Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome break

Been working my arse off on a deal which will be done tomorrow, haven't been to bed before 1.30am in a week and today was another manic one. Popped out for a very easy 10km up to Centennial and back this evening. Cold again but perfect for running and feeling good despite the workload.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HuRTS 5min reps

Bloody cold today, coldest night in Sydney for 15 years. I had two vests, a T-Shirt and a cap on for this session and was still shivering. Wanted to push it a bit today as I've been cruising since Mini-Mos and was worried the legs may be going a bit soft before this weekend. Crowd included JB, JF and Clyde upfront with Timmy C, Andy, Kanser, MC, LF Charlie, Chris G and even Canadian Chris making a surprise return.

Reps went as follows:

1.44km - 3:29/km
1.45km - 3:28/km
1.50km - 3:21/km
1.52km - 3:19/km
1.51km - 3:20/km
1.52km - 3:18/km

Then the last two we decided to cruise in about 3:50 pace. Those were JB's times, I was no more than a couple of yards ahead, if at all. Felt OK to finish off the last two reps but decided not to kill ourselves before the weekend. They felt quick though - makes a massive difference having JF, Clyde and particularly JB pushing them along with you. Just need to stay illness free before Saturday now, not easy when you have a house full of sick kids.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not so long Sunday

Ran from home to MC's to pick up the Porsche, having driven over Durante's 30th World Cup themed party last night. Timmy went long on Italy but came up short. Kanser won $115 for flukeing a "guess the time of the first goal" comp, but it paid for my taxi home so I wasn't too displeased. The bets that I can remember are:

1. $50 on Kanser beating Timmy in a race prior to the HuRTS end of season drinks night.
2. $50 on Timmy not getting under 4 hours at next years Six Foot Track.

I also bet Timmy I could do more keepy-ups than he could, after he went into a 45minute monologue on how he was an apprentice at Stoke City and could have been a contender. But he didn't seem keen on taking me up on it.

Anyway, todays run was very steady but wasn't really in the mood. 1:35:09 all up. 27:02 at Spit Junction, 58:26 at work. About 21.5km.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Auf wiedersehen Deutschland!

12km easy run around the City during a break from work this arvo. About 55mins.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Arrivederci Italia!

Run to work this morning. Hammies are still tight but the leg cadence was high and felt pretty strong which was backed up by the time - 26:45 at Spit Junction and 56:46 all up. Feeling good about Gold Coast 10km but would ideally liked to have done some more speed sessions like the 400s.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Jogged to Cremorne. Bought some beer. Got taxi home. 30 mins.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Long Wednesday

Just me and JB today (all the others arsing around with Corporate Cup) so we headed out to do the old Centennial route. Quicker pace than usual being just the two of us (albeit starting very easily) but felt good throughout and still with a bit in the legs at the end. 18.7km in 1:23:29 (4:27's). Belted down with rain and cold. Took Volataren for the achilles last night so that I could hammer the eccentric loading with heavier weights and it felt great, as it always does with the wonder drug.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hurts Progressive tempo

Very tired after the last two days and achilles has been swelling up a bit so took today easy. Went gently for the first half averaging just over 4:00 per km reaching just past the Sydney Theatre Company cafe on 23.5mins then picked it up quite a lot coming back getting home in 44:24. JB was going hard at the front and good to see Andy Heyden back out again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Monday

Did 10km before the usual Monday run today as a result of missing a long run over the weekend. Was expecting to feel very tired as the legs were fatigued this morning but felt surprisingly good, especially over the final 5km when we picked the pace up. Averaged 4:20's for the Monday run part. Big group today including Clyde, LFC, Springer(!), King James, Indrajeet, Russell, Andy and JB. Passed Tucks a couple of times while running and the Burglar and IHS.

All up about 25.5km in 1:49:56.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mini-Mos Marathon - 7th in 34:53

Got the time I wanted it's a bloody hard race. There are short sharp hills throughout but they leave the best until the final 1.5km.

Turned up to see Marty Dent, Harry Summers, Jason Harrison, Vlad and Thamal on the start line so they had sorted out the money prizes between them leaving me out yet again. What I hadn't counted on was how strong the first female (Emily Brichacek) would be. Set off feeling great. First km in 3:14, 2km reached in 6:30 running with Emily at this stage. She gapped me around 3km after the steep hill up to Middle Head Road and maintained the same gap for the rest of the race. 5km in 17:04 feeling as though the hills were punishing me. I definitely prefer the flat. Ignored the km markers from then on just trying to concentrate on catching Emily. Did catch 9km in 31:24 trying to work out how fast I'd have to run the final km to get under 35. The final 1.5km are a killer. A solid 700m of uphill until you crest the top of the Allan Border Oval. Nice finish with a good finishing chute and crowd.

