Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday MLR

Late out so cut short through Woolloomooloo and ran quickly trying to catch the squad. Eventually did at the entrance to Centennial where I could start to take it easy. Just MC, Clyde, JW and Anna today. Legs were weary but not sore. Twas hot but felt OK. About 17.5km I reckon, maybe a bit over.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tiger Time Trial

Out to Homebush for a 2000m time trial. I was pretty nervous about this, mainly because I've been foxing around for the past 3 months not doing sessions at full bore or racing properly so had no idea where my form was really at. I did this TT with the Tiger and Tom Hurley in 2010 in 5:51, shortly before running JPMorgan in 17:52 and State 3000m (while slightly under the weather) in 8:59.

Gary reckons its a great session that yields most benefit 2 weeks later, so the timing was ideal and the plan was just to nail myself. He wasn't feeling 100% so agreed to pace me at 70s laps for 3 laps. There was a nasty headwind down the back straight so I was secretly hoping it would be 3.5 laps, and fair play to him, he came good. Laps went as follows:

68, 2:18, 3:39, 4:40, 5:51.2

Very happy with that. Had to dig deep on the final lap so hopefully will do some good. I'm almost keen to try it again next week...

Many thanks to the Tiger who looked super smooth and provided perfect pacing.

5km warm up/down for 7km (!) all up.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Run home

Very easy run home spent trying to work out how to run a 2000m time trial tomorrow. After an hour I settled on trying to run 70s laps for as long as possible.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long Saturday

Another 40th Birthday Party tonight so headed over to join MC's merry crew in Centennial at 7am. Felt very average early on having enjoyed a few Bavarian Biers off the ferry last night with Macca and Charlie D.

Really good crowd with Dave Clark, Killa, Enda, Russell, Paul B, Mr Ace, Jonathan W and client Ben O'B joining MC and myself. 3 laps of the 10km circuit, but cut off the final 2km for 28km in 2:02. Final 6km were all under 4mins per km (the last 3 well under) and have to say that MC is travelling very well.

Tucks tracked down the photo below from Fitzroy Falls. Closet trail runner. I've been outed.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Easy Friday

Very easy 9km in 43mins bumping into Enda, Clyde and Ray. Tried to count how many times Clyde could swear in one minute but lost track.

107km for the week and now averaged over 100km for 5 weeks straight. Will drop down the mileage a bit next week and do some more speed work, starting with a 2000m time trial with the Tiger on Tuesday. Papping myself about that already.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More 400's

Down to Rushcutters again with a decent crowd this time following MC's decision to change the official session. I tracked Tucks for all the reps, finishing about a second behind him each time. Timmy, Ray, MC and Andy followed with Mr Ace, Mat Kaley, AMP chap and a host of others in attendance. Good to see Alex from work making the last 4 reps as she's getting fitter and fitter for JPM.

We ran whole loops - between 440m and 450m - off a rolling 130 seconds. Felt the extra distance towards the end. Also switched direction after 5 reps which made the second 5 much harder (strangely). I ran:

78.1, 77.6, 76.8, 76.1, 75.9, 77.4, 76.8, dunno, 76.8, 75.9

Longer jog around Mrs Macs with Andy on return for 11km all up.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

John Binfield

Usual Wednesday run with MC, JW, Mr Ace and Shane. New Garmin had 18.47km (ouch) in 1:24 something for 4:37's. Nice and easy which was what I needed as legs were sore from yesterday. Followed up by a Tiger massage. I nearly died on the way there - certainly lost one of my 9 lives- as I was side-swiped by a car when I stepped onto a road without looking (I was stupidly talking on the phone). Bit of a wake up call.

JB is a real talent. Has a similar background to me in running well as a kid (I think he did 800m at English Schools - I did 1500m) and his PB's are now pretty similar to mine. He started out quietly with the squad and then really improved in 2009 when I was off injured, so much so that when I came back he was smashing me. He takes his running (and Ironman's - currently training for Busso) very seriously. If I'm being brutally honest, at times I think he can overtrain. I don't think it's a coincidence that his two outstanding PB's (71 for a Half (Gold Coast, so full length) and 46:xx for City to Surf) came mid-way through preparation for a scheduled marathon. He's certainly capable of a 2:32 marathon and his 10km PB should be in the mid 32's. Having said that, I remember him running a 33:23 at North Head (again, pre-marathon) on a ridiculously blustery day which was worth at least a minute. But what do I know. Has a lovely wife (Sally - another runner) and enviable lifestyle. An all round good bloke.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Charlie Dalziell

