Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quick Long Sunday run

Ran 5.1km to Campbell Parade via Sydney Road and Burnt Bridge Creek deviation then met up with TJA and ran 2 x flat 10km Manly route. Tim was planning on doing the first at 4:10 pace then the second at 4:00 pace. Was a bit nervous about this as it's a lot quicker than I normally take my long runs but it actually felt great. We were chatting all the way and ran 40:45 then 39:35. No way I could have run that pace by myself. 2km home for 27km all up.

Helped by perfect conditions this morning. Clear as a bell, quite cool (particularly at 6am) and no wind.

A great morning was topped off by jumping in the surf at Queenscliff to ease the sore legs, having seen Bec take out the flags at Nippers with a perfectly timed dive. She got a round of applause for her efforts and was as bad at me at hiding her pride...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday amble

Headed out around the 10km route - extended it to Walsh bay then back but cutting short through the Domain. 13.6km. Finished in 58:19 so 4:17 per km. 21.30 for the first 5km so must have maintained a pretty even pace throughout. Felt comfortable. Clear skies and nice and warm. Very few runners out and didn't spot anyone I knew despite running at lunch.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

8 x 800m

Met up with MC, Muz, Judge Drev, Durante, Greg, Chris G and Tim C at the Art Gallery and jogged over the Rushcutters to run 8 x 800m off 2 minute rest. Garmin had it at 810m but I reckon 800m was about right. Reps went:

2:33, 2:31, 2:29, 2:30, 2:28, 2:25, 2:25, 2:23

Ran at the front with the Judge, Durante and Muz. The Judge pushed ahead on rep 3 and he and Durante showed their class on the last rep running a 2:16. I started to go backwards at the start of the second lap on the last rep but recovered again with 150m to go. Great session, they've cut the grass short and the ground felt nice and springy. Feeling pretty confident with the training again now. The achilles problem seems to be behind me. This session racks up 100km for the week which is the first time I've done that since October.

Easy peasy

7km very easy jog in about 30 mins following an Easy Tiger massage. Flat 10km route then around the Opera House and back to the office.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

6 by 5s

6 x 5 mins off 90 second rests. The usual good crowd including Ray, Tucks, MC, Muz, Tim C, Charlie, Big Mikey H, Judge Drev, Durante, Springer, Greg, Adam C etc. BMH was kind enough to let us run with him for the first rep and then disappeared off into the distance on each one after that. I ran with Judge Drev and Muz on reps 1, 3 and 5 but particularly on reps 4 and 6 I was getting dropped. We ran the 3km Art Gallery loop due to the blockage around Farm Cove. Tended to reach the end of the bend at Mrs Macquarie's Chair - so the 1.5km point in 4:55 - so I'm guessing it was about 3:20 per/km pace. The return reps are generally uphill and my legs were just dead after yesterday's long run. Muz looks to be getting back to full strength.

Ran in the Brooks ST Racers after putting the heel lifts in to ease pressure on the achilles. They worked a treat so I'll be using these for interval sessions going forward.

Keen to run the Coolrunning 5km on Sat just to see where I'm at before next Sat's 10km at North Head. Trying to persuade Tucks and Muz to pace me around...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Long run during lunch

Headed out with Springer to run the usual 10km route but extended it around the Opera House ending at the sign for the Rocks just before the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Also involved a detour up the steps due to the Open Air Cinema section in Farm Cove being blocked off. Reached the turnaround point in 30:00 as the idea was to run for 2 hours. Ran back then out and back again. Splits went:
Pleased that they all got quicker. First time I've done a long run in ages when I've managed this, the way it should be. Somewhere between 26-27km in total in 1:56:33.
Ran with Springer until St Mary's on the first return. Bumped into Phil Dove (giving the usual high five), Big Mikey H, Charlie Low and Muz (looking very quick).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Medium Long Run

Slept through my alarm and didn't have enough time to run the full 27km before getting Bec to Nippers so had to cut short and run 17km instead. Ran the flat 10km route, worked out the pace I was running at (4:15 per/km) and then ran another 12:45 towards South Steyne before turning back to make it up to 17km (including down and up Suwarrow).

Felt very average before setting off (headache and lethargic) but gradually got into it. Was surprised with the pace but felt tired at the end as a result. Fine now. Might try and run again this afternoon or otherwise will need to do a long one tomorrow. Need miles in my legs at the moment.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cop out

Thought about doing a shorter quick session - either a 7.5km fast run or some 1 mile intervals but in the end persuaded myself that what I needed at the moment was some miles under the belt. Didn't need much persuasion as I didn't fancy the mental and physical punishment of a quick session. So I ran 12km. Too bored of my flat 10km route so I did this instead..... Works out at 12.4km which I did in 51:18. Started quite slowly but picked up the pace all the way (ran 5:52 for the Manly mile). Felt heaps better than yesterday.

Good luck to Kanser tomorrow morning.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Back home

12km around flat bits of Manly (down Surrarow, 10km route plus loop around pool then back home). 50:53. 41:36 for the 10km route which was too quick for today. Felt very tired as a result of jet lag and lack of form.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

London update

Friday - 30 minute run around Hyde Park to stretch the legs after the worst flight of all time (9 hours delay in Singapore).

Monday - 12km in 51 minutes around Dulwich Park.

Have drunk too much alcohol. Need to cleanse the liver.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mona Fartlek

Usual course. Crowd today included Serg, Anthony, Durante, MC, Big Mikey H, Judge Drev, Springer, Phil, Luke, Chris G and Eoin. Big Mikey H flew off at the start as if he were doing 400s while I ran in the next group with Serg, Judge Drev and Durante. BMH would let us catch him on the floats (which he was doing as jogs) and then fly off for his next 400 rep when the fast sections were shouted. Turned with Judge Drev after Serg had just dropped off at the second lamp post short of the stone gates and then tried to catch the others. Tried to keep the floats quickish and was pleased that the legs were feeling comfortable on those bits. Judge Drev dropped off towards the end of Farm Cove so that I finished with Big Mikey H.

Way short of what we did just before JPMorgan but its more humid now and on that day we had Serg going hell for leather from the word go. Also not as fit, but don't like to mention that bit. You also get in a virtuous circle on this session in that if you start quick, each of the first two quick 1 minute sections start at the top of the hills (just before Boy Charlton pool and the Art Gallery respectively) rather than the bottom, slowing you down even more. As usual, hurts like hell when you do it but within 15 minutes you're completely recovered. We should do it twice.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just a run in the Park

Met up with Kanser and Durante and ran the Corporate Cup 6km route then hooked up with Enda and Gerry and ran it again. To and from the start adds up to about 13km. Ran at about 4:30 per km pace so nice and easy. It was warm out there again though and we were remarking how it's never easy to run in the heat, regardless of the pace.

Didn't realise how many people run Corporate Cup - looks like a nice little set up. Bumped into Fats, Hamburglar, Richard H, Richard Green, Action, Dave Le Banh and Dave Dreverman all taking part. Might have to drop my tree hugging, anti-globalisation stance and join in too.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

10 x 3min

Met up with the Tuesday crowd for 10 x 3min off 60 second recoveries. Another good crowd including Serg, Tucks, Anthony, MC, Charlie, Big Mikey H, Tim C, Kanser, Tim Lindop, Enda, Darrens x 2 etc. Another warm, humid day. Struggled a bit in the middle as a result. First rep was quite slow at 3:24 per km pace, then upped them to 3:15 pace where they stayed for the rest of the session. Started to struggle on rep number 7 but picked it up on the last 2 when it's psychologically easier. Big Mikey H was dominating up front, Tucks, Kanser and Ray held back a bit for Friday's race, MC was looking strong again. Good to see Serg getting keen.

We'll have to slow them down if we want to get back to running 14 of them again. Not very hungry this afternoon. Saw a plate of prawns in garlic sauce for partners lunch when I got back and nearly threw up.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Long Sunday run

Set off after Kirst returned for 27km. Ran down Suwarrow and started the first loop from there. Ran two loops then to Manly SLSC and back. First 10km loop in 45:32, second in 44:40, then really struggled over the last 7km (7:13 for the final Manly mile). The conditions were great, certainly to start with. Cool, no wind and bucketing with rain. With the slower pace it meant I felt very comfortable on the first lap. The rain stopped on the second lap and it got noticeably warmer.

Was aware of the achilles most of the way and started to feel it when I was struggling towards the end. It's annoying as this is the first time I've felt in while running in a couple of weeks.

2:00:12 plus 1:40 to run down Suwarrow.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tempo 10km

Inspired by the Striders 10km this morning where I manned the water stop, headed out for a tempo 10km at 4pm around the flat accurate 10km route. Probably took it a bit harder than a tempo thinking about how well Uncle Dave ran this morning and how far behind him I would have been. Quite far judging by this run. Had Kanser's Frank Shorter quote in my mind after 400m, really not feeling in the mood and feeling tired before I'd even got started. Struggled on regardless and gradually felt my way in. Started to struggle around Campbell Parade - the sort of point where when you are fit your legs feel more numb than tired so that you're able to push yourself more. Ended up with a 37:20. Considerably harder than the 37:20 I ran with Springer 10 days ago.

Splits went: 3:34, 12:25 (5:55 for the Manly mile) and 23:57 (5:48 for return Manly mile).

Great watching the race this morning but really wanted to be a part of it. Good crowd of 6 up front with Chris Truscott and Robin Whitely making rare appearances, along with Jeremey Horne, Paul Arthur and Unc. Winner was Luke Taylor(?). Big gap until the next group. MC had a bad run but will perform to what he's capable of next time around. Durante had too big a smile on his face to have been trying hard enough and good to see Kanser almost back in the 35 mins. His second 5km must have been a lot quicker than his Bay 5km last week.