was quite warm and pleasant enough to run in. Felt great today. 13km in 54:50 (4:13's). Finished by running up Sydney Road.

Fascinating fact #1, I've never run up Sydney Rd from Manly until today.

More exciting news tomorrow.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Slowest run ever

Ran out to Evans Lookout then realised there was a cliff top route from there to Govett's Leap and beyond to Popes Glen Track which lead straight back to our campsite. Hadn't reckoned on it being steps the whole way and creek crossings which, given all the overnight rain, had turned into torrents. Nearly got swept off into the Grose Valley 500m below. After a few 8min kms I ended back at the campsite and did the same again, but turning back the way I came from Evans Lookout and avoiding the bush bash.

25 kms in 2:12. Beautiful weather for running - cool, still and damp.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day

8km plod early doors before heading up to them there mount'ns.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Not the Friday Swim Squad

Out for the usual harbourside route with Big Sam, KiltedScot (on Burns Day, although he was unaware he runs past Rabbie at least 6 times a week), Aidan, Serious Simon and Indrajeet. Very easy pace on a warm and humid day until the final 4km when Aidan picked the pace up.

Big Sam and I had a great laugh running by the ABC Pool on the way out. We saw the legendary Friday swim squad alright - all standing around in the shallow end of the pool having a chat and admiring the boys sunning themselves on the side!

16km all up and 123km for the week. Handled the mileage much better this week - helped in large part by easing off on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HuRTS 8 x 800m

Not sure what was going on today. I'm usually the world's most boring runner. Pretty much know what pace I'm going to be going at and tend to be very consistent and not vary the pace much. Well, that wasn't the case today. Felt fantastic on the first three reps and breezed through them running with Vlad or just in front - Barts saying I was looking very bouncy. Then on the 4th my legs felt dead, Barts and Vlad were 4s in front and I couldn't do anything about it. Was ready to pull out but told myself to HTFU and make sure none on the next 4 were any slower than that one. Toiled away after that and achieved the aim but it wasn't pretty and felt nothing like I did on the first 3. Times were:

2:25, 2:24, 2:26, 2:29, 2:28, 2:27, 2:28, 2:22

Not sure why I bonked on rep 4. Maybe it was doing squats with weights yesterday. Maybe it was the Tiger's needles. Maybe I got carried away running with Vlad the Superstar on the first 3 reps.

Not a bad session in the end. The most positive thing is that I'm hoping that when I ease off the heavy training load sessions like this will feel like the first 3 reps but all the way through.

Good crowd out today on a warm one. Rests were 90s off MC's time. Rare showing by Enda who's very presence seemed to mess with Young Timmy's head. Great to watch MrAce and Elvis going eyeball to eyeball on the final rep.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sense prevails

Well, I'm pleased to say that despite the efforts of Mr Neutral and Timmy's Chinese spy, Yu Wort Mei, the young fella finally agreed to the 3 min bet. I've been conned but it's a season starter.

Did an hour strength training with Carl this morning - loads of weights which had my legs trembling all morning. Headed out with MC, Big Sam, Rob C, the KiltedScot and Serious Simon for the usual Wednesday route. Was knackered the whole way but nice run with the lads nonetheless.

Saw the Tiger this arvo who stuck some more needles in my ass. Never look forward to that bit. Only consolation was him acknowledging (in flagrant breach of the Hypocratic Oath) that I handle the needles much better than Kanser, who in turn handles the needles better than the ultimate needle pussy - Fats. I held back the sobs after hearing that. Who'd have known it. I am the hard man after all.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The shame of Young Timmy

Today was the 45min tempo. Still tired from the weekend so took it easier. Ran with MC, Ben O'B and Macca on the way out and Macca and the chap from AMP(?) who always finishes fast on the way back. 11.81km in 44:12 (3:45's).

I'm very disappointed to say that last night Young Timmy brought shame upon himself. We were having the usual banter about bets on the 10km race at Homebush in 10 days and remarking on how close our bets usually are. Now I have traditionally offered him 80s and we normally finish within a few seconds of that mark so that's where I started my offer last night. He went though a list of excuses as long as his arm and, dare I say it, sounded right like a whingeing pom. So, to end the conversation and move on I relented and agreed to give him a 3 minute(!) headstart. And now he won't even take that!!!!