Big crowd with all the favourites at HuRTS today for the 45min fartlek session. Hammies have been feeling solid so I decided to push it today and see how I held up. Set off with Tucks, J-Fen, Fats and Ray and we stayed that way until J-Fen pushed ahead around the Opera House. Turned halfway through the courtyard of Lend Lease along Hickson Rd - as far as I've reached in years. Ran with Tucks on the way back until he pulled ahead around Farm Cove. J-Fen caught me half way around and then promptly stopped. Finished in 45:10 (albeit pushing the final 30s jog) for 12.93kms all up (3:30's) and a 10:15 final Gate to Gate. Very happy.

I think the Garmin FR10 is the most accurate of the 3 I've had. I love it. 12.93km measures short compared to the 405 and 610, but is exactly the same as Gmaps measures it. It doesn't throw out the wild readings you sometimes get going under Circular Quay. Splits today were all within 3 seconds either side of 3:30's, other than a 3:40 coming up the hills and a slightly quicker finish.

LF Charlie has been running for a continuous period for longer than all of us. If you go onto Coolrunning (which I don't anymore on principle) he's one of the original subscribers. He's flirted with the offroad stuff and some "adventure" races, but I'll forgive him that as we all need a change once in a while and he's been at it for long enough. Has an encyclopaedic knowledge of races and people's PBs. The mild mannered man of the HuRT Squad, until Timmy starts buzzing in his ear. Enjoys a beer, but stops at 4, so sensible too. An all round good bloke.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rob Costello

Usual Monday route with MC, Kanser, Macca, Indrajeet, Russell, the KiltedScot and others. Excitement of the run was testing out my new Garmin FR10. At last, they've produced a lightweight, comfortable watch with the only basic features I ever use. Took a while to get the original satellites and it measured 14.82km versus 15.01km from MC's (so mine's probably accurate) but they're always slow on the initial few outings. 68mins (4:39's). Poor old Kanser's confidence is shot before Dublin marathon this weekend. I just hope he can pull something half respectable together.

Rob joined the squad during my lengthy layoff with injury during 2009. An Irishman with an unhealthy appetite for lengthy trail running (which would normally debar you from the squad) he squeezes in in the basis of being a regular 10km and Half runner in between that offroad nonsense. And regular uninterrupted training is starting to produce some great results. A 10km PB back in the land of the blighted potato this weekend of 37:45 is testament to his efforts, and a marathon PB and sub3 in Dublin this weekend (as well as a potential notch against Kanser) is looking a dead cert. Becoming a new father always guarantees PBs, for reasons yet to be explained through scientific research. Enjoys the dark stuff (Guinness, not just trail running) - an old round good bloke.

Rob at front, unfortunately veering offroad again.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paul McClarnon

Headed out at 5pm dropping off a party invite (Maggie's 5th) to Thamal's then continued on down to Manly beach. Started easy then gradually picked up the pace pushing quite hard at the end. 12.2km in 48:24 (3:57's).

Macca is a relatively recent joiner of the squad. Notwithstanding, he's been racing triathlons and running for years. I'd always seen his results in Striders 10km races not knowing who the chap was. Then out of the blue about 18months ago he introduces himself to me in our local coffee shop. Turns out he lives, quite literally, just around the corner. Macca is one of the best racers I know, insofar as the training efforts convert to races. He always gives 100%. Not only that, he fully commits right from the beginning of a race, confident of his ability to hold on, which he almost inevitably does. Even if he does drop off, it will never be big-style. Melbourne marathon last weekend was a classic example. He was sick for the 3 days lading up to the event. That would have ruled 90% of people out. Macca takes 2 Nurofen on the morning and tells himself on the start line it's pointless just going through the motions. He was still with Fats (who went on to run a sensational 2:33) past half way before pulling out a 2:39. But marathons are not his only strength with a 33:30 10km PB to his name. He's a great training partner for those long Sunday runs finishing quick, as I just need to try and hold on to him. Never stops talking unless it's to take a gulp of beer. An old round good bloke.

