Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday rooted

Up at 5:15am to ride with the Peloton up to Church Point and back hugging the beaches.  Nine of us this morning and with Toby, Dave, Smitty and Martin all ready to hammer it the pace was on from quite early.  I jumped on the back of the Manly Warringah train and, boy do they fly.  We were doing 46/47kmh from Long Reef on wards.  Dropped off the back towards Narrabeen and then did quite a bit of the work with Toby from there to Church Pt.  Got jelly legs on the final hill and lost them, only to almost regain contact right at the end.  Great ride and good to be back in it again. 

Then got home and ran into work.  Legs feeling pretty good (and achilles is better than ever) but towards the end I started to struggle in the heat.  Got to work and slumped over my desk for the next two hours having hoovered down a b&e roll.  66:25 for the run to work so better than recently despite struggling.

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