Just to lay down a few stats:

1. My training this month is almost identical to Jan 2012 (check the blog) - running every day, building a base, getting tired but knowing it's for benefit in 3-4 months.

2. Timmy tried to train through Xmas this year (albeit not with great success) but certainly more successful than last year (check his blog).

3. In the Feb Homebush race last year I ran 34:33 and Timmy 36:53. (Just noticed that Michael Ho - who was just behind me in training today - smashed me in the Feb race last year)

4. Look at my post from Feb 26th last year. Timmy had his bad turn trying to do a Sunday run on the trails and had his Elvis moment with me forced to pick him up in the car. Yet 3 weeks earlier (with 3 weeks less training in the bank) he was able to run 36:53. So any claim of his that he'll only run 38:xx next week needs to be evaluated in that light.

So I will open it to the court of public opinion. If you think I'm being unfair offering 3 minutes, let me know and why.

Timmy, yesterday:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Manic Monday

Very slow jog into work. The first 3km were agony. But 'tis done.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Middle Harbour Picnic

Great ad hoc 6.30am group arranged today of Fats, Barts, Ray, Macca, Andy, Craig Mc and Irish Tom his coach. All sub 2:40 men so the pace was always going to be solid. What I'd forgotten is just how tough this course is with 3 monster hills - the first up Warringah Rd from Roseville Bridge (3km), the second up Parriwi Rd (1.6km) and the third up from Balmoral Beach (don't know how long but bloody steep). Fats killed us all on all three. But it's not just about the classified climbs, there's undulations the whole way.

Ended up with 29.2km averaging 4:24's which is quick for the course. The final 11km averaged 4:04's.

Absolutely rogered at the end. Must take this week easy as that's a big weekend for me. Don't want to get injured now.

Not too tired to beat Dad 5-4 in matchplay at Wakehurst GC this afternoon. Played well for once. Beginning to enjoy this golf malarkey. Alec, if you're reading you'll be pleased to know it came down to the final putt which I sunk from 3' for the win. Hahahahaha! Dad was upset all afternoon.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another tough Manly

Usual hilly 13km route run as a tempo. Dreaded it today feeling very sorry for myself beforehand and expecting something around 55mins. Then did the first km in 3:31 feeling comfortable and it continued on that way. Felt in control with the form holding well and concentrated on cadence when getting tired. Usual tough km between 5 and 6km. Ended up with another near 1 minute PB of 50:20 (3:55's). I'll crack that 50min barrier soon which I thought would take me months when I ran 52 odd 3 weeks ago.

3:31, 3:43, 3:51, 4:02, 3:36, 3:46, 3:51, 3:36, 3:57, 4:47, 4:16, 4:15, 3:09 (870m).

2km warm up and down for 17km.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sydney's hottest day ever

45C at 2pm in the City. I didn't realise it was this hot until about 2km in. Cut short at 9km when I thought my eyeballs were going to explode.

110km for the week.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making it up as I go along

Was too tired and sore to do the hilly tempo or 400m reps. So just decided on the flat 12km route to Shelley beach. Ran with Billy on his bike. But only had limited time, am bored of plodding and going slow is as painful as running quicker so I just increased the pace the whole way. Legs to tight to stretch out so have to increase the cadence instead. Km times were:

4:31, 4:24, 4:18, 3:58, 3:52, 3:51, 3:46, 3:50, 3:47, 3:42, 3:52, 3:45(pace).

All up 11.75km in 46:40 (3:58 average).

Without doubt a grey run by what the hell.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sore, tired and struggling

Busy day at work so couldn't get out at lunch. Instead it was a run home. Haven't felt as stiff and sore in a long time. If it wasn't a PW, it was close to it. 62:03. Thing is, it didn't even feel that slow.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HuRTS 45 mins Fartlek

5km jog this morning while Billy did his set.

2km jog to St Mary's Gates then 45mins fartlek with Barts and Fats before the latter had his usual toilet break 4kms in. Actually he got about 400m further than usual.

Finished with 12.83km in 45:11 (average 3:31's). 10:16 for the final gate to gate. Hammies a bit tight but otherwise felt bouncy.

