Saturday, December 02, 2017

HuRTs Awards

Too busy at work for session so just did 10km
in the late afternoon heading up to Centennial as I'm bored of the wharfs.  Very easy pace - 4:41's.

Then on to the awards and a great night.  The winners were:

1. Male POTY:  Barts off of his sensational C2S.
2. Female POTY:  Erika off of her Sun Run victory.
3. Improver:  Scotty based off his improvement from an already high standard.
4. Ultra: Luca due to his World Record exploits on the dreadmill.
5. Spirit:  Renee. Say no more.
6. Underperformed:  Timmy. No explanation required.
7. Triathlon:  Travis. Rare talent.
8. Nomad:  Andy.  Carcoar.

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