Sunday, July 30, 2017

So what's up?

Stopped running mid June with the achilles showing no sign of improvement and, in fact, deteriorating the longer is run. Started doing a lot of calf strengthening exercises and riding the bike. Within a week the achilles started feeling better and could walk without pain.

Saw the surgeon (Dr Wines) and he indicated that to fix it properly he would need to detach the achilles from the bone, smooth the heel bone, remove the bursar and clean up the tendon itself. It would be a 12 month recovery.  Given the improvements I'm seeing at the moment, I decided against it. Was great to have Gary there too who confirmed my opinion.

Since then I've been hammering the bike - commuting in and out to work, heading up to Centennial for some fast laps if I don't commute and doing one 2 hour ride on the weekend.  Starting to feel a bit stronger.  But holy crap Strava on a bike is very different to Strava running.  The 1km hill up Parriwi Rd near the Spit Brodge is a very popular segment.  On my first week of riding I decided to give it a crack to see how high I placed on the Strava leaderboard. Normally while running if I give a Segment a crack I'll be first or at least top 3.  So I pegged it up Parriwi. Legs were going lactic by half way, got to the top with a taste of blood in my mouth and sweat dripping down my skin tight Lycra.  Got to work and eagerly downloaded the ride to check out my placing.  2,044th. You have got to be kidding me!

Have since lowered Parriwi to 3:34 but that was off a standing start so there's a few more seconds there.  Can definitely feel a bit of strength coming through now.  Had a great session in Centennial with Timmy last week where we did 2 laps hard (5:37 and 5:50), 1 lap easy then 1 lap hard (5:49).  The speed endurance is what I need to work on though.  Did a good 65km around Kurnell (from Kogarah) yesterday solo in under 2 hours where it is flat as a tack - perfect prep for a potential go at Nepean Triathlon at the end of October.

The achilles continues to improve. I've bought 6mm heel wedges (which I used to wear from 2009 - 2013) so will try a jog in them in a week or so. Needs to be pain free though. Had enough of hobbling.

Top night in Manly last night with the crew for a curry. Even managed to persuade Macca to relive his former triathlon glory days and enter Nepean as well. And he generously offered me a 9min headstart.