More good news as LF Charlie joins the Berlin crew.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Old times Monday

Well, it was like old times today, with Durante bouncing along, Timmy rolling his head, Kanser rolling his shoulders, Springer making an appearance, JW blathering away, Big Sam assuming the MC reprimanding role for anyone running too quick, Elvis having digs at Timmy etc etc.

I felt great after a virtual rest day yesterday banging along with a good high cadence in the second half. 15.5km averaging 4:24's but quicker on the return.

Fat Tom and pregnant Kirst. Pre-first kid, pre-running and pre-cares:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

They all count

Way too many beers at Tucks' leaving do which involved Kirst and I stopping at Maisy's on the way home and me eating something that didn't agree with me. Or maybe it was a dodgy pint earlier on. So today has been spent mostly in bed but wandered out for 8km in the storms late this afternoon. 37mins.

The stragglers:

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Met Macca, Kanser, Rob and Big Sam early doors for a long one. We decided to go long Saturday knowing it's Tucks' leaving drinks tonight and tomorrow morning may be a bit dusty. But, of course, thinks never quite go to plan and yesterday's quick beer in the ferry turned into 14 with Charlie and Sam. So I was pretty sensitive this morning but impressed to see Sam front up.

The route was straight up to Narrabeen and back via the Long Reef and the beaches. Easy pace to start with in the heat and humidity. Sam turned after 10km and Rob told us to push on after 14km which Macca took as a signal to start running 4:10's. I really struggled between 16km an 20km but Kanser gave me a gel which I took at 20km and from then it was a different story. Finished well running the final couple of kms under 4mins.

That's 8 consecutive long runs and they're starting to come together. 32km in 2:24 (4:30's).

Friday, January 11, 2013

Have you heard the one about...

Today the 8 runners comprised 5 Irishmen, 2 Englishmen and a Scot. Decided on the hills around Balls Head for a change and was nice. Very easy pace. 13km.

117km for the week. Tired.

Friday night ferry crew:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

HuRTS 8 x 800m

Strength with Carl this morning including run there and back.

Lunch time was the HuRTS session at Rushcutters. MC has pinged his hammy again (he got excited when J-Fen sent an email yesterday saying he would go under 35mins for 10km this year "for sure"). Big group to organise so we split into two. I'm just dead tired before every run at the moment given the increased volume so was ready to cruise around today when CT shows up half way through the first rep. So I just tried to hang onto him for the rest of the reps, with decreasing success as they went on.

Rep times were:

2:36, 2:29, 2:26, 2:28, 2:24, 2:29, 2:26, 2:25.

Had a good stretch after and feel better now than I did this morning. Mentally tough though. Big crowd out there with Andy and Big Sam looking strong and Timmy showing a bit of discipline to get through the session after a relatively big week. I think Jamie's comments have kicked him into action.

Oh yeah...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wednesday MLR

Usual route. My watch said 12.10pm but MC's watch is fast and he waits for no man. Caught the group (Rob C, Worswick, Big Sam, Laura, Em, KiltedScot, Andy, JB, Ben O'B etc.) by the top of Ocean St. Nice easy run from there feeling surprisingly OK. I think the extra few hours rest from training yesterday am makes a difference.

All up 18.52km in 83 something (4:33's).

Then the Tiger stuck more needles in my ass which made it go uncontrollably wobbly. Don't like the sensation but feels great after.

Photo for the day is of the latest Berlin recruits. CT is already getting the excuses in.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

HuRTS 2 x 20mins

Got out early (7am) due to the predicted heat this arvo. Met Tucks, Kanser, Macca, Laura, Angus, Paul B and Kenny for the session at Opera House gates so that we could have a dip in the harbour for afters. Ran the 20mins up the hills to the St Mary's gates then returned stopping at 20mins before retracing our steps.

Managed 5.41km for the first rep (3:42's) and 5.44km (in 19:55) for the second rep (3:40's). Held on to Tucks until the gates for the first rep but he pulled a long way ahead after that. Really struggled today but it had nothing to do with heat - legs are just tired being in a heavy training block and I'm no good running fast early doors. At least it was consistent. Jumping into the harbour post run was heaven. Had to keep a close eye on Tucks mind.

Good news is that CT is now on board for Berlin bringing us up to 14. Will be a cracker.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to work

But it's not all that bad. Nice big group to run with at lunch that beats a solo 14km in Manly. And at least I get to stretch post run when going from work - without 5 kids jumping on my back the moment I walk through the door.