Macca, in green, tracking Bartles and ahead of Scotty.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sam Agnew

Have a party on this evening so persuaded Sam to do the long run on Saturday. Dragged myself out of bed for a 6am start and was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise and morning for running. We took the short route to Dee Why then through Cromer for a lap of Narrabeen Lake before retracing our steps. Met a nice chap at the lake (Matt Harris) who could talk the hind legs off a donkey and ran with him for a bit. Pretty tired over the last 30mins with a few comparatively big weeks catching up with me. 29.15km in 2:12 (4:32's).

Big Sam joined the squad a couple of years ago but, being another Fairlight resident, I'd been training with him (via Dicky Green, Jamie Stewart and Quentin) on Sunday long runs for a while before that. As strong as an ox, he seems to gain strength when others weaken over those 30+km runs. I'm convinced he'll run a great Six Foot Track one day. Runs great 400m reps too. If he sorted out his knees he'd be a force to be reckoned with. In between injuries, he's run a 34:30(?) 10km and a 2:46 marathon at Gold Coast last year, which would have been much quicker but for the robot dance in the final km. Berlin 2013 beckons. He loves a beer, loves the Palace, in fact loves all things English and makes my Sunday runs enjoyable. An all round good bloke.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Anna Fitzgerald

Very easy standard 16km route with MC, Kanser, KiltedScot, 2:36 Ray and a few others. 71 mins. Hammies feeling good despite more work with Carl this morning.

102km for the week and averaged over 100km for the past 4 weeks.

Anna is currently HuRTS #2 lady but is dead set dedicated and I wouldn't be surprised if she had designs on #1. Has a spot on attitude towards training but joins us less frequently now after joining Sean's squad. She's had her problems with injuries but always bounces back more keen than ever. Always laughing, always smiling. A great Half PB of 82:45 and watch for her to beat her 10km PB of 37:57 this weekend at the Brighton Beachside Dash. An old round top chick.

Anna in full flow and then with some chap in front of some toilets.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laura James

Over to Rushcutters for more 400's with Enda, Andy, Tucks and workmate Matt (who I'm trying to get fit for JPMorgan). Turns out Matt is much quicker than I had thought, staying with Andy and Enda running 73/74's then putting in a 65 on the final rep. Suddenly feeling much more confident about JPMorgan now. I ran about 1 sec behind Tucks for each rep running 69/70's with a final rep of 64. Just about kept the hammie under control.

LJ is HuRTS girl #1. In fact, with a 36:xx 10km PB and a Half PB of 80:xx, she keeps most of the blokes on their toes too. She also knows how to win races, which is much harder than it sounds, taking out the JPMorgan win last year among numerous Striders 10kms. She's a regular on the ANSW scene (and bakes a mean scone). On top of all that, she can hold her beer despite only weighing about 45kg. But that's because she's from the Shire. An all round top chick.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Charlie Low

Had a meeting at lunch so ran in the long way via Manly Golf Club and Queenscliff. Pretty slow and my hammies were dead stiff. Was regretting the decision on some of the steep hills as I really need to let them recover. All up just over 19km in 1:25ish.

I think Fast Charlie joined the squad in about 2008. Of course we knew him by reputation for some time earlier. A very talented runner, an English Schools medallist as a kid and one-time 3000m steeplechaser in 8:35. Always training, always injured, always drinking, always slagging off Young Timmy. A bit too keen on the bike for my liking. Gets running fit very quickly. It would be fair to say that he, more than anyone else, changed the training patterns of the squad. Pre-Charlie we would do Hickson Road reps on Thursday and Pain in the Domain on Tuesday. Fast Charlie rightly pointed out that PiTD was a joke and we soon found ourselves running 14 x 3mins off a 1min rest instead. We all got super fit very quickly then all got injured. And that has been the modus operandi of the squad ever since. HuRTs is appropriate in more ways than one, just as "Fast Charlie" is appropriate in more ways than one. An all round good bloke?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Timmy Lindop

Did a session with Carl (physiologist) this morning where, after weeks of loosening and strengthening my back, we finally started working the hammies. 45mins of solid work. My legs were still wobbling at noon when I headed down to HuRTs. Took Alex along from work (secret gun) who did well running 4.9km in the 20mins hanging on to LF Charlie. A sub23 JPMorgan is on the cards.

I set off with Tucks and J-Fen hunting down a marauding Rob Costello feeling great for about a km. then suddenly my legs (basically my hammies) just felt dead and I contemplated giving up there and then. Andy soon caught and passed. At CQ Kanser and MC caught and I managed to stick to them. Breathing was fine but the legs were gooooone. Should say is was about 32C too which didn't help. I think we averaged 3:38's on the way out. On the way back Kanser pushed ahead and I ran with Mikey until the Opera house and pushed on a bit after that. Finished in 20:16, pleased it was all over.

Where to start on Young Timmy? I've been delaying his write-up just to piss him off but now he's not talking to anyone and avoiding HuRTS sessions, it's about time to cover him. Timmy's an enigma. Always joking, but takes his fitness very seriously. Always winding people up, but easily wound up. Always with a drink in his hand, unless a certain ex-organiser of 10kms should be in the vicinity. Looks as though he gives 110% in every race, but I'm still not sure I've met anyone else with a sub35 10km PB fail to perform 45minute pacing duties. Proprietor of the second best running blog on the internet, but would lose a spelling-bee to my boy Charlie. Timmy has been running Striders since Brendan Foster could fit into a pair of shorts. He knows everyone and always has a word to say. He's got a very respectable 10km PB (34:24), a pretty good Half PB (1:16:xx) and an average marathon PB (2:47). Runs great 400m reps, but don't watch him do a 45min fartlek. Rides a damn good bike leg and, from where I'm viewing, seems to swim pretty well too. He makes turning up to races fun, having a beer afterwards more fun and my kids love him to boot. An all round good bloke.

Timmy, at left, following very rare win.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Clyde Rosanowski

Had a lunch on today so ran home. Had to make it fairly quick as Kirst was heading out to Futsal (scored her first ever goal in a narrow 3-2 loss!). Concentrated on the high cadence running which I've become fairly obsessed with recently. Didn't time it on the stopwatch but about 55mins.

I first encountered Clyde running the Sydney Half Marathon in 2007 - where I set my PB of 72:21 which still stands. This squat bloke running on the outside of his feet overtakes me on the harbour bridge and I think, who's this joker. I then proceed to teach this cowboy a lesson, but didn't get a step closer to him all race as he powered away to a 70:xx. I think Clyde has surprised a fair few people in this way over the years - most recently Macca in a HuRTS session a couple of months ago. An amazing engine, he gets running fit in no time at all and he's been on the scene for years with a wealth of experience. He seems to be mates with every Kiwi runner out there, from Nick Willis down. Takes great interest in how everyone goes and always willing to offer his advice. Unfortunately seems to prefer pimping up bikes and wearing lycra these days. But still an all round good bloke.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mike Race

Succumbed to the tummy bug that has gone through the whole family yesterday. Managed to avoid the vomiting but came close. Spent most of the day in bed.

Headed out this morning with Big Sam at 6am having only handed beans on toast in the previous 48hours. Managed OK until I dropped Sam off but then bonked shortly after. Still managed about 27km though at a fair enough pace.

Results in from Melbourne Marathon with the squad running some great times. Fats was first up smashing his (and my) PB with a 2:33:28. Ray was next smashing a long held PB by 3mins running 2:36. Macca had struggled with flu in the few days prior and was touch and go whether to run but in true spirit battled through for a 2:39. But on to the titleman of the post.

Mr Ace seems to have been with the squad forever. Early on towards the back of the pack, but forever improving. A stalwart of the Striders 10km series, a part time Ironman competitor but always keen on the marathon. At first the aim was the big one for every club runner - the sub3 hour marathon. He moved well beyond that mark earlier this year with a great 2:53. However, earlier this morning down in Melbourne he had possibly run of the day in recording a 2:49:08. Hell, that's basically 4min kms. Always smiling, a brilliant result from an all round good bloke.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Michael Killicoat

Weather turned today (snow in Bowral today - it was 32C last week!) so rugged up and put the raincoat on and ran to work via Tiger's picking up my backpack. Very easy pace and untimed.

117km for the week.

Killa was a Macquarie grad a few years ago in the same vintage as Dave Clarke. If Kanser had got his act together they'd have walked away with the JPMorgan team trophy every year. He's a big lad and had great speed - in 2008 he ran a sub4 min 1500m. Running with HuRTS his stamina improved too making him a force to be reckoned with. He joined Terence at BRR a couple of years ago and has recently rejoined us, again steadily improving. Watch out for his result at JPMorgan this year. An Adelaide boy and as a result has a strange obsession with professional handicap racing, but an all round good bloke.

Killa, mixing it up with Shelley in the City to Surf.

