Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mollymook - Sunday

Similar loop to yesterday but including a run along Narrawalee beach each time.  Got the tides wrong having to run in soft sand.  Bloody hill and bloody hard.  I was seriously depleted after 2 hours (26.5km - 4:31's) and almost collapsed when I got back into the room.  Had to have a Coke - my first in 3 years.

Mollymook - Saturday

Out again in the late afternoon around the streets of Mollymook.  Schedule was a hilly 60minutes so I interpreted this as run hard.  Was also keen to test myself.  Planned on trying to get the average pace under 4min kms (i.e. 15km).

First (hilly) km in 3:52 so knew I was going ok. Felt great today so just kept on ploughing through.  Hills started to get to me towards the end with one monster at 15km.  The Garmin Connect pace graph gives an indication of how up and down it is:


Managed 16km all up (3:45's).  A great session.  Bizarrely I heard someone shouting my name out half way through - turns out Sam Towill was staying down here (looked like he was on a surf trip).  You can't hide from the tentacles of HuRTs.

Followed by a massive dinner at Bannisters which was awesome.

Rare selfie:


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mollymook - Friday

Kirst and I drove down early after dropping the girls at the airport. Stunning place.  Got out for an easy 40mins (although plenty of hills) before dinner.  Starting to feel stronger in my running.

View from our balcony.


108km for the week.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back home

Touched down at 8am and straight to work on a busy day.  Farked now.  Got out at lunch and trundled around at the back of HuRTs for 10km, in awe at Enda's new found form.  That boy is going to smash it in Tokyo.  Good chat with Kanser who seems to be running 140km weeks.  I go away for 3 days and the world goes topsy turvy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


10km on the treadmill in 42:37 in the am.  Thighs smashed after coming down from The Peak yesterday. Jumped in the pool afterwards.

About to hit Lan Kwai Fong:



AM:  Run to the Peak.  Hilliest run known to man.  I have to admit I walked Old Peak Road in parts.  The locals were coming down backwards.  Short and extremely slow but got the heart rate going (and buggered my achilles).  27mins up and 15mins down for 7km.

PM:  Managed to squeeze in a treadmill session.  8km in 32mins.  Wanted to get the legs moving after this am.

2 different sessions but I reckon it does the world of good to mix it up.  Staying in a fantastic hotel (The Landmark Mandarin Oriental).  The amenities put Australia to shame.  Weighed myself on their fancy scales in the gym and was 66.5kg.  Heaviest I've been in 18months. No wonder the long runs feel so hard.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting it done

Heading off to Honkers this arvo so only option was another 6am start.  Almost rolled over this morning but the thought of the satisfaction on CT's face was enough to get me out the door.  Met with Lewis and Darren after yet another PW first km (5:48 this time).  In truth, it was a cracker of a morning and actually felt pretty good by the end - good enough to do the 4x hills at Queensie.

15.6km and 4:40's.  The fact that Lewis and Darren average 4:30's and 4:32's when we do 90% of the run together show the impact of my first and last kms solo!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


29km with the Hardcore. Tried a fast finished. Failed after 2km. Thanks Lewis for bringing me home.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hot, hot, hot

AM:  Parkrun with Mags in just over 27mins.  Doesn't work me running with her. She just slows down so I end up running 10m in front the whole way.

Lunchtime:  31C so I decide to do my hilly route around Manly dam.  Extended it around Nolans to make up 15km.  Legs moving well (still a touch of OP) but too hot to do anything other than get around. 1:10:17 (4:42's).

Resting this arvo in the heat watching How I Met Your Mother.  Claudia knows not what she does: