Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Yes, that's right, the Blog is 10 years old today.  Strange to think that Twitter had just been founded, no-one but University geeks had Facebook and You-Tube was a start-up.  And this blog has seen it all.  It's past its hey-day for sure, as Strava tends to be a more immediate source (and better detail) of running activities.  So I may retire it soon.  But for now:

AM:  30min plod along the beachfront looking like Jared Tallent.  Really couldn't get going this morning.  But beautiful weather and straight out to Emporio with Kirst after for bacon & eggs.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday HuRTS

And what a crowd it was with Timmy showing up, Elle, Erika, LFC, TKS, JW, the Brothers Branigan and countless others. 16.5km easy in 1:17 (4:38's).

Laura Muir

Sunday was a lazy morning before heading out towards twilight for an easy hour.  Best part of the day and enjoyed a loop of the dam via Allambie Road.  13.5km averaging 4:20's.

A fantastic 1500m by Laura Muir at the Paris DL.  Just used her strength to run away from the field (including Olympic champ Kipyegon) and finish 2s clear smashing the British record.  Why didn't she take control and do this in Rio?!


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sat long 'un

Another good turn out on a Saturday morning with Barts back, Macca on fire again, Craig, Vonky, CT, Scotty, first timer Bruce and NOTB's finest Elle even joining us.

After my customary 5:30 first km, Macca hit the front and it was a fairly solid pace from then.  Craig, Macca and Vonky started a fast finish after the last bubbler and I just hung on to Scotty and Barts who picked the pace up a bit.

Finished 29.5km in (I think) 4:18's but the Garmin battery performed similarly to my legs.

Our Grand Finalist!  Unfortunately a loss today and I won't be back.  Bloody hell, netball officials really like blowing their whistles.  Now got a headache.

Thursday with squad

Another manic day at work meant I missed the morning session with the Manly Hardcore and the opportunity to double up.  Managed to sneak out at lunch so joined in with the squad doing Timmy's hills plus tempo.  Had to take my mobile phone and check it constantly but at least I got a session in.

Went well on the hills managing 21 of them in the 20mins (about 58s per loop). Then into the 4.8km tempo where I pushed the whole way and got back in 15:59.  Quick check of Strava to see my previous record was 15:58!

No time for a warm down, just a photo of the squad:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wednesday MLR

Made the controversial call to change the MLR route to a circle of the dam which had a mixed response.  Dicky jumped with glee but then got upset that no one listened to him previously when he suggested this, Erika seemed excited, Macca is fit enough to be up for anything, Ben went quiet with the OCD hitting code orange, Lewis went quiet with the OCD going into overload and the Cap'n was just grumpy.

Actually felt pretty good despite being only 12 hours since the track session and helped by really liking that loop.  It's not too "trailey" but you feel like you get out into the bush a bit.  Voltaren is holding the achilles together mind while I smash out the foam roller each evening.  Must also have done 22days of push ups by now too?  I can manage 22 straight fairly easily now.

All up 17.5km in 80mins (4:34's).

Book parade day today.  Once again Kirst has done a fantastic job.  She should be in costume design as she loves it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday stressful double

Holy moley, the most stressful day at work in a hell of a long time.  Had to give a vote of thanks at a business lunch which was way bigger than I was expecting, then presenting at a huge pitch in the arvo.  But amongst that:

AM:  30mins covering 6.2km bumping into the Cap'n in the early am.  Nice.

PM:  ES Marks session chasing Keith with Jared West joining us too along with Alex, Gerald, Biggsy and the girls.  Sess was 10x400m, to which my reaction was "is that all"?  But then Gary explained the 200m float recovery was to be run in 44's (3:40 pace) so it was more a true Fartlek session.

400's were run in 72/73s and 200 floats in 44/45.  6000m all up in 19:40 (3:16 pace).

Here's Nicholas Moore showing great interest in what I had to say:

Monday with the Squad

Rare Monday run for me with the HuRT Squad but a great turn out including Elle, Renee, Darren, Super Kev, Erika, Brendans x 2 and JW.  

Got some photos from C2S.  This is me crossing the line and telling the world I'm 2-0 up on head to heads for the year with Barts.  I think the crowd appreciated it:


Tried to run but Achilles too sore. So instead I ran a Strava penis on Nolans.  Much more difficult than you would imagine.  See below:

Long run Saturday

Out in the evening at a charity ceilidh with the NOTB plus the Truscotts, so we headed out for the long run Sat am.  Big crowd of Macca, Vonky, CT, Craig, Cap'n, Hamish and Darren.  Picked the pace up after 80mins to run 5km at 3:45 pace with Craig.