Terence Bell

Finally back to my favorite 10x400m session. Normally hurts like hell but does you the world of good. Today I just wanted to get through without aggravating the hammie. Met Andy and Enda for the jog over only to find Big Sam and the AMP boys already onto their second rep when we arrived. Kanser arrived after our rep 2. Times were as follows:

73, 73, 72, 72, 72, 71, 69, 69, 69, 69.

72's felt fine. 69's required quite a bit of effort. Need to get some speed back. Garmin said 420m so I think it was a pretty accurate 400m. Off a rolling 2 mins. In front for the first 6. Sam gave me something to chase on 7 and 8 and Kanser and Enda did the same on 9 and 10.

TB is a machine. A PB over 100km of 7:05 is testament to that, easily good enough to earn him an Australian vest. He looks like Drago from Rocky IV but can probably hold a plank for longer. I'm sure Drago couldn't run a 2:37 marathon either. Or a 34:00 10km. Occasionally shies away from a head to head in an effort to maintain the perfect persona, but will forgive him that based on his achievements. Despite all that he's the mild mannered gentleman of the HuRT Squad and popular with the ladies to boot. I hate him. An all round good bloke.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Richard Green

5km this morning with Billy before seeing Carl. Then 19km twice around Centennial with Anna, JW, Kanser, Rob, James E and Geoffrey. Beautiful day and pace a bit quicker than usual, particularly towards the end - 1:23:52 (4:26's).

Dicky is another pom who has been running for the Striders for years but started running with HuRTS about 3 years ago. However, given he's a fellow Fairlight resident I know him better for our regular weekend runs together. His real love is on the trails (he's a very handy orienteerer and "rogainer", whatever that is - I thought it was something you put on your head when your hair starts to fall out). He knows every single trail within a 30km radius of Fairlight, which is many more trails than you would believe existed. Dicky is a team winner and record holder for the Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker and has a sub4 Six Foot Track to his name. But he can also run a sub35 10km. You would think this would translate to a good marathon, but his PB is 2:59:55, despite being the regular 3 hour pacer for the Sydney Marathon. Fact is he's never raced one properly. But this doesn't stop him killing me on Sunday runs by insisting we set off at 4:15 pace. Likes a beer and I was convinced he was a Yorkshireman until he whispered to me one day in an apologetic tone that he's actually a Southerner. In spite of that, an all round good bloke.

Jonathan Fenton

Tuesday was 45 min tempo with a fair crowd that Angus got a good shot of post session.

I ran with Kanser, Enda and Bartles - 3:37's until the turn (just before first speed bumps) when Kanser suddenly ups the pace to 3:30's. I just hung on to his coat tails, working much harder. 3:37's were fine. 3:30's required work. He stopped at Mrs Macs to save his Achilles so I rolled up the hills myself, finishing in 44:23 (3:35's).

J-Fen joined us from the U, S of A about 3 years ago and has steadily improved ever since, save for a few months out with a back injury. He's probably got more untapped potential than any of the rest of the squad based on his training performances - particularly at the moment. You get the feeling he just needs one breakthrough performance and the rest of us will be left for dust. A 33:28 10km PB, 18:20 JPmorgan PB and a half in 1:14:47 show that he's right on the cusp, but given he produces performances in training better than I've ever done show there's more to come. Claims to have no speed but that's a crock, to coin his turn of phrase. Never a bad word to say of anyone. An all round good bloke.

J-Fen below, second from left.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Enda Stankard

Today was the easy Monday route (16km) in about 68mins with a big crowd including Kanser, Indrajeet, KiltedScot, JW, Georgie Moore and very happy to see Laura joining us for an easy 30mins in a tentative return from injury. Pace picked towards 4min kms at the end. Feeling more confident. Back is feeling better now I've been stretching my ridiculously tight hip flexors and no aggro from hamstring recently.

Enda is our main Irish protagonist. Never fully committed to running due to some strange affinity with triathlons, but very handy nonetheless. I wouldn't know Enda's PB's (I'm guessing low 34 for 10km, high 1:15 for a Half) but you can usually find him one place behind fellow Irishman POD and one place in front of fellow Irishman Kanser. Prone to illness but his real strengths lie in Timmy-baiting and at the bar. One of the few who'll still be ordering when I head home/pass out. Always gets his excuses in early but, bless him, was gracious in handing over the Churchill/Sands trophy as Irish captain following the English/Irish competition at the SMH Half. He'll be doing the same again following the JPMorgan Challenge. Never an angry word has crossed his lips. An all round good bloke.

