Thursday, December 07, 2017

HuRTs 4 x 2km reps

And Jac’s last session. Bumped into her on the way down with Renee. Said a few words and then we got into it.

Approached the session apprehensively, trying to feel my way in. Ran with Enda and Fats on the first rep overtaking Timmy towards the end  (6:56) so tried to keep them all under 7:00.  Enda ran away on the 2nd but then found out he was only doing 2. Fats also ahead.  But quicker in 6:50.  6:57 on the third when I set off behind the group so was playing catch up.  Then decided to put an effort in on the last rep and felt great running with Q and Jono for a 6:43.  Tired after that though.

3km warm down with Q and happy enough. Until I got back to the office and saw what times I ran this session at the end of July 2016, off a rolling 8:30 (instead of 9:00 today).

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