Was shattered after and the Achilles was sore.  Too much on super tight calves.

Photos from the ceilidh. Somehow we all managed to get smashed:


Pause in blogging but I've been urged back into action by LJ who was getting upset by the lack of updates.

Thursday was 20 x 1min with a 45s jog in between.  Did them on Nolans with Lewis (a long way in front), Q (less in front), Darren and Macca.  

Jog before and after for 15km I reckon.

Love this photo of LJ and Elle going stride for stride to the line at C2S:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday MLR

Left calf still super stiff but ok enough to head out for 77mins this morning (nice and slow for only 16km) with Q, Lewis, Dicky and the Cap'n.  A beautiful morning and great company. 


Holy moley.  Left calf feels like a rock.  If only my vice were the same.  Managed 10km with the squad, 90% of whom jogged for 45mins too.  No idea what the other 10% had ideas of.

Photo at 5km of the C2S.  Tunbridge and Davy followed me the whole race before schooling me in the final km.  I had no idea that Quentin was right in the group at that stage (I assumed it was Barts).  The fella is the fiercest competitor I know.

Monday, August 15, 2016

City to Surf - 14th in 45:28

So the big dance came around again.  Got the ferry in with the Manly crowd but I wasn't much company - too nervous and focussing on the race.  Jogged up to the new Elite area with Q (a nice new addition, particularly the easier bag drop).  A few hellos, bit of a jog and some run throughs with Q and we're lining up.  One of the issues with such a big race is how long you have to stand around waiting for the start - about 20mins in this case.  I didn't really have a race plan other than to go out hard and push the pace early.  I knew that if I was going to beat Barts I'd have to have a lead on him with a km to go as he always finishes so strongly.

So I did.  Saw Kevin Robertson ahead going down William St so I knew I wasn't totally out of control.  Passed him before the tunnel and could see the leaders (other than Harry Summers who went off at a crazy pace) not far ahead so it was quick.  Tried to work the Edgecliff Hill and stride out back down to Double Bay.  Someone shouted out 3km in 9:30 which sounded right.  Then through Rose Bay and Phil Dove is on the road screaming in his booming voice.  He says I'm 15th but can feel I'm dragging a group of 4 or 5 behind me.  I assume Barts is at the back of it as I thought I heard Phil shout at his name shortly after mine.

Then Heartbreak Hill starts.  I've done a load of hills recently so felt confident of attacking it.  Surprised at how quickly some of the runners ahead start to come back.  Towards the top I see Vlad ahead so concentrate on catching him and do so just before 8km.  He responds so just sit in behind him and relax for a bit before pushing again at the roundabout.  This is always a major landmark for me as I feel when you turn right here that you're heading for home at Bondi.  I've still got 3 or 4 runners hanging on but see Keith Mc ahead so concentrate on catching him.  Do so on the 2 nasty hills before 10km but he definitely does respond.  Then comes the huge long straight before the hill down to North Bondi.  I'm now hanging on and saying "just one more km".  Keith gives some encouragement before turning on the gas down the hill.  I just can't match that but am still with the group.  We hit North Bondi and the new finish but it still involves that nasty drag with a km to go and my legs are now cactus and I'm in serious "hanging on" mode.  But the hairpin comes, I have a quick look behind and can't see Barts anywhere.  Woo-hoo!!  So I practice my 2-0 finger salute and cross the line looking like a nutter but ecstatic.  Have to avoid Keith Mc barfing on all fours (I think only Enda knows how to kill himself more) and turn to see Nick, then Q, CT and Hoey coming over the line.  But where is Barts?  Someone says something about stomach cramps which is really disappointing for him on such a big race.

Then followed an emotional call to Kirst, and many beers in the sun chatting to the extended HuRTS family.  Times seemed a little slower this year (not sure why as I thought conditions were fine) but great runs by Bruce (49:30), Q (who never disappoints when the big races come around), Toby in 48:24, Macca in 49:01 and Elle in 55:31.  Notice how they're all from NOTB?

Love this race.  Love the atmosphere and the fact everyone shows up.  And it tests every aspect of running - speed for the first 5km, hill strength, endurance plus you have to be able to run downhills well.  

Many beers followed.  Here are some photos:

Me and Bruce:


The stayers:

More stayers: