Friday, July 31, 2009

Ceri Rees

Pulled out of the ride in to work this morning at the slightest sign of rain which I was disappointed with as it turned into a beautiful day.

Massage with JLP at noon so ran straight up Oxford St to get there (21:23) then back to work via Centennial (35:08). Averaged 4:20's on the way there but struggled after the massage doing 4:40's. He tortured my tibialis posterior.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Centennial Cycling and Musings

Got news today that the JPMorgan race is definitely on this year after some rumours to the contrary. 11th November is the date to aim for. I'd like to be vaguely fit for this as it's the one event I've raced every year. Thinking of that, I tracked down my times from each year and it shows a pretty steady progression. Big jumps in 2003/4 when I started training more regularly (albeit my "long run" was still only about 14km - just over an hour and every other run was about 35 mins) and then again in 2006 when Timmy C, Ray, Chris G and I established the HuRT Squad with Hickson Road reps, specifically with JPMorgan in mind.

2000: 19:55
2001: 19:57
2002: 19:45
2003: 19:07
2004: 18:47
2005: 18:55
2006: Cancelled (but 18:03 in New York)
2007: 17:54
2008: 17:23 (and 17:53 in New York)

Headed out at lunchtime with Ray on the bikes to Centennial where we did 4 laps then rode back. One quick lap which I did in 6:35 and Ray in 6:57.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting excited

Big progression on the achilles in the last 2 days, partly due to JLP's new exercise.

Strength training with Carl this morning where he started to work on the legs.

Then rode in. Out at lunch with TB, Serg, Timmy C (getting strong), Loobs, Binfield Motors, Clyde and another for the Centennial route. Cut back with Loobs from Fox Studios Gates as per 2 weeks ago. 55:40, having slowed down over the final 4km. Tiger appointment this afternoon and ride home this evening. Sometimes wonder when I manage to fit any work in.

A couple of bets have been laid for the City to Surf. I need Timmy L to get under 50 mins and I need Charlie not to get under 45 mins. The weather conditions could help me on one but will cancel out the other.

Flakey - I won't be running C2S despite my current optimism. Those hills would kill my achilles and I'd be struggling to even get a preferred start for next year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally some rest that the tour is over.

Picked up a virus last Tuesday evening which laid me out all day Wednesday and still feeling sorry for myself up until the weekend. Ventured out on Saturday feeling better and ran to Shelly Beach and back via Queenscliff (about 8.9km averaging 4:18's). Then started to feel shivery again so I don't think I'd totally kicked the virus at that stage.

Headed out at lunch today on a cold, crisp day with Serg, Timmy C, Mat K, Clyde - picking up Kanser and Andy on the way. Quite a brisk 31:17 on the way out (4:17's) and a brisker 29:57 on the way back (4:03's). Felt pretty good getting into a rythmn on the way back but struggled as usual on the hills.

Nice runs by Serg (35:42) and Timmy L (37:46) at the Sutho to Surf. Will be interesting to see what Timmy can do over the next two weekends at Lane Cove and in the C2S. He's timed his run in to form perfectly.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Best of days

Glorious weather today; cool (although warm out of any breeze), sunny and fresh. Quite a big crowd for the usual Monday run of Serg, Timmy C, LF Charlie, Andy (who took a stack), Luboff, TB and others. Tended to run at the front with Serg and Timmy trying to reign them back from running 3:30's. I thought we were going very easy but we ended up at 32mins on the way out (4:19's) and 31.5 mins on the way back (4:15's) for 63:33 all up. Felt good and heel was fine although I started to feel a bit tired coming up the last hill before the Art Gallery.

Rode in this morning in 35:07 on the new thin wheels, 3:40 up Parriwi Rd where I was pushing quite hard. Will ride home early then head up to Narrabeen track for the kids session.

Friday, July 17, 2009

More running

Heel was a bit sore after Wednesday's run I think due to the hills. Plenty of ice on it yesterday and today and it's back to feeling good again.

Went out with TB, Springer, Hamish and Bill today for the Monday route. Nice and easy to start with but Springer was playing George Hincapie today and gradually wound the pace up. Kms went as follows: 4:30, 4:26, 4:31, 4:22, 4:16, 4:09, 4:07, 4:12, 3:50, 3:56. All up about 10.7km.

Saw JLP for some torture on my calf this afternoon and picked up my bike having been serviced and with some expensive new thin Schwalbe tyres on so I'll be flying home this evening.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy day

Saw Carl at 6am for an hour, then rode in (36:50), then headed out at lunch with MC, Serg, Clyde, Kanser, Andy and John B for the Wednesday Centennial route but cutting back from Fox Studios gates. 12.13km in 54:52 (4:31 pace). Felt fine, don't think there's too much wrong with my cardio. Kanser was wheezing like a Grandad though. He reckoned that Timmy had puffed him out in the morning. I think he's been slacking.

Saw the Tiger this afternoon. Planned to ride home but heading out to watch State of Origin instead. Heel feeling a bit stiff after all today's efforts but not too bad - just need to get some ice on it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tour de Highnam

Been watching it all. Tend to fall asleep on the sofa at about 9.30pm then wake up to see the final 60km. 3 great days in the Pyrenees so will be twiddling my thumbs on the rest day tonight.

Fitness going OK. Ran 7.5km on Saturday averaging 4:16s. Rode in this morning and was surprised to beat my PB which it hought I wouldn't get close to again - 12:46 at Mosman (versus 12:56 last time), 26:42 at Harbour Bridge (26:58) and 33:20 all up (33:38). Planning on getting some thinner tyres so I can go even quicker.

Heel coming along nicely. Still taking it day by day and it still protrudes but pain is way down.

Lunchtime was a 10km run with the boys - first time in months. Group consisted of Serg, Kanser, Tucks, Springer, LF Charlie and Kaley. Gentle on the way out but a bit quicker (closer to 4:00 pace) being led by Springer on the way back.

Friday, July 10, 2009

More easy stuff

6km yesteday, 5km point reached in 20:42. Plenty of cycling in the rain. Result is I now feel a man cold coming on.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The comeback....

Probably not, but might as well get myself in the right frame of mind. 6km, 5km point reached in 21:22.