Saturday, November 04, 2017

Back to Parkrun

Have decided to try and get in a regular habit of doing Parkruns. I'm a bit worried that all my running is at a slow pace these days so need to get the legs used to some faster stuff. Didn't want to go full bore though (chest still very tight post cold) so a tempo it was.

Got up and did my usual eccentric loading and roll out which had the achilles feeling good. Woke Mags up and headed over with Kirst who was doing some laps of the oval.  Started very easily mid pack and spent 2km overtaking people.  Was in about 7th at 2km and noticed the bloke 100m in front of me cut the corner at the netball courts the cheating bastard. Resolved there and then to beat him. Took me until the final 300m to get past him (and a significant pick up in the final km) but karma was restored.

All up 4th in 18:43.  It's a start.

Jogged back up the track to see Mags having a great run not having done this for a few months. I think she came in at high 22's but looked great doing so and put a few middle aged men to shame.

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