Today was 16.3km in 74mins chatting to MC, Andy, Big Sam and the Kilted Scot.
JSM in the arvo was like a mini-Hurts Squad meet with Kanser and Bart walking out as I was walking in.

MC was telling me he ran every day of his holiday and Timmy won't get close to him this year. On yesterday's form, my money may be on MC. Although I've got a feeling I've said that many times before and regretted it.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Tigers who came to Tea

Had the pleasure of Kanser, Timmy, Tucks, Macca and Craig Mc's company this morning for the long run. Another beaut of a day but pretty warm even early doors. Did a flat route to Shelley then up and around North Head before coming back via Campbell Pde but with 4kms up to Seaforth then back tagged on at the end. Chatting all the way and 20km disappeared without being aware of it - so different to running solo. 30km all up in 2:17 (4:38's).

Tucks, Timmy and Dave were then shown up in the pool by my kids (Timmy now shying away from a biathlon showdown) before the latter two drank all my tea.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Beautiful one day...

14km slow but untimed. Did the first 4km with Billy before he headed off home. Plenty down on Manly beach.

Had a chat with Jamie Palmer (my 5km nemesis) and said hello to Angus Mc and 1:49 man Jarrod West, looking very smooth.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Tough Manly

Did the hilly 13km route again, dreading it because of the heat today. Started off quicker (3:37, 3:49 and 3:47) but then on the very tough 4th km only managed 4:12 and I was ready to give up. However, 5th, 6th and 7th kms were all quicker than last week so perhaps the strength work is paying off (3:36, 3:50 and 3:55).

Finished over a minute quicker than last week in 51:14 (4:00kms average) so very happy given the conditions.

2km warm up and warm down for 17km all up and 110km for the week.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Easy peasy

11.2km at 4:24 pace with Maggie and Charlie on their bikes to Campbell Pde and back after doing some laps. Challenged Charlie to a race for one lap - I did 2:03 and him 2:14. He was with me until half way when I pushed him wide onto the grass and he lost his momentum. He'll learn.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Mosman strength

Out early with Macca for a jog to Mosman and then at the top of Parriwi Rd (5km) we started a 10km faster section. Roughly followed the Mini-Mos 10km route so it was tough with plenty of little hills. Splits were:

4:06, 3:44, 3:47, 3:52, 3:54, 3:50, 3:51, 3:49, 3:57, 3:57. So 38:47.

Then the 6km jog home for 21.1km all up in 1:32:08 (4:22's).

Macca as tough as ever not giving me a moment's respite. Knackered now and I've got strength with Carl at 11.30am.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 in Review

Saturday was 10.4km easy before driving to Peats Ridge.

Sunday was 25km on the beautiful trails of Glenworth Valley at Peat's Ridge Festival. Bumped into Russell at the Festival and tentatively arranged to meet him but he was a no-show. 2 hours so very slow but it was hot and all trails and I'd been partying it up.

Monday was 11.4km on similar trails in 52mins.

Today was the usual 14km Manly route in 62:01 - 31:00 on the way out and 31:01 on the way back. Boringly consistent.

Not sure what to make of 2012. Only one PB - being that in the marathon at Gold Coast but a few other "close-to" PB's. The biggest disappointment was not running a good 10km time - the distance I judge form on most. I was in good form in May but got sick just before the State 10km when I reckon I may have PB'ed. Top 3 races were:

1. Novice Cross Country. 3rd in a tough, close race. Ran a PB and beat some good names.

2. JPMorgan CC. Came back from hammie problems and ran my second fastest time to finish 4th. Tucks was too strong but had a great run himself.

3. SMH Half marathon. Fell apart towards the end but close to the PB on a tough course. And I reckon my PB was set on a short course in any case.

Didn't put GC Marathon in the top 3 as I missed my aim (albeit only by 1 second) but it was fairly conservative in any case. I've yet to attack a marathon, still being too scared of the distance. Having said that, I was probably fittest at that point in the year, having done some great long runs with Macca in the lead up. We'll be replicating that this year but I also want to gradually increase the base mileage. Out with him tomorrow morning for 20km with some fast bits.