Good chat with Thamal, Vlad, Flakey and others afterwards. It's a really great event. Bec and Billy went well in the 2km and had a fantastic time. Bec was 12th in her age group in 8:45 and Billy 14th in his in 9:10.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Easy Sat

Just an easy 9km today doing 2.5km loops as a warm up before tomorrow's race in the Mini-Mos. Still felt tired in the legs for the first 15 minutes but eased up after that. Not sure whether I've overdone it this week before tomorrow's race. I reckon Mini-Mos is about 90 seconds slower than Gold Coast so if I get under 35mins I'll be going very well. I ran 34:37 two years ago when I was in peak form.

Took Billy and Bec (also both running tomorrow) out to the bike loop for some laps. Bec got down to 44.36 and Billy 44.26 so they then raced together where Billy won with a finishing dip (43.25). I reckon Bec will last 2kms better tomorrow though.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missing HuRTS

Too busy at work to get out for Mona Fartlek so a run home instead. It was a good thing. I thought about doing a tempo run home or maybe some fast sections but within the first 20 steps I knew my legs were shot and was really struggling from the efforts of the past 2 days. So just jogged home instead. 31:45 at Toyota Garage and 59:40 all up. Feeling better for it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Wednesday

Set off early due to work constraints. Did an easy 10km with JB (passing Tucks on a comeback run) then joined the rest of the squad for the usual Wednesday route. Very easy pace. Pushed a bit up Heartbreak Hill as my achilles was a bit sore from jogging. Started to feel pretty exhausted over the final 5km when I became a bit glucose depleted. All up 29km in 2:10:54 (4:31's).

Great to see my favourite runner back to winning ways at the weekend - Tirunesh Dibaba taking out the 5000m in the Diamond League in New York in 15:11. A final km in 2:46 suggests she hasn't lost any of her devastating pace.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HuRTS 14 x 3mins

Nice and cool today, no wind, not a big crowd, MC couldn't make it so I took the session. Me and JB upfront with Derek running well again. Good also to see Kanser running a few and LF Charlie backing up from Sunday's strange cult Half Marathon.

Felt nice and comfortable for the first few all the time trying to relax. The reps started to take a familiar pattern - JB would go off quick, I'd gradually catch and overtake for the final 300m. The fatigue started to show at rep 8 and there was no great pick up in pace for the final 4 today. They averaged 3:20 per km a rep, with the final 4 probably in the 3:17 range. No doubt made easier by the lack of a long run over the weekend.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Short again

Just the Manly route again today, but feeling sprightly after a rest yesterday. Will go long on Wednesday. 28:15 today. Km times were as follows:

4:28, 3:54, 4:01, 3:46, 3:30, 3:27, 3:33, 4:35 (for the 400m up the hill).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Manly Saturday

Just the Manly route, easy to start with but then started to pick up the pace from South Steyne. Really picked it up in the frinal 2km to run 29:56. Felt great today and achilles is much better.

Then Billy wanted to go for a run so we jogged to the playpark and he ran two loops of the bike track - first in 48:60 and second in 48:74. He's consistent.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday early

Run in to work. 27:21 at Spit Junction and 58:31 all up. Felt quite good to start with but then tired more and more as the run went on. Mixing it up yesterday obviously had an effect.

Saw 'Animal Kingdom" last night, brilliant fim, one of the best I've seen in ages. The tension was maintained the whole way through and I came out with indigestion having eaten a bag of Maltesers.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HuRTS 10 x 400m

Took yesterday off as my achilles was sore after Tuesday and the recent increase in weekly kms. Felt much better this morning and was keen to do this session. Beautiful day, clear as a bell but cool, though warm in the sun.

Fairly small crowd of me, Thurston (again!), Kaley, Dom, JF, Ray (just jogging), Todd, James, Derek, Racey Mike and others. Surprise of the day was Dom who was with me on the first 3 reps and a couple of seconds behind for the rest other than the final one when he blew. Thurston was just behind for the first 5 then dropped out having done enough for the week. Reps went as follows:

66, 67, 66, 69, 69, 68, 68, 68, 68, 63. Run off a rolling 2mins. I reckon they were 390m even though Kaley measured 400m on his Garmin, so you can add 1.5 - 2 secs for each rep. Still quite pleased for the first session this year. Derek was the burglar on the final rep.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

HuRTS 45mins Fartlek

Lower crowd than usual for this popular session despite fantastic weather, cold but clear with no breeze. Set off with Wildman (that's right) hoping to take it easy so that I could get back in the 45mins - was joined by Fats at Lady Macs Chair. Wildman dropped off panting like a dog just before the Opera House and Fats and I continued on together. We turned half way down Hickson Road just before the traffic calming bumps (way beyond what I've done recently) and tried to get back. Fats dropped off at Circular Quay as he had Corp Cup tomorrow so was on my own from then. Got back in 45:09, just short. NEED MORE SPEED. Endurance is fine. Going to start myself some 400s and 800s soon.