Enda, at left, about to pass a weary-looking Richard High and de-chick himself at JPMorgan Champs in Singapore circa April 2011.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Andy Heyden

Friday was a very easy Manly 14km route early doors with a hangover courtesy of beers the night before with Wildman, Kanser and Andy. 31:26 at the turn and 62:18 all up. Saturday was 2nd place in the Fitzroy Falls 10km. Hilly and rocky in parts and no good for my back. First guy was way ahead and I eased into 2nd place at 3km and from there ran alone. 37:30 all up and a hard hit out as opposed to a race. Today was 2hours early doors from Bowral Park Farm along Tourist Road and back. Hillier than I thought but just over 28km for 4:17's.

Not sure when Andy joined us but he arrived with his cheeky chappy English accent and proceeded to steadily improve back to the form that saw him run some speedy London marathons before coming out to Oz. He's rarely lost form since and always runs an honest race. Much more competitive than his amiable exterior suggests, although he finds it impossible to run past a cameraman without smiling and raising his thumb. He beat me (and Tucks) once up at North Head on the windiest day ever when he ran a very impressive 34:00 despite everyone else running 90s slower than normal. Unfortunately he has shown inklings of turning to the dark side in recent years with a couple of Ultra's, but at least when he does them he represents Australia so isn't mucking about. I think the photonbelow is of him doing an Ultra for Australia. Either that or a race walk. Likes a chat. Loves a beer. An all round good bloke.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Stephen Thurston

Got a lunch on today so headed out on my Manly 14km route early doors, bumping into Macca and having a brief chat in the first km. Plan was to go slightly quicker than normal but still keep it comfortable. 28:16 at the turn and 55:30 all up (3:57's). Beautiful day.

Thurston (aka Wildman) is undoubtedly the most talented runner to be part of the HuRT Squad. I first bumped into him circa 2006 kicking my ass on the long section on Pain in the Domain. It was another 18 months later that Durante brought his fellow workmate along to HuRTs, claiming he had a bit of talent. He ran with us for a couple of weeks and then, half fit, would do each session way out in front, circling back every now and then for a chat. He's had as many ups and downs as Gary Glitter. Should have made the Olympics in 2000. Mini comeback after joining HuRTS that won him the JPMorgan CCC in 2008 before falling off the wagon again. Doubled in size, spent his first subsequent comeback session hiding behind a bush embarrassed to show how unfit he was. Bounced back in 2011 to finish 6th in City to Surf and 2nd in the Burnie 10km in 30:00. Had some health issues recently but reputedly back running again. I'm having a couple of beers with him tonight. Dangerous and leads me astray, but an all round good bloke.

This photo (Steve at right) in the colours of St George with Chadi, Tim Rowe and a hairy Benny St, probably best sums him up:

Michael Conway

A long time between drinks. Had a week off, took some Voltaren and ran a 5km in Surfers (over the Parkrun course) at the AVCAL conference and couldn't even win that despite running 16:04. Struggled more with the hamstring. Eventually decided to see Carl again at Rebound Integrated Health to sort it out properly. But since then I've had back problems. Basically haven't trained properly since GCM in July, started drinking way too much and I've put on weight and feeling unfit. Still can't do speed work properly but at least I'm back running, doing 18km with Sam and MC at lunch today.

I've got 6 weeks to get fit enough to put in a credible performance for JPMorgan Corporate Challenge. At least I've got something to concentrate on.

Mike Conway is responsible for creating what the HuRT Squad is today. If Timmy ever refers to me, tongue in cheek, as Chairman Tom, then MC is CEO Mike. He took us from being a hardcore band of 15 or so, to the 160+ on the HuRTS distribution list today through his contacts and enthusiasm. It's not surprising he's a highly successful equities trader. MC can also run, although his performances don't often match the training. His quest for the sub35 10km is as notorious as the quest for the Holy Grail. I reckon it's on the cards now he's putting together some more regular 30km weekend runs and a more frequent tempo session. He's certainly hitting some form that has Young Timmy scared. There was even talk, today, of a marathon in the not-too-distant future and he mentioned 2:48 as the likely time. That's close to Timmy's PB of which no doubt he's aware. The future of the squad is in safe hands. An all round good bloke.