Thursday, December 07, 2017

HuRTs 10 x 400m plus 4 x 150m

Jogged over to Rushcutters still feeling fatigued and not much better than yesterday, although the achilles and calf were much better after ditching the exercises last night and just resting. I think I’ve been hammering it too much.

Arrived to find Timmy had set up the cones and marked out the beautiful surface perfectly. So after a bit of procrastination we were into it.  Didn’t smash them out but ran relatively hard and tried to stick with the same people. Timmy was running them well and Brendan, Jerome and Andy were ahead.  Picked up a bit towards the end when I gained confidence about not falling apart.

Times were: 74s, 74s, 74s, 74s, 74s, 74s, 73s, 73s, 72s and 71s.

Then onto 4 x 150m with a different person leading out each rep.  This is when you see the testosterone fly and some different blokes come out of the woodwork.  Have to say that Jerome looked majestic on the final 2. 

Jogged back for about 10km all up.

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