Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beer Mile

Got out at lunchtime on Friday for an easy 10km around the wharves with Gidon, Jeet, Jerome and Mark.

Then it was the Beer Mile. Arrived and was very nervous.  Watched the B Race and was even more nervous, especially seeing JC and Jac both hurling big style.

Plan was the same as always, multiple swigs but just keep them going, 100m of burping while jogging then 300m hard.  Had a ding dong battle with Birchy and Brendan early on with Craig Mc just ahead. Pulled ahead of them towards the last lap but had Nick Roberts come flying by me with 100m to go and I had nothing. Happy to finish and with exactly the same time as last year (8:31). 

Then on to O'Malley's for what is becoming the biggest social night of the year.

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