Got a call from Kirst to say that Bec had finished 12th in her District X-Country this morning (i.e. against most of the Northern Beaches schools). She was in 8th coming into the home straight so clearly has my finishing kick. Great result for her as she was about 40th last year. She obviously paid heed to my wise advice this morning ("Just sprint at the start and don't walk the hills").

Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday meandering

Very easy 15.8km route in about 74:10 (4:41 pace). Good crowd though - Nick F, Dougall and I were the only ones to do the whole thing (take note Charlie) but MC, Kanser, Dom, James etc. variously joined us for part of the way.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Homebush Hustle

Headed out to the STaR at Homebush. Big crowd in the 6.20am group including CT, PT, JB, Timmy, Chris Dwyer, Dennis, Damo Tancred etc. Started at a very easy pace which I appreciated given yesterday's race and the early hour. Pace picked up from about 14km onwards though. 5 of us did the whole thing - me, Timmy, Damo, CT and JB. I pushed on with the latter two over the final 3km when we were running 3:40's. All up 30.08km in 2:12:08 (4:24 pace) although that included a number of toilet stops. Probably 4:22 pace for when I was actually running.

Bloody cold but clear.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Striders North Head - 6th in 34:13

Cool this morning but thank God the rain stopped. Wasn't windy outside the house but North Head is pretty exposed so there was a bit of a breeze along the long straight sections. Caught up with Tucks, MC and the rest of the HuRT Squad then did a warm up with Timmy. He was looking pretty confident about staying within 80 seconds and taking $50 from me and I was feeling pretty lethargic. Plenty there this morning, with CT, Thamal and Cale Dowd up front.

Set off pretty conservatively allowing the front group to run off and found myself running with Andrew Wilson for the first couple of km. Fats suddenly caught us at the turn near the hospital and we ran together until about 6km. I was trying to put in efforts to break them but with no luck, however, it kept the pace honest. On the hill at around 6km they suddenly seemed to drop off so I put in more of an effort to try and create a decent gap. Turned at the hospital for the 2nd time and saw that there was a group of 4 still within 30m of me so once again put an effort in up the long drag. Saw my split at 9km and decided to try and get under 34:20 with a fast finish. Good to finish strong.

Splits were as follows:

2km: 6:48
4km: 13:37
5km: 17:05
7km: 23:57
9km: 30:57

You'll notice that there are no 1km or 3km splits. You can thank Hamburglar for that! Pleased to pretty much even split it. Backs up my theory of having the endurance but not the speed at the moment.

Some great runs out there. Richard P ran 35:01 which is an amazing effort given his injury problems. Timmy L ran 35:34 (81 seconds back! - but we'll wait on the official results), the Tiger was 35:4X, MC pulled up with an injury but good to see Kanser back out there with a 38:40.

Some great views up at North Head. Timmy, Kanser and I were appreciating them at the refreshments area post race.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

HuRTS Hickson Road

Not really. Fronted up with a large crowd (after passing Kanser heading in the opposite direction on the way down) but just strolled through them putting in a 30 second quick burst on each rep. Felt really good so quietly confident for Saturday.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday MLR

Very easy 19km run over the Wednesday route to Kincoppal and back with MC, Marty, King James, Russel, Louis and others. I think it was 1:28:45 (4:40's). Training with Carl this morning and massage with the Tiger this arvo. Achilles feeling a bit stiff after a couple of big weeks.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

HuRTS 4 x 3km

Bit breezy but the rain stayed away. Ran with Dicky H and Fats with Jonathan, MC, Todd, JB and others next up. Even Kanser showed up for 3 today. Reps went as follows:

Final lamp post in 10mins (2.88km) - 3:28 per km
Back in 9:43 starting at Stone Gates - 3:19 per km
5m short of final lamp post (2.87km) - 3:29 per km
Back in 9:34 - 3:16 per km

So getting back towards the pace we used to do these in, although not the crazy pace that some of these sessions were run in. Check out June 24 2008.

I ran the first with Rich with Fats just behind - drawing level with us going past the Art Gallery. On the second rep I was chasing them both. They must have finished 7secs in front of me. On the third I was running a few yards behind them when Rich's calf went going up by the ABC Pool. Hope it's OK but judging by the swearing it didn't sound good. I closed in on Tony towards the end but he finished about 5m ahead. On the final rep I was again chasing Tony (thinking I'll struggle to get close to him on Saturday morning) when suddenly he started to fade a bit coming into the wind around Farm Cove. So I pushed on past from there and finished strongly.

Another confidence booster before North Head at the weekend but still think I'm struggling a bit for speed, although the endurance is starting to show. Fats will be a good gauge. Rich would have been - just hope his